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New Books April 2014


Here is the list of titles added to the Main Collection in April 2014. This list is sorted by the Library of Congress Call Number (LCCN); each entry includes LC call number, author, if pertinent, and title. If you want to see the full entry for any item, click on the title to go to InvestiGator, the Library's online catalog. To return to the New Books List, click the browser's back arrow.

If you are interested in a particular subject, but you do not know its LC call number, click on one of the entries in the menu to the left to move directly to the position in the New Book list where new titles relating to that subject begin.

A: General Works

No books under this heading this month.

B: Philosophy, Psychology, & Religion

Classical Vaiśesika in Indian philosophy: on knowing and what is to be known
Kumāra, Śaśiprabhā,
B132.V2 K84 2013

Religion and identity in Porphyry of Tyre: the limits of Hellenism in late antiquity
Johnson, Aaron P.
B697.Z7 J64 2013

Classical Arabic philosophy: an anthology of sources
B741 .C52 2007

Erasmus of Rotterdam: advocate of a new Christianity
Christ-von Wedel, Christine,
B785.E64 C4713 2013

The Enlightenment: and why it still matters
Pagden, Anthony.
B802 .P26 2013

Possibilities of perception
Church, Jennifer,
B828.45 .C58 2013

John Dewey and the ethics of historical belief: religion and the representation of the past
Hutt, Curtis.
B945.D44 H88 2013

William James's hidden religious imagination: a universe of relations
Carrette, Jeremy R.
B945.J23 C37 2013

The idea of commercial society in the Scottish enlightenment
Berry, Christopher J.,
B1302.E65 B47 2013

A life worth living: Albert Camus and the quest for meaning
Zaretsky, Robert,
B2430.C354 Z37 2013

Kant and the creation of freedom: a theological problem
Insole, Christopher J.,
B2799.F8 I57 2013

The quotable Kierkegaard
Kierkegaard, Søren,
B4372 .E5 2013

Kierkegaard's influence on literature, criticism, and art: the Anglophone world
B4377 .K5124 2012

Kierkegaard and the problem of self-love
Lippitt, John.
B4377 .L5155 2013

If A, then B: how the world discovered logic
Shenefelt, Michael,
BC15 .S54 2013

Plural logic
Oliver, Alex.
BC41 .O45 2013

The method of metaphor
Raffel, Stanley,
BC177 .R323 2013

Modal logic as metaphysics
Williamson, Timothy.
BC199.M6 W55 2013

Scientific metaphysics
BD111 .S39 2013

Subjectivity in the twenty-first century: psychological, sociological, and political perspectives
BD222 .S8147 2013

Self-identity and powerlessness
Koubová, Alice.
BD236 .K68 2013

Joint ventures: mindreading, mirroring, and embodied cognition
Goldman, Alvin I.,
BD418.3 .G67 2013

Causation: a user's guide
Paul, L. A.
BD541 .P38 2013

Research methods in psychology
BF76.5 .R466 2012

Encountering America: humanistic psychology, sixties culture, & the shaping of the modern self
Grogan, Jessica.
BF204 .G76 2013

Navigating the social world: what infants, children, and other species can teach us
BF323.S63 N385 2013

Surfaces: a history
Amato, Joseph Anthony.
BF353 .A43 2013

The psychology of fatigue: work, effort, and control
Hockey, Robert.
BF482 .H63 2013

Hallucination: philosophy and psychology
BF491 .H35 2013

The joy of pain: schadenfreude and the dark side of human nature
Smith, Richard H.
BF575.E65 S65 2013

Top dog: the science of winning and losing
Bronson, Po,
BF637.C47 B76 2013

The gap: the science of what separates us from other animals
Suddendorf, Thomas.
BF671 .S86 2013

Blind to sameness: sexpectations and the social construction of male and female bodies
Friedman, Asia.
BF692.2 .F75 2013

Personality: how it forms
Kellerman, Henry.
BF698 .K365 2012

A slap in the face: why insults hurt, and why they shouldn't
Irvine, William Braxton,
BF698.35.R47 I78 2013

Humanity's dark side: evil, destructive experience, and psychotherapy
BF789.E94 H86 2013

Paranormal nation: why America needs ghosts, UFOs, and bigfoot
Fitch, Marc E.
BF1028.5.U6 F58 2013

The power of glamour: longing and the art of visual persuasion
Postrel, Virginia I.,
BH39 .P66925 2013

The aesthetic brain: how we evolved to desire beauty and enjoy art
Chatterjee, Anjan.
BH301.P78 C45 2014

The trolley problem, or, Would you throw the fat guy off the bridge?: a philosophical conundrum
Cathcart, Thomas,
BJ1031 .C378 2013

Moral tribes: emotion, reason, and the gap between us and them
Greene, Joshua David,
BJ1031 .G75 2013

Causes, laws, and free will: why determinism doesn't matter
Vihvelin, Kadri.
BJ1461 .V615 2013

Integrity and the virtues of reason: leading a convincing life
Scherkoske, Greg,
BJ1533.I58 S34 2013

Secular powers: humility in modern political thought
Cooper, Julie E.
BJ1533.M73 C66 2013

The value of living well
LeBar, Mark.
BJ1611.2 .L426 2013

Averroes and Hegel on philosophy and religion
Belo, Catarina C. M. de M.
BL51 .B5135 2013

Emotions and spirituality in religions and spiritual movements
Wilson, Erika.
BL65.E46 W557 2012

The religious and the political: a comparative sociology of religion
Turner, Bryan S.
BL65.P7 T87 2013

God, mind, and logical space: a revisionary approach to divinity
Aranyosi, István.
BL473 .A73 2013

God in proof: the story of a search, from the ancients to the Internet
Schneider, Nathan,
BL473 .S36 2013

