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New Books Month Year


Here is the list of titles added to the Main Collection in Month Year. This list is sorted by the Library of Congress Call Number (LCCN); each entry includes LC call number, author, if pertinent, and title. If you want to see the full entry for any item, click on the title to go to InvestiGator, the Library's online catalog. To return to the New Books List, click the browser's back arrow.

If you are interested in a particular subject, but you do not know its LC call number, click on one of the entries in the menu to the left to move directly to the position in the New Book list where new titles relating to that subject begin.

A: General Works

No books under this heading this month.

B: Philosophy, Psychology, & Religion

Confucian reflections: ancient wisdom for modern times
Ivanhoe, P. J.
B127.C65 I93 2013

Ritual and religion in the Xunzi
B128.H7 R58 2014

Explorations in ancient and modern philosophy
Burnyeat, Myles,
B171 .B86 2012

Gravity and grace
Weil, Simone,
B2430.W473 P413 2002

The essence of truth: on Plato's cave allegory and Theaetetus
Heidegger, Martin,
B3279.H47 E5713 2002

Wittgenstein's philosophical investigations
Brenner, William H.,
B3376.W563 P532355 1999

Schaum's easy outlines: logic
Nolt, John,
BC108 .N65 2006

Metaphysics: an anthology/
BD111 .M55 1999

From an ontological point of view
Heil, John.
BD311 .H45 2003

Encyclopedia of the history of psychological theories
BF31 .E552 2012

APA handbook of psychology, religion, and spirituality
BF51 .A53 2013

Jung the mystic: the esoteric dimensions of Carl Jung's life and teachings
Lachman, Gary,
BF109.J8 L334 2013

Auto-pilot: the art & science of doing nothing
Smart, Andrew.
BF485 .S62 2013

Joy, guilt, anger, love: what neuroscience can-- and can't-- tell us about how we feel
Frazzetto, Giovanni.
BF511 .F73 2014

Beyond the frustrated self: overcoming avoidant patterns and opening to life
Dowds, Barbara.
BF575.A86 D69 2014

Getting the most from supervision: a guide for counsellors and psychotherapists
Dunnett, Alan,
BF636.65 D86 2013

Children and their environments: learning, using, and designing spaces
BF723.S63 C455 2006

Immortal remains: the evidence for life after death
Braude, Stephen E.,
BF1311.F8 B73 2003

A history of witchcraft, sorcerers, heretics & pagans
Russell, Jeffrey Burton.
BF1566 .R87 2007

Visionary shamanism: activating the imaginal cells of the human energy field
Wolf, Linda Star.
BF1621 .W655 2011

Ceremonial magic: a guide to the mechanisms of ritual
Regardie, Israel.
BF1623.R6 R43 2007

On what matters
Parfit, Derek.
BJ1012 .P37 2011

America and its guns: a theological exposé
Atwood, James E.
BL65.V55 .A89 2012

The place of Zoroaster in history: using the cult of personality as a literary source of authority in the Western tradition
Estakhr, Mehdi.
BL1555 .E88 2012

Sacrificial ceremonies of Santería: a complete guide to the rituals and practices
Lele, Ócha'ni,
BL2532.S3 L46 2012

And I will dwell in their midst: Orthodox Jews in suburbia
Diamond, Etan.
BM229.T67 D53 2000

From Eve to Esther: rabbinic reconstructions of biblical women
Bronner, Leila Leah.
BM509.W7 B76 1994

Growing up Muslim: understanding the beliefs and practices of Islam
Ali-Karamali, Sumbul,
BP161.3 .A385 2012

The charismatic leadership phenomenon in radical and militant Islamism
Ingram, Haroro J.
BP173.7 .I55 2013

The death and life of Malcolm X
Goldman, Peter Louis,
BP223.Z8 L5735 2013

Queer clergy: a history of gay and lesbian ministry in American Protestantism
Holmen, R. W.
BR115.H6 H59 2013

Yearbook of American & Canadian churches 2012
BR513 .Y4 2012

All things to all cultures: Paul among Jews, Greeks, and Romans
BS2650.52 .A45 2013

Whose land? whose promise?: what Christians are not being told about Israel and the Palestinians
Burge, Gary M.,
BT93.8 .B87 2013

C: Auxiliary Sciences of History

The Oxford companion to archaeology
CC70 .O96 2012

Ground stone analysis: a technological approach
Adams, Jenny L.,
CC79.5.S76 A33 2013

E: History: America in General

Lost in the backwoods: Scots and the North American wilderness
Calder, Jenni.
E49.2.S3 C35 2013

Skin for skin: death and life for Inuit and Innu
Sider, Gerald M.
E78.L3 S53 2014

Guyasuta and the fall of Indian America
Crytzer, Brady.
E90.G89 C79 2013

Quanah Parker, last chief of the Comanches: a study in Southwestern Frontier history
Jackson, Clyde L
E90.P19 J3

American Indian nations from termination to restoration, 1953-2006
Ulrich, Roberta.
E93 .U45 2013

Indian treaties
E95 .I58 1980

American Indians and popular culture
E98.P99 A465 2012

Indians on display: global commodification of native America in performance, art, and museums
Denzin, Norman K.
E98.P99 I55 2013

Geronimo: a biography
Adams, Alexander B
E99.A6G14 1971

Truth of a Hopi: stories relating to the origin, myths and clan histories of the Hopi
Nequatewa, Edmund.
E99.H7 N46 1990

St. James encyclopedia of popular culture
E169.1 .S764 2013

Cult pop culture: how the fringe became mainstream
E169.12 .C766 2012

CQ Press guide to U.S. foreign policy: a diplomatic history
E183.7 .C7 2012

The United States of the united races: a utopian history of racial mixing
Carter, Greg,
E184.A1 C337 2013

Great lives from history: Asian and Pacific Islander Americans
E184.A75 A85 2013

Yellow peril!: an archive of anti-Asian fear
E184.A75 Y45 2014

Eurasian: mixed identities in the United States, China, and Hong Kong, 1842-1943
Teng, Emma.
E184.C5 T46 2013

Insider/outsider: American Jews and multiculturalism
E184.J5 I47 1998

African American females: addressing challenges and nurturing the future
E185.86 .A339 2013

Hear our truths: the creative potential of Black girlhood
Brown, Ruth Nicole.
E185.86 .B6977 2013

Marching across the color line: A. Philip Randolph and Civil Rights in the World War II era
Welky, David.
E185.97.R27 W45 2013

Fannie Barrier Williams: crossing the borders of region and race
Hendricks, Wanda A.,
E185.97.W55 H46 2014

