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New Books May 2014


Here is the list of titles added to the Main Collection in May 2014. This list is sorted by the Library of Congress Call Number (LCCN); each entry includes LC call number, author, if pertinent, and title. If you want to see the full entry for any item, click on the title to go to InvestiGator, the Library's online catalog. To return to the New Books List, click the browser's back arrow.

If you are interested in a particular subject, but you do not know its LC call number, click on one of the entries in the menu to the left to move directly to the position in the New Book list where new titles relating to that subject begin.

A: General Works

My 1980s & other essays
Koestenbaum, Wayne,
AC8 .K815 2013

B: Philosophy, Psychology, & Religion

The Mozi as an evolving text: different voices in early Chinese thought
B128.M8 M627 2013

Plato's Socrates as narrator: a philosophical muse
Schultz, Anne-Marie,
B395 .S38 2013

Christian philosophy in the early church
Meredith, Anthony,
B631 .M474 2012

Practicing gnosis: ritual, magic, theurgy and liturgy in Nag Hammadi, Manichaean and other ancient literature: essays in honor of Birger A. Pearson
B638 .P73 2013

Boethius' Consolation of philosophy as a product of late antiquity
Donato, Antonio,
B659.Z7 D663 2013

Philosophy and its history: aims and methods in the study of early modern philosophy
B791 .P435 2013

The Aristotelian tradition and the rise of British empiricism: logic and epistemology in the British Isles (1570-1689)
Sgarbi, Marco,
B816 .S53 2013

The Medieval Fold: Power, Repression, and the Emergence of the Individual
Verderber, Suzanne,
B824 .V46 2013

The enigma of perception
Maclachlan, D. L. C.
B828.45 .M33 2013

The American pragmatists
Misak, C. J.
B832 .M57 2013

The limits of realism
Button, Tim,
B835 .B88 2013

Descartes: an analytical and historical introduction
Dicker, Georges,
B1854 .D53 2013

The philosopher, the priest, and the painter: a portrait of Descartes
Nadler, Steven M.,
B1873 .N34 2013

Nietzsche and Buddhist philosophy
Panaioti, Antoine,
B3318.B83 P36 2013

Wittgenstein's metaphilosophy
Horwich, Paul.
B3376.W56 .H67 2012

Forms of thought: a study in philosophical logic
Lowe, E. J.
BC71 .L69 2013

Rationality through reasoning
Broome, John,
BC177 .B76 2013

Metaphysics from a Biological Point of View.
Boulter, Stephen
BD111 .B68 2013

The nonexistent
Everett, Anthony J.,
BD219 .E83 2013

Origins of mind
BD418.3 .O75 2013

Feeling extended: sociality as extended body-becoming-mind
Robinson, Douglas,
BD418.3 .R75 2013

Who am I? Who is she?: a naturalistic, holistic, somatic approach to personal identity
Montague, Gerard P.
BD438.5 .M66 2012

SPSS for psychologists
Brace, Nicola.
BF39 .B73 2013

Principles of psychology in religious context: psychological and spiritual origins of human behavior
Harcum, E. Rae
BF51 .H293 2013

The psychology major: career options and strategies for success
Landrum, R. Eric,
BF76 .L36 2014

The Harvard psychedelic club: how Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Huston Smith, and Andrew Weil killed the fifties and ushered in a new age for America
Lattin, Don,
BF209.H34 L38 2010

Consciousness and the social brain
Graziano, Michael S. A.,
BF311 .G692 2013

Left in the dark: the biological origins of the fall from grace: an investigation into the evolution of the human brain: a journey to the edge of the human mind
Gynn, Graham.
BF311 .G96 2008

Stereotyping and prejudice
BF323.S63 S747 2013

The nature-nurture debates: bridging the gap
Goldhaber, Dale.
BF341 .G56 2012

Conditions of thought: Deleuze and transcendental ideas
Voss, Daniela.
BF441 .V67 2013

Aristotle's laptop: the discovery of our informational mind
Aleksander, Igor.
BF444 .A48 2012

David and Goliath: underdogs, misfits and the art of battling giants
Gladwell, Malcolm,
BF503 .G53 2013

The primordial violence: spanking children, psychological development, violence, and crime
Straus, Murray A.
BF575.A3 S77 2014

Don't look, don't touch, don't eat: the science behind revulsion
Curtis, Valerie.
BF575.A886 C87 2013

The Oxford handbook of happiness
BF575.H27 O94 2013

Lonely: learning to live with solitude
White, Emily,
BF575.L7 W47 2011

Social justice, multicultural counseling, and practice: beyond a conventional approach
Jun, Heesoon.
BF636.7.C76 J86 2010

An introduction to coaching
Dexter, Janice.
BF637.P36 D49 2011

Sexual outlaw, erotic mystic: the essential Ida Craddock.
Chappell, Vere,
BF1408.2.C73 A2 2010

The madness of vision: on baroque aesthetics
Buci-Glucksmann, Christine,
BH172 .B8313 2013

L'Internationale: post-war avant-gardes between 1957 and 1986
Baere, Bart de,
BH301.A94 I5695 2012

Would you kill the fat man?: the trolley problem and what your answer tells us about right and wrong
Edmonds, David,
BJ1012 .E34 2014

Can animals be moral?
Rowlands, Mark.
BJ1031 .R69 2012

From rationality to equality
Sterba, James P.,
BJ1114 .S688 2013

Knowing right from wrong
Setiya, Kieran,
BJ1411 .S39 2012

Justice, responsibility and reconciliation in the wake of conflict
BJ1476 .J87 2013

The fair society: the science of human nature and the pursuit of social justice
Corning, Peter A.,
BJ1533.F2 C67 2011

Friendship: a central moral value
Mitias, Michael H.
BJ1533.F8 M58 2012

The varieties of religious experience / William James ; with an introduction by Jaroslav Pelikan.
James, William,
BL53 .J36 2010

Process and pluralism: Chinese thought on the harmony of diversity
Wang, Zhihe.
BL85 .W35 2012

Outlines of Jainism
Jaini, Jagomandar Lal,
BL1351 .J34 1940

Buddhist Himalaya: travels and studies in quest of the origins and nature of Tibetan religion
Snellgrove, David L.
BL1485 .S6 2011

The Daodejing of Laozi
Ivanhoe, P. J.
BL1900.L35 I93 2002

Ancient religions of the Austronesian world: from Australasia to Taiwan
Baldick, Julian.
BL2600 .B35 2013

Why Rousseau was wrong: Christianity and the secular soul
Ward, Frances,
BL2747.6 .W373 2013

Beyond church and state: democracy, secularism, and conversion
Scherer, Matthew,
BL2747.8 .S26 2013

Islamic fundamentalism since 1945
Milton-Edwards, Beverley.
BP166.14.F85 M55 2013

Political Islam observed: disciplinary perspectives
Volpi, Frédéric.
BP173.7 .V65 2010

Studies in medieval Shiʻism
Madelung, Wilferd.
BP192.3 .M33 2012

The best Buddhist writing 2012
BQ4055 .B476 2012

The yogin & the madman: reading the biographical corpus of Tibet's great saint Milarepa
Quintman, Andrew
BQ7950.M557 Q56 2014

Eusebius of Caesarea: tradition and innovations
BR65.E76 E97 2013

Christianity and the political order: conflict, cooptation, and cooperation
Himes, Kenneth R.,
BR115.P7 H53 2013

Chosen nations: pursuit of the kingdom of God and its influence on democratic values in late nineteenth-century Britain and the United States
Littlefield, Christina L.,
BR115.P7 L58 2013

The rise of Western Christendom: triumph and diversity, A.D. 200-1000
Brown, Peter,
BR162.3 .B76 2013

The early Reformation in Germany: between secular impact and radical vision
Scott, Tom,
BR309 .S48 2013

One family under God: immigration politics and progressive religion in America
Yukich, Grace,
BR517 .Y85 2013

Christians in Al-Andalus, 711-1000
Christys, Ann.
BR1024 .C47 2002

Apostles of reason: the crisis of authority in American evangelicalism
Worthen, Molly,
BR1642.U6 W67 2014

Blessed: a history of the American prosperity gospel
Bowler, Kate.
BR1643.5 .B68 2013

Five uneasy pieces: essays on scripture and sexuality
BS680 .H67 F58 2012

Unscrolled: 54 writers and artists wrestle with the Torah
BS1225.52 .U47 2013

The Book of Job: a biography
Larrimore, Mark J.
BS1415.52 .L37 2013

Memory and honor: cultural and generational ministry with Korean American communities
Kim, Simon C.
BV4468.2.K6 K57 2013

Our God is undocumented: biblical faith and immigrant justice
Myers, Ched.
BV4647.H67 M94 2012

Meister Eckhart: master of mystics
Woods, Richard,
BV5095.E3 W67 2011

Cross and Kremlin: a brief history of the Orthodox Church in Russia
Bremer, Thomas,
BX485 .B7413 2013

Pope Francis: untying the knots
Vallely, Paul.
BX1378.7 .V35 2013

The Catholic labyrinth: power, apathy, and a passion for reform in the American church
McDonough, Peter,
BX1406.3 .M35 2013

The highest poverty: monastic rules and form-of-life
Agamben, Giorgio,
BX2436 .A3313 2013

The great ejectment of 1662: its antecedents, aftermath, and ecumenical significance
BX5085 .G723 2012

The Mormon image in the American mind: fifty years of public perception
Haws, J. B.
BX8611 .H39 2013

Richard Bancroft and Elizabethan anti-Puritanism
Collinson, Patrick.
BX9333 .C62 2013

D: History: General and Old World

Japan 1941: countdown to infamy
Hotta, Eri,
D767.2 .H67 2013

Operation Pied Piper: the wartime evacuation of schoolchildren from London and Berlin, 1938-46
Gartner, Niko.
D810.E5 .G64 2012

Modernism and totalitarianism: rethinking the intellectual sources of Nazism and Stalinism, 1945 to the present
Shorten, Richard,
DD256.5 .S487 2012

Confronting the classics: traditions, adventures, and innovations
Beard, Mary,
DE59 .B43 2013

The necessities of war: a study of Thucydides' pessimism
Pouncey, Peter R.
DF229.T6 P68 2013

Fragile empire: how Russia fell in and out of love with Vladimir Putin
Judah, Ben.
DK510.766.P87 J83 2013

America's great game: the CIA's Secret Arabists and the Shaping of the Modern Middle East
Wilford, Hugh,
DS63.2.U5 W49 2013

