New Library Databases

Author: PJ
June 28, 2023
New  Library Databases

For a limited time, SF State has access to a large number of primary source databases through the Primary Sources Access and Build program.  These collections will be available for full text and image searching through June 2024, and the sources that receive heavy use will be considered for permanent acquisition.  

American Indians and the American West, 1809-1971 

Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Council Meetings of American Indian Tribes

Disability in the Modern World 

Primary sources from the disability rights community, 20th Century

Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive

Hollywood Reporter, American Cinematographer, Film Weekly, Variety, 1880-2015

Environmental Issues Online
Multimedia materials on major climate issues, 20th century- present

Historical Newspapers: The Jerusalem Post (ProQuest) 

English language Israeli newspaper 1932-2008

Historical Newspapers: The Jewish Advocate (ProQuest) 

English language Jewish newspaper for greater Boston, 1905-1990

Historical Newspapers: The Jewish Exponent (ProQuest) 

Weekly community newspaper out of Philadelphia, 1887-1990

Historical Newspapers: Leftist Newspapers and Periodicals (ProQuest) 

Collected English language publications, 1845-2015

Historical Newspapers: South China Morning Post‎ (ProQuest) 
English language Hong Kong daily newspaper, 1903-2001

Historical Newspapers: The Korea Times‎ (ProQuest) 

English language daily newspaper from Seoul, 1956-2016

Historical Newspapers: The Times of India‎ (ProQuest) 

Largest English daily newspaper in the world, 1838-2001

Latin American Women Writers

Literature, memoirs and essays in their original languages, 1600’s- present

LGBT Magazine Archive 

Includes the Advocate and Gay Times, 1954-2015

LGBT Thought and Culture 
Books, articles, archives documenting LGBT political, social and cultural movements

Mass Incarceration and Prison Studies 

Archives, books, courts cases, etc. with international focus, 20th cent.- present

NAACP Papers 

National and local branches’ board minutes, speeches, campaigns, 1950’-60’s

Socialist Party of America Records 

Primary sources include correspondence, position papers and leaflets, 1897-1976

Women and Social Movements, International 

Activist writing, reports from organizations, letters and more, 1840- present

Women's Magazine Archive 

Major popular sources such as Woman’s Day and Good Housekeeping, 1900-2005


*Complimentary access but not eligible for purchase as part of the Access and Build plan.