The selected papers of John Jay
Jay, John,
E302 .J422 2010

Gendered resistance: women, slavery, and the legacy of Margaret Garner
E443 .G45 2013

Ring shout, wheel about: the racial politics of music and dance in North American slavery
Thompson, Katrina Dyonne.
E443 .T49 2014

The first republic & A. Lincoln
Pickens, Donald K.
E459 .P53 2013

American Civil War: the definitive encyclopedia and document collection
E468 .A5329 2013

Helping humanity: American policy and genocide rescue
Pomakoy, Keith.
E661.7 .P66 2012

G: Geography, Anthropology, & Recreation

Spatial statistics & geostatistics: theory and applications for geographic information science & technology
Chun, Yongwan.
G70.217.G46 C48 2013

All this is your worldSoviet tourism at home and abroad after Stalin
Gorsuch, Anne E.
G155.S685 G67 2011

The Oxford map companionone hundred sources in world history
Seed, Patricia.
G1030 .S363 2014

Quality of ground water in the Stockton area,San Joaquin County
GB1025.C2 A26 1955 [CA doc]

Developing the rivers of East and West Africa: an environmental history
Hoag, Heather J.
GB1361 .H63 2013

Economic incentives for marine and coastal conservation: prospects, challenges and policy implications
GC1018 .C36 2014

The power of narrative in environmental networks
Lejano, Raul P.,
GE195 .L43 2013

Climate and human migration: past experiences, future challenges
McLeman, Robert A.
GF71 .M35 2014

Anthropology in theory: issues in epistemology
GN25 .A577 2014

Feminist activist ethnography: counterpoints to neoliberalism in North America
GN33.8 .F43 2013

The science of human origins
Tuniz, C.
GN281 .T8513 2014

Scrambling for Africa: AIDS, Expertise, and the Rise of American Global Health Science
Crane, Johanna Tayloe,
GN296.5.U33 C73 2013

Critical ethnography: method, ethics, and performance
Madison, D. Soyini.
GN345 .M324 2012

Being there: the fieldwork encounter and the making of truth
GN346 .B443 2009

Anthropological practice: fieldwork and the ethnographic method
Okely, Judith,
GN346 .O275 2012

Participatory visual and digital methods
Gubrium, Aline.
GN347 .G84 2013

Doing visual ethnography
Pink, Sarah,
GN347 .P56 2013

Ethnobotany: a methods manual
Martin, Gary J.
GN476.73 .M37 2004

Political ethnography: what immersion contributes to the study of power
GN492 .P655 2009

American ethnic practices in the twenty-first century: the Milwaukee study
Lackey, Jill Florence.
GN560.U6 L33 2013

African folklore: an encyclopedia
GR350 .A33 2009

The uncoiling python: South African storytellers and resistance
Scheub, Harold.
GR359 .S343 2010

Encyclopedia of national dress: traditional clothing around the world
GT507 .E535 2013

Punk style
Sklar, Monica.
GT511 .S55 2013

Fashion cultures revisited: theories, explorations and analysis
GT525 .F37 2013

Slogan t-shirts: cult and culture
Talbot, Stephanie.
GT2080 .T33 2013

Marriage customs of the world: an encyclopedia of dating customs and wedding traditions
Monger, George.
GT2690 .M65 2013

Research methods for leisure, recreation and tourism
GV14.5 .R46 2011

Physical education for students with autism spectrum disorders: a comprehensive approach
GV445 .P52 2013

Qualifying times: points of change in U.S. women's sport
Schultz, Jaime.
GV709.18.U6 S38 2014

H: Social Sciences

Designing surveys: a guide to decisions and procedures
Czaja, Ronald.
HA31.2 .C93 2014

A companion to Marx's Capital.
Harvey, David,
HB501.M37 H336 2013

Does capitalism have a future?
Wallerstein, Immanuel Maurice,
HB501 .W2935 2013

Windfall: the booming business of global warming
Funk, McKenzie.
HB615 .F86 2014

Rethinking the financial crisis
HB3717 2008 .R48 2012

Reclaiming development: an alternative economic policy manual
Chang, Ha-Joon.
HC59.7 .C342 2004

Economics, the environment and our common wealth
Boyce, James K.
HC79.E5 B69 2013

Economic policy and human rights: holding governments to account
HC103 .E29 2011

The state and the political economy of reform in Syria
Hinnebusch, Raymond A.
HC415.23 .H56 2009

Management information systems
Joshi, Girdhar.
HD30.213 .J65 2013

Natural corporate management: from the Big Bang to Wall Street
Frederick, William C.,
HD31 .F7515 2012

Managing to manage: the essential guide to people management
Torrington, Derek,
HD31 .T643 2013

Service Science in China
Huo, Jiazhen.
HD38.5 .H8756 2013

Accounting for social value
HD60 .A29 2013

The brand IDEA: managing nonprofit brands with integrity, democracy, and affinity
Laidler-Kylande, Nathalie,
HD62.6 .L35 2014

Developing nonprofit and human service leaders: essential knowledge and skills
Watson, Larry D.
HD62.6 .W37 2014

Adapting to a changing Colorado River: making future water deliveries more reliable through robust management strategies
Groves, David G.,
HD1695.C6 A33 2013

Theories of the multinational firm: a multidimensional creature in the global economy
Forsgren, Mats.
HD2755.5 .F695 2013

Multinationals and economic geography: location, technology and innovation
Iammarino, Simona.
HD2755.5 .I36 2013

Preventing regulatory capture: special interest influence and how to limit it
HD3616.U63 P74 2014

A woman's framework for a successful career and life
Hamerstone, James,
HD6053 .H2596 2013

Continuing la causa: organizing labor in California's strawberry fields
Mireles Felipe, Gilbert.
HD6515.A29 M57 2013

Sociology of work: an encyclopedia
HD6955 .S648 2013

Career development, employment, and disability in rehabilitation: from theory to practice
HD7255.A3 C37 2014

Global energy dilemmas: energy security, globalization, and climate change
Bradshaw, Michael J.,
HD9502.A2 B73 2014

Arsenal of democracy: the American automobile industry in World War II
Hyde, Charles K.,
HD9710.U52 H93 2013

Port city: the history and transformation of the Port of San Francisco, 1848-2010
Corbett, Michael R.
HE554.S2 C67 2010

The democratic value of news: why public service media matter
Cushion, Stephen.
HE8689.7.P82 C88 2012

Capitalism's last stand?: deglobalization in the age of austerity
Bello, Walden F.
HF1359 .B43237 2013