Comparative mysticism: an anthology of original sources
BL625 .C657 2013

The myths of Rome
Wiseman, T. P.
BL803 .W57 2008

Confucianism as a world religion: contested histories and contemporary realities
Sun, Anna Xiao Dong,
BL1853 .S84 2013

Religions of Iran: from prehistory to the present
Foltz, Richard,
BL2270 .F648 2013

Conscience and its enemies: confronting the dogmas of liberal secularism
George, Robert P.,
BL2747.8 .G435 2013

Were the Popes against the Jews?: tracking the myths, confronting the ideologues
Lawler, Justus George.
BM535 .L348 2012

A history of Jewish-Muslim relations: from the origins to the present day
BP173.J8 H5613 2013

The Oxford handbook of Islam and politics
BP173.7 .O945 2013

Post-Islamism: the changing faces of political Islam
BP173.7 .P67 2013

Prayer in Islamic thought and practice
Katz, Marion Holmes,
BP178 .K35 2013

Chosen people: the rise of American Black Israelite religions
Dorman, Jacob S.,
BP605.B64 D67 2013

From stone to flesh: a short history of the Buddha
Lopez, Donald S.,
BQ894 .L67 2013

Pure mind in a clean body: bodily care in the Buddhist monasteries of ancient India and China
Heirman, Ann,
BQ6040 .H44 2012

Making sense of Tantric Buddhism: history, semiology, and transgression in the Indian traditions
Wedemeyer, Christian K.
BQ8912.9.I5 W43 2013

Augustine's Manichaean dilemma.
BeDuhn, Jason.
BR65.A9 B396 2013

IGods: how technology shapes our spiritual and social lives
Detweiler, Craig,
BR115.T42 D48 2014

Doctrine and power: theological controversy and Christian leadership in the later Roman Empire
Galvão-Sobrinho, Carlos R.
BR205 .G35 2013

After Cloven Tongues of Fire: Protestant Liberalism in Modern American History
Hollinger, David A.
BR525 .H63 2013

The nativist movement in America: religious conflict in the 19th century
Oxx, Katie.
BR525 .O99 2013

Cosmology and fate in Gnosticism and Graeco-Roman antiquity: under pitiless skies
Lewis, Nicola Denzey,
BT1390 .L49 2013

The conversion of the Māori: years of religious and social change, 1814-1842
Yates, T. E.
BV3665 .Y38 2013

East Syriac Christianity in Mongol-Yuan China
Tang, Li.
BX154.C4 T34 2011

A prayer journal
O'Connor, Flannery.
BX2182.3 .O35 2013

Darling: a spiritual autobiography
Rodriguez, Richard,
BX4705.R6375 A3 2013

Clerics and clansmen: the Diocese of Argyll between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries
MacDonald, Iain G.
BX5305.A74 M33 2013

C: Auxiliary Sciences of History

The great reversal: how we let technology take control of the planet
Tabachnick, David.
CB478 .T22 2013

A fort of nine towers: an Afghan family story
Omar, Qais Akbar.
CT1878.O63 A3 2013

D: History: General and Old World

Britain, Ireland and the Crusades, c.1000-1300
Hurlock, Kathryn.
D157 .H86 2013

Europe's long twelfth century: order, anxiety, and adaptation, 1095-1229
Cotts, John D.
D201.8 .C68 2013

Lawrence in Arabia: war, deceit, imperial folly and the making of the modern Middle East
Anderson, Scott,
D568.4.L45 A66 2013

Brave genius: a scientist, a philosopher, and their daring adventures from the French resistance to the Nobel prize
Carrol, Sean B.
D802.F8 C3715 2013

Bhangra and Asian Underground: South Asian music and the politics of belonging in Britain
Bakrania, Falu Pravin.
DA125.S57 B35 2013

Stonehenge, a new understanding: solving the mysteries of the greatest stone age monument
Parker Pearson, Michael,
DA142 .P37 2013

The queen's agent: Sir Francis Walsingham and the rise of espionage in Elizabethan England
Cooper, J. P. D.
DA358.W2 C66 2013

Documents on conservative foreign policy, 1852-1878
DA560 .D63 2012

Tower: an epic history of the Tower of London
Jones, Nigel H.
DA687.T7 J66 2011

Priest, politician, collaborator: Jozef Tiso and the making of fascist Slovakia
Ward, James Mace.
DB2821.T57 W37 2013

The Nazi and the psychiatrist: Hermann Göring, Dr. Douglas M. Kelley, and a fatal meeting of minds at the end of WWII
El-Hai, Jack.
DD247.G67 E4 2013

Nazis in the Holy Land, 1933-1948
Wawrzyn, Heidemarie.
DD255.P35 .W39 2013

The Cham Albanians of Greece: a documentary history
DF901.E6 C43 2013

Modernizing the nation: Spain during the reign of Alfonso XIII, 1902-1931
Moreno Luzón, Javier.
DP243 .M596 2012

Visions of annihilation: the Ustasha regime and the cultural politics of fascism, 1941-1945
Yeomans, Rory,
DR1591 .Y46 2013

The thistle and the drone: how America's War on Terror became a global war on tribal Islam
Ahmed, Akbar S.,
DS35.74.U6 A37 2013

The mystery of the Hanging Garden of Babylon: an elusive world wonder traced
Dalley, Stephanie.
DS70.5.B3 D34 2013

Thank you for your service
Finkel, David,
DS79.767.P79 F56 2013

Roman Palmyra: identity, community, and state formation
Smith, Andrew M.
DS99.P17 S62 2013

The Palestinian people: seeking sovereignty and state
Kabahā, Muṣṭafá,́
DS113.6 .K32 2014

The short, strange life of Herschel Grynszpan: a boy avenger, a Nazi diplomat, and a murder in Paris
Kirsch, Jonathan,
DS134.42.G79 K57 2013