Sectarianism in Iraq: antagonistic visions of unity
Haddad, Fanar.
DS70.8.A1 H325 2011

The Syria dilemma
DS98.6 .S94 2013

The Bloomsbury companion to Jewish Studies
DS118 .B644 2013

My promised land: the triumph and tragedy of Israel
Shavit, Ari,
DS119.7 .S381877 2013

Political cartoons and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Danjoux, Ilan.
DS119.765 .D365 2012

Reimagining Asoka: memory and history
DS451.5 .R45 2012

Finding the Dragon Lady: the mystery of Vietnam's Madame Nhu
Demery, Monique Brinson,
DS556.93.T676 D46 2013

Hardhats, hippies, and hawks: the Vietnam antiwar movement as myth and memory
Lewis, Penny
DS559.62.U6 L49 2013

Forgotten ally: China's World War II, 1937-1945
Mitter, Rana,
DS777.53 .M555 2013

China dreams: 20 visions of the future
Callahan, William A.
DS779.47 .C25 2013

Between man and beast: an unlikely explorer, the evolution debates, and the African adventure that took the Victorian world by storm
Reel, Monte.
DT356.D88 R44 2013

E: History: America in General

Indian resilience and rebuilding: indigenous nations in the modern American west
Fixico, Donald Lee,
E76.8 .F58 2013

Rock art at Little Lake: an ancient crossroads in the California desert
E78.C15 R63 2012

Home in the city: urban Aboriginal housing and living conditions
E78.C2 H655 2013

Ipperwash: the tragic failure of Canada's Aboriginal policy
Hedican, Edward J.
E78.O5 H39 2013

The Dakota prisoner of war letters= Dakota Kaŝkapi Okicize Wowapi
Canku, Clifford.
E83.86 .C36 2013

Beyond the asterisk: understanding Native students in higher education
E97 .B49 2013

American Indian educators in reservation schools
Huffman, Terry E.,
E97 .H783 2013

Teaching truly: a curriculum to indigenize mainstream education
E97 .T43 2013

Native American DNA: tribal belonging and the false promise of genetic science
TallBear, Kimberly.
E98.A55 T35 2013

For indigenous minds only: a decolonization handbook
E98.E85 .F68 2012

Who is an Indian?: race, place, and the politics of indigeneity in the Americas
E98.E85 .W46 2013

Wampum: and the origins of American money
Shell, Marc.
E98.M7 S44 2013

Lela Rhoades, Pit River woman
Curtis, Molly,
E99.A15 C86 2013

The Rotinonshonni: a traditional Iroquoian history through the eyes of Teharonhia:wako and Sawiskera
Rice, Brian,
E99.I7 R525 2013

Variety: an illustrated history of the world from the most important magazine in Hollywood
Gray, Timothy M.
E169.1 .G717 2012

The idea that is America: keeping faith with our values in a dangerous world
Slaughter, Anne-Marie.
E169.1 .S593 2007

A more perfect union: holistic worldviews and the transformation of American culture after World War II
Wood, Linda Sargent.
E169.12 .W66 2010

The education of Henry Adams
Adams, Henry,
E175.5.A2 A3 2010

Prisoners of the White House: the isolation of America's presidents and the crisis of leadership
Walsh, Kenneth T.
E176.1 .W286 2013

Breach of trust: how Americans failed their soldiers and their country
Bacevich, Andrew J.
E181 .B15 2013

Fire in the heart: how white activists embrace racial justice
Warren, Mark R.,
E184.A1 W256 2010

Who we are: Asians
E184.A75 W56 2011

Interviews with Hispanic women leaders: a sociological study
Campbell, Natalia.
E184.S75 C349 2013

Selected writings
Jefferson, Thomas,
E302 .J442 2011

Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an: Islam and the founders
Spellberg, Denise A.
E332.2 .S65 2013

The poetry of the American Civil War
E647 .S85 2013

The bully pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of journalism
Goodwin, Doris Kearns.
E757 .G66 2013b

One summer: America, 1927
Bryson, Bill.
E791 .B79 2013

Fear itself: the New Deal and the origins of our time
Katznelson, Ira.
E806 .K37 2013

Dallas 1963
Minutaglio, Bill.
E842.9 .M54 2013

Days of fire: Bush and Cheney in the White House
Baker, Peter,
E902 .B353 2013

The message: the reselling of President Obama
Wolffe, Richard,
E910 .W65 2013

F: United States Local History

More than freedom: fighting for black citizenship in a white republic, 1829-1889
Kantrowitz, Stephen David,
F73.9.N4 K36 2012

A mayor's life: governing New York's gorgeous mosaic
Dinkins, David N.
F128.57.D56 A3 2013

Asian Americans in Dixie: race and migration in the South
F216.2 .A85 2013

Diaspora and class consciousness: Chinese immigrant workers in multiracial Chicago
Lan, Shanshan.
F548.9.C5 L36 2012

A short history of Sonoma
Downey, Lynn,
F868.S7 D69 2013

Land of smoke and mirrors: a cultural history of Los Angeles
Brook, Vincent,
F869.L857 B76 2012

African Americans of San Francisco
Adkins, Jan Batiste.
F869.S39 A47 2012

El Cinco de Mayo: an American tradition
Hayes-Bautista, David E.,
F870.S75 H384 2012

Red heat: conspiracy, murder, and the Cold War in the Caribbean
Von Tunzelmann, Alex,
F2183 .V66 2012

The inconstancy of the Indian soul: the encounter of Catholics and cannibals in 16th-century Brazil
Castro, Eduardo Batalha Viveiros de.
F2519.3.C3 C38 2011

G: Geography, Anthropology, & Recreation

Data analysis and statistics: for geography, environmental science, and engineering
Acevedo, Miguel F.
G70.2 .A26 2013

Close up at a distance: mapping, technology, and politics
Kurgan, Laura.
G70.4 .K87 2013

Don't know much about geography: everything you need to know about the world but never learned
Davis, Kenneth C.
G131 .D38 2013

American tourism: constructing a national tradition
G155.U6 A54 2012

Garden tourism
Benfield, Richard.
G156.5.E58 B45 2013

Titanic: a fresh look at the evidence by a former chief inspector of marine accidents
Lang, John S.,
G530.T6 L364 2012

Atlas of migration in Europe: a critical geography of migration policies
G1797.21.F86 M413 2013

An atlas of middle eastern affairs
Anderson, Liam D.
G2205 .A5 2014

Natural disasters in a global environment
Penna, Anthony N.
GB5014 .P46 2013

Environmental hazards: assessing risk and reducing disaster
Smith, Keith,
GB5014 .S6 2013

Sea-level changes in the Gulf of Mexico
Davis, Richard A.
GC90.M62 D38 2011

Occupy education: learning and living sustainability
Evans, Tina Lynn,
GE70 .E93 2012

The politics of the earth: environmental discourses
Dryzek, John S.,
GE195 .D79 2013

Environmental sociology: from analysis to action
GE195 .E588 2014

Geographic thought: a critical introduction
Cresswell, Tim.
GF21 .C74 2013

Countdown: our last, best hope for a future on earth?
Weisman, Alan.
GF75 .W454 2013

The role of ecosystems in disaster risk reduction
GF85 .R65 2013

The Pacific islands: environment and society
GF851 .P33 2013

Histories of American physical anthropology in the twentieth century
GN50.45.U6 H57 2010

The accidental species: misunderstandings of human evolution
Gee, Henry,
GN281 .G36 2013

Transforming ethnohistories: narrative, meaning, and community
GN345.2 .T73 2013

Shamanism and Islam: Sufism, healing rituals and spirits in the Muslim world
GN475.8 .S53 2013

Wayward shamans: the prehistory of an idea
Tomášková, Silvia,
GN475.8 .T66 2013

Tragic spirits: shamanism, memory, and gender in contemporary Mongolia
Buyandelger, Manduhai.
GN635.M66 B89 2013

Celestial geometry: understanding the astronomical meanings of ancient sites
Taylor, Ken,
GN799.A8 T39 2012

Marvelous transformations: an anthology of fairy tales and contemporary critical perspectives
GR550 .M44754 2013

Cuisine, colonialism and Cold War: food in twentieth-century Korea
Cwiertka, Katarzyna Joanna,
GT2853.K6 C85 2012

Anything that moves: renegade chefs, fearless eaters, and the making of a new American food culture
Goodyear, Dana.
GT2853.U5 G66 2013

Meeting physical education standards through meaningful assessment: research-based strategies for secondary teachers
Bert, Greg.
GV365 .B47 2013

Health and physical education: preparing educators for the future
Callcott, Debra.
GV365.5.A8 C35 2012

Moving ideas: multimodality and embodied learning in communities and schools
GV452 .M85 2013

Native games: indigenous peoples and sports in the post-colonial world
GV709.5 .N38 2013

Sorry I don't dance: why men refuse to move
Craig, Maxine Leeds.
GV1588.6 .C73 2014

The body of the people: East German dance since 1945
Giersdorf, Jens Richard.
GV1652.5 .G54 2013

Wasson, Sam.
GV1785.F67 W37 2013

Tango: sex and rhythm of the city
Gonzalez, Mike,
GV1796.T3 G64 2013

Belly dance around the world: new communities, performance and identity
GV1798.5 .B43 2013

H: Social Sciences

Addicted to profit: reclaiming our lives from the free market
Sim, Stuart.
HB501 .S593 2012

The analytics of uncertainty and information
Bikhchandani, Sushil,
HB615 .H568 2013

The other population crisis: what governments can do about falling birth rates
Kramer, Steven Philip.
HB883.5 .K73 2014

Bangkok bound
Boccuzzi, Ellen,
HB2104.55.B26 B63 2012

The agrarian sociology of ancient civilizations
Weber, Max,
HC31 .W4213 2013

Introducing just sustainabilities: policy, planning, and practice
Agyeman, Julian,
HC79.E5 A363 2013

Technology and sustainability
HC79.E5 T436 2011

Sustainability science
Vries, Bert de,
HC79.E5 V735 2013

Global information society: technology, knowledge, and mobility
Wilson, Mark I.,
HC79.I55 W566 2013

The map and the territory: risk, human nature, and the future of forecasting
Greenspan, Alan,
HC106.84 .G74 2013

The beholden state: California's lost promise and how to recapture it
HC107.C2 B44 2013

