Hugh Hefner with Barbi Benton in San Francisco (1971)

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Film Date
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KRON 2723-8
KRON News footage from June 9th 1971 featuring views of Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner and his companion Barbi Benton arriving at San Francisco airport and being surrounded by Playboy bunnies and reporters on the runway. Also includes a look inside the customized DC-9 Playboy jet airliner, during which Hefner and Benton pose together on a fur bed. Ends with scenes from a press conference in which Hefner denies the idea that Playboy exploits women. He states: "I think that the girls that work for the club and indeed the girls that pose for the magazine do so because they want to and are rather handsomely paid for it. Part and parcel of this is the general notion that we turn women into objects but I think it's a very superficial and rather simplistic view of what Playboy's all about. Because I think Playboy's had a major part in the sexual emancipation of our society." Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.
16mm color silent/magnetic sound film