"It’s fun to eat" with Elena - Spaghetti Sauce & Green Tossed Salad

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An early telvision cooking program, produced in San Francisco by Richard Dinsmore in 1950, featuring scenes of Elena Zelayeta and her son Billy demonstrating how to prepare spaghetti sauce and green tossed salad using 'Fresherator' cookware products. This program was filmed by Willat and Diner to air in the Los Angeles area and was written by Jean Welke. It is of note that Elena was blind and had strings attached to her ankles on-set. There were two cameras filming her and when she needed to turn from one camera to another, someone would tug on the appropriate string to let her know (S.F. Examiner, 2/3/1953). Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

Note: this film print was transferred in 4K (4096 x 2970) using a Lasergraphics ScanStation film scanner, in February 2024. An accompanying introduction was also found and added, in which Zelayeta explains to viewers how she's adapted to cooking and presenting, since losing her sight: "And believe me, I am a little nervous."
16mm film