In an Emergency


Call the Police

Dial 911 if you feel that a person's safety (including yours) is in danger. University Police also has a 24 hour non-emergency number, (415) 338-7200.

Report Problems

If you see a problem with the Library building, please alert staff at any service desk.

Evacuate the Building

The building safety alarm system has a rapid intermittent audio signal and flashing strobe lights. If the alarm system is triggered, exit the building immediately using the stairs, as necessary, and emergency exits. Do not use elevators.

Even if you do not hear or see the alarm system, Library employees or University Police Officers may evacuate the building in an emergency.

To view the Library's emergency plan, please request to view the Emergency Manual at any service desk.

Persons with Disabilities

For detailed instructions on the emergency evacuation of people with disabilities, please read these valuable guidelines from the SF State Disability Programs and Resource CenterEmergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities


During an earthquake, take cover in a doorway or under a sturdy table. Stay away from glass windows, shelves, and heavy equipment.

After shaking stops, exit the building if you hear or see the alarm system signals, if you are told to exit by Library employees or University Police, or if you see or suspect that the building has been damaged.

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