Committee Memberships

Staff and faculty in the Library have many opportunities for service and leadership, and to participate in governance, through work on Campus and System-wide committees. Committee memberships and charges are detailed below. Library staff and faculty can also view Library Committees on our intranet.

Academic Senate Committees

Librarians serving on the Academic Senate include at least one tenured or tenure-track librarian, and a lecturer librarian, all elected following the Faculty Constitution. Librarians serving on the Academic Senate are elected by Library Faculty, and serve a three-year term. In addition, each Senator is appointed annually by the Executive Committee to serve on a Standing Committee.

Academic Senators
Member Role Term Current Committee
Position vacant Tenured Faculty Representative    
Kendra Van Cleave Tenured Faculty Representative 2018-21 Academic Planning Committee
Melissa Seelye Tenured/Tenure Track 2020-23 Strategic Issues Committee
Jordan Nielsen Tenured/Tenure Track 2020-23 Student Affairs Committee
Position vacant Lecturer Representative    
None from Library Member At Large    

Campus Committees

Senate Subcommittees Memberships
Senate Subcommittees Faculty Member Term
Baccalaureate Requirements Committee (BRC) None from Library  
BRC Lower Division Certification Committee (LDCC) Shawn Heiser 2020-23
BRC Upper Division Certification Committee (UDCC) Hesper Wilson 2020-23
Honorary Degree Committee (HDC) None from Library  
Online Education Committee (OEC) Nicole Allensworth 2020-23
Professional Development Council (PDC) William Jacobs 2018-22
University Academic Assessment Advisory Committee (UAcAAC) Joe Daniels 2019-21
University Committee on Written English Proficiency (UCWEP) Faith Rusk 2020-23
University Sabbatical Committee (USC) Mira Foster 2017-21
University Tenure and Promotion Committee (UTCP) None from Library  
Other Campus Committees Memberships
Other Campus Committees Faculty Member Term
Academic Freedom Committee (AFC) Chris Mays 2018-21
All-University Committee on International Programs (AUCIP) None from Library  
California Faculty Association (CFA) San Francisco Chapter Executive Board Librarian Representative Jordan Nielsen  
California Faculty Association (CFA) San Francisco Chapter Tenure Track Department Representative Jordan Nielsen  
California Faculty Association (CFA) San Francisco Chapter Lecturer Department Representative Shawn Heiser  
Center of Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning Board (CEETLB) Bill Jacobs 2018–
Education Technology Advisory Committee Chris Mays 2009–
University Advancement Activities Advisory Committee (UAdAAC) None from Library  

CSU Committees

CSU Committees
Committee Library Member Term
Collection Development Liaison David Hellman 2006–
Unified Library Management System Steering Committee   2019-20
Unified Library Management System Resource Sharing Functional Committee Joe Adkins, Chair 2019-20
Unified Library Management System Electronic Resource Management Functional Committee Ya Wang 2018-20
Unified Library Management System Fulfillment Functional Committee Jamie Lamberti, Vice-Chair 2019-20
Unified Library Management System Resource Management Functional Committee Lia Ryland 2019-21