CSU Open Journals

CSU Open Journals provides Open Journal Systems (OJS) hosting for journals associated with the 23-campus California State University (CSU). In cooperation with the CSU libraries, the service is supported by Systemwide Digital Library Services of the CSU Chancellor's Office.

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Who should use OJS?

  • New journals affiliated with San Francisco State University.
  • Existing journals that wish to move to CSU Open Journals.
  • CSU journals that already use OJS but want to be part of the CSU Open Journals instance.

Considerations for new journals:

  • How does your journal intend to use the platform?

    • What is its editorial process?
    • Does it have an existing submission process?
    • Does it perform peer review?
  • OJS contains the entire publishing workflow: does the journal want to use the full possibilities of the platform or just get up and running?
  • Do journal issues exist on another website that need to be migrated?

Consider submitting to ScholarWorks instead of OJS if:

  • A journal only intends to publish one issue;
  • A journal already has an existing site/workflow outside of OJS but wants a “backup.”

How can the DSC help?

  • The Digital Scholarship Center serves as a liaison between a Journal and the Chancellor’s Office.
  • It provides consultative and technical support for starting, running, or migrating a journal, or for any issues that come up along the way.
  • Contact us at libdsc@sfsu.edu for help, more information, or to get started.
  • There is also a CSU-specific publishing guide to help get started in OJS.
  • After you get started, consider applying to have your journal indexed by the Directory of Open Access Journals to increase visibility and discoverability of your journal.
  • Want to test drive OJS? The official OJS website contains a great demo that allows you to play with all aspects of the platform.