Generation X: Americans born 1965 to 1976
HC110 .C6 G46 2012

State of war: the political economy of American warfare, 1945-2011
Koistinen, Paul A. C.
HC110.D4 K647 2012

Regional China: a business and economic handbook
Guo, Rongxing.
HC427 .G86 2013

The economy of modern India: from 1860 to the twenty-first century
Tomlinson, B. R.
HC435 .T63 2013

Liberalization, growth and regional disparities in India
Ghosh, Madhusudan.
HC435.3 .G46 2013

Dynamics of poverty in rural Bangladesh
Motiur Rahman, Pk. Md.,
HC440.8.Z9 M93 2013

The innovative CIO: how IT leaders can drive business transformation
Mann, Andi.
HD30.2 .M36 2013

Business information systems
Beynon-Davies, Paul.
HD30.213 .B49 2013

Quantitative methods for decision making using Excel
Davis, Glyn
HD30.23 .D3719 2013

Strategy deployment in business units: patterns of operations strategy cascading across global sites in a manufacturing firm
Schlickel, Maik.
HD30.28 .S3455 2013

Managing open innovation technologies
HD45 .M358 2013

Risk management: how to assess, transfer, and communicate critical risks
Borghesi, Antonio.
HD61 .B652 2013

Management of alliance networks: formation, functionality, and post operational strategies
Sroka, Włodzimierz.
HD69.S8 S69 2013

American fascism and the new deal: the Associated Farmers of California and the pro-industrial movement
Pichardo Almanzar, Nelson A.,
HD1485.A87 P53 2013

Corporate governance: a global perspective
Mishra, R. K.
HD2741 .M56 2012

Gendered commodity chains: seeing women's work and households in global production
HD6053 .G4633 2014

Pan-Africanism and Communism: the Communist International, Africa and the diaspora, 1919-1939
Adi, Hakim.
HD6305.B56 A35 2013

The housing bomb: why our addiction to houses is destroying the environment and threatening our society
Peterson, M. Nils,
HD7293 .P424 2013

More than they bargained for: Scott Walker, unions, and the fight for Wisconsin
Stein, Jason
HD8083.W6 S74 2013

The global farms race: land grabs, agricultural investment, and the scramble for food security
HD9000.6 .G52 2013

The noodle narratives: the global rise of an industrial food into the twenty-first century
Errington, Frederick Karl.
HD9330.M322 E77 2013

Wine economics: quantitative studies and empirical applications
HD9370.5 .W556 2013

Bridge, Gavin.
HD9560.5 .B625 2013

The Chinese fashion industry: an ethnographic approach
Zhao, Jianhua.
HD9940.C62 Z54 2013

Spam: a shadow history of the Internet
Brunton, Finn,
HE7553 .B78 2013

The skies belong to us: love and terror in the golden age of hijacking
Koerner, Brendan I.
HE9803.Z7 H545 2013

Customer-oriented marketing strategy: theory and practice
Dalgic, Tevfik.
HF5415 .D253 2013

Market your way to growth: 8 ways to win
Kotler, Philip.
HF5415 .K6249 2013

Branded spaces: experience enactments and entanglements
HF5415.1255 .B73 2013

Manager's guide to online marketing
Weaver, Jason D.
HF5415.1265 W34 2013

Service-ability: create a customer centric culture and gain competitive advantage
Robson, Kevin.
HF5415.5 .R628 2013

Anticipate: know what your customers need before they do
Thomas, Bill,
HF5415.5 .T4793 2013

Marketing decision making and the management of pricing: successful business tools
HF5416.5 .M36 2013

Visionary pricing: reflections and advances in honor of Dan Nimer
HF5416.5 .V57 2012

Sugar and spice: grocers and groceries in provincial England, 1650-1830
Stobart, Jon,
HF5429.6.G72 S76 2013

Klout matters: how to engage customers, boost your digital influence: and raise your klout score for success
Carr, Gina.
HF5548.32 .C3625 2013

Reputation economics: why who you know is worth more than what you have
Klein, Joshua,
HF5548.32 .K576 2013

Alcohol and illicit drug use in the workforce and workplace
Frone, Michael Robert.
HF5549.5.A4 F76 2013

Probability theory in finance: a mathematical guide to the Black-Scholes formula
Dineen, Seán,
HF5691 .D57 2013

Industrial map of China's financial sectors.
HG187.C6 Z4586513 2012

Health insurance today: a practical approach
Beik, Janet I.
HG9386.5 .B45 2013

Behind the shock machine: the untold story of the notorious Milgram psychology experiments
Perry, Gina.
HM132 .P4185 2013

Using photographs in social and historical research /Penny Tinkler.
Tinkler, Penny.
HM511 .T56 2013

Memes in digital culture
Shifman, Limor,
HM626 .S55 2014

Understanding fandom: an introduction to the study of media fan culture
Duffett, Mark.
HM646 .D84 2013

The invisible constitution of politics: contested norms and international encounters
Wiener, Antje.
HM676 .W54 2008

Globalization and Inequality
HM821 .G566 2012

Black code: inside the battle for cyberspace
Deibert, Ronald.
HM851 .D453 2013

Digital revolutions: activism in the Internet age
Hill, Symon.
HM851 .H544 2013

Imagining the Internet: communication, innovation, and governance
Mansell, Robin.
HM851 .M362 2012

Dollars and sex: how economics influences sex and love
Adshade, Marina.
HM1106 .A334 2013

The relationship paradigm: human being beyond individualism
Barrett-Lennard, Godfrey T.,
HM1106 .B373 2013

Nazi soundscapes: sound, technology and urban space in Germany, 1933-1945
Birdsall, Carolyn.
HM1231 .B575 2012

How much have global problems cost the world?: a scorecard from 1900 to 2050
HN13 .H676 2013

World-regional social policy and global governance: new research and policy agendas in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America
HN18.3 .W665 2010

The baby boom: Americans born 1946 to 1964
Russell, Cheryl,
HN60 .R84 2012

Cotton tenants: three families
Agee, James,
HN79.A4 A535 2013

Over the mountains are mountains: Korean peasant households and their adaptations to rapid industrialization
Sorensen, Clark W.,
HN730.5.A8 S67 2013

From shame to sin: the Christian transformation of sexual morality in late antiquity
Harper, Kyle,
HQ13 .H37 2013

Gay and lesbian communities the world over
Simon, Rita J.
HQ76.25 .S56 2009

Western queers in China: flight to the land of Oz
Mungello, D. E.
HQ76.3.C6 M86 2012

Toward Stonewall: homosexuality and society in the modern western world
Edsall, Nicholas C.
HQ76.3 .E37 2003

Gay men and the left in post-war Britain: how the personal got political
Robinson, Lucy,
HQ76.3.G7 R64 2007

Just queer folks: gender and sexuality in rural America
Johnson, Colin R.,
HQ76.3.U5 J58 2013

My brother my sister: story of a transformation
Haskell, Molly.
HQ77.8.H375 2013

Generation Roe: inside the future of the pro-choice movement
Erdreich, Sarah.
HQ767.5.U5 E73 2013

The street politics of abortion: speech, violence, and America's culture wars
Wilson, Joshua C.,
HQ767.5.U5 W56 2013

Jewish on their own terms: how intermarried couples are changing American Judaism
Thompson, Jennifer A.,
HQ1031 .T46 2014

Lawfully wedded wives
HQ1034.U5 L39 2013

The marrying kind?: debating same-sex marriage within the lesbian and gay movement
HQ1034.U5 M38 2013

Angry white men: American masculinity at the end of an era
Kimmel, Michael S.,
HQ1090.3 .K55175 2013

Unrivalled influence: women and empire in Byzantium
Herrin, Judith.
HQ1147.B98 H47 2013

New blood: third-wave feminism and the politics of menstruation
Bobel, Chris,
HQ1155 .B63 2010

Reclaiming the F word: feminism today
Redfern, Catherine.
HQ1155 .R44 2013

Psychological health of women of color: intersections, challenges, and opportunities
HQ1161 .P793 2013

Dot complicated: untangling our wired lives
Zuckerberg, Randi.
HQ1178 .Z83 2013

Housewives and citizens: domesticity and the women's movement in England, 1928-64
Beaumont, Caitríona,
HQ1236.5.G7 B43 2013

He runs, she runs: why gender stereotypes do not harm women candidates
Brooks, Deborah Jordan.
HQ1236.5.U6 B77 2013

Women navigating globalization: feminist approaches to development
Everett, Jana Matson.
HQ1240 .E927 2014

Gender in South Asia: social imagination and constructed realities
Channa, Subhadra,
HQ1742 .C485 2013

Indian cities
Shaw, Annapurna.
HT147.I4 S466 2012

What does it mean to be White?: developing White racial literacy
DiAngelo, Robin J.
HT1575 .D53 2012

Successful grant writing: strategies for health and human service professionals
Gitlin, Laura N.,
HV41.2 .G58 2014

The social work interview
Kadushin, Alfred.
HV43 .K26 2013

Top down: the Ford Foundation, black power, and the reinvention of racial liberalism
Ferguson, Karen
HV97.F62 F47 2013

Safe haven?: a history of refugees in America
Haines, David.
HV640.4.U54 H153 2010

Social work in public health and hospitals
HV687 S636 2011

Betting on famine: why the world still goes hungry
Ziegler, Jean.
HV696.F6 Z5413 2013

Computer access for people with disabilities: a human factors approach
Simpson, Richard C.
HV1569.5 .S576 2013

Song without words: discovering my deafness halfway through life
Shea, Gerald,
HV2534.S.S54 A3 2013

Otherwise homeless: vehicle living and the culture of homelessness
Wakin, Michele.
HV4505 .W237 2014

Being animal: beasts and boundaries in nature ethics
Peterson, Anna Lisa,
HV4708 .P478 2013

Youthoria: adolescent substance misuse - problems, prevention & treatment
Harris, Phil,
HV4999.Y68 H377 2013

Memoirs of an addicted brain: a neuroscientist examines his former life on drugs
Lewis, Marc D.
HV5805.L48 A3 2011

Meth mania: a history of methamphetamine
Parsons, Nicholas L.,
HV5822.A5 P37 2014

Marijuana is safer: so why are we driving people to drink?
Fox, Steve,
HV5822.M3 F69 2013

Gangsters without borders: an ethnography of a Salvadoran street gang
Ward, Thomas W.,
HV6439.U7 L7883 2013

