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Basic Search Commands for
LexisNexis Academic and Factiva (Dow Jones & Reuters)

Below is an overview of the search operators employed to establish relationships between search terms in LexisNexis and Factiva. For more detailed help, see the respective database's help screens. For general search help see the Database Search Strategies guide.

  LexisNexis Factiva
To find:  
all words (narrows search) Coke and Pepsi and Royal Crown
either word (broadens search) IBM or International Business Machines
first word, not the second Coke and not Pepsi Coke not Pepsi
words near one another:  
any order market w/3 share
(for market share or share of the market)
market near3 share
(for market share or share of the market)
same paragraph, any order taco bell w/p chihuahua Taco Bell same chihuahua
same sentence, any order Nader w/s election Nader/n10/election
Nader near10 election
order as entered william pre/3 hearst william w/3 hearst
william adj3 hearst
(up to 10 words)
word variations:  
multiple endings
(unlimited characters)
(do not use in Power Search
"natural language" searches)
  (for industry, industries, industrial, industrialization, etc.)
multiple endings
(specified number of characters)
(do not use in Power Search
"natural language" searches)
  (for industry, industries, industrial only)
alternate letters wom*n
(do not use in Power Search
"natural language" searches)
  (for woman or women)
(for globalisation or globalization)
word occurrences: atleast5(baseball)
atleast5 baseball


  LexisNexis Factiva
To find:  
words in a specific field:  
headline/lead paragraph(s) hlead(earthquake)
byline byline(tina brown) by=tina brown
publication/source name publication(new york times) sn=new york times
length of article (in words)
less than length<5000 wc<100
more than length>100 wc>5000
capitals, plurals, etc.
all capital letters, always plural
Edward Said
proper noun, never plural
caps(singular(edward said))
no capital letters
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