Job# 3487004 : Library Administration Reception Desk

About this Job

This is a Work Study job.

Library Unit: Library Administration

Application Deadline: 
Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Job Number: 3487004

Pay Rate: 13.00

Job Description: 

Job Description: Student employees hired for Library Administration Reception will answer questions from patrons (phone, in-person, and online), enter patron questions into a database, and provide basic assistance about how to find a book in the stacks, copier/printer questions, including student jobs in the Library. Student employee provides support to Library Administration, including processing of data entry projects. Student employee will work collaboratively with Library Administration staff members, demonstrating flexibility with their assignments and ability to receive work direction well.

Student Qualifications:

*Ability to maintain a fixed worked schedule throughout the semester. 

*Reliable work attendance.

*Experience with MS Office Suite (Word, Excel).

*Attention to detail.

*Ability to act with discretion regarding confidential employee information.

*Ability to provide high-quality customer service. 
*Ability to articulate Library policies and services to a diverse campus community. 
*Working knowledge of Library (how to find a book, printing services,) MS Office and web browsers. 

*Energetic, outgoing, approachable. 

*Ability to deliver Administrative documents to a variety of buildings on campus.

*Acts as backup for Library room reservations.



Days: Mon-Friday, 1-4pm; Hours: Up to 20 hours per week.


Additional Documents

Please provide your SFSU ID number (not social security number).

Provide us your availability and amount of hours you can work per week.

Must have employment documentation (Passport, Social Security Card, and photo i.d.) ready upon offer of employment.

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Work Study is a form of Federal Government Financial Aid and does not apply to International Students. You may earn up to, but not more than, the total Work-Study award on your Offer Letter. You must be enrolled full-time at SFSU to be employed in a Work-Study position (12 units - undergraduates, 8 units - graduates)..

The Student Assistant program is NOT a financial aid program. It is funded by the State and provides part-time, on-campus positions available to students who are enrolled at least half-time at SFSU (6 units - undergraduates, 4 units - graduates).

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