The inheritor's powder: a tale of arsenic, murder, and the new forensic science
Hempel, Sandra.
HV6555.G7 H46 2013

Rape: weapon of war and genocide
HV6558 .R37 2012

The Internet police: how crime went online, and the cops followed
Anderson, Nate.
HV6773 .A53 2013

Principles of cyberbullying research: definitions, measures, and methodology
HV6773.15.C92 P75 2013

Breaking women: gender, race, and the new politics of imprisonment
McCorkel, Jill A.
HV6791 .M383 2013

Suspending suspicious transactions
HV8079.M64 S87 2013

The burglary: the discovery of J. Edgar Hoover's secret FBI
Medsger, Betty.
HV8144.F43 M43 2014

Haymarket scrapbook: a profusely illustrated anthology in Honor of the 125th Anniversary of the Haymarket Affair
HX846.C4 H39 2012

J: Political Science

Biopolicy: the life sciences and public policy
JA80 .B52 2012

Nationalism and war
JC311 .N32275 2013

The millennial sovereign: sacred kingship and sainthood in Islam
Moin, A. Azfar.
JC375 .M65 2012

Speech and harm: controversies over free speech
JC591 .S67 2012

In the shadow of the rising dragon: stories of repression in the new China
JC599.C6 Z36 2013

Public administration in America
Milakovich, Michael E.
JF1321 .M55 2013

Classics of public administration
JF1351 .C465 2012

Open government: [collaboration, transparency, and participation in practice]
JF1525.A8 O68 2010

Presidential power and accountability: toward a presidential accountability system
Buchanan, Bruce,
JK516 .B77 2013

The almanac of the unelected.
JK1083 .A5

The American Senate: an insider's history
MacNeil, Neil,
JK1161 .M316 2013

National party conventions, 1831-2008.
JK2255 .N373 2010

If mayors ruled the world: dysfunctional nations, rising cities
Barber, Benjamin R.,
JS141 .B37 2013

The immigrant war: a global movement against discrimination and exploitation
Longhi, Vittorio,
JV6225 .L6613 2013

Migration and identity in a post-national world
Tonkiss, Katherine,
JV6225 .T66 2013

International migration, development and human wellbeing
Wright, Katie,
JV6225 .W75 2012

Shaping our nation: how surges of migration transformed America and its politics
Barone, Michael,
JV6450 .B37 2013

Keeping the immigrant bargain: the costs and rewards of success in America
Louie, Vivian S.
JV6450 .L68 2012

The dispensable nation: American foreign policy in retreat
Nasr, Seyyed Vali Reza,
JZ1670 .N37 2013

Security, emancipation and the politics of health: a new theoretical perspective
Nunes, João.
JZ5588 .N858 2014

M: Music & Books on Music

Music in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries
Auner, Joseph Henry,
ML197 .A87 2013

Almost nothing with Luc Ferrari: interviews with texts and imaginary autobiographies by Luc Ferrari
Caux, Jacqueline,
ML410.F29815 C3813 2012

Mozart: a life
Johnson, Paul,
ML410.M9 J76 2013

Kansas City lightning: the rise and times of Charlie Parker
Crouch, Stanley,
ML419.P4 C76 2013

The Beatles: all these years
Lewisohn, Mark.
ML421.B4 L47 2013

Guide to computing for expressive music performance
ML457 .G84 2013

Performance practices in the Baroque era: as related by primary sources
Shrock, Dennis.
ML457 .S53 2013

Performance practices in the Classical era: as related by primary resources and as illustrated in the music of W.A. Mozart and Joseph Haydn
Shrock, Dennis.
ML457 .S56 2011

From the score to the stage: an illustrated history of continental opera production and staging
Baker, Evan
ML1720 .B35 2013 folio

Popular music and the new auteur: visionary filmmakers after MTV
ML2075 .P65 2013

Saying it with songs: popular music and the coming of sound to Hollywood cinema
Spring, Katherine.
ML2075 .S74 2013

The hip hop movement: from R&B and the civil rights movement to rap and the hip hop generation
Rabaka, Reiland,
ML3479 .R28 2013

My voice is my weapon: music, nationalism, and the poetics of Palestinian resistance
McDonald, David A.,
ML3754.5 .M33 2013

Music technology in therapeutic and health settings
ML3920 .M89745 2014

The mind's ear: exercises for improving the musical imagination for performers, composers, and listeners
Adolphe, Bruce.
MT35 .A2 2013

Beethoven's Tempest sonata (First movement): five annotated analyses for performers and scholars
MT145.B42 B52 2012

The singer's guide to complete health
MT821 .S57 2013

N: Fine Arts

Dada, surrealism, and the cinematic effect
Elder, Bruce
N72.M6 E44 2013

Cosmopolitanism and culture
Papastergiadis, Nikos,
N72.P6 P37 2012

9.5 theses on art and class
Davis, Ben,
N72.S6 D365 2013

Experiencing art: in the brain of the beholder
Shimamura, Arthur P.
N72.S6 S463 2013

Commissioning contemporary art: a handbook for curators, collectors and artists
Buck, Louisa.
N5205.7.G7 B835 2012

The glory of Byzantium and early Christendom
Eastmond, Antony,
N6250 .E27 2013

Gothic art
Charles, Victoria.
N6310 .C43 2012

dOCUMENTA (13): Das Logbuch = The Logbook
N6488.G3 K3718 2012

Light years: conceptual art and the photograph, 1964-1977
N6494.C63 L54 2011

Over s!ze: the mega art & installations
N6494.I56 O94 2013

Preserving and exhibiting media art: challenges and perspectives
N6494.M78 P747 2013

This is not art: activism and other 'not-art'
Jelinek, Alana.
N6497 .J45 2013

How to read contemporary art: experiencing the art of the 21st century
Wilson, Michael,
N6497 .W55 2013

Big picture: (Orte/Projektionen): Zwölf kinematografische Installationen = (locations/projections): twelve cinematographic installations
N6498.V53 B55 2011

Pay for your pleasures: Mike Kelley, Paul McCarthy, Raymond Pettibon
Levine, Cary S.,
N6530.C2 L48 2013

Richard Diebenkorn: the Berkeley years, 1953-1966
N6537.D447 A4 2013

Jeff Koons
Koons, Jeff,
N6537.K645 O27 2012

Fred Sandback: Räume zeichnen = drawing spaces: Arbeiten auf Papier = works on paper: aus Privatbesitz = from a private collection
Sandback, Fred,
N6537.S314 A4 2011

Frank Stella: the retrospective, works 1958-2012: September 8, 2012 - January 20, 2013, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
Stella, Frank.
N6537.S683 A4 2012

Art & visual culture, 1600-1850: academy to avant-garde
N6756 .A77 2012

Rewind: British artists' video in the 1970s & 1980s
N6768.5.V54 R49 2012

Growing up: the young British artists at 50
Cooper, Jeremy,
N6768.5.Y68 C66 2012

Cornelia Parker
Parker, Cornelia,
N6797.P37 B53 2013

The indefinite Duchamp
Girst, Thomas,
N6853 .D8 I53 2013

Hans Haacke: once upon a time--
Haacke, Hans,
N6888.H22 A4 2013

With reference to Hans Haacke
N6888.H22 W58 2011

Kippenberger & friends: Gespräche über Martin Kippenberger = Conversations on Martin Kippenberger
N6888.K436 K436 2013

No one else has these colors: Kirchner's painting
Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig,
N6888.K45 A4 2012

Bruno Munari: my futurist past
Hajek, Miroslava.
N6923.M8 A4 2012

The Jewish Theatre presents Lee Yanor
Yanor, Lee,
N7279.Y36 A4 2013

The history of the nude
Gualdoni, Flaminio.
N7572 .G8313 2012

Art/fashion in the 21st century
Oakley Smith, Mitchell.
NA680 .O35 2013

The sky's the limit: applying radical architecture
NA687 .S597 2012

Architecture and nature: creating the American landscape
Macy, Christine.
NA712 .M3 2003

New city: contemporary architecture in the city of london
Forshaw, Alec,
NA970 .F67 2013

Little white houses: how the postwar home constructed race in America
Harris, Dianne Suzette.
NA2543.R37 H37 2013

Designed for Habitat: collaborations with Habitat for Humanity®
Hinson, David
NA2543.S6 H56 2013

A topology of everyday constellations
Teyssot, Georges,
NA2765 .T49 2013

Biography of a tenement house in New York City: an architectural history of 97 Orchard Street
Dolkart, Andrew.
NA7880 .D64 2012

Superlative Emirates: the new dimension of urban design
NA9246.U54 S87 2011

Cause and effect: visualizing sustainability
NC997 .C38 2012

In effect: groundbeaking finishes and materials in graphic design = Finitions et matieres d'avant-gardes adaptees au design graphique = Acabados y materiales innovadores = Finiture e materiali rivoluzionari nel design grafico.
NC997 .I5 2012

100 ideas that changed graphic design
Heller, Steven.
NC998 .H4456 2012

Design portfolio: self-promotion at its best
NC1001 .D47 2013

Logo creed: the mystery, magic, and method behind designing great logos
Gardner, Bill
NC1002.L63 G365 2013

Soviet animation and the thaw of the 1960s: not only for children
Pontieri, Laura.
NC1766.S65 P66 2012

Hatemail: anti-Semitism on picture postcards
Aizenberg, Salo,
NC1878.J4 A39 2013

Bonnard among friends: Matisse, Monet, Vuillard--
ND553.B65 A4 2012

Gerhard Richter: Beirut
Richter, Gerhard,
ND588.R48 A4 2012

Rembrandt and the Passion
Black, Peter,
ND653.R4 A652 2012

La dinastia Brueghel =The dynasty Brueghel
ND673.B7 A4 2012

American painters on technique: 1860-1945
Mayer, Lance.
ND1471 .M393 2013

Interaction of color
Albers, Josef,
ND1489 .A4 2013

Water color: paintings by contemporary artists
ND1799 .W38 2013

California Society of Printmakers: one hundred years 1913-2013
NE535.C2 C35 2013

The essential Robert Indiana
NE539.I53 A4 2013

Munch/Warhol and the multiple image
Berman, Patricia G.,
NE694.M8 A4 2013

Inventing the modern world: decorative arts at the world's fairs, 1851-1939
Busch, Jason T.
NK775 .B87 2012

For kith and kin: the folk art collection at the Art Institute of Chicago
Barter, Judith A.,
NK805 .A78 2012

