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Workstation Sign-On FAQs for SF State Affiliated Users

The Library Computer Sign-On system provides access to Library computers. The system monitors the length of time available per user, per day, thus ensuring greater equitable access to the computers.

Q: What do I need to sign on?

A: Students, staff and faculty will simply need their SFSU ID number and Library PIN to sign on. The SFSU ID is printed on SFSU Onecard IDs. SF State affilated users may create their own Library PIN. Other affiliated SF State library users need the barcode number on their SF State library card. SF State users will look for workstations in the Study Commons and Research Commons.

Q: What if I don't know or forgot my SFSU ID number?

A: You can go to to look up your SFSU ID using your SSN and PAC to authenticate.

Q: How much time will I have to access the Internet?

A: SF State users are allotted three hours per day in the Digital Media Studios and generally unlimited use on the Study Commons and Research Commons computers, except during busy periods when time limits may be imposed. Express computers are limited to 10 minutes. Guest users are allotted two hours per day on the Two Hour Computers in the Research Commons.

Q: If I only use part of my time in one sitting, can I come back later that day?

A: Yes, you can come back later that day to use the rest of your time. As long as you sign off when you are done with a session, you retain the remaining amount of your allotted time.

Q: If I forget to sign off when I am finished, what happens?

A: Unfortunately, your time will continue to diminish until you are signed off or reach your daily time limit. That is why it is important to sign off after each session.

Q: What if I exceed my time limit and still need more time?

A: SF State users can use a Research Commons or Study Commons computer for as long as they like, except during busy periods when time limits may be imposed. SF State users can also checkout a laptop for up to 4 hours. Other computer labs are available on campus. For information about computer labs, go to

Q: Can I reserve a machine for a specific time?

A: At this time, we do not accept reservations for workstations.

Q: Do I need to sign on to use the Express Printing stations?

A: Yes, all users are allowed 10 minute sign on periods, 3 times per day. Your daily time allottment for guest or SF State stations are not affected when using the Express Workstations.

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