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Designed to offer current news pertaining to all branches of the military and government, this database offers a thorough collection of periodicals, academic journals, and other content pertinent to t

Mindscape Commons is an online resource for immersive and interactive content in mental health.It presents and documents nearly 200 VR experiences, as well as some serious games and apps, for teach


Virtual Microcases and Interactive Simulations feature a range of clients and mental health conditions, coupled with interactivity and assessments to gauge comprehension. Other experiences such as The Guardian’s Waiting for Asylum, BBC Scotland’s Inside Anxiety, and 360 Immersive Social Work Home Assessments offer additional options for learning, enhancing empathy, and building skills. Additionally, the Mindscape Commons points to many Open Access VR content as well as VR research projects.

The MLA Directory of Periodicals provides detailed information on thousands of journals and book series in the fields of literature, language, linguistics, film, rhetoric and composition, and folklore

The MLA International Bibliography is the definitive index for the study of language, literature, linguistics, rhetoric and composition, folklore, and film, covering scholarly publications from the ea

early 20th Century -

The Music Index is a comprehensive guide to music periodicals and literature featuring digitized content from 1970 to present.

1970 -

Music Online: Classical Scores Library Volumes III and IV, is an authoritative source for electronic scores of the classical canon and contemporary works.

Digital scores and sheet music
SFSU library has access to Music Online: Classical Scores Library, Volume III and IV

The Nation Archive contains indexing, abstracting, and full text for the complete archive of The Nation, beginning with its first issue in 1865 all the way to the present.

1865 -

National Criminal Justice Reference Service Abstracts provides users with information thoroughly covering the fields of law enforcement and criminal justice.

1970 -

Full-text, online version of the print publication: Working paper series National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), with abstracts and/or bibliographic information for earlier papers.

This database focuses on issues at the intersection of gender and class from the late-eighteenth century to the era of suffrage in the early-twentieth century, all through a transnational perspective.

late 18th century - early 20th century
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