Gio Ponti
Irace, Fulvio.
NK1452.Z9 P662 2011

Ettore Sottsass
Ranzo, Patrizia.
NK1452.Z9 S6813 2011

Architektenmöbel: von Aalto bis Zumthor = Furniture by architects: from Aalto to Zumthor
NK2702 .A73 2012

Chinese jade: the spiritual and cultural significance of Jade in China
Gu, Fang,
NK5750.2.C6 G813 2013

The sourcebook of contemporary jewelry design
Martín Arroyo, Natalio.
NK7310 .A77 2012

Manga's cultural crossroads
NX180.G56 M36 2013

In the olden time: Victorians and the British past
Sanders, Andrew,
NX180.H57 S26 2013

The Sahmat Collective: Art and Activism in India since 1989
Moss, Jessica.
NX180.P64 M67 2013

Art and democracy in post-communist Europe
Piotrowski, Piotr,
NX180.P64 P56 2012

Pass the spoon: a sort-of opera about cookery
Fennessy, David,
NX456.5.P38 F466 2012

On performance
Bailey, Giles,
NX460.5.P47 B35 2012

Reaching out with no hands: reconsidering Yoko Ono
Carver, Lisa.
NX512.O56 C37 2012

Miss Anne in Harlem: the white women of the Black Renaissance
Kaplan, Carla,
NX512.3.A35 K37 2013

P: Language & Literature

Caught on camera: film in the courtroom from the Nuremberg trials to the trials of the Khmer Rouge
Delage, Christian,
P96.C74 D4613 2014

Queer media images: LGBT perspectives
P96.S58 Q44 2013

Technical writing: principles, strategies, and readings
Reep, Diana C.
PE1475 .R44 2011

To the letter: a celebration of the lost art of letter writing
Garfield, Simon.
PE1483 .G37 2013

Words of the world: a global history of the Oxford English dictionary
Ogilvie, Sarah.
PE1617.O94 O44 2013

Between friends
Oz, Amos.
PJ5054.O9 B4613 2013

Karnak Café
Mahf̣ūz,̣ Najīb,
PJ7846.A46 K3713 2007

The Oxford handbook of Japanese linguistics
PL533 .O94 2008

Making sense of Japanese: what the textbooks don't tell you
Rubin, Jay,
PL534 .R83 2012

Basic Japanese: learn to speak everyday Japanese in 10 carefully structured lessons
Martin, Samuel E.
PL539.5.E5 M27 2012

Japanese demystified
Sato, Eriko,
PL539.5.E5 S276 2013

3 strange tales
Akutagawa, Ryūnosuke,
PL801.K8 A6 2012

Black rain
Ibuse, Masuji,
PL830 .B8 2012

Tokyo Seven Roses.
Inoue, Hisashi,
PL830.N516 T6513 2013

Jade mirror: women poets of China
PL2658.E3 J33 2013

Paradise on Earth
Zhu, Lin,
PL2852.L54 T5313 2013

River Merchant's Wife
Ming Di
PL2949.5.N253 C5313 2012

Beautiful days: two novellas
Teng, Xiaolan,
PL2961.E54 B43 2013

Thai sex talk: the language of sex and sexuality in Thailand
PL4189 .T43 2012

Forest of a thousand daemons: a hunter's saga
Fagunwa, D. O.
PL8824.F27 O313 2013

Grimoires: a history of magic books
Davies, Owen,
PN56.M23 O93 2009

The body of writing: an erotics of contemporary American fiction
Chevaillier, Flore,
PN98.S46 C48 2013

Practice as research in the arts: principles, protocols, pedagogies, resistances
Nelson, Robin,
PN1576 .N45 2013

Comedy: a very short introduction
Bevis, Matthew.
PN1922 .B48 2013

Punch and Judy in 19th century America: a history and biographical dictionary
Howard, Ryan,
PN1979.P9 H69 2013

A new history of German cinema
PN1993.5.G3 N485 2012

Making waves: new cinemas of the 1960s
Nowell-Smith, Geoffrey.
PN1993.5.I88 N69 2013

Mexican national cinema
Noble, Andrea.
PN1993.5.M4 N63 2005

Silent movies: the birth of film and the triumph of movie culture
Kobel, Peter.
PN1995.75 .K63 2007 folio

Studying French cinema
Vanderschelden, Isabelle.
PN1995.9.F78 S78 2013

Through a Lens Darkly: Films of Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, and Atrocities
PN1995.9.G37 T47 2013

The girl who fell to Earth: a memoir
Al-Maria, Sophia.
PN1998.3.A4365 A3 2012

Robert Bresson
Reader, Keith.
PN1998.3.B755 R43 2000

Stanley Kubrick: seven films analyzed
Rasmussen, Randy Loren,
PN1998.3.K83 R37 2005

Kurosawa: film studies and Japanese cinema
Yoshimoto, Mitsuhiro,
PN1998.3.K87 Y67 2000

Richard Linklater
Johnson, David T.,
PN1998.3.L544 J86 2012

The strange world of David Lynch: transcendental irony from Eraserhead to Mulholland Dr.
Wilson, Eric,
PN1998.3.L96 W55 2007

Kenji Mizoguchi and the art of Japanese cinema
Satō, Tadao,
PN1998.3.M58 S2813 2008

Savage cinema: Sam Peckinpah and the rise of ultraviolent movies
Prince, Stephen,
PN1998.3.P43 P75 1998

Steven Spielberg's America
Wasser, Frederick.
PN1998.3.S65 W37 2010

Theatre & violence /Lucy Nevitt
Nevitt, Lucy,
PN2051 .N48 2013

Getting directions: a fly-on-the-wall guide for emerging theatre directors
Hope, Russ.
PN2053 .H635 2012

Acting power: the 21st century edition
Cohen, Robert,
PN2061 .C58 2013

Movement training for actors
Snow, Jackie.
PN2071.M6 S66 2012

The theatre: a concise history
Hartnoll, Phyllis.
PN2101 .H3 2012

Naturalism in theatre: its development and legacy
Pickering, Kenneth.
PN2185 .P53 2013

Programming theater history: the Actor's Workshop of San Francisco
Blau, Herbert.
PN2277.S4 B53 2013

Played in Britain: modern theatre in 100 plays
Dorney, Kate,
PN2595 .D67 2013

In two minds: a biography of Jonathan Miller
Bassett, Kate.
PN2598.M536 B37 2012

Gavin Bolton's contextual drama: the road less travelled
Burke, Margaret R.,
PN3171 .B88 2013

On the front line: the collected journalism of Marie Colvin
Colvin, Marie.
PN4726 .C65 2012

Bartlett's familiar black quotations: [5,000 years of literature, lyrics, poems, passages, phrases and proverbs from voices around the world]
PN6081.3 .B37 2013

Captain America and the nationalist superhero: metaphors, narratives, and geopolitics
Dittmer, Jason.
PN6714 .D58 2013

Our superheroes, ourselves
PN6714 .O89 2013

Tom at the farm
Bouchard, Michel Marc,
PQ3919.2.B5855 T6613 2013

Irresistible signs: the genius of language and Italian national identity
Gambarota, Paola.
PQ4053.N29 G36 2011

Approaches to teaching the works of Italo Calvino
PQ4809.A45 Z56 2013

Bluebird and other tattoos: selected poems = Bluebird y otros tatuajes: selected poems
Miguel, Luna,
PQ6713.I48 B58 2012

Halting steps: collected and new poems
Alegría, Claribel.
PQ7539.A47 A2 2013

School for patriots
Kohan, Martín,
PQ7798.21.O46 C5413 2012

Without a net
Shua, Ana María,
PQ7798.29.H8 A2 2012

Recipes for sad women
Abad Faciolince, Héctor Joaquín.
PQ8180.1.B33 T73 2012

Transfiguring the arts and sciences: knowledge and cultural institutions in the Romantic age
Klancher, Jon P.
PR468.K56 K48 2013

Two horror plays.
PR1259.H67 T86 2012

Lyly, John,
PR2659.L9 G3 2012

The gospel according to Shakespeare
Boitani, Piero.
PR3012 .B6513 2013

Thomas Hardy and desire: conceptions of the self
Thomas, Jane,
PR4757.D47 T48 2013

W.H. Auden in context
PR6001.U4 Z8914 2012

Ancient light: [a novel]
Banville, John.
PR6052.A57 A53 2012

Plays seven
Barker, Howard,
PR6052.A6485 A6 2012

Groundswell: new and selected poems
Deeley, Patrick,
PR6054.E336 A6 2013

Written on the heart
Edgar, David,
PR6055.D44 W75 2011

Monkey bars
Goode, Chris.
PR6057.O536 M66 2012

Meet the Mukherjees
Gupta, Tanika.
PR6057.U6 M44 2008

The misanthrope
McGough, Roger.
PR6063.A219 M57 2013

Abdulrazzak, Hassan,
PR6101.B38 P76 2012

Bartlett, Mike,
PR6102.A7838 A6 2011

Kirkwood, Lucy.
PR6111.I76 N78 2012

Jane Austen's Mansfield Park
Luscombe, Tim.
PR6112.U826 J35 2012

Big theatre in small spaces
Murray, Brendan,
PR6113.U775 B54 2013

Plays, 1
Stephens, Simon,
PR6119.T455 A6 2005

Plays: 3
Stephens, Simon,
PR6119.T455 A6 2011

This is just this. It isn't real. It's money: the Oberon anthology of contemporary Irish plays
PR8869.2 .T48 2012

Hellgoing: stories
Coady, Lynn,
PR9199.3.C546 H45 2013

Seeds: a documentary play
Soutar, Annabel ,
PR9199.4.S69882 S44 2012

Café daughter
Williams, Kenneth T.
PR9199.4.W54485 C33 2013

Migrant modernism: postwar London and the West Indian novel
Brown, J. Dillon,
PR9214 .B76 2013

Sometimes there is a void: memoirs of an outsider
Mda, Zakes.
PR9369.3.M4 Z46 2012

Displaced: twelve short stories
Kaschula, Russell.
PR9369.4.K37 D57 2013

Beyond the nation: diasporic Filipino literature and queer reading
Ponce, Martin Joseph.
PR9550 .P66 2012

The hanging garden
White, Patrick,
PR9619.3.W5 H35 2012

Collected plays.
Williamson, David,
PR9619.3.W58 A6 2012

Influence ;Operator: two plays
Williamson, David,
PR9619.3.W58 I54 2005

The children of 1965: on writing, and not writing, as an Asian American
Song, Min,
PS153.A84 S664 2013

