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Academic Technology

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  • Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday
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Sutro Library

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Search by Last Name

Name Title Email Phone Lib Unit
Ashley Woodruff Science Librarian | Senior Assistant Librarian Research & Instructional Services
Mira Foster Liberal Arts Librarian Research & Instructional Services
Chi Ki Foo Information Technology Consultant Library Information Technology
Krista Anandakuttan Health Sciences Librarian Research & Instructional Services
Alex Cherian Bay Area Television Archivist Special Collections & Archives, Bay Area Television Archive
Chris Salcedo Collection Analysis Librarian/Electronic Collections Assistant Collection Management Services
Alexandria Post Special Collections and Archives Research, Outreach, and Instruction Team Lead (415) 338-1151 Special Collections & Archives
William Crabtree Circulation Financial Lead and Accounts Payable Assistant (415) 338-1214 Access Services
Henry Flynn Receiving Acquisitions Assistant (415) 338-1403 Acquisitions Services
Paul Jackson Graphic Designer (415) 338-1455
Melanie Smith First-Year Experience Librarian (415) 338-1620 Research & Instructional Services
Zia Davidian Online Learning Librarian (415) 338-1632 Research & Instructional Services
Matthew Blevin Building Coordinator (415) 338-1639 Library Administration
Luca Facchin Archival Assistant and Frank V. de Bellis Collection Reference (415) 338-1649 Special Collections & Archives, Frank V. de Bellis Collection
Leah Joy Resource Sharing Specialist (415) 338-1652 Access Services, Interlibrary Services
Deborah Masters University Librarian (415) 338-1681 Library Administration
Allyce Ondricka Interlibrary Services Lead (415) 338-1744 Access Services, Interlibrary Services
Holden Leung IT consultant (415) 338-2120 Library Information Technology
Christy Stevens Associate University Librarian (415) 338-2285 Library Administration
Maung Win Operating Systems Analyst (415) 338-2490 Library Information Technology
Martin Ortiz-Cataldo Bindery Assistant (415) 338-2643 Cataloging Services
Jeanie Wong Monographs Cataloging Assistant (415) 338-3220 Cataloging Services
Loan Tran Assistant to the Operations Coordinator (415) 338-6046 Research & Instructional Services
Teresa Ta Serials Acquisitions Assistant (415) 338-6131 Acquisitions Services
Than Than Win Cataloging Assistant (415) 338-6137 Cataloging Services
Faith Rusk Lower Division Research Assistance and Instruction Coordinator (415) 338-6367 Research & Instructional Services
Can Li Discovery and Systems Librarian (415) 338-6739 Collection Management Services
Eva Martinez Archival Processing Team Lead (415) 338-6740 Special Collections & Archives
Christopher Novak Head of Library Information Technology (415) 338-6770 Library Information Technology
Irma Almaguer Library Services Specialist (415) 338-7325 Cataloging Services
Maria Shiela Villarica Administrative Assistant (415) 338-7327 Library Administration
Kim Wong Information Commons Systems Administrator (415) 405-0557 Library Information Technology
David Hellman Collection Development Coordinator / Associate Librarian (415) 405-0686 Collection Management Services
Joseph Daniels Senior Assistant Librarian (415) 405-0933 Research & Instructional Services
Devone Rodrigues Digital Collections Specialist / Library Services Specialist (LSS) II (415) 405-0992 Digital Scholarship Center
Matthew Martin Unit Head / Digital Collections Specialist (415) 405-0994 Digital Scholarship Center, Special Collections & Archives
Kendra Van Cleave Librarian (415) 405-0997 Research & Instructional Services
Andrea Guidara Head of Access Services (415) 405-2672 Access Services, Shelving Facilities Management
Ya Wang Electronic Collections Coordinator (415) 405-2680 Collection Management Services
Hesper Wilson Business Librarian (415) 405-3653 Research & Instructional Services
William Jacobs Associate Librarian (415) 405-3658 Research & Instructional Services
Shawn Heiser Research, Outreach, and Instruction Librarian (415) 405-3951 Research & Instructional Services
Meredith Eliassen Special Collections Librarian / University Archives and Historic Collections (415) 405-4073 Special Collections & Archives
Marcus B. Jun Institutional Repository Librarian (415) 405-5503 Cataloging Services
Talía Guzmán-González Senior Assistant Librarian (415) 405-5514 Research & Instructional Services
Michael McCourt Interim Acquisitions Coordinator (415) 405-5520 Acquisitions Services
Jesse Ataide Circulation Assistant (415) 405-5521 Circulation Services, Access Services
Jamie Lamberti Circulation Services Lead (415) 405-5523 Circulation Services, Access Services
Toni Panlilio Digital Collections Specialist (415) 405-5527 Digital Scholarship Center
Michael Herrick Cataloging and Metadata Librarian (415) 405-5528 Cataloging Services
Tam Nguyen IT Consultant (415) 405-5534 Library Information Technology
Naing Win IT Consultant (415) 405-5536 Library Information Technology
Martin Reese IT Consultant (415) 405-5537 Library Information Technology
Tanya Hollis Interim Director, Labor Archives & Research Center (415) 405-5570 Special Collections & Archives
Catherine Powell Librarian FERP (415) 405-5575 Labor Archives and Research Center, Special Collections & Archives
Phuong Le Administrative Analyst/Specialist (415)338-1685 Library Administration
Brandon Lopez Storekeeper 415-338-1681 Library Administration
Elliott Scheuer Course Materials Specialist 415-338-3473 Circulation Services

Emeritus Faculty

Name Email
Nicole Allensworth
Sally Berlowitz
Richard Blood
Lynn Bonfield
Gina Castro
Ned Fielden
Christy Graham
Nina Hagiwara
Caroline Harnly
Pamela Howard
Lavonne Jacobsen
Chris Mays
Eloise McQuown
Dora Ng
Nancy Noda
Jeff Rosen
Ann Shadwick
Susan Sherwood
Darlene Tong
Mitch Turitz
Helene Whitson