Action and reaction in the world system: the dynamics of economic and political power
Montbrial, Thierry de.
HF1359 .M629 2013

The essentials of business etiquette: how to greet, eat, and tweet your way to success
Pachter, Barbara.
HF5389 .P27 2013

Digital marketing analytics: making sense of consumer data in a digital world
Hemann, Chuck.
HF5415.1265 .H46 2013

Sexual orientation in the workplace: gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and heterosexuals working together
Zuckerman, Amy J.
HF5549.5.S45 Z83 1996

Microfinance 3.0: reconciling sustainability with social outreach and responsible delivery
HG178.3 .M53 2013

Capital for the future: saving and investment in an interdependent world.
HG3891 .C3699 2013

A rising tide: financing strategies for women-owned firms
Coleman, Susan,
HG4061 .C64 2012

Rettberg, Jill Walker,
HM851 .R475 2014

In and out of each other's bodies : theory of mind, evolution, truth, and the nature of the social
Bloch, Maurice.
HM1111 .B56 2013

Cultural genocide
Davidson, Lawrence,
HM1121 .D375 2012

The Oxford handbook of social exclusion
HM1136 .O94 2013

Propaganda: power and persuasion
Welch, David,
HM1231 .W45 2013

Identity and cultural diversity: what social psychology can teach us
Verkuyten, M.
HM1271 .V478 2014

Everyday surveillance: vigilance and visibility in postmodern life
Staples, William G.
HN59.2 .S698 2014

Who rules America?: the triumph of the corporate rich
Domhoff, G. William.
HN90.E4 D652 2014

Gender, work and property: an ethnographic study of value in a Spanish village
Konvalinka, Nancy.
HN583.5 .K66 2013

Histories of sexuality
Garton, Stephen.
HQ12 .G37 2004

Amigas y amantes: sexually nonconforming Latinas negotiate family
Acosta, Katie L.,
HQ75.53 .A28 2013

British queer history: new approaches and perspectives
HQ76.25 .B75 2013

Queer identities, political realities
HQ76.3.U5 Q435 2009

Global homophobia: states, movements, and the politics of oppression
HQ76.5 .G562 2013

Transgender family law: a guide to effective advocacy
HQ77.9 .T73 2012

The erotic engine
Barss, Patchen.
HQ471 B377 2011

Pornland: how porn has hijacked our sexuality
Dines, Gail.
HQ471 .D549 2010 making sense of online pornography
HQ471 .P58 2010

Porn: philosophy for everyone: how to think with kink
HQ471 .P585 2010

Distant love: personal life in the global age
Beck, Ulrich,
HQ519 .B4313 2014

Stepfamilies: a global perspective on research, policy, and practice
Pryor, Jan.
HQ759.92 .P76 2014

Margaret Sanger: her life in her words
Reed, Miriam,
HQ764.S3 R43 2003

A history of the sociology of childhood
Mayall, Berry,
HQ767.9 .M29 2013

Coining for capital: movies, marketing, and the transformation of childhood
Kapur, Jyotsna.
HQ792.U5 K36 2005

Interracial couples, intimacy, & therapy: crossing racial borders
Killian, Kyle D.
HQ1031 .K525 2013

Taking sex differences seriously
Rhoads, Steven E.
HQ1075 .R48 2004

Gender: antiquity and its legacy
Holmes, Brooke,
HQ1075.5.E85 H55 2012

Exploring masculinities: feminist legal theory reflections
HQ1090 .E92 2013

Men, addiction, and intimacy: strengthening recovery by fostering the emotional development of boys and men
Woodford, Mark S.
HQ1090 .W66 2012

The book of Jezebel: an illustrated encyclopedia of lady things /
Harding, Kate,
HQ1115 .H37 2013

Women in ancient Rome: a sourcebook
MacLachlan, Bonnie.
HQ1136 .M33 2013

Gender and women's leadership: a reference handbook
HQ1233 .G452 2010

Groundswell: grassroots feminist activism in postwar America
Gilmore, Stephanie.
HQ1426 .G454 2013

Survivors of slavery: modern-day slave narratives
Murphy, Laura
HT867 .M67 2014

Decision cases for advanced social work practice: confronting complexity
HV43 .D46 2014

Equity and full participation for individuals with severe disabilities: a vision for the future
HV1568 .A135 2014

Alcohol and opium in the Old West: use, abuse, and influence
Agnew, Jeremy.
HV5235.U5 .A46 2014

Campus crime: legal, social, and policy perspectives
HV6250.4.S78 F57 2013

On western terrorism: from Hiroshima to drone warfare
Chomsky, Noam,
HV6431 .C469 2013

Fremont Older & the 1916 San Francisco bombing: a tireless crusade for justice
Ralston, John C.,
HV6432.44.S36 R35 2013

The roots of rough justice: origins of American lynching
Pfeifer, Michael J.
HV6457 .P43 2011

American honor killings: desire and rage among men
McConnell, David,
HV6529 .M379 2013

Battered women doing time: injustice in the criminal justice system
Schneider, Rachel Zimmer.
HV6529 .S336 2014

Suicide and culture: understanding the context
HV6545 .S8195 2013

Rape is rape: how denial, distortion, and victim blaming are fueling a hidden acquaintance rape crisis
Raphael, Jody.
HV6558 .R374 2013

Daphne and the centaurs: overcoming gender based violence
HV6626 .D37 2013

Adolescent-to-parent abuse: current understandings in research, policy and practice
Holt, Amanda.
HV6626 .H638 2013

I am not your victim: anatomy of domestic violence
Sipe, Beth,
HV6626 .S57 2014

It could happen to anyone: why battered women stay
LaViolette, Alyce D.
HV6626.2 .B27 2014

Fundamentals of crime mapping
Paynich, Rebecca.
HV7936.C88 P39 2014

Wanted on warrants: the Fugitive Safe Surrender program
Flannery, Daniel J.,
HV8088 .F53 2013

Wrongful conviction and criminal justice reform: making justice
HV9950 .W76 2014

The idea of communism
HX13.A3 I34 2010

The idea of communism.
HX13.A3 I34 2013

Marxism in the United States: a history of the American left
Buhle, Paul,
HX83 .B82 2013

Antisemitism and the American far left
Norwood, Stephen H.
HX550.J4 N67 2013

J: Political Science

Statistics for public administration: practical uses for better decision making
Berner, Maureen.
JA71.7 .B67 2013

Biopolitics: a reader
JA80 .B547 2013

Caribbean political thought: theories of the post-colonial state
JA84.C34 C38 2013