African spirituality in Black women's fiction: threaded visions of memory, community, nature, and being
West, Elizabeth J.,
PS153.N5 W39 2013

The Cambridge companion to American novelists
PS371 .C35 2013

Red holler: contemporary Appalachian literature
PS537 .R43 2013

The Bloomsbury anthology of contemporary Jewish American poetry
PS591.J4 B56 2013

The Oberon anthology of contemporary American plays.
PS634.2 .O24 2012

Dickinson unbound: paper, process, poetics
Socarides, Alexandra.
PS1541.Z5 S675 2012

Essays: first and second series
Emerson, Ralph Waldo,
PS1608 .A1 2010

F. Scott Fitzgerald in context
PS3511.I9 Z6153 2013

The letters of Ernest Hemingway. Volume 2, 1923-1925
Hemingway, Ernest,
PS3515.E37 Z48 2013

The autobiography of an ex-colored man
Johnson, James Weldon,
PS3519.O2625 A95 2011

Explaining the bilingual and bicultural poetry and narratives of Julia Alvarez: a case study in the expansion of the English language
Blauman, Wendy S.
PS3551.L845 Z635 2012

Critical Insights: Raymond Carver
Carver, Raymond,
PS3553.A7894 Z83 2013

Stay awake: stories
Chaon, Dan.
PS3553.H277 S73 2012

Pacific: a novel
Drury, Tom.
PS3554.R84 P33 2013

Estes, Angie.
PS3555.S76 A6 2013

Ford, Richard,
PS3556.O713 C36 2012

The end of the point: a novel
Graver, Elizabeth,
PS3557.R2864 E53 2013

Brown Dog: novellas
Harrison, Jim,
PS3558.A67 B76 2013

Chinglish: a play
Hwang, David Henry,
PS3558.W83 C48 2012

The Anarchist: a play
Mamet, David.
PS3563.A4345 A76 2012

In pursuit of Spenser: mystery writers on Robert B. Parker and the creation of an American hero
PS3566.A686 Z73 2012

American Isis: the life and art of Sylvia Plath
Rollyson, Carl E.
PS3566.L27 Z849 2013

Our Andromeda
Shaughnessy, Brenda,
PS3569.H353 O97 2012

Between heaven and here
Straight, Susan.
PS3569.T6795 B48 2012

Waldman, Anne,
PS3573.A4215 G67 2013

Glass Armonica: Poems
Dunham, Rebecca,
PS3604.U54 A6 2013

Eldest daughter: poems
Haymon, Ava Leavell.
PS3608.A945 A6 2013

Fight song: a novel
Mohr, Joshua.
PS3610.O669 F54 2013

Gone to the forest: a novel
Kitamura, Katie M.
PS3611.I877 G66 2012

Thousand years waiting, and other plays
Miyagawa, Chiori.
PS3613.I888 A6 2012

Oshiro, Janine.
PS3615.S45 P54 2011

Parker, Suzanne,
PS3616.A747 A6 2013

Help wanted: female: stories
Pritchard, Sara.
PS3616.R575 H45 2013

Black aperture: poems
Rasmussen, Matt.
PS3618.A775 B53 2013

The lifeboat: a novel
Rogan, Charlotte.
PS3618.O436 L54 2012

Hunting is painting
Savitz, Jessica.
PS3619.A95 H86 2010

The fifth lash & other stories
Shivani, Anis.
PS3619.H594 F55 2012

Spectacle: stories
Steinberg, Susan.
PS3619.T4762 A6 2013

Young Gerber
Torberg, Friedrich,
PT2621.A55 S413 2012

Lesabéndio: an asteroid novel
Scheerbart, Paul,
PT2638.E4 L413 2012

Selected stories
Walser, Robert,
PT2647.A64 A25 2012

The dinner: a novel
Koch, Herman,
PT5881.21.O25 D56513 2013

Q: Science

Curiosity: how science became interested in everything
Ball, Philip,
Q125 .B297 2013

Innovation generation: how to produce creative and useful scientific ideas
Ness, Roberta B.
Q172.5.C74 N47 2012

Does science need a global language?: English and the future of research
Montgomery, Scott L.
Q226 .M658 2013

How humans learn to think mathematically: exploring the three worlds of mathematics
Tall, David Orme.
QA8.4 .T33 2013

Introduction to mathematical structures and proofs
Gerstein, Larry J.
QA9 .G358 2012

Turing: pioneer of the information age
Copeland, B. Jack,
QA29.T8 C66 2012

An invitation to abstract mathematics
Bajnok, Béla.
QA39.3 .B35 2013

The bite in the apple: a memoir of my life with Steve Jobs
Brennan, Chrisann.
QA76.2.J63 B74 2013

Ready to wear: a rhetoric of wearable computers and reality-shifting media
Pedersen, Isabel.
QA76.592 .P43 2013

Distributed programming: theory and practice
Shankar, A. Udaya.
QA76.6 .S53 2013

Programming Ruby 1.9 & 2.0: the pragmatic programmers' guide
Thomas, David,
QA76.64 .T4943 2013

Parallel programming: for multicore and cluster systems
Rauber, Thomas,
QA76.642 .R38 2010

Programming Erlang: software for a concurrent world
Armstrong, Joe,
QA76.73.E75 A765 2013

The guide to PAMIR: theory and use of Parameterized Adaptive Multidimensional Integration Routines
Adler, Stephen L.
QA76.73.F25 A28 2013

JavaScript: a beginner's guide
Pollock, John.
QA76.73.J39 P65 2013

MATLAB programming with applications for engineers
Chapman, Stephen J.
QA76.73.M296 C48 2013

HTML5: pocket primer
Campesato, Oswald.
QA76.76.H94 C36 2014

WinRT revealed
Mayberry, Michael.
QA76.76.O63 M37375 2012

Core Data: data storage and management for iOS,OS X and iCloud
Zarra, Marcus,
QA76.8.I64 Z37 2013

Quantum computing from the ground up
Perry, Riley Tipton.
QA76.889 .P45 2012

From literature to biterature: Lem, Turing, Darwin, and explorations in computer literature, philosophy of mind, and cultural evolution
Swirski, Peter,
QA76.9.C66 S938 2013

Beginning database design: from novice to professional
Churcher, Clare.
QA76.9.D26 C48 2012

Oracle database 12c SQL
Price, Jason.
QA76.9.D3 P729675 2013

Numbersense: how to use big data to your advantage
Fung, Kaiser.
QA76.9.D343 F86 2013

Data mining: theories, algorithms, and examples
Ye, Nong,
QA76.9.D343 Y4 2014

Harness the power of Big Data: the IBM Big Data platform
QA76.9.D5 H37 2013

Distributed computing
Mahajan, Sunita.
QA76.9.D5 M34 2013

Storage design and implementation in vSphere 5.0
Khalil, Mostafa.
QA76.9.V5 K435 2013

Modern computer algebra
Gathen, Joachim von zur,
QA155.7.E4 Z87 2013

Algebraic combinatorics: walks, trees, tableaux, and more
Stanley, Richard P.,
QA164 .S73 2013

A concise introduction to linear algebra
Schay, Geza.
QA184.2 .S33 2012

The joy of factoring
Wagstaff, Samuel S.,
QA241 .W29 2013

The irrationals
Havil, Julian,
QA247.5 .H3 2012

The mathematics of encryption: an elementary introduction
Cozzens, Margaret B.
QA268 .C697 2013

Probability: a graduate course
Gut, Allan,
QA273 .G869 2013

The cartoon introduction to statistics
Klein, Grady.
QA276 .K544 2013

Statistics: a gentle introduction
Coolidge, Frederick L.
QA276.12 .C67 2013

Regression, ANOVA, and the general linear model: a statistics primer
Vik, Peter.
QA279 .V54 2014

Bayesian filtering and smoothing
Särkkä, Simo.
QA279.5 .S27 2013

Introduction to time series using Stata
Becketti, Sean.
QA280 .B42 2013

Methods of nonlinear analysis: applications to differential equations
Drábek, Pavel,
QA321.5 .D73 2013

Distributions, partial differential equations, and harmonic analysis
Mitrea, Dorina,
QA324 .M587 2013

An invitation to Morse theory
Nicolaescu, Liviu I.
QA331 .N498 2011

Axiomatic geometry
Lee, John M.,
QA481 .L44 2013

Fractals: a very short introduction
Falconer, K. J.,
QA614.86 .F35 2013

Differential geometry:bundles, connections, metrics and curvature
Taubes, Clifford,
QA641 .T34 2011

The cosmos: astronomy in the new millennium
Pasachoff, Jay M.
QB43.3 .P37 2014

A student's guide to the mathematics of astronomy
Fleisch, Daniel A.
QB51.3.M38 F54 2013

Space atlas: mapping the universe and beyond
Trefil, James S.,
QB65 .T74 2012 folio

Fundamental planetary science: physics, chemistry, and habitability
Lissauer, Jack Jonathan.
QB361 .L57 2013

The cosmic-chemical bond: chemistry from the big bang to planet formation
Williams, D. A.
QB450 .W55 2013

Transit of Venus: 1631 to the present
Lomb, Nick.
QB509 .L66 2012

Comets: visitors from deep space
Eicher, David J.,
QB721 .E355 2013

Einstein's physics: atoms, quanta, and relativity derived, explained, and appraised
Cheng, Ta-Pei,
QC16.E5 C455 2013

Robert Oppenheimer: a life inside the center
Monk, Ray.
QC16.O62 M66 2012

Introduction to Mathematica® for physicists
Grozin, A. G.,
QC20.7.E4 G76 2013

How Einstein created relativity out of physics and astronomy
Topper, David R.
QC173.52 .T67 2013

The march of time: evolving conceptions of time in the light of scientific discoveries
Weinert, Friedel,
QC173.59.S65 W45 2013

A unified grand tour of theoretical physics
Lawrie, Ian D.
QC173.6 .L39 2013

Einstein in matrix form: exact derivation of the theory of special and general relativity without tensors
Ludyk, Günter,
QC173.6 .L839 2013

Special relativity in general frames: from particles to astrophysics
Gourgoulhon, Éric,
QC173.65 .G6813 2013

Nature loves to hide: quantum physics and the nature of reality, a western perspective
Malin, Shimon,
QC174.12 .M34 2012

