Research Commons

Large computer study area on the 1st Floor. Sign in to use computers with University ID number. SF State OneCard required to print or photocopy. Six study rooms that can be reserved are located here.

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Available Services

Print, use a computer, access specialized software, borrow a laptop, checkout digital media equipment and study

Available Computing Resources

Sign in to use computers with University ID number or with Guest ID request at Help Desk .

Dell Optiplex AIO Dell Optiplex 9030
iMac Apple iMac (2017)
iMac Apple iMac 27''
Dell Optiplex AIO Dell Optiplex 9020
Epson-V600-600x400.png Epson V600
Epson V700 Scanner Epson V700 Photo
Epson-10000XL.png Epson Expression 10000XL
Laserjet-M604.png HP Laserjet M607
Color Printer M554 HP Color M553

Map of Research Commons