Hugh Hefner Opens Playboy Club In San Francisco (KRON)

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Film Date
Film Reference Number
KRON 1406-13
KRON news footage from November 11th 1965 with reporter Art Brown featuring silent views of American magazine publisher Hugh Hefner (1926-2017) arriving at San Francisco airport to be greeted by Playboy bunnies. Hefner is there for the opening of a new Playboy club located at Montgomery and Jackson and gives an press conference, during which he smokes a pipe and claims: "It's difficult for people outside the operation to fully appreciate but the greatest satisfaction for me personally in the success, is just the doing of it." He also reflects on the "sophisticated attitude" of San Francisco and how Playboy might compete with the city's topless entertainment scene. Note that we have alternative coverage of this in our KTVU Collection. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

This 16mm negative print was scanned in 4K (4096 x 2970) using a Lasergraphics ScanStation film scanner, in February 2023.
16mm b&w negative, with co-magnetic soundtrack