An introduction to statistical mechanics and thermodynamics
Swendsen, Robert H.
QC174.8 .S94 2012

Tychomancy: inferring probability from causal structure
Strevens, Michael.
QC174.85.P76 S74 2013

A modern course in the quantum theory of solids
Han, Fuxiang,
QC176 .H254 2013

The Oxford handbook of sound studies
QC225.15 .O93 2013

Jacobs, P. W. M.
QC311 .J25 2013

A student's guide to entropy
Lemons, Don S.
QC318.E57 L46 2013

Let there be light: the story of light from atoms to galaxies
Breslin, Ann.
QC358.5 .B74 2013

X-rays, neutrons and muons: photons and particles for material characterization
Fischer, Walter E.,
QC481 .F57 2012

X-ray fluorescence spectrometry and related techniquesan introduction
Marguí, Eva.
QC482.S6 M278 2013

Theoretical femtosecond physics: atoms and molecules in strong laser fields
Grossmann, F.
QC689.5.L37 G76 2013

Computational electromagnetics
Bondeson, A.
QC760.54 .B66 2013

Introducing meteorology: a guide to weather
Shonk, Jon.
QC863.4 .S56 2013

The climate casino: risk, uncertainty, and economics for a warming world
Nordhaus, William D.
QC903 .N8545 2013

Cities and climate change
Bulkeley, Harriet,
QC981.8.C5 B8525 2013

The burning question: we can't burn half the world's oil, coal and gas. So how do we quit?
Berners-Lee, Mike.
QC981.8.G56 B47 2013

Searching for the soror mystica: the lives and science of women alchemists
Gordon, Robin L.
QD24.A2 G67 2013

Chemistry³: introducing inorganic, organic and physical chemistry
Burrows, Andrew.
QD33.2 .B875 2013

McGraw-Hill's 500 college chemistry questions: ace your college exams
Goldberg, David E.
QD42 .G5786 2013

General chemistry as a second language
Klein, David R.,
QD42 .K54 2005

Instrumental methods of analysis
Sivasankar, B.
QD75.22 .S624 2012

Schaum's outlines organic chemistry /
QD257 .M44 2013

Elements of physical chemistry
Atkins, P. W.
QD453.3 .A85 2013

Chemical energy storage
QD502 .C467 2013

Topological crystallography: with a view towards discrete geometric analysis
Sunada, T.
QD911 .S86 2013

Geodiversity: valuing and conserving abiotic nature
Gray, J. Murray
QE38 .G73 2013

MATLAB® and design recipes for earth sciences: how to collect, process and present geoscientific information
Trauth, Martin H.
QE48.8 .T73 2013

Geology of Death Valley National Park: landforms, crustal extension, geologic history, road guides
Miller, Marli Bryant,
QE90.D35 M54 2004

Bringing fossils to life: an introduction to paleobiology
Prothero, Donald R.,
QE719.8 .P76 2013

Evolution of fossil ecosystems
Selden, Paul.
QE721.2.E87 S45 2004

When the invasion of land failed: the legacy of the Devonian extinctions
McGhee, George R.
QE721.2.E97 M393 2013

Charles Darwin: a celebration of his life and legacy
QH31.D2 C522 2013

An appetite for wonder: the making of a scientist: a memoir
Dawkins, Richard,
QH31.D425 A3 2013

Nature's saviours: celebrity conservationists in the television age
Huggan, Graham,
QH77.3.C65 H84 2013

Aldo Leopold: a Sand County almanac & other writings on ecology & conservation
Leopold, Aldo,
QH81 .L56 2013

Getting published in the life sciences
Gladon, Richard J.
QH304 .G53 2011

Creation: how science is reinventing life itself
Rutherford, Adam,
QH325 .R818 2013

Astrobiology: a very short introduction
Catling, David
QH326 .C38 2013

Biogeochemistry: an analysis of global change
Schlesinger, William H.
QH343.7 .S35 2013

Was Hitler a Darwinian?: disputed questions in the history of evolutionary theory
Richards, Robert J.
QH361 .R534 2013

The adaptive landscape in evolutionary biology
QH366.2 .A33 2012

Cooperation and its evolution
QH366.2 .C657 2013

Exploring personal genomics
Dudley, Joel T.
QH447 .D83 2013

Genetics and philosophy: an introduction
Griffiths, Paul,
QH447 .G75 2013

Mutation-driven evolution
Nei, Masatoshi.
QH460 .N45 2013

Painting the landscape with fire: longleaf pines and fire ecology
Latham, Den.
QH545.F5 L58 2013

Animal contests
QH546.3 .A55 2013

Field guide to the rare plants of Washington
QK86.U6 F528 2011

Wicked plants: the weed that killed Lincoln's mother & other botanical atrocities
Stewart, Amy.
QK100.A1 S74 2009

A rare botanical legacy: the contributions of Ruby and Arthur Van Deventer
QK149 .R195 2009 folio

Lichens of North America
Brodo, Irwin M.
QK586.5 .B76 2001

The Book of barely imagined beings: a 21st century bestiary
Henderson, Caspar,
QL50.H463 B66 2013

After the grizzly: endangered species and the politics of place in California
Alagona, Peter S.
QL82 .A42 2013

Abominable science!: origins of the Yeti, Nessie, and other famous cryptids
Loxton, Daniel,
QL88.3 .L69 2013

Birds of the Sierra Nevada: their natural history, status, and distribution
Beedy, Edward C.
QL683.S54 B444 2013

Into great silence: a memoir of discovery and loss among vanishing orcas
Saulitis, Eva,
QL737.C432 S37 2013

Primate ecology and conservation: a handbook of techniques
QL737.P9 P75 2013

The bonobo and the atheist: in search of humanism among the primates
Waal, F. B. M. de
QL737.P96 W315 2013

The story of Asia's elephants
Sukumar, R.
QL737.P98 S86 2011

Clinical anatomy: applied anatomy for students and junior doctors
Ellis, Harold,
QM23.2 .E45 2013

Wheater's functional histology: a text and colour atlas
Young, Barbara
QM551 .Y686 2014

Sensory ecology, behaviour, and evolution
Stevens, Martin,
QP82 .S83 2013

Health, illness, and optimal aging
Aldwin, Carolyn M.
QP86 .A44 2013

Essential guide to blood groups
Daniels, Geoff,
QP91 .D354 2014

Menstruation and the female body in early modern England
Read, Sara,
QP263 .R43 2013

Biophysical foundations of human movement
QP303 .B586 2013

Brain imaging: what it can (and cannot) tell us about consciousness
Shulman, R. G.
QP376.6 .S58 2013

The protein folding problem and its solutions
Ben-Naim, Arieh,
QP551 .B34 2013

Microbiology: with diseases by taxonomy
Bauman, Robert W..
QR41.2 .B382 2014

Mims' medical microbiology.
QR46 .M56 2013

Alginates: production, types and applications
QR92.P6 A447 2012

R: Medicine

Bedside manners: play and workbook
Gordon, Suzanne,
R118 .G67 2013

Health communication: from theory to practice
Schiavo, Renata,
R118 .S33 2014

A short course in medical terminology
Collins, C. Edward,
R123 .C65 2014

Chinese medicine and healing: an illustrated history
R601 .C48273 2013

A source book in Chinese longevity
Kohn, Livia,
R601 .K65 2012

Knocking on heaven's door: the path to a better way of death
Butler, Katy,
R726.8 .B884 2013

Skills for communicating with patients
Silverman, Jonathan,
R727.3 .S56 2013

Around the patient bed: human factors and safety in health care
R729.8 .A76 2014

Traditional Chinese medicine in the United States: in search of spiritual meaning and ultimate health
Wu, Emily S.,
R733 .W8 2013

Social networks and popular understanding of science and health: sharing disparities
Southwell, Brian G.
R859.7.S63 S68 2013

Public health policy: issues, theories, and advocacy
Bhattacharya, Dru,
RA395.A3 B49 2013

Population health: creating a culture of wellness
RA395.A3 P638 2011

Chronic condition: why Canada's health-care system needs to be dragged into the 21st century
Simpson, Jeffrey,
RA395.C3 S55 2012

The new political economy of pharmaceuticals: production, innnovation and TRIPS in the global south
RA401.A1 N48 2013

Health care systems around the world: a comparative guide
Boslaugh, Sarah.
RA418 .B67 2013

Social causes of health and disease
Cockerham, William C.
RA418 .C658 2013

Reimagining global health: an introduction
RA418 .R445 2013

Medicine and the workhouse
RA418.5.P6 M433 2013

Ensuring a sustainable future: making progress on environment and equity
RA427.8 .E57 2014

Health promotion and the policy process
RA427.8 .H43 2013

Global health in Africa: historical perspectives on disease control
RA545 .G56 2013

Crow after Roe: how "separate but equal" has become the new standard in women's health and how we can change that
Marty, Robin.
RA564.85 .M3923 2013

Something to chew on: challenging controversies in food and health
Gibney, Michael J.
RA601 .G536 2012

HIV prevention with Latinos: theory, research, and practice
RA643.83 .H58 2012

Pandemic influenza
RA644.I6 I585 2013

The influenza pandemic of 1918-1919: a brief history with documents
Kent, Susan Kingsley,
RA644.I6 K46 2013

Social justice and the urban obesity crisis: implications for social work
Delgado, Melvin.
RA645.O23 D45 2013

Weight of modernity: an intergenerational study of the rise of obesity
RA645.O23 W445 2012

Modeling behavior in complex public health systems: simulations and games for action and evaluation
Keane, Christopher
RA652.2.M3 K43 2014

Being well (even when you're sick): mindfulness practices for people with cancer and other serious illnesses
Rosenbaum, Elana.
RA776.5 .R673 2012

Women and fitness in American culture
Hentges, Sarah,
RA778 .H457 2014

Recovery and mental health: a critical sociological account
Pilgrim, David,
RA790.5 .P54 2013

Leading valiantly in healthcare: four steps to sustainable success
Robinson-Walker, Catherine,
RA971.35 .R63 2013

The undead: organ harvesting, the ice-water test, beating heart cadavers: how medicine is blurring the line between life and death
Teresi, Dick.
RA1063 .T47 2012

Clinical laboratory hematology
McKenzie, Shirlyn B.
RB45 .M385 2010

Atlas of muscle innervation zones : understanding surface electromyography and its applications
Barbero, Marco.
RC77.5 .B368 2012