La izquierda latinoamericana a 20 años del derrumbe de la Unión Soviética
JA84.L3 I978 2012

Understanding political science research methods: the challenge of inference
Barakso, Maryann.
JA86 .B28 2013

Strategies for comparative research in political science
Peters, B. Guy,
JA86 .P475 2013

The Cambridge companion to Aristotle's politics
JC71.A7 C37 2013

Isaac & Isaiah: the covert punishment of a Cold War heretic
Caute, David.
JC73 .C38 2013

Nations: the long history and deep roots of political ethnicity and nationalism
Gat, Azar.
JC311 .G44 2013

Nationalism and the body politic: psychoanalysis and the rise of ethnocentrism and xenophobia
JC311 .N382 2014

Democratization: a critical introduction
Grugel, Jean,
JC423 .G78 2014

Agonistics: thinking the world politically
Mouffe, Chantal.
JC423 .M7359 2013

Comparative welfare state politics: development, opportunities, and reform
Kersbergen, Kees van,
JC479 .K47 2014

The welfare state reader
JC479 .W47 2014

Human rights and democracy: the precarious triumph of ideals
Landman, Todd.
JC571 .L244 2013

Justification and critique: towards a critical theory of politics
Forst, Rainer,
JC578 .F67 2014

Transparency in politics and the media: accountability and open government
JC598 .T73 2014

Life during wartime: resisting counterinsurgency
JC599.U5 54 2013

Mastering public administration: from Max Weber to Dwight Waldo
Fry, Brian R.,
JF1341 .F78 2014

Government by investigation: Congress, presidents, and the search for answers, 1945-2012
Light, Paul Charles.
JF1525.C58 L54 2014

The passion of Bradley Manning: [the story behind the Wikileaks whistleblower]
Madar, Chase.
JF1525.S4 M33 2013

The Snowden files: the inside story of the world's most wanted man
Harding, Luke,
JF1525.W45 .H37 2014

Economic politics in the United States: the costs of democracy
Keech, William R.
JK271 .K318 2013

Guide to the presidency and the executive branch
JK516 .C57 2013

Presidential campaigns, slogans, issues, and platforms: the complete encyclopedia
Roberts, Robert North.
JK524 .R58 2012

Anna Howard Shaw: the work of woman suffrage
Franzen, Trisha,
JK1899.S6 F73 2014

Who votes now?: demographics, issues, inequality and turnout in the United States
Leighley, Jan E.,
JK1967 .L45 2014

Democracy in Latin America: between hope and despair
Walker, Ignacio.
JL966 .W35 2013

Politics in Mexico: democratic consolidation or decline?
Camp, Roderic A.
JL1281 .C35 2014

The promise of participation: experiments in participatory governance in Honduras and Guatemala
Altschuler, Daniel,
JL1536 .A48 2013

Democratic Chile: the politics and policies of a historic coalition, 1990-2010
JL2681 .D467 2014

Ruling the void: the hollowing of Western democracy
Mair, Peter.
JN94.A91 M35 2013

Reproducing sectarianism: advocacy networks and the politics of civil society in postwar Lebanon
Kingston, Paul W.T.
JQ1828.A91 K56 2013

Hezbollah and Hamas: a comparative study
Gleis, Joshua L.
JQ1828.A98 H6242 2012

Hamas: from resistance to government
Caridi, P.
JQ1830.A98 H373313 2012

The people want: a radical exploration of the Arab uprising
Achcar, Gilbert.
JQ1850.A91 A336 2013

Spring fever: the illusion of Islamic democracy
McCarthy, Andrew C.
JQ1850.A91 M44 2013

The GIS guide for elected officials
JS344.E4 .G57 2014

Postcolonial theory and the specter of capital
Chibber, Vivek,
JV51 .C475 2013

The world comes to America: immigration to the United States since 1945
Dinnerstein, Leonard.
JV6455 .D48 2014

The beast: riding the rails and dodging narcos on the migrant trail
Martínez, Oscar
JV7402 .M3713 2013

Freedom versus necessity in international relations: human-centred approaches to security and development
Chandler, David,
JZ1305 .C436 2013

Interpreting international politics
Lynch, Cecelia.
JZ1305 .L95 2013

The Future as cultural fact:essays on the global condition
JZ1318 .F87 2013

Gridlock: why global cooperation is failing when we need it most
Hale, Thomas
JZ1318 .H3447 2013

China across the divide: the domestic and global in politics and society
JZ1730 .C543 2013

The rise of the BRICS in Africa: the geopolitics of south-south relations
Carmody, P√°draig Risteard,
JZ1773.A5 C37 2013

NGOization: complicity, contradictions and prospects
JZ4841 .N48 2013

Crossing the line: nonviolent resisters speak out for peace
Riegle, Rosalie G.
JZ5584.U6 R54 2013

Biosecurity: the socio-politics of invasive species and infectious diseases
JZ5865.B56 B576 2013

The politics of possibility: risk and security beyond probability
Amoore, Louise.
JZ6368 .A46 2013

Annual review of global peace operations 2011
JZ6374 .C25 2011

Responding to conflict in Africa: the United Nations and regional organizations
JZ6374 .R47 2013

M: Music & Books on Music

Beethoven's "Eroica" sketchbook: a critical edition
Beethoven, Ludwig van,
ML96.4 .B4 2013

Baila!: a bibliographic guide to Afro-Latin dance musics from mambo to salsa
Gray, John,
ML128.D195 G73 2013

Sounds like silence: John Cage 4'33" silence today: 1912, 1952, 2012
ML410.C24 S68 2012

ML830.8.C74 S77 2013

Integrated practice: coordination, rhythm, & sound
Alcantara, Pedro de,
ML3820 .A43 2011

Music and identity politics
ML3916 .M8646 2012

Music and ideology
ML3916 .M865 2012

Music and patronage
ML3916 .M8723 2012

Music and protest
ML3916 .M8725 2012

The Great White Way: race and the Broadway musical
Hoffman, Warren,
ML3918.M85 H64 2014

Discovering the musical mind: a view of creativity as learning
Bamberger, Jeanne Shapiro,
MT1 .B36 2013

N: Fine Arts

Gendered: art and feminist theory
Dekel, Tal.
N72.F45 D4513 2013

Foreclosed: between crisis and possibility
N618.I52 F6 2011

Narrative spaces: on the art of exhibiting
Kossmann, Herman.
N4395 .K67 2012

Cindy Sherman: untitled horrors
N5078.S8 S8 nr.376

Shaky ground: context, connoisseurship and the history of Roman art
Marlowe, Elizabeth M.,
N5763 .M37 2013

