Cablecasting has been paused until further notice. For more information, please contact Academic Technology at

Cablecasting is a service managed by Academic Technology that allows a movie "shown" from the Media and Classroom Support office to be "viewed" in another location in the Library or elsewhere on campus, usually a classroom. Currently, one of the group study rooms in the Study Commons, LIB 40E, is the one location in the Library that supports cablecasting.

Media of any format can be cablecast, including DVD, VHS and 16mm film. 


To view a film via cablecast in the Library:

  • Make sure the film you want to view is available. Search OneSearch – Books & Media (SF State). It may be necessary to use Refine my results under Format to select Audio Visual.
  • Reserve LIB 40E (Study Commons group study room) using the room reservations system.
  • Arrange with Media & Classroom Support in LIB 85 ( to show the film at the time you have reserved the room.
  • Just before the time you have set up to view the film, get the channel number from Media & Classroom Support in LIB 85 (see ground floor map).
  • In the room where you will view the film:
    • Turn on the TV
    • Use the remote to select the channel
    • If the channel is a digital channel (e.g., 43.1), enter the nearest channel on the remote, then use the up / down channel selector to get to the exact channel

For more information, contact Academic Technology.