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Information Competence Requirement/Library Requirement


The Basic Information Competence Requirement is a graduation requirement for all SF State undergraduates. The policy governing the Basic Information Competence Requirement was passed by the SF State Academic Senate in Spring 1999. Effective Fall 2000, it replaced the Library Requirement for all undergraduate students.

The intent of this Requirement is to ensure that SF State students will have a solid foundation of information competence skills early in their academic careers as preparation for future course work required for the baccalaureate degree. After fulfilling the requirement, students should be able to locate, retrieve, organize and evaluate information effectively and to understand some of the ethical, legal and socio-political issues associated with using various kinds of information.

How can the Requirement be met?

At SF State, the Requirement can be met by one of the following options:

  • By completing the OASIS tutorial. Most students fulfill the Requirement in this way. Available anytime and free, OASIS: Online Advancement of Student Information Skills, is a self-paced program consisting of eight chapters with quizzes. For more information, please visit the OASIS Tutorial Page.
  • By passing, with a grade C- or better, a college-level library course taken at another college or university within the past five years that has been reviewed and approved by the J. Paul Leonard Library for exemption such as LIS 10 or LIBR 51 or LIBR 57 at City College of San Francisco. Evidence of completion (a transcript or DARS) should be brought to the Research Assistance Desk.
  • By holding a library technician or library science degree from a community college or university. Evidence of completion (a transcript, DARS, or diploma) should be brought to the Research Assistance Desk.

If you have questions about fulfilling the Basic Information Competence Requirement or want to get equivalency for a class you took at another college, please contact us, or visit the Research Assistance Desk.

When should I fulfill the Requirement?

Since basic knowledge and understanding of library resources and methods is considered vital to academic success, you should fulfill the Requirement early in your academic career here at SF State. Failure to complete the Requirement in a timely manner may delay your graduation.

  • First-Time Freshman Students: First-time freshmen are expected to complete the Basic Information Competence Requirement by the end of the second semester. If you are enrolled in an All-University "First Year Experience" course, you will be required to complete the Requirement while enrolled in that course. If you are not enrolled in an AU 100 (or 101) First Year Experience course, you are still expected to complete the Requirement on your own by the end of your second semester.
  • Incoming Transfer Students: Incoming transfer students are expected to complete the Basic Information Competence Requirement by the end of their first semester at SF State.
  • Continuing Undergraduates: All SF State undergraduates are expected to fulfill the Library Requirement before graduation. You are encouraged to complete the requirement as early in your undergraduate career as possible.
  • Graduate Students: The Basic Information Competence Requirement is a graduation requirement for undergraduates. As a graduate student, you are NOT required to fulfill the Requirement. However, if you are new to this university or want to refresh your skills to do basic research in today's electronic information environment, we encourage you to review sections of the tutorial, OASIS: Online Advancement of Student Information Skills. Although you are not eligible to take the OASIS quizzes, all eight chapters of OASIS are available for you to review.

Proof of completion:

Once you have successfully completed OASIS, your student record will be updated to indicate that you have fulfilled the Basic Information Competence Requirement. "Completed" status appears on the Test Score Report and on the Degree Audit Report (DARS), but not on the unofficial transcript. You can obtain a copy of your Test Score Report or DARS from the MySFSU (Student Information Service) web page.

I have an older edition of the workbook. Can I still use it?

The printed Library Research Guide and all earlier editions of the Library workbook are no longer valid and will not fulfill the Basic Information Competence Requirement.

If I've already fulfilled the Library Requirement by completing the printed workbook, do I still need to do OASIS?

If you have successfully completed a version of the Library workbook (it was graded and you received a certificate), you have fulfilled the Library Requirement. You do not need to complete OASIS.

If you are enrolled in a class that requires the completion of OASIS, you may need to complete OASIS even if you have previously done the workbook. Please check with your instructor about requirements for the course. If you have already completed the workbook and need to complete the OASIS Tutorial, you must send an email message to in order to gain access to the quizzes.

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