The changing concept of reality in art
Rosenthal, Erwin,
N6350 .R65 2013

Art & visual culture, 1850-2010: modernity to globalisation
N6447 .A78 2012

Electrical banana: masters of psychedelic art
N6494.P79 E43 2011

Art in Latin America, 1990-2010
Candela, Iria,
N6502.5 .C3613 2013

Creating a world on paper: Harry Fenn's career in art
Rainey, Sue.
N6537.F39 R35 2013

Jeff Koons: [the painter & the sculptor]
Koons, Jeff,
N6537.K645 A4 2012

David Smith
Pachner, Joan.
N6537.S616 A4 2013

Edgar Degas: the late work
Degas, Edgar,
N6853.D33 A4 2012b

Mad marginal, cahier # 3: klau mich = Steal me
García, Dora,
N7113.G279 A4 2012

Yoga: the art of transformation
Diamond, Debra.
N7301 .D53 2013

Life and death: art and the body in contemporary China
Fok, Silvia.
N7345 .F65 2013

Silla: Korea's golden kingdom
Lee, Soyoung,
N7363.2 .L44 2013

Clive Phillpot: booktrek, essays on artists' books (1972-2010)
Phillpot, Clive.
N7433.3 .P45 2013

Digital crafts: industrial technologies for applied artists and designer makers
Shillito, Ann Marie,
N7433.8 .S55 2013

The body as protest =Körper als Protest
N7572 .B633 2012

Fairy tales, monsters, and the genetic imagination
N8217.F28 F35 2012

Work, work, work: a reader on art and labour
N8219.L2 W67 2012

The art of walking: a field guide
N8259 .A78 2012

A window on the world: from Dürer to Mondrian and beyond: looking through the window of art from the Renaissance to today.
N8261.W56 W56 2012

Architecture, astronomy and sacred landscape in ancient Egypt
Magli, Giulio,
NA215 .M33 2013

70s decorative art: a source book
NA680 .A126 2013

Architecture in Burma: moments in time
Karnath, Lorie.
NA1512 .K37 2013

Eastern promises: zeitgenössische Architektur und Raumproduktion in Ostasien = Contemporary architecture and spatial practises [i.e., practices] in East Asia
NA1536 .E27x 2013

The contradiction between form and function in architecture
Hendrix, John.
NA2500 .H386 2013

Marina Abramović + the future of performance art
NB953.A27 A4 2010

Making and drawing
Cane, Kyra.
NC710 .C36 2012

Drawing in the digital age: an observational method for artists and animators
Xu, Wei.
NC730 .X89 2012

Basic perspective drawing: a visual approach
Montague, John,
NC750 .M648 2013

A life in illustration: the most famous illustrators and their work
NC960 .L54x 2013

Coloring your brand
NC997 .C656 2013

Illustration next: contemporary creative collaboration
NC999.2 .I55 2013

Poussin's Sacrament of Ordination: history, faith, and the sacred landscape
Unglaub, Jonathan.
ND553.P66 A77 2013

Anselm Kiefer
Biro, Matthew,
ND588.K464 B57 2013

Caravaggio's Rome: 1600-1630
Caravaggio, Michelangelo Merisi da,
ND623.C26 A4 2012

Yes, no, maybe: artists working at Crown Point Press
NE539.C76 A4 2013

A universal archive: William Kentridge as printmaker
Kentridge, William,
NE788.3 .K46 2012

The Fairchild books dictionary of interior design
Hinchman, Mark,
NK1165 .P4 2014

The design history reader
NK1175 .D475 2010

The culture of design
Julier, Guy,
NK1510 .J855 2014

Understanding color: an introduction for designers
Holtzschue, Linda.
NK1548 .H66 2011

From organisation to decoration: an interiors reader
NK2110 .F76 2013

Penner, Barbara,
NK2117.B33 P46 2013

Daly, Greg.
NK4399.L9 D35 2011

The Dinner Party: Judy Chicago and the Power of Popular Feminism, 1970-2007
Gerhard, Jane F.
NK4605.5.U63 C482 2013

Modernism on stage: the Ballets Russes and the Parisian avant-garde
Bellow, Juliet.
NX180.A78 B45 2012

Synesthesia and the arts
Cavallaro, Dani,
NX180.S96 C38 2013

P: Language & Literature

Presenting data effectively: communicating your findings for maximum impact
Evergreen, Stephanie D. H.,
P93.5 .E94 2014

Ethical issues in communication professions: new agendas in communication
P94 .E755 2014

The handbook of global communication and media ethics
P94 .H354 2011

Media accountability: who will watch the watchdog in the Twitter age?
P94 .M43 2012

Green's dictionary of slang
Green, Jonathon,
PE3721 .G677 2010

Russian language studies in North America: new perspectives from theoretical and applied linguistics
PG2131 .R87 2012

Hadji Mur√°t
Tolstoy, Leo,
PG3366 .K5 2011

A frequency dictionary of Japanese: core vocabulary for learners
Tono, Yukio.
PL685 .T593 2013

More stories by Japanese women writers: an anthology
PL770.55.W64 M67 2011

God's boat
Ekuni, Kaori,
PL849.K82 K3613 2012

In pursuit of lavender
Itoyama, Akiko,
PL853.T69 T6313 2013

Tales of the ghost sword
Kikuchi, Hideyuki,
PL855.I3846 Y8513 2013

A Cappella
Koike, Mariko,
PL855.O3525 M8313 2013

Wasabi for breakfast: two novellas
Kometani, Fumiko,
PL855.O4145 A2 2013

The Isle of South Kamui: and other stories
Nishimura, Kyōtarō,
PL857.I78 M513 2013

Lost souls, sacred creatures
Nishimura, Toshiyuki,
PL857.I793 S6413 2013

Twelve views from the distance
Takahashi, Mutsuo,
PL862.A4212 Z513 2012

A thousand strands of black hair
Tanabe, Seiko,
PL862.A48 C4513 2012

Cultural Chinese: readings in art, literature, and history
Chen, Zu-yan.
PL1117 .C3748 2012

The Routledge course in business Chinese
Chen, Qinghai.
PL1129.E5 C414 2013

Translating Chinese culture: the process of Chinese-English translation
Pellatt, Valerie.
PL1277 .P47 2014

Xin huaxia ji, dang dai zhongguo shi xuan =New Cathay, contemporary Chinese poetry
PL2658.E3 N45 2013

