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  • The Library cancelled its license for the streaming video platform Kanopy in 2021.
    Kanopy is a streaming video platform that offers movies, documentaries, international cinema, classic cinema, independent films, and educational videos.

      In August of 2020 Academic Technology negotiated a license with the Kanopy media streaming service using 2020-21 CARES Act 2 funding. This license allowed unlimited access to all content on Kanopy and was intended to support media for online instruction. In February 2021 the Library and Academic Technology approached Kanopy about a possible renewal of the license. Kanopy’s response was an 88% increase to the current price for a total cost of $170,000. Academic Technology and the Library determined this was neither a responsible or sustainable expenditure and decided not to renew the unlimited program with Kanopy. 


      Some Kanopy titles continued to be available beyond August 2021 because they were available for a full year after use "triggers" a one-year license. Faculty members who have been using a Kanopy streaming media title in their classes and want to be assured that it will continue to be available throughout the fall semester 2022 and/or the spring semester 2023 should submit a request through the Library’s Media Purchase Request form. Programs that are interested in bundling requests for multiple titles or have other questions about access to Kanopy streaming media titles can contact David Hellman, Library Collection Development Coordinator, at hellman@sfsu.edu

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  • Key Business Ratios on the Web (KBR) provides immediate online access to competitive benchmarking data. This powerful tool lets researchers examine industry benchmarks compiled from D&B®’s database of public and private companies, featuring 14 key business ratios (users choose a one-year or three-year set of ratios) for public and private…
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