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Subject / Department Librarian Phone Email
Accounting (ACCT) Hesper Wilson
Africana Studies (AFRS) Hesper Wilson
Africana Studies (AFRS) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
American Indian Studies (AIS) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
American Studies (AMST) Visitor (not verified)
Anthropology (ANTH) Chris Mays
Apparel Design & Merchandising (ADM) Kendra Van Cleave (415) 405-0997
Apparel Design & Merchandising (ADM) Joseph Daniels
Arabic (ARAB) Melissa Seelye (415) 405-5554
Art History (ARTH) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Art (ART) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Asian American Studies (AA S) Hesper Wilson
Asian American Studies (AA S) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Astronomy (ASTR) William Jacobs (415) 405-3658
Biology (BIOL) Faith Rusk (415) 338-6367
Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) Nicole Allensworth (415) 338-6138
Business (BUS) Hesper Wilson
Chemistry (CHEM) William Jacobs (415) 405-3658
Child Adolescent Development (CAD) Shawn Heiser (415) 405-3951
Chinese (CHIN) Ya Wang (415) 405-2680
Cinema (CINE) Shawn Heiser (415) 405-3951
Classical Archaeology (CLAR) Ned Fielden (415) 405-0527
Classics (CLAS) Ned Fielden (415) 405-0527
Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) Faith Rusk (415) 338-6367
Comic Studies (CMX) William Jacobs (415) 405-3658
Communication Studies (COMM) Nicole Allensworth (415) 338-6138
Comparative & World Literature (CWL) David Hellman (415) 405-0686
Computer Science (CS) Ya Wang (415) 405-2680
Counseling (COUN) Chris Mays
Creative Writing (CW) Hesper Wilson
Criminal Justice (C J) Joseph Daniels
Critical Social Thought (CST) Chris Mays
Dance (DANC) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Decision Sciences (DS) Hesper Wilson
Design (DES) Nina Hagiwara (415) 405-2517
Earth Sciences (ERTH) William Jacobs (415) 405-3658
Economics (ECON) Hesper Wilson
Education (EDUC) Lizzy Borges
Educational Administration (EDAD) Lizzy Borges
Educational Leadership (EDDL) Lizzy Borges
Elementary Education (E ED) Lizzy Borges
Engineering (ENGR) William Jacobs (415) 405-3658
English (ENG) Hesper Wilson
Environmental Studies (ENVS) Shawn Heiser (415) 405-3951
Ethnic Studies (ETHS) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) Joseph Daniels
Finance (FIN) Hesper Wilson
French (FR) David Hellman (415) 405-0686
Geography & Environment (GEOG) Shawn Heiser (415) 405-3951
German (GER) David Hellman (415) 405-0686
Gerontology (GRN) Joseph Daniels
Global Peace Studies (GPS) Mira Foster
Government Information Nina Hagiwara (415) 405-2517
Greek (GRE) Ned Fielden (415) 405-0527
Health & Social Sciences (HSS) Faith Rusk (415) 338-6367
History (HIST) Kendra Van Cleave (415) 405-0997
Holistic Health (HH) Faith Rusk (415) 338-6367
Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM) Hesper Wilson
Humanities (HUM) Ned Fielden (415) 405-0527
Information Systems (ISYS) Hesper Wilson
Instructional Technology (ITEC) Lizzy Borges
Interdisciplinary Studies Education (ISED) Lizzy Borges
Interior Design (ID) Joseph Daniels
International Business (IBUS) Hesper Wilson
International Relations (I R) Mira Foster
Italian (ITAL) David Hellman (415) 405-0686
Japanese (JAPN) Ya Wang (415) 405-2680
Jewish Studies (JS) Ned Fielden (415) 405-0527
Journalism (JOUR) Nicole Allensworth (415) 338-6138
Kinesiology (KIN) Faith Rusk (415) 338-6367
Labor Studies (LABR) Hesper Wilson
Latin (LTN) Ned Fielden (415) 405-0527
Latina/o Studies (LTNS) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Law Mira Foster
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Studies Chris Mays
Liberal Studies (LS) Shawn Heiser (415) 405-3951
Management (MGMT) Hesper Wilson
Marine Science (MSCI) William Jacobs (415) 405-3658
Marketing (MKTG) Hesper Wilson
Mathematics (MATH) William Jacobs (415) 405-3658
Middle East & Islamic Studies (MEIS) Mira Foster
Modern Greek Studies (MGS) Ned Fielden (415) 405-0527
Modern Languages & Literatures (MLL) David Hellman (415) 405-0686
Museum Studies (M S) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Music (MUS) Mira Foster
News David Hellman (415) 405-0686
News Nicole Allensworth (415) 338-6138
Nursing (NURS) Faith Rusk (415) 338-6367
Nutrition & Dietetics (NUTR) Joseph Daniels
Persian (PRSN) Melissa Seelye (415) 405-5554
Philosophy (PHIL) Ned Fielden (415) 405-0527
Physical Therapy (PT) Faith Rusk (415) 338-6367
Physics (PHYS) William Jacobs (415) 405-3658
Political Science (PLSI) Mira Foster
Psychology (PSY) Chris Mays
Public Administration (P A) Mira Foster
Public Health (PH) Faith Rusk (415) 338-6367
Race & Resistance Studies (RRS) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Recreation, Parks & Tourism (RPT) Shawn Heiser (415) 405-3951
Reference Visitor (not verified)
Religious Studies (RELS) Ned Fielden (415) 405-0527
Russian (RUSS) Visitor (not verified)
Science (SCI) William Jacobs (415) 405-3658
Secondary Education (S ED) Lizzy Borges
Sexuality Studies (SXS) Chris Mays
Social Work (S W) Joseph Daniels
Sociology (SOC) Joseph Daniels
Spanish (SPAN) David Hellman (415) 405-0686
Special Education (SPED) Lizzy Borges
Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences (SLHS) Lizzy Borges
Technical & Professional Writing Chris Mays
TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Joseph Daniels
Theatre Arts (TH A) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Urban Studies & Planning (USP) Mira Foster
Women & Gender Studies (WGS) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540