As time goes by: portraits of age
PN56.O4 A85 2013

Into the woods: a five act journey into story
Yorke, John.
PN151 .Y58 2014

Out of the woods: the origins of the literary fairy tale in Italy and France
PN808 .O97 1997

The audience experience: a critical analysis of audiences in the performing arts
PN1590.A9 A83 2013

Inside the room: writing TV with the pros at UCLA Extension Writers' Program
PN1992.7 .I525 2013

Doctor Who and race
PN1992.77.D627 D63 2013

A queer eye for capitalism: the commodification of sexuality in American television
Vel√°zquez Vargas, Yarma.
PN1992.77.Q45 V35 2010

Ethereal queer: television, historicity, desire
Villarejo, Amy.
PN1992.8.H64 V55 2014

The cinema of Germany
PN1993.5.G3 C567 2012

Studying German cinema
Hoffgen, Maggie.
PN1993.5.G3 H64 2009

Movie yoga: how every film can change your life
Sparks, Tav.
PN1995 .S613 2009

Cinematic appeals: the experience of new movie technologies
Rogers, Ariel.
PN1995.9.A8 R64 2013

Monster culture in the 21st century: a reader
PN1995.9.M6 M635 2013

The international film musical
PN1995.9.M86 I58 2013

Reframing Italy: new trends in Italian women's filmmaking
Luciano, Bernadette
PN1995.9.W6 L73 2013

A history of the screenplay
Price, Steven,
PN1996 .P85 2013

Applied drama: a facilitator's handbook for working in community
Prendergast, Monica,
PN2049 .P74 2013

Pop goes the avant-garde: experimental theatre in contemporary China
Ferrari, Rossella.
PN2193.E86 F48 2012

Tanghalang Pilipino: celebrating 25 years of Philippine theater
Guerrero, Amadis María.
PN2914 .G84 2012

How to write a dirty story: reading, writing, and publishing erotica
Bright, Susie,
PN3377.5.E76 B75 2002

Associated Press stylebook 2013 and briefing on media law
PN4783 .A83 2013

Speaking personally: the rise of subjective and confessional journalism
Coward, Rosalind.
PN4784.O24 C69 2013

Search: theory and practice in journalism online
Dick, Murray.
PN4784.O62 D53 2013

Digital currents: how technology and the public are shaping TV news
Bivens, Rena,
PN4784.T34 B58 2013

Informing the news: the need for knowledge-based journalism
Patterson, Thomas E.
PN4788 .P38 2013

Mechanisms of trust: news media in democratic and authoritarian regimes
Müller, Jan
PN4888.E8 M85 2013

Radio journalism in America: telling the news in the golden age and beyond
Cox, Jim,
PN4888.R33 C69 2013

The gatekeeper: 60 years of economics according to the New York Times
Chernomas, Robert.
PN4899.N42 N3744 2011

Critical survey of graphic novels: heroes & superheroes
PN6725 .C753 2012

Critical survey of graphic novels: independents and underground classics
PN6725 .C754 2012

The best American comics 2012
PN6726 .B46 2012

Colette's France: her lives, her loves
Gilmour, Jane,
PQ2605.O28 Z66 2013

Duras, Marguerite.
PQ2607 .U8245 2013

Novelas ejemplares, II
Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de,
PQ6324 .A2 2011

The Goodman Theatre's Festival Latino: six plays
PQ7084.5 .G66 2013

Rippera novel
Allende, Isabel.
PQ8098.1.L54 D4713 2014

The blue hour
Cueto, Alonso,
PQ8498.13.U34 H6713 2012

An unwritten novel: Fernando Pessoa's The book of disquiet
Cousineau, Thomas.
PQ9261.P417 Z6537 2013

A chronology of Jane Austen and her family:
Le Faye, Deirdre,
PR4036 .L42 2013

Matters of fact in Jane Austen: history, location, and celebrity
Barchas, Janine.
PR4038.H5 B37 2013

Farr, David,
PR6056.A735 S55 2011

Five plays
Lochhead, Liz,
PR6062.O29 Z6 2012

Hang wire
Christopher, Adam,
PR6103.H75 H36 2014

Din, Ishy.
PR6104.I5 S66 2012

A girl like you: a novel
Lindley, Maureen.
PR6112.I49 G57 2013

The fear of breathing: stories from the Syrian Revolution
Sherlock, Ruth.
PR6119.H476 F43 2012

Philida: a novel
Brink, André P.
PR9369.3.B7 P55 2012

Everything begins elsewhere
Doshi, Tishani,
PR9499.4.D67 E95 2013

Teaching Italian American literature, film, and popular culture
PS153.I8 T43 2010

Each Hour Redeem: Time and Justice in African American Literature
English, Daylanne K.
PS153.N5 E59 2013

Writing below the belt: conversations with erotic authors
Rowe, Michael,
PS228.E76 R69 1995

Harlem Renaissance: five novels of the 1920s
PS508.N3 H365 2011

Harlem Renaissance: four novels of the 1930s
PS508.N3 H3654 2011

Poetry from violence: San Fancisco Conference on Violence against Women
PS589 .P6 1976

This assignment is so gay: lgbtiq poets on the art of teaching
PS595.H65 T45 2013

Collected stories
Anderson, Sherwood,
PS3501.N4 A6 2012

Countee Cullen: collected poems
Cullen, Countee,
PS3505 .U287 A17 2013

Makings for meditation: a collection of parapoems, reverant & irreverant
Gidlow, Elsa,
PS3513.I29 M3

Elsa, I come with my songs: the autobiography of Elsa Gidlow.
Gidlow, Elsa,
PS3513.I29 Z68 1986

Prejudices /
Mencken, H. L.
PS3525.E43 P88 2010

Unlikely collaboration: Gertrude Stein, Bernard Faÿ, and the Vichy dilemma
Will, Barbara.
PS3537.T323 Z927 2011

The antelope wife: a novel
Erdrich, Louise.
PS3555.R42 A8 2012

La casa redonda
Erdrich, Louise.
PS3555.R42 R6818 2013

Gibson, William,
PS3557.I2264 N48 2004

The ogre's wife: poems
Koertge, Ronald.
PS3561.O347 O35 2013

Debt to the bone-eating snotflower
Lindsay, Sarah,
PS3562.I51192 A6 2013

Logan, John,
PS3562.O4472 R43 2009

Collected early stories
Updike, John.
PS3571.P4 A6 2013

Updike:collected later stories
Updike, John.
PS3571.P4 A6 2013b

A Cookie Mueller encyclopedia
Curley, Mallory.
PS3613.U37 Z459 2010

Hunter gatherers
Nachtrieb, Peter Sinn.
PS3614.A26 H86 2009

Art on fire
Sloin, Hilary.
PS3619.L64 A78 2012

On a day like this: a novel
Stamm, Peter,
PT2681.T3234 A6613 2007

Q: Science

Philosophy of science: a new introduction
Barker, Gillian.
Q175 .B217 2014

The essential guide to doing your research project
O'Leary, Zina.,
Q180.55.M4 O54 2014

