Lending Policy for Other Libraries

Contact Information

Email: dds@sfsu.edu
Phone: 415-338-1727
Fax: 415-338-6199

Submitting a Request

You may submit requests by the following methods:


Send the request to CSF through OCLC

Non-OCLC requests:

Please email, fax or mail request to us


Send e-mail to dds@sfsu.edu to set up an account


(415) 338-6199


E-mail complete information to dds@sfsu.edu


Interlibrary Services
J. Paul Leonard Library
San Francisco State University
1630 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94132

Sorry, we do NOT accept requests over the telephone.



Checkout period: 4 weeks
Renewals: 2 weeks
Shipping Method: UPS or US Mail or Air Mail
Rush Delivery: Fed Ex with borrowers account number


Restrictions: 50 pages or less per request
Delivery: Fax; Mail; Odyssey; OCLC Article Exchange; RapidILL

Turnaround Time

While turnaround time varies, we strive to ship copies or loans within 24 hours.


Type of Library



Special Handing / Rush

CA Public & School Libraries




Reciprocal Libraries



10 IFM or $10.00

Other US libraries

15 IFM or $15.00

10 IFM or $10.00

20 IFM or $20.00

International Libraries

20 IFM, $20.00 or 3 IFLA vouchers

10 IFM, $10.00 or 2 IFLA vouchers

30 IFM, $30.00 or 4 IFLA Vouchers

Payment Methods

  • IFM (preferred)
  • Invoices
  • IFLA Vouchers

Material Available for Loan

  • Books in the Main Collection
  • Dissertations and Masters Theses
    • Interlibrary Services can loan physical copies of theses and dissertations.
    • Interlibrary Services can digitize up to 10% or 1 chapter of a thesis or dissertation.
    • Authors of theses or dissertations that have not been digitized can request that the library digitize them provided that they grant the library permission to post their work to the CSU institutional repository, ScholarWorks. For more information, contact: libdsc@sfsu.edu
    • Theses that have been embargoed or requested to remain private by their authors are not accessible unless the requestor acquires written permission from the author.  At this time, the library cannot contact authors to obtain permission for scanning or sharing their work
  • Government Publications
  • Music Scores in the Main Collection
  • Some items from Audio and Video Recordings in all formats
  • Some items from the de Bellis Collection
  • Some items from the Map and Atlas Collection

Material NOT Available for Loan

  • E-books and E-journals
  • Microforms (microfiche and microfilm)
  • Periodicals (current or bound)

Returning Loaned Items

Please return our item(s) in Jiffy Bags (or, for oversize items and multiple items, in a box) via UPS, Fed Ex, air mail or US Mail. Please do not use library rate to return our materials.

Hours & Calendar

SF State ILS is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Pacific Time Zone.