The intelligent clinician's guide to the DSM-5
Paris, Joel,
RC455.2.C4 P37 2013

DSM-5 clinical cases
RC473.D54 D76 2014

DSM-5 handbook of differential diagnosis
First, Michael B.,
RC473.D54 F554 2014

Teaching mindfulness: a practical guide for clinicians and educators
McCown, Donald.
RC489.M55 M34 2010

Theatre & therapy
Walsh, Fintan,
RC489.P7 W35 2013

Here's how to treat dementia
Loehr, Jenny,
RC521 .L64 2014

Anxiety: a short history
Horwitz, Allan V.
RC531 .H682 2013

Angst: origins of anxiety and depression
Kahn, Jeffrey P.
RC531 .K34 2013

Veterans on trial: the coming court battles over PTSD
Schaller, Barry R.,
RC550 .S44 2012

The reason I jump: the inner voice of a thirteen-year-old boy with autism
Higashida, Naoki,
RC553.A88 H5313 2013

Borderline personality disorder: a guide for the newly diagnosed
Chapman, Alexander L.
RC569.5.B67 C46 2013

Reversing the obesogenic environment
Lee, Rebecca E.,
RC628 .L37 2011

Sickly sweet: sugar, refined carbohydrate, addiction and global obesity
Thornley, Simon.
RC628 .T49 2012

Guidelines for cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention programs
RC682 .G76 2013

100 questions & answers about kidney dialysis
Stam, Lawrence E.
RC901.7.H45 S67 2010

Therapeutic programs for musculoskeletal disorders
RC925.5 .T44 2013

Sport first aid
Flegel, Melinda J.,
RD97 .F525 2014

The psychology of sport injury and rehabilitation
RD97 .P79 2013

A history of organ transplantation: ancient legends to modern practice
Hamilton, David,
RD120.6 .H36 2012

Physical therapy management of low back pain: a case-based approach
RD771.B217 P48 2013

The eye in history
Goes, Frank Joseph,
RE26 .G64 2013

Genetic dilemmas: reproductive technology, parental choices, and children's futures
Davis, Dena S.,
RG133.5 .D38 2010

Baby-making: [what the new reproductive treatments mean for families and society]
Fauser, B. C. J. M.
RG133.5 .F39 2011

Black middle-class women and pregnancy loss: a qualitative inquiry
Paisley-Cleveland, Lisa.
RG648 .P35 2013

Yoga therapy for children with autism and special needs
Goldberg, Louise,
RJ133.7 .G65 2013

Children and their families: the continuum of nursing care
Bowden, Vicky R.,
RJ245 .B69 2014

Fitness measures and health outcomes in youth
RJ399.C6 I5734 2012

Your child with inflammatory bowel disease: a family guide for caregiving
RJ456.G3 Y68 2010

Girls and violence: tracing the roots of criminal behavior
Ryder, Judith A.
RJ506.V56 R93 2014

Smile!: the ultimate guide to achieving smile beauty
Levine, Jonathan B.
RK54 .L48 2006

Essentials of dental assisting
Robinson, Debbie
RK60.5 .E37 2013

Basic guide to oral health education and promotion
Felton, Ann,
RK60.8 .F45 2014

America brushes up: the use and marketing of toothpaste and toothbrushes in the twentieth century
Segrave, Kerry,
RK61 .S44 2010

100 questions & answers about acne
Day, Doris J.
RL131 .D39 2005

Basic & applied concepts of blood banking and transfusion practices
Blaney, Kathy D.
RM171 .B555 2013

Clinical case studies for the nutrition care process
Emery, Elizabeth Zorzanello.
RM216 .E524 2012

The future of drug discovery: who decides which diseases to treat?
Bartfai, Tamas,
RM301.25 .B37 2013

Pharmacogenetics, kinetics, and dynamics for personalized medicine
RM301.3.G45 P3965 2014

Pharmacogenomics: an introduction and clinical perspective
RM301.3.G45 P43 2013

Fragrance and wellbeing: an exploration of plant aromatics and their influences on the psyche
Rhind, Jennifer.
RM666.A68 R52 2014

Encyclopedia of Islamic herbal medicine
Morrow, John A.
RM666.H33 M665 2011

Mosby's essential sciences for therapeutic massage: anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and pathology
Fritz, Sandy,
RM721 .F748 2013

Mosby's fundamentals of therapeutic massage
Fritz, Sandy,
RM721 .F75 2013

Attachment to pets: an integrative view of human-animal relationships with implications for therapeutic practice
RM931.A65 A83 2012

The Merck index: an encyclopedia of chemicals, drugs, and biologicals
RS51 .M4 2013

The cure in the code: how 20th century law is undermining 21st century medicine
Huber, Peter W.
RS380 .H83 2013

Florence Nightingale, feminist
Cromwell, Judith Lissauer,
RT37.N5 C76 2013

Holistic nursing: a handbook for practice
RT42 .H65 2013

Nursing research: methods and critical appraisal for evidence-based practice
RT81.5 .N8665 2014

Nursing theorists and their work
RT84.5 .N87 2014

Foundations of nursing in the community: community-oriented practice
Stanhope, Marcia,
RT98 .S78197 2014

S: Agriculture

Consumed: food for a finite planet
Elton, Sarah,
S494.5 S86 E467 2013

Modern methods in crop protection research
SB950 .M63 2012

The ecological hoofprint: the global burden of industrial livestock
Weis, Anthony John,
SF140.E25 W45 2013

Behemoth: the history of the elephant in America
Tobias, Ronald B.,
SF408.6.E44 T63 2013

T: Technology

Smarter than you think: how technology is changing our minds for the better
Thompson, Clive,
T58.5 .T498 2013

Decision support, analytics, and business intelligence
Power, Daniel J.
T58.62 .P683 2013

Taming information technology: lessons from studies of system administrators
T58.64 .T34 2012

How to make patent drawings: a patent it yourself companion
Lo, Jack.
T223.U3 L6 2011

New views on R. Buckminster Fuller
TA140.F9 N48 2009

Engineering mega-systems: the challenge of systems engineering in the information age
Stevens, Renee.
TA168 .S72 2011

Problem solving for engineers
Carmichael, D. G.,
TA190 .C373 2013

Public infrastructure asset management
Hudson, W. Ronald.
TA190 .H82 2013

Mechanics of solids and structures
Fenner, Roger T.
TA405 .F4233 2012

Analytic methods in geomechanics
Chau, Kam-tim.
TA710 .C5145 2012

The conundrum: how scientific innovation, increased efficiency, and good intentions can make our energy and climate problems worse
Owen, David,
TD148 .O94 2012

Oil and wilderness in Alaska: natural resources, environmental protection, and national policy dynamics
Busenberg, George J.
TD195.P4 B89 2013

Refining expertise: how responsible engineers subvert environmental justice challenges
Ottinger, Gwen.
TD195.P4 O88 2013

Railways of San Francisco
Trimble, Paul C.
TF725.S3 T74 2004

The Bay Bridge
Trimble, Paul C.
TG25.S237 T75 2004

Handbook of energy audits
Thumann, Albert.
TJ163.245 .T48 2010

Robot futures
Nourbakhsh, Illah Reza,
TJ211.15 .N68 2013

Synergies for sustainable energy
Yüzügüllü, Elvin.
TJ808 .Y89 2013

Tesla: inventor of the electrical age
Carlson, W. Bernard.
TK140.T4 C37 2013

Introduction to photovoltaics
Balfouur, John R
TK1087 .B35 2013

Mobile computing
Kamal, Raj,
TK5103.2 .K36 2012

Introduction to micro- and nanooptics
Jahns, Jurgen,
TK5103.592.F73 J34 2012

Cybersecurity: shared risks, shared responsibilities
TK5105.59 .C928 2013

Web 2.0
Han, Sam,
TK5105.88817 .H35 2011

Antennas and site engineering for mobile radio networks
Delorme, Bruno.
TK6565.A6 D45 2013

Fluctuating nonlinear oscillators: from nanomechanics to quantum superconducting circuits
TK7872.O7 F58 2012

Abuse of power: how Cold War surveillance and secrecy policy shaped the response to 9/11
Theoharis, Athan G.
TK7882.E2 T47 2011

The early public garages of San Francisco: an architectural and cultural study, 1906-1929
Kessler, Mark D.,
TL175 .K37 2013

Exhibiting photography: a practical guide to displaying your work
Read, Shirley.
TR6.A1 R43 2014

The art of reconciliation: photography and the conception of dialectics in Benjamin, Hegel, and Derrida
Petersson, Dag.
TR183 .P465 2013

Photocinema: the creative edges of photography and film
TR690 .P46 2013

Bending the frame: photojournalism, documentary, and the citizen
Ritchin, Fred.
TR820 .R558 2013

Design: the groundbreaking moments
Kozel, Nina,
TS171.4 .K69 2013

Real projects for real people: the Patching Zone.
TS171.4 .R43 2010

Beyond design: the synergy of apparel product development
Keiser, Sandra J.
TT497 .K42 2012

Saint Laurent Rive Gauche: fashion revolution
Savignon, Jéromine.
TT505.S24 S3813 2012

Memos: the Vogue years, 1962-1971
Vreeland, Diana.
TT505.V74 V74 2013 folio

The sustainable fashion handbook
TT507 .S93 2012 folio

Fashion designers' sketchbooks.
Davies, Hywel,
TT509 .D382 2013 folio

Draping for apparel design
Armstrong, Helen Joseph.
TT520 .A7396 2013 folio

Pattern-drafting for fashion: advanced
Gilewska, Teresa.
TT520 .G542 2011

Drawing fashion accessories
Miller, Steven Thomas.
TT649.8 .M55 2012

Food safety management: implementing a food safety program in a food retail business
King, Hal.
TX537 .K56 2013

A book for cooks: 101 classic cookbooks
Leddes-Brown, Leslie.
TX715 .G3175 2012

The Mile End cookbook: redefining Jewish comfort food, from hash to hamantaschen
Bernamoff, Noah.
TX724 .B4646 2012

V: Naval Science

No books under this heading this month.

Z: Library Science

Kodex und Kanon: Das Buch im frühen Christentum
Wallraff, Martin.
Z4 .W35 2013

Print culture
Robertson, Frances,
Z124 .R63 2013

Out behind the desk: workplace issues for LGBTQ librarians
Z682.4.G39 O98 2011

Electronic resource management: practical perspectives in a new technical services model
Elguindi, Anne C.
Z692.C65 .E43 2012

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