Invitation to a mathematical festival
I︠A︡shchenko, I. V.
QA43 .I2313 2013

Designing apps for success: developing consistent app design practices
David, Matthew,
QA76.59 .D3875 2014

Functional programming patterns in Scala and Clojure: write lean programs for the JVM
Bevilacqua-Linn, Michael,
QA76.62 .B49 2013

The definitive ANTLR 4 reference
Parr, Terence
QA76.7 .P38 2012

Modern C++ programming with test-driven development: code better, sleep better
Langr, Jeff,
QA76.73.C153 L375 2013

Crafting Rails 4 applications: expert practices for everyday Rails development
Valim, Jose,
QA76.73.R83 V35 2013

Rapid android development: build rich, sensor-based applications with processing
Sauter, Daniel.
QA76.76.A65 S278 2013

Mobile & social game design: monetization methods and mechanics
Fields, Tim.
QA76.76.C672 F553 2014

Being agile: eleven breakthrough techniques to keep you from "waterfalling backward"
Ekas, Leslie,
QA76.76.D47 E37 2014

Mathematics for econometrics
Dhrymes, Phoebus J.,
QA184 .D53 2013

Linear algebra: step by step
Singh, Kuldeep,
QA184.2 .S56 2014

Primality testing for beginners
Rempe-Gillen, Lasse,
QA241 .R45813 2014

Dynamic documents with R and knitr
Xie, Yihui
QA276.4 .X54 2014

Essentials of multivariate data analysis
Spencer, Neil Hardy,
QA278 .S683 2014

Bayes' rule: a tutorial introduction to Bayesian analysis
Stone, James V.,
QA279.5 .S766 2013

Measure theory
Cohn, Donald L.,
QA312 .C56 2013

Real algebraic geometry
Arnold, V. I.
QA564 .A7613 2013

Basic algebraic geometry
Shafarevich, I. R.
QA564 .S4513 2013

How mechanics shaped the modern world
Allen, David H.,
QA802 .A44 2014

Caroline Herschel: priestess of the new heavens
Hoskin, Michael A.,
QB36.H58 H67 2013

Weird worlds: bizarre bodies of the solar system and beyond
Seargent, David A.
QB44.3 .S43 2013

Essential astrophysics
Lang, Kenneth R.
QB461 .L37 2013

From Aristotle to Schrödinger: the curiosity of physics
Modinos, Antonis,
QC7 .M63 2014

The Oxford handbook of the history of physics
QC7 .O945 2013

Pathways through applied and computational physics
Barbero, Nicolò,
QC20 .B37 2014

Modern physics: an introductory text
Pfeffer, Jeremy I.
QC21.3 .P444 2013

The scientist's atom and the philosopher's stone: how science succeeded and philosophy failed to gain knowledge of atoms
Chalmers, A. F.
QC171.2 .C53 2009

The fundamentals of atomic and molecular physics
Brooks, Robert L.
QC173 .B8552 2013

Special relativity
Faraoni, Valerio,
QC173.65 .F37 2013

Thermal energy at the nanoscale
Fisher, Timothy S.,
QC176.8.T4 F57 2014

Theory of gravitational interactions
Gasperini, Maurizio.
QC178 .G38 2013

Electromagnetic fields and waves
Iskander, Magdy F.
QC665.E4 I84 2013

Gauge theories in particle physics: a practical introduction
Aitchison, Ian Johnston Rhind,
QC793.3.F5 A34 2013

Climate-challenged society
Dryzek, John S.,
QC902.9 .D79 2013

Essentials of igneous and metamorphic petrology
Frost, Bryce Ronald,
QE461 .F767 2014

Dangerous neighbors: volcanoes and cities
Heiken, Grant.
QE522 .H37 2013

Dinosaurs of Utah
DeCourten, Frank.
QE862.D5 D42 2013

Charles Darwin: the shaping of evolutionary thinking
Workman, Lance,
QH31.D2 W67 2014

Exploring bioinformatics: a project-based approach
St. Clair, Caroline,
QH324.2 .S72 2015

Biogeochemical dynamics at major river-coastal interfaces: linkages with global change
QH344 .B525 2014

Evolution: making sense of life
Zimmer, Carl,
QH366.2 .Z526 2013

Principles of statistical genomics
Xu, Shizhong
QH438.4.S73 X8 2013

Biophysics for beginners: a journey through the cell nucleus
Schiessel, Helmut,
QH505 .S34 2014

Ecological economics from the ground up
QH541.15.E25 E35 2013

A primer of ecological statistics
Gotelli, Nicholas J.,
QH541.15.S72 G68 2013

People's science: bodies and rights on the stem cell frontier
Benjamin, Ruha,
QH588.S83 B46X 2013

The trees of San Francisco
Sullivan, Michael,
QK149 .S85 2013

Animal Earth: the amazing diversity of living creatures
Piper, Ross,
QL49 .P574 2013

Are dolphins really smart?: the mammal behind the myth
Gregg, Justin.
QL737.C432 G748 2013

Simons, John,
QL737.M35 S55 2013

Animal behaviour: a beginner's guide
Byers, John A.
QL751 .B93 2013

Animal eyes
Land, Michael F.
QL949 .L26 2012

The origin of feces: what excrement tells us about evolution, ecology, and a sustainable society
Waltner-Toews, David,
QP159 .W35 2013

Mating males: an evolutionary perspective on mammalian reproduction
Glover, Timothy D.
QP251 .G524 2012

R: Medicine

Introduction to healthcare for interpreters and translators
Crezee, Ineke.
R119.5 .C74 2013

Bioethics: the basics
Campbell, Alastair V.
R724 .C3257 2013

Contemporary debates in bioethics
R724 .C663 2014

How we die now: intimacy and the work of dying
Erickson, Karla A.,
R726.8 E75 2013

Transforming clinical practice using the mindbody approach: a radical integration
R733 .T73 2013

Comparative health policy
Blank, Robert H.,
RA394 .B56 2014

A new era in U.S. health care: critical next steps under the Affordable Care Act
Davidson, Stephen M.,
RA395.A3 D384 2013