The devil that never dies: the rise and threat of global antisemitism
Goldhagen, Daniel Jonah.
DS145 .G495 2013

Jews, antisemitism, and the Middle East
Curtis, Michael,
DS146.A67 C87 2013

The history of Central Asia
Baumer, Christoph,
DS329.4 .B385 2012

The return of a king: the battle for Afghanistan, 1839-42
Dalrymple, William.
DS359.7 .D35 2013

One hundred victories: special ops and the future of American warfare
Robinson, Linda,
DS371.412 .R62 2013

1971: a global history of the creation of Bangladesh
Raghavan, Srinath.
DS395.5 .R199 2013

Liberalization, Hindu nationalism and the state: a biography of Gujarat
Sud, Nikita,
DS485.G8 S83 2012

Statemaking and territory in South Asia: lessons from the Anglo-Gorkha War (1814-1816)
Michael, Bernardo A.
DS485.N4 M47 2012

Vietnam: the real war
DS557.72 .A87 2013

Wealth and power: China's long march to the twenty-first century
Schell, Orville.
DS776 .S34 2013

The real North Korea: life and politics in the failed Stalinist utopia
Lanʹkov, A. N.
DS935.774 .L36 2013

Engaging the diaspora: migration and African families
DT16.5 .E54 2014

The Red Sea from Byzantium to the Caliphate: AD 500-1000
Power, Timothy,
DT39 .P69 2012

Cocktail hour under the tree of forgetfulness
Fuller, Alexandra,
DT2984.F85 F85 2011

E: History: America in General

Indians, alcohol, and the roads to Taos and Santa Fe
Unrau, William E.,
E78.W5 U565 2013

Repatriation of Indian human remains: efforts of the Smithsonian Institution
E98.M34 R4538 2013

Hopi kachinas: history, legends, and art
Pecina, Ron.
E99.H7 P43 2013

The myth of America's decline: politics, economics, and a half century of false prophecies
Joffe, Josef.
E169.12 J63 2014

The Smithsonian's History of America in 101 Objects
Kurin, Richard,
E173 .K87 2013

The men who united the states: America's explorers, inventors, eccentrics, and mavericks, and the creation of one nation, indivisible
Winchester, Simon.
E178 .W8 2013

Seeing race in modern America
Guterl, Matthew Pratt,
E184.A1 G963 2013

Looking for Palestine: growing up confused in an Arab-American family
Said, Najla.
E184.A65 S24 2013

From America to Norway: Norwegian-American immigrant letters, 1838-1914
Øverland, Orm,
E184.S2 F76 2012

The demography of the Hispanic population: selected essays
E184.S75 D464 2012

The color of our shame: race and justice in our time
Lebron, Christopher J.
E185.615 .L39 2013

The Jeffersonian vision, 1801-1815: the art of American power during the early republic
Nester, William R., 1956-
E331 .N47 2013

Solomon Northup: the complete story of the author of Twelve years a slave
Fiske, David
E444.N87 F57 2013

Photography and the American Civil War
Rosenheim, Jeff,
E468.7 .R674 2013

The world's largest prison: the story of Camp Lawton
Derden, John K.
E612.C26 D47 2012

Empire of ideas: the origins of public diplomacy and the transformation of U.S. foreign policy
Hart, Justin.
E744.5 .H37 2013

Shlaes, Amity.
E792 .S53 2013

Eisenhower's Sputnik moment: the race for space and world prestige
Mieczkowski, Yanek.
E835 .M47 2013

The political life of Bella Abzug, 1920-1976: political passions, women's rights, and congressional battles
Levy, Alan Howard,
E840.8.A2 L487 2013

Rumsfeld's rules
Rumsfeld, Donald,
E840.8.R84 A3 2013

The Blood telegram: Nixon, Kissinger, and a forgotten genocide
Bass, Gary Jonathan,
E855 .B34 2013

G: Geography, Anthropology, & Recreation

Unfathomable city: a New Orleans atlas
Solnit, Rebecca,
G1364.N5 S6 2013

Map worlds: a history of women in cartography
Van den Hoonaard, Will. C.
GA203 .V36 2013

Physical geography: great systems and global environments
Marsh, William M.
GB54.5 .M372 2013

Dunes: dynamics, morphology, history
Warren, Andrew.
GB631 .W36 2013

Six sources of collapse: a mathematician's perspective on how things can fall apart in the blink of an eye
Hadlock, Charles Robert.
GB5014 .H325 2012

The dynamics of disaster
Kieffer, Susan W.
GB5014 .K54 2013

Extreme environment: how environmental exaggeration harms emerging economies
Vegter, Ivo.
GE160.D44 V44 2012

On environmental governance: sustainability, efficiency, and equity
Young, Oran R.
GE170 .Y683 2013

Earth at risk: building a resistance movement to save the planet
GE195 .E172 2013

What has nature ever done for us?: how money really does grow on trees
Juniper, Tony.
GE195.7 .J86 2013

Living within a fair share ecological footprint
GE196 .L58 2013

A Dictionary of human geography
Castree, Noel,
GF4 .C37 2013

The once and future world: finding wilderness in the nature we've made
MacKinnon, J. B.
GF75 .M322 2013

Scatter, adapt, and remember: how humans will survive a mass extinction
Newitz, Annalee,
GF86 .N485 2013

Toward engaged anthropology
GN33 .T68 2013

The silence of animals: on progress and other modern myths
Gray, John,
GN280.7 .G73 2013b

Shaping humanity: how science, art, and imagination help us understand our origins
Gurche, John.
GN282 .G87 2013

Indigenous earth: praxis and transformation
GN476 .I514 2012

The meaning of ice: people and sea ice in three Arctic communities
GN673 .M43 2013

