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Title Film Date Film Reference Number URL
Ron Magers Electric Impressions early 1970s KPIX 147420 View Online
Ron Magers Electric Impressions goes to Hawaii c1970s KPIX 147422 View Online
Ron Magers Electric Impressions - Nostalgia 2/12/1972 KPIX 147423 View Online
Ron Magers Electric Impressions - Magers Magic Machine 8/8/1970 KPIX 147421 View Online
Ron Magers Electric Impressions - Tribute to Jack London 11/21/1970 KPIX147424 View Online
Draft protestors and Black Panthers demonstrate at UC Berkeley and Oakland Courthouse 1/26/1968 KTVU 98-9 View Online
Carol Doda sings onstage in 'Rain' at the Encore Theater (1968) 1/24/1968 KTVU 98-7 View Online
Assignment Four - Houseboat People 1974 BATA.KRON.797 View Online
A visit to KTAO 95.3 FM radio station in Los Gatos (1971) 6/12/1971 KRON 2727-1 View Online
Fatal mid-air collision over the San Ramon Valley 6/3/1977 KRON 4576-1 View Online
Adam Clayton Powell on Birmingham, civil rights legislation and racial hypocrisy 1963 KTVU 37-18 View Online
Nelson Rockefeller on the "extreme right" and elections 1963 KTVU 37-14 View Online
Treasure Island 1962 KPIX 147418 View Online
The Valley of Heart's Delight (1962) 1962 KPIX147414 View Online
Ron Magers Electric Impressions - Promo c1972 KPIX 147415 View Online
Harry Truman at airport 1960s KTVU 37-8
City Hall SF Protest: HUAC KTVU 37-6.2
Palace of Fine Arts: aerial; reconstruction 1960s KTVU 37-6
NASA launch prep (handout: Mercury) 1960s KTVU 37-5
Cal protest: A bomb test (skit also) 1960s KTVU 37-4
Boat Show 1960s KTVU 37-2
UC Berkeley rally-following night arrests 1960s KTVU 36-12
Diablo Valley College-Xmas for Vietnam (groceries) 1960s KTVU 36-11
Missing money-Mayor of Oakland / interviews with Houlihan. Date 4/4 1960s KTVU 36-10
Treasure Island Navy base protest 1960s KTVU 36-9