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Subject / Department Librarian Phone Email
Accounting (ACCT) Hesper Wilson 415-405-3653
Africana Studies (AFRS) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
American Indian Studies (AIS) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
American Studies (AMST) Mira Foster
Anthropology (ANTH) Mira Foster
Apparel Design & Merchandising (ADM) Joseph Daniels 415-405-0933
Arabic (ARAB) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Art History (ARTH) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Art (ART) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Asian American Studies (AA S) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Astronomy (ASTR) William Jacobs (415) 405-3658
Biology (BIOL) Ashley Woodruff (415) 405-5589
Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) Mira Foster
Business (BUS) Hesper Wilson 415-405-3653
Chemistry (CHEM) Ashley Woodruff (415) 405-5589
Child Adolescent Development (CAD) Joseph Daniels 415-405-0933
Chinese (CHIN) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Cinema (CINE) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Classical Archaeology (CLAR) Mira Foster
Classics (CLAS) Mira Foster
Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) Krista Anandakuttan (415) 338-1605
Comic Studies (CMX) Mira Foster
Communication Studies (COMM) Mira Foster
Comparative & World Literature (CWL) Mira Foster
Computer Science (CS) Ashley Woodruff (415) 405-5589
Counseling (COUN) Joseph Daniels 415-405-0933
Creative Writing (CW) Mira Foster
Criminal Justice (C J) Joseph Daniels 415-405-0933
Critical Social Thought (CST) Visitor (not verified)
Dance (DANC) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Decision Sciences (DS) Hesper Wilson 415-405-3653
Design (DES) Kendra Van Cleave (415) 405-0997
Earth Sciences (ERTH) Shawn Heiser (415) 405-3951
Economics (ECON) Hesper Wilson 415-405-3653
Education (EDUC) Talia Guzman-Go... (415) 405-5514
Educational Administration (EDAD) Talia Guzman-Go... (415) 405-5514
Educational Leadership (EDDL) Talia Guzman-Go... (415) 405-5514
Elementary Education (E ED) Talia Guzman-Go... (415) 405-5514
Engineering (ENGR) William Jacobs (415) 405-3658
English (ENG) Mira Foster
Environmental Studies (ENVS) Joseph Daniels 415-405-0933
Ethnic Studies (ETHS) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) Joseph Daniels 415-405-0933
Finance (FIN) Hesper Wilson 415-405-3653
French (FR) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Geography & Environment (GEOG) Shawn Heiser (415) 405-3951
German (GER) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Gerontology (GRN) Joseph Daniels 415-405-0933
Global Peace Studies (GPS) Mira Foster
Government Information Mira Foster
Greek (GRE) Mira Foster
Health & Social Sciences (HSS) Joseph Daniels 415-405-0933
History (HIST) Kendra Van Cleave (415) 405-0997
Holistic Health (HH) Visitor (not verified)
Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM) Hesper Wilson 415-405-3653
Humanities (HUM) Mira Foster
Information Systems (ISYS) Hesper Wilson 415-405-3653
Instructional Technology (ITEC) Talia Guzman-Go... (415) 405-5514
Interdisciplinary Studies Education (ISED) Talia Guzman-Go... (415) 405-5514
Interior Design (ID) Joseph Daniels 415-405-0933
International Business (IBUS) Hesper Wilson 415-405-3653
International Relations (I R) Mira Foster
Italian (ITAL) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Japanese (JAPN) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Jewish Studies (JS) Mira Foster
Journalism (JOUR) Mira Foster
Kinesiology (KIN) Krista Anandakuttan (415) 338-1605
Labor Studies (LABR) Hesper Wilson 415-405-3653
Latin (LTN) Mira Foster
Latina/o Studies (LTNS) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Law Visitor (not verified)
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Studies Visitor (not verified)
Liberal Studies (LS) Visitor (not verified)
Management (MGMT) Hesper Wilson 415-405-3653
Marine Science (MSCI) Shawn Heiser (415) 405-3951
Marketing (MKTG) Hesper Wilson 415-405-3653
Mathematics (MATH) William Jacobs (415) 405-3658
Middle East & Islamic Studies (MEIS) Mira Foster
Modern Greek Studies (MGS) Mira Foster
Modern Languages & Literatures (MLL) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Museum Studies (M S) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Music (MUS) Mira Foster
News Visitor (not verified)
Nursing (NURS) Krista Anandakuttan (415) 338-1605
Nutrition & Dietetics (NUTR) Visitor (not verified)
Persian (PRSN) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Philosophy (PHIL) Mira Foster
Physical Therapy (PT) Krista Anandakuttan (415) 338-1605
Physics (PHYS) William Jacobs (415) 405-3658
Political Science (PLSI) Mira Foster
Psychology (PSY) Shawn Heiser (415) 405-3951
Public Administration (P A) Joseph Daniels 415-405-0933
Public Health (PH) Krista Anandakuttan (415) 338-1605
Race & Resistance Studies (RRS) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Recreation, Parks & Tourism (RPT) Joseph Daniels 415-405-0933
Reference Visitor (not verified)
Religious Studies (RELS) Mira Foster
Russian (RUSS) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Science (SCI) William Jacobs (415) 405-3658
Secondary Education (S ED) Talia Guzman-Go... (415) 405-5514
Sexuality Studies (SXS) Joseph Daniels 415-405-0933
Social Work (S W) Joseph Daniels 415-405-0933
Sociology (SOC) Joseph Daniels 415-405-0933
Spanish (SPAN) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Special Education (SPED) Talia Guzman-Go... (415) 405-5514
Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences (SLHS) Talia Guzman-Go... (415) 405-5514
Technical & Professional Writing Visitor (not verified)
TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Visitor (not verified)
Theatre Arts (TH A) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540
Urban Studies & Planning (USP) Joseph Daniels 415-405-0933
Women & Gender Studies (WGS) Morning Star Padilla (415) 405-5540