Vampire culture
Mellins, Maria,
GR830.V3 M45 2013

Fashion and orientalism: dress, textiles and culture from the 17th to the 21st century
Geczy, Adam.
GT580 .G43 2013

Hippie chic
Whitley, Lauren D.
GT596 .W44x 2013

Hollywood costume
Landis, Deborah Nadoolman.
GT617.C2 H65 2013 folio

African dress: fashion, agency, performance
GT1580 .A475 2013

Fashion and age: dress, the body and later life
Twigg, Julia,
GT1720 .T854 2013

Shoe obsession
Steele, Valerie.
GT2130 .S638 2013

Wear your dreams: my life in tattoos
Hardy, Don Ed.
GT5960.H37 A3 2013

Artist, rebel, dandy: men of fashion
Irvin, Kate.
GT6720 .I78 2013

Meeting the physical education needs of children with autism spectrum disorder
Alexander, Melissa G. F.
GV445 .A37 2012

Getting physical: the rise of fitness culture in America
McKenzie, Shelly.
GV510.U5 M45 2013

The kid: the immortal life of Ted Williams
Bradlee, Ben.
GV865.W5 B73 2013

Dancing cultures: globalization, tourism and identity in the anthropology of dance
GV1588.6 .D394 2012

Balanchine and the lost muse: revolution and the making of a choreographer
Kendall, Elizabeth,
GV1785.B32 K46 2013

The making of Markova: Diaghilev's baby ballerina to groundbreaking icon
Sutton, Tina.
GV1785.M3 S88 2013

French moves: the cultural politics of le hip hop
McCarren, Felicia M.
GV1796.H57 M43 2013

The ordinary acrobat: a journey into the wondrous world of the circus, past and present
Wall, Duncan.
GV1811.W16 A3 2013

Topsy: the startling story of the crooked-tailed elephant, P.T. Barnum, and the American wizard, Thomas Edision
Daly, Michael,
GV1831.E4 D35 2013

H: Social Sciences

The ethical economy: rebuilding value after the crisis
Arvidsson, Adam,
HB72 .A768 2013

A history of Ottoman economic thought: developments before the nineteenth century
Ermis, Fatih.
HB126.T9 E76 2014

Beyond consumer capitalism: media and the limits to imagination
Lewis, Justin,
HB801 .L49 2013

Scarcity: why having too little means so much
Mullainathan, Sendhil.
HB801 .M83 2013

Aid on the edge of chaos: rethinking international cooperation in a complex world
Ramalingam, Ben,
HC60 .R36 2013

Average is over: powering America beyond the age of the great stagnation
Cowen, Tyler.
HC106.84 .C69 2013

The atlas of California: mapping the challenges of a new era
Walker, Richard,
HC107.C2 W35 2013

Good jobs and social services: how Costa Rica achieved the elusive double incorporation
Sánchez-Ancochea, Diego.
HC143 .S255 2013

Innovation and regional development in China
HC430.T4 I55 2014

An uncertain glory: India and its contradictions
Drèze, Jean,
HC435 .D69 2013

Eco-innovation and sustainability management
Bossink, Bart,
HD30.255 .B67 2012

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence v10: the complete guide
Gautam, Sangeeta.
HD38.7 .G38 2013

Intellectual capital strategy management for knowledge-based organizations
HD53 .I5776 2013

Owning the earth: the transforming history of land ownership
Linklater, Andro.
HD1251 .L496 2013

Contractors in the government workplace: managing the blended workforce
Voelz, Glenn J.
HD3861.U6 V64 2010

Dangerously sleepy: overworked Americans and the cult of manly wakefulness
Derickson, Alan.
HD5124 .D36 2014

The XX factor: how the rise of working women has created a far less equal world
Wolf, Alison.
HD6053 .W598 2013

The jet sex: airline stewardesses and the making of an American icon
Vantoch, Victoria.
HD8039.A43 V36 2013

Cutting along the color line: Black barbers and barber shops in America
Mills, Quincy T.,
HD8039.B32 U647 2013

Servants: a downstairs history of Britain from the nineteenth century to modern times
Lethbridge, Lucy.
HD8039.D52 G7766 2013b

Coming up short: working-class adulthood in an age of uncertainty
Silva, Jennifer M.
HD8072.5 .S575 2013

Beyond the pale: the story of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Grossman, Ken,
HD9397.U54 G76 2013

The frackers: the outrageous inside story of the new billionaire wildcatters
Zuckerman, Gregory.
HD9569.8 .Z83 2013

Dogfight: how Apple and Google went to war and started a revolution
Vogelstein, Fred,
HD9696.2.A2 V64 2013

Open: how Compaq ended IBM's PC domination and helped invent modern computing
Canion, Rod.
HD9696.2.U64 C653 2013

The green vision of Henry Ford and George Washington Carver: two collaborators in the cause of clean industry
Skrabec, Quentin R.
HD9710.U52 F66635 2013

Brick by brick: how LEGO rewrote the rules of innovation and conquered the global toy industry
Robertson, David C.
HD9993.T694 L447 2013

Urban street design guide
HE305 .N32 2013

Beyond war: reimagining American influence in a new Middle East
Rohde, David,
HF1456.5.Z4 M6287 2013

China's silent army: the pioneers, traders, fixers, and workers who are remaking the world in Beijing's image
Cardenal, Juan Pablo,
HF1604 .C26713 2013

Competitive SME: building competitive advantage through marketing excellence for small to medium sized enterprises
Hood, David J.
HF5415.13 .H667 2013

Conversations that sell: collaborate with buyers and make every conversation count
Bleeke, Nancy Noel.
HF5438.25 .B5653 2013

Mobile influence: the new power of the consumer
Martin, Chuck,
HF5548.32 .M3736 2013