Of medicines and markets: intellectual property and human rights in the free trade era
Godoy, Angelina Snodgrass,
RA401.C35 G63 2013

Financing medicaid: federalism and the growth of America's health care safety net
Rose, Shanna,
RA412.4 .R67 2013

Essentials of health behavior: social and behavioral theory in public health
Edberg, Mark Cameron,
RA418 .E326 2015

Project CAREcommunity action to reach the elderly
Senecal, Joan K.
RA564.8 .S46 1994a

The diabetic retinopathy education program (DREP)a final report
Walker, Patricia B.
RA564.8 .W34 1992

Gender and health: major themes in health and social welfare
RA564.85 .G45 2012

Exposed science: genes, the environment, and the politics of population health
Shostak, Sara.
RA566 .S56 2013

Global HIV/AIDS politics, policy and activism: persistent challenges and emerging issues
RA643.75 .G56 2013

Living with HIV and dying with AIDS: diversity, inequality, and human rights in the global pandemic
Doyal, Lesley.
RA643.8 .D69 2013

Handbook of health behavior change
RA776.9 .H36 2014

Netter's illustrated human pathology
Buja, L. Maximilian,
RB33 .B85 2014

Evolution and medicine
Perlman, Robert L.,
RB152 .P475 2013

Knowledge in the time of cholera: the struggle over American medicine in the nineteenth century
Whooley, Owen,
RC131.A2 W46 2013

Stuttering: an integrated approach to its nature and treatment
Guitar, Barry.
RC424 .G827 2014

DSM-5 guidebook: the essential companion to the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, fifth edition
Black, Donald W.,
RC455.2.C4 B52 2014

Psychedelic healing: the promise of entheogens for psychotherapy and spiritual development
Goldsmith, Neal M.
RC483.5.H3 G65 2011

AIDS drugs for all: social movements and market transformations
Kapstein, Ethan B.,
RC606.6 .K36 2013

Fat lives: a feminist psychological exploration
Tischner, Irmgard.
RC628 .T56 2013

Ham's primary care geriatrics: a case-based approach
RC952.55 .P75 2014

AMA guides to the evaluation of disease and injury causation
RC963.4 .G82 2014

What to do when you can't get pregnant: the complete guide to all the options for couples facing fertility issues
Potter, Daniel A.
RG133.5 .P68 2013

Biological relatives: IVF, stem cells, and the future of kinship
Franklin, Sarah,
RG135 .F74 2013

Against their will: the secret history of medical experimentation on children in cold war America
Hornblum, Allen M.
RJ85 .H67 2013

Cystic fibrosis: a guide for patient and family
Orenstein, David M.,
RJ456.C9 O74 2012

A clinician's guide to helping children cope and cooperate with medical care: an applied behavioral approach
Slifer, Keith J.,
RJ499.3 .S45 2014

Sibling abuse trauma: assessment and intervention strategies for children, families, and adults
Caffaro, John V.,
RJ507.S53 C34 2013

Suntanning in 20th century America
Segrave, Kerry,
RL89 .S44 2005

Plain & simple guide to therapeutic massage & bodywork examinations
Allen, Laura,
RM721 .A39 2010

Bitter roots: the search for healing plants in Africa
Osseo-Asare, Abena Dove Agyepoma,
RS181 .O87 2014

T: Technology

Mastering scientific and medical writing: a self-help guide
Rogers, Silvia M.
T11 .R642 2014

Twelve inventions which changed America: the influence of technology on american culture
Falk, Gerhard.
T21 .F35 2013

Scalable innovation: a guide for inventors, entrepreneurs, and IP professionals
Shteyn, Eugene,
T339 .S57 2013

The San Francisco Fair: Treasure Island, 1939-1940
T876 1939.B2 S26 1989

Girls coming to tech!: a history of American engineering education for women
Bix, Amy Sue,
TA157.5 .B59 2013

Design for an empathic world: reconnecting people, nature, and self
Van der Ryn, Sim.
TA166 V35 2013

Materials and process selection for engineering design
Farag, Mahmoud M.,
TA174 .F26 2013

Examples in structural analysis
McKenzie, W. M. C.
TA645 .M385 2006

Environmental chemistry in society
Beard, James M.
TD193 .B43 2013

Water resources
TD346 .W28 2014

Securing safe water supplies: comparison of applicable technologies
Voigt, Erik.
TD430 .V65 2013

Powering planet Earth: energy solutions for the future
Armaroli, Nicola,
TJ808 .A75 2013

Introduction to information security: a strategic-based approach
Shimeall, Timothy,
TK5102.85 .S53 2014

Guide to computer network security
Kizza, Joseph Migga.
TK5105.59 .K59 2013

Intuitive analog circuit design
Thompson, Marc T.,
TK7867 .T48165 2014

Current at the nanoscale: an introduction to nanoelectronics
Durkan, Colm,
TK7874.8 .D87 2013

Delete: a design history of computer vapourware
Atkinson, Paul,
TK7885.A5 A85 2013

Zen of postproduction: stress-free photography workflow and editing
Fitzgerald, Mark
TR267.5.A355 F58 2013b

You would
Frank, Robert,
TR647 .F74 2012

LC foto: Le Corbusier: secret photographer
Benton, Tim,
TR653 .B463 2013

Quality in design and execution of engineering practice
Gunsteren, L. A. van
TS156 .G863 2013

Material+: creative products
TS171.4 .M384 2013

Research methods for product design
Milton, Alex.
TS171.4 .M55 2013

The package design book 2
TS195.4 .P345 2012

The Fairchild Books dictionary of fashion
Tortora, Phyllis G.,
TT503 .C34 2014

The fashion book
Allen, Carmel,
TT503 .F37 2013

Fashion designer's resource book: fashioning your life
Angel, Samata,
TT507 .A67 2013

The fashion design reference + specification book: everything fashion designers need to know every day
Calderin, Jay.
TT507 .C317 2013

Ceramics and print
Scott, Paul.
TT920 .S35 2013

Eating anxiety: the perils of food politics
Lavin, Chad,
TX360.U6 L38 2013

U: Military Science

Proxy warfare
Mumford, Andrew,
U21.2 .M86 2013

The nature of war: origins and evolution of violent conflict
Stempel, Jim,
U21.2 .S698 2012

Drone warfare: killing by remote control
Benjamin, Medea,
UG1242.D7 B46 2013

V: Naval Science

Warrior princess: a U.S. Navy Seal's journey to coming out transgender
Beck, Kristin,
V63.B434 A3 2013

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