American Nazis clash with students at San Francisco State

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Film Date
Film Reference Number
KRON 3875-3
KRON-TV news footage from March 10, 1975 with reporter Jack Bates featuring scenes from San Francisco State's campus, where students disrupt a class called "Issues and Advocacy," that was to include an address by American Nazi leader Alan Vincent. Includes: views of Professor Ted Keller arguing with a student and talking to reporters; a press conference by Alan Vincent; views of students chanting in a classroom, following the Nazis down a corridor in the Humanities Building and scuffling outside, before the Nazis attack a man using a fire extinguisher and head off in a van along 19th Avenue. Ends with voice-over from Bates, which was not added to the moving images in order to preserve ambient sounds from the action. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

This 16mm reversal film print was scanned in 4K (4096 x 2970) using a Lasergraphics ScanStation film scanner, in February 2023.
16mm color reversal print, with co-magnetic soundtrack