Excel statistics: a quick guide
Salkind, Neil J.
HF5548.4.M523 S263 2013

Foreclosing the future: the World Bank and the politics of environmental destruction
Rich, Bruce.
HG3881.5.W57 R527 2013

Euro: the beginning, the middle ... and the end?
HG3942 .E87 2013

Lost decades: the making of America's debt crisis and the long recovery
Chinn, Menzie David.
HJ7537 .C45 2011

Why genes are not selfish and people are nice: a challenge to the dangerous ideas that dominate our lives
Tudge, Colin.
HM1025 .T83 2013

The quest for security: protection without protectionism and the challenge of global governance
HN18.3 .Q47 2013

China beyond the headlines
HN733.5 .C4285 2000

The end of sex: how hookup culture is leaving a generation unhappy, sexually unfulfilled, and confused about intimacy
Freitas, Donna.
HQ27 .F74 2013

Perv: the sexual deviant in all of us
Bering, Jesse.
HQ71 .B3567 2013

Responsive school practices to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning students and families
Fisher, Emily S.,
HQ73 .F57 2012

Gender and parenthood: biological and social scientific perspectives
HQ755.8 .G463 2013

A child of one's own: parental stories
Bowlby, Rachel,
HQ755.85 .B69 2013

Grandparents as parents: a survival guide for raising a second family
De Toledo, Sylvie.
HQ759.9 .D423 2013

I could not call her mother: the stepmother in American popular culture, 1750-1960
Lindenauer, Leslie J.
HQ759.92 .L56 2014

Six steps to successful child advocacy: changing the world for children
Wright, Amy Conley.
HQ789 .W73 2014

The app generation: how today's youth navigate identity, intimacy, and imagination in a digital world
Gardner, Howard,
HQ799.9.I58 G37 2013

Gender and rural migration: realities, conflict and change
HQ1075 .G461846 2014

Lillian Gilbreth: redefining domesticity
Des Jardins, Julie.
HQ1413.G527 D47 2013

Happy city: transforming our lives through urban design
Montgomery, Charles,
HT166 .M5865 2013

The overthrow of colonial slavery, 1776-1848
Blackburn, Robin.
HT1050 .B54 2011

Race: a philosophical introduction
Taylor, Paul C.
HT1521 .T36 2013

Qualitative research in social work
HV11 .Q28 2013

The nonprofit fundraising solution: powerful revenue strategies to take you to the next level
Pagnoni, Laurence A.
HV41.2 .P34 2014

To the end of June: the intimate life of American foster care
Beam, Cris.
HV881 .B4193 2013

A theory of justice for animals: animal rights in a nonideal world
Garner, Robert,
HV4708 .G387 2013

Animal oppression and human violence: domesecration, capitalism, and global conflict
Nibert, David Alan,
HV4731 .N53 2013

A health educator's guide to understanding drugs of abuse testing
Dasgupta, Amitava,
HV5823 .D37 2010

Drugs and drug policy: the control of consciousness alternation
Mosher, Clayton James.
HV5825 .M69 2014

Honour and violence against women in Iraqi Kurdistan
Alinia, Minoo.
HV6250.4.W65 A4995 2013

Selling Guantánamo: exploding the propaganda surrounding America's most notorious military prison
Hickman, John Charles,
HV6432 .H525 2013

The subject of murder: gender, exceptionality, and the modern killer
Downing, Lisa.
HV6513 .D685 2013

Redefining rape: sexual violence in the era of suffrage and segregation
Freedman, Estelle B.,
HV6561 .F74 2013

Understanding adult survivors of domestic violence in childhood: still forgotten, still hurting
Hague, Gill.
HV6626 .H254 2012

Biohackers: the politics of open science
Delfanti, Alessandro.
HV6773 .D45 2013

Internet sex offenders
Seto, Michael C.
HV6773.15.O58 S48 2013

Predictive policing: the role of crime forecasting in law enforcement operations
Perry, Walt L.,
HV7432 .P47 2013

Evidence-based child forensic interviewing: the developmental narrative elaboration interview: interviewer guide
Saywitz, Karen Jill.
HV8073.3 .S29 2014

Working for justice: a handbook of prison education and activism
HV8883.3.U5 W67 2013

Children of the prison boom: mass incarceration and the future of American inequality
Wakefield, Sara.
HV8886.U5 W35 2014

Solitary confinement: social death and its afterlives
Guenther, Lisa,
HV9471 .G84 2013

For a song and a hundred songs: a poet's journey through a Chinese prison
Liao, Yiwu,
HV9817.5 .L5313 2013

M: Music & Books on Music

Redefining Hungarian music from Liszt to Bartók
Hooker, Lynn M.
ML248 .H66 2013

The art of re-enchantment: making early music in the modern age
Wilson, Nick,
ML285 .W55 2014

Wonder of wonders: a cultural history of Fiddler on the roof
Solomon, Alisa,
ML410.B661 S65 2013

Tradition and style in the works of Darius Milhaud 1912-1939
Kelly, Barbara L.
ML410.M674 K45 2003

Johnny Cash: the life
Hilburn, Robert,
ML420.C265 H4 2013

Nilsson: the life of a singer-songwriter
Shipton, Alyn.
ML420.N6985 S45 2013

Simple dreams: a musical memoir
Ronstadt, Linda,
ML420.R8753 A3 2013

Strings attached: one tough teacher and the gift of great expectations
Lipman, Joanne.
ML423.K975 L56 2013

We'll meet again: musical design in the films of Stanley Kubrick
McQuiston, Kate.
ML2075 .M37 2013

Making samba: a new history of race and music in Brazil
Hertzman, Marc A.
ML3487.B7 H478 2013

Beatles vs. Stones
McMillian, John Campbell.
ML3534 .M4725 2013

Fado resounding: affective politics and urban life
Gray, Lila Ellen,
ML3718.F3 G73 2013

Respect yourself: Stax Records and the soul explosion
Gordon, Robert,
ML3792.S78 G67 2013

The psychology of music in multimedia
ML3830 .P793 2013

DJ culture in the mix: power, technology, and social change in electronic dance music
ML3918.U53 D5 2013

Triple entendre: furniture music, Muzak, Muzak-plus
Vanel, Hervé.
ML3920 .V35 2013

N: Fine Arts

24/7: late capitalism and the ends of sleep
Crary, Jonathan.
N72.S6 C733 2013

Art and truth after Plato
Rockmore, Tom,
N72.7 .R63 2013

Etruscan art in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
De Puma, Richard Daniel,
N5750 .D44 2013

Byzantine things in the world
N6250 .B95 2013

Van Gogh, Dalí, and beyond: the world reimagined
Friedman, Samantha.
N6490 .F728 2013

Systems we have loved: conceptual art, affect, and the antihumanist turn
Meltzer, Eve,
N6494.C63 M45 2013

LetterScapes: a global survey of typographic installations
Saccani, Anna,
N6498.S58 S23 2013

The Pop object: the still life tradition in Pop art
Wilmerding, John.
N6512.5.P6 W556 2013

Deflowered: Judy Chicago.
Chicago, Judy,
N6537.C48 A4 2012

Revisionist art: [thirty works by Bob Dylan]
Dylan, Bob,
N6537.D935 A4 2012

Eva Hesse 1965
N6537.H4 A4 2013

Winslow Homer: The Clark Collection
N6537.H58 A4 2013

Allan Kaprow, Robert Smithson, and the limits to art
Ursprung, Philip.
N6537.K27 U7713 2013

Sorted books
Katchadourian, Nina.
N6537.K297 A4 2013

Robert Rauschenberg
Craft, Catherine.
N6537.R27 C73 2013

Water days
Singer, Leah.
N6537.S559 A4 2010

James Turrell: a retrospective
Govan, Michael.
N6537.T78 A4 2013

Fire in the belly: the life and times of David Wojnarowicz
Carr, Cynthia.
N6537.W63 C37 2012

Mexico's revolutionary avant-gardes: from Estridentismo to ¡30-30!
Flores, Tatiana.
N6555.5.E76 F59 2013

Becoming Picasso: Paris 1901
N6853.P5 A4 2013

Picasso and truth: from Cubism to Guernica
Clark, T. J.
N6853.P5 C595 2013

Max Ernst retrospective
Ernst, Max,
N6888.E7 A4 2013

The springtime of the Renaissance: sculpture and the arts in Florence 1400-60
N6921.F7 S67 2013

Marcel Broodthaers: collected writings
Broodthaers, Marcel.
N6973.B66 A35 2012

Collecting objects/excluding people: Chinese subjects and American visual culture, 1830-1900
Metrick-Chen, Lenore.
N7340 .M47 2012

Shinohara pops!the avant-garde road, Tokyo/New York
Ikegami, Hiroko,
N7359.S55 A4 2012

The critical imagination
Grant, James Eric,
N7475 .G663 2013

The storytellers: narratives in international contemporary art
N8215 .S76 2012

Atlas of world architecture
NA687 .A85 2013

Louis Kahn: the power of architecture
NA737.K32 A4 2012

Digital fabrications: architectural and material techniques
Iwamoto, Lisa,
NA2728 .I93 2009

Key interiors since 1900
Brooker, Graeme,
NA2850 .B76 2013

Patterns and layering: Japanese spatial culture, nature and architecture
NA3584.A1 P38 2012

The mosaics of Roman Crete: art, archaeology and social change
Sweetman, Rebecca J.
NA3770 .S94 2013

Great houses of London
Stourton, James.
NA7512.4.L6 S86 2012

Vitamin D2: new perspectives in drawing
NC96 .V58 2013

Hopper drawing
Foster, Carter E.
NC139.H65 A4 2013

Whet my appetite: culinary graphic design
NC997 .W43 2013

My Dear Mr. Hopper
Hilsdale, Alta,
ND237.H75 A3 2013

Edward Hopper: paintings & ledger book drawings
Hopper, Edward,
ND237.H75 A4 2012

Modern nature: Georgia O'Keeffe and Lake George
ND237.O5 A4 2013

Impressionists on the water
Lloyd, Christopher,
ND547.5.I4 L634 2013

Gustave Caillebotte: an impressionist and photography
ND553.C243 A4 2012

Emil Nolde: bewundert, gefürchtet und begehrt: Emil Nolde malt die Frauen
Nolde, Emil,
ND588.N6 A4 2010

Vermeer: the complete works
Villa, Renzo,
ND653.V5 A4 2012

The popular history of graffiti: from the ancient world to the present
McDonald, Fiona.
ND2550 .M39 2013

The power and the glorification: papal pretensions and the art of propaganda in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
Jong, Jan L. de.
ND2757.R6 J66 2013

Marketing interior design
Princeton, Lloyd.
NK2116.2 .P75 2013

Capricious fancy: draping and curtaining the historic interior, 1800-1930
Winkler, Gail Caskey.
NK3212 .W56 2013

The world encyclopedia of calligraphy: the ultimate compendium on the art of fine writing: history, craft, technique
Calderhead, Christopher.
NK3600 .C24 2011

The engagement aesthetic: experiencing new media art through critique
Ricardo, Francisco J.
NX456.5.N49 R53 2013

Theater in a crowded fire: ritual and spirituality at Burning Man
Gilmore, Lee,
NX510.N48 G55 2010

Hans Richter: encounters
Benson, Timothy O.
NX550.Z9 R52 2013

Vanishing paradise: art and exoticism in colonial Tahiti
Childs, Elizabeth C.
NX653.T35 C49 2013

P: Language & Literature

Blockbusters: hit-making, risk-taking, and the big business of entertainment
Elberse, Anita.
P96.E25 E53 2013

I wear the black hat: grappling with villains (real and imagined)
Klosterman, Chuck,
P96.V48 K58 2013

The handbook of bilingualism and multilingualism
P115 .H365 2013

Latin: story of a world language
Leonhardt, Jürgen,
PA2057 .L4613 2013

Futurity: contemporary literature and the quest for the past
Eshel, Amir.
PN50 .E84 2013

Displacement and the somatics of postcolonial culture
Robinson, Douglas,
PN56.P555 R63 2013

How authors' minds make stories
Hogan, Patrick Colm.
PN171.P83 H64 2013

Behind the Burly Q: the story of Burlesque in America
Zemeckis, Leslie Harter.
PN1942 .Z46 2013

The O.C.: a critical understanding
Bindig, Lori,
PN1992.77.O18 B57 2013

The cinema of isolation: a history of physical disability in the movies
Norden, Martin F.,
PN1995.9.H34 N67 1994

Dream West: politics and religion in cowboy movies
Brode, Douglas,
PN1995.9.W4 B76 2013

Orson Welles in Italy
Anile, Alberto.
PN1998.3.W45 A6513 2013

Performance of the century: 100 years of actors' equity association and the rise of professional American theater
Simonson, Robert.
PN2016 .S435 2012 folio

Room 1219: the life of Fatty Arbuckle, the mysterious death of Virginia Rappe, and the scandal that changed Hollywood
Merritt, Greg,
PN2287.A68 M48 2013

Globalization, utopia, and postcolonial science fiction: new maps of hope
Smith, Eric D.
PN3433.5 .S58 2012

Under the wire: Marie Colvin's final assignment
Conroy, Paul,
PN4874.C648 C66 2013

Mother, daughter, me: a memoir
Hafner, Katie.
PN4874.H213 A3 2013

Vanity fair, 100 years: from the jazz age to our age
PN4900.V3 V36 2013

Goethe's Faust and cultural memory: comparatist interfaces
Fitzsimmons, Lorna,
PN6071.F33 F58 2012

Superheroes!: capes, cowls, and the creation of comic book culture
Maslon, Laurence.
PN6710 .M279 2013

The writings of Eusebio Chacón
Chacón, Eusebio,
PQ7079.C27 A2 2012

My father's ghost is climbing in the rain
Pron, Patricio,
PQ7798.26.R58 E8713 2013

Landscape and identity in North America's southern colonies from 1660 to 1745
Armstrong, Catherine.
PR756.T72 A76 2013

Middlebrow feminism in classic British detective fiction: the female gentleman
Schaub, Melissa,
PR888.D4 S33 2013

The alchemist
Jonson, Ben,
PR2605.A2 C66 2010

Charles Dickens and the sciences of childhood: popular medicine, child health and Victorian culture
Boehm, Katharina,
PR4592 .M43 B64 2013

The Oxford handbook of Percy Bysshe Shelley
PR5438 .O94 2013

Flann O'Brien: plays and teleplays
O'Brien, Flann,
PR6029.N56 A6 2013

Crace, Jim.
PR6053.R228 H37 2013

Mind walking
Gupta, Tanika.
PR6057.U6 M56 2013

Astronaut's chair
Munro, Rona,
PR6063.U57 A88 2012

The epic adventure of Nhamo the Manyika warrior and his sexy wife Chipo
Chikura, Denton
PR6103.H548 E65 2013

The hired man
Forna, Aminatta,
PR6106.O766 H57 2013

Irish women's fiction: from Edgeworth to Enright
Ingman, Heather,
PR8733 .I54 2013

Key concepts in postcolonial literature
Wisker, Gina,
PR9080 .W57 2007

The hours that remain
Barker, Keith
PR9199.4.B3662 H68 2013

The headmaster's wager: a novel
Lam, Vincent.
PR9199.4.L353 H43 2012

Searching for the new Black man: Black masculinity and women's bodies
Henry Anthony, Ronda C.
PS153.N5 H468 2013

Virtual modernism: writing and technology in the Progressive Era
Biers, Katherine.
PS228.M63 B54 2013

Storytelling, history, and the postmodern South
PS261 .S76 2013

Emily Dickinson and philosophy
PS1541.Z5 E3945 2013

E. D. E. N. Southworth: recovering a nineteenth-century popular novelist
PS2893 .E34 2012

A political companion to Saul Bellow
PS3503.E4488 Z8185 2013

The collected later poems and plays
Duncan, Robert,
PS3507 .U629 2014

Orphans' home: the voice and vision of Horton Foote
Porter, Laurin,
PS3511.O344 Z84 2003

Jack London: an American life
Labor, Earle,
PS3523.O46 Z6825 2013

Ezra Pound's early verse and lyric tradition: a jargoner's apprenticeship
Stark, Robert
PS3531.O82 Z8375 2012

Franny and Zooey
Salinger, J. D.
PS3537.A426 F7 2006

Edith Wharton in context
PS3545.H16 Z6453 2012

Inhabiting la patria: identity, agency, and antojo in the work of Julia Alvarez
PS3551.L845 Z68 2013

The color master: stories
Bender, Aimee.
PS3552.E538447 C65 2013

T.C. Boyle stories II: the collected stories of T. Coraghessan Boyle.
Boyle, T. Coraghessan.
PS3552.O932 A6 2013

Duplex: a novel
Davis, Kathryn,
PS3554.A934923 D87 2013

Dirty love
Dubus, Andre,
PS3554.U2652 D57 2013

Children are diamonds: an African apocalypse: a novel
Hoagland, Edward.
PS3558.O334 C49 2013

Dissident gardens: a novel
Lethem, Jonathan.
PS3562.E8544 D67 2013

The Cambridge introduction to Toni Morrison
Roynon, Tessa.
PS3563.O8749 Z8448 2013

The faraway nearby
Solnit, Rebecca.
PS3569.O585 Z46 2013

The city of Devi
Suri, Manil.
PS3569.U725 C58 2013

The valley of amazement
Tan, Amy.
PS3570.A48 V35 2013

Kurt Vonnegut
PS3572.O5 Z7536 2013

Argonautika: the voyage of Jason and the Argonauts
Zimmerman, Mary.
PS3576.I66 A89 2013

The circle: a novel
Eggers, Dave.
PS3605.G48 C57 2013

Paper dolls
Himberg, Philip,
PS3608.I468 P37 2013

The big smoke
Matejka, Adrian,
PS3613.A825 B54 2013

Want not: [a novel]
Miles, Jonathan.
PS3613.I5322 W36 2013

Shout her lovely name
Serber, Natalie.
PS3619.E7359 S56 2012

Incarnadine: poems
Szybist, Mary,
PS3619.Z93 A6 2013

The Isle of Youth: stories
Van den Berg, Laura.
PS3622.A58537 I85 2013

Men we reaped: a memoir
Ward, Jesmyn.
PS3623.A7323 Z46 2013

Starlite Terrace
Roth, Patrick,
PT2678.O814 S73 2012

The Cambridge companion to August Strindberg
PT9816 .C36 2009

Q: Science

The best American science and nature writing 2013
Q1 .B47 2013

Who owns America's past?: the Smithsonian and the problem of history
Post, Robert C.
Q11.S8 P67 2013

A living exhibition: the Smithsonian and the transformation of the universal museum
Walker, William S.,
Q11.S8 W29 2013

What is this thing called science?
Chalmers, A. F.
Q175 .C446 2013

Arguing about science
Q175.3 .A72 2013

Philosophy and the foundations of dynamics
Sklar, Lawrence.
Q175.32.D96 S55 2013

The outer limits of reason: what science, mathematics, and logic cannot tell us
Yanofsky, Noson S.,
Q175.32.K45 Y36 2013

Proposals that work: a guide for planning dissertations and grant proposals
Locke, Lawrence F.,
Q180.55.P7 L63 2014

Who's bigger?: where historical figures really rank
Skiena, Steven S.,
Q180.55.Q36 S55 2014

The busy librarians guide to information literacy in science and engineering
Q181 .B968 2012

Fostering success of ethnic and racial minorities in STEM: the role of minority serving institutions
Q183.3.A1 F675 2013

UNIX and Perl to the rescue!: a field guide for the life sciences (and other data-rich pursuits)
Bradnam, Keith.
Q183.9 .B73 2012

Machine learning: the art and science of algorithms that make sense of data
Flach, Peter A.
Q325.5 .F5 2012

Artificial intelligence in the 21st century: a living introduction
Lucci, Stephen.
Q335 .L83 2013

The best writing on mathematics 2012
QA8.6 .B476 2013

A course on mathematical logic
Srivastava, S. M.
QA9 .S65 2013

The nuts and bolts of proofs: an introduction to mathematical proofs
Cupillari, Antonella.
QA9.54 .C86 2013

Object lessons: teaching math through the visual arts, K-5
Holtzman, Caren,
QA19.A78 H65 2011

Plato and Pythagoreanism
Horky, Phillip Sidney.
QA22 .H67 2013

Alan Turing: his work and impact
QA29.T8 A45 2013

How to study as a mathematics major
Alcock, Lara.
QA37.2 .A43 2013

Data structures and algorithm analyis in C++
Weiss, Mark Allen.
QA76.73.C153 W46 2014

Honoring the code: conversations with great game designers
QA76.76.C672 H675 2013

Operating systems demystified
McHoes, Ann McIver,
QA 76.76 O63 M34 2012

Software testing: a craftsman's approach, fourth edition
Jorgensen, Paul.
QA76.76.T48 J67 2014

Schrödinger's killer app: race to build the world's first quantum computer
Dowling, Jonathan P.
QA76.889 .D69 2013

Discrete dynamical systems, chaotic machines theory, and applications
Bahi, Jacques Mohcine,
QA76.9.A25 B344 2013

Oracle database 12c: the complete reference
Bryla, Bob,
QA76.9.D3 L662955 2014

Programming distributed computing systems: a foundational approach
Varela, Carlos A.
QA76.9.D5 V374 2013

The Simpsons and their mathematical secrets
Singh, Simon.
QA99 .S48 2013

Do I count?: stories from mathematics
Ziegler, Günter M.
QA99 .Z5413 2014

Koh, K. M.
QA164 .K63 2013

Practical linear algebra: a geometry toolbox
Farin, Gerald E.
QA184.2 .F37 2014

Number, shape, and symmetry: an introduction to number theory, geometry, and group theory
Herrmann, Diane,
QA241 .H44 2013

Ross, Sheldon M.
QA273 .R82 2013

Will you be alive 10 years from now?: and numerous other curious questions in probability: a collection of not so well-known mathematical mind-benders (with solutions, with one exception)
Nahin, Paul J.
QA273.25 .N344 2014

A primer on partial least squares structural equations modeling (PLS-SEM)
QA275 .P88 2014

Smoothing spline ANOVA models
Gu, Chong.
QA279 .G8 2013

An introduction to numerical methods and analysis
Epperson, James F.,
QA297 .E568 2013

Elementary analysis: the theory of calculus
Ross, Kenneth A.
QA303 .R726 2013

McGraw-Hill's 500 calculus questions: ace your college exams
Mendelson, Elliott.
QA303.2 .M46 2013

Numerical solution of elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations
Trangenstein, J. A.
QA374 .T655 2013

Lange, Kenneth.
QA402.5 .L34 2013

Polyhedral and algebraic methods in computational geometