Requesting Library Instruction Rooms

Study Rooms for Teaching Online or Office Hours:

Faculty members are able to reserve one of the six study rooms in the 1st floor Research Commons to use as a teaching space or for office hours by sending an email to Reservations are available during the Library's open hours and can be made up to six months in advance with no limit to the duration of the reservation or number of advance reservations.

Computer-Equipped Instruction Rooms for Class Sessions:

The computer-equipped instruction rooms 280, 281, 282, 284 and 285 are available for faculty members to reserve for individual class sessions. To reserve an instruction room up to seven days in advance, email

See below for descriptions of the rooms and how they are equipped.


There are five instruction rooms located on the 2nd floor of the Library. The primary purpose of these rooms is to support Library instruction. Librarians may book instruction rooms themselves up to 6 months in advance using LibRooms. To request a librarian-led research instruction session, please visit our instruction request form.

Non-library faculty and staff may request the use of a room during the fall and spring semesters up to seven days in advance and they may request room 285 for use beginning the 9th week of each semester up to six months in advance. Room requests may also be made up to six months in advance for use during summer and winter intersession.

The Library does not provide any technical support for non-library use of the instruction rooms. All non-library requests for rooms must be approved by Library Administration.

General Guidelines

  • Reservation Limits: Non-library faculty can reserve rooms a maximum of four times per semester per class.
  • Condition of Room: It is the responsibility of the person reserving a room to ensure that all furniture and equipment are returned to the arrangement found at the beginning of the session.
  • Cancellations/No Shows: The person making the reservation is responsible for cancelling reservation if group is unable to use the room on scheduled date/time.
  • Food and Drink: Food and drink are not allowed.
  • Computer Software: Internet browsers and the Microsoft Office suite are installed on the computers in all instruction rooms. The Windows computers in Room 285 also have an expanded set of software installed, including most of the software available on the Research and Study Commons computers.
  • Loss of Privileges: Failure to follow these guidelines may result in no longer being able to reserve Library instruction rooms for the remainder of the semester.

Library Instruction Rooms

Click room numbers for more information about computers, software and room configuration.

  • 280 – Max capacity, 80. Windows desktop computers.  
  • 281 – Max capacity, 35. iMac computers.
  • 282 – Max capacity, 40. Windows desktop computers 
  • 284 – Max capacity, 25. iMac computers.
  • 285 – Max capacity, 35. Windows desktop computers. 


Available during Main Library hours. See Library Hours on the Library website.

Check Room Availability

  • Click here to access the room reservation system
  • Under Browse, click on Events. To view instruction room reservations online, click on Add Filter and select Room Types, then Instruction Room.

Reservation Requests

Reservation requests should be sent to Please include the following information:

  • Course/event name
  • Instructor/facilitator
  • Date/time (including setup and cleanup)
  • Approximate number of students/attendees

Access: Rooms should be unlocked and open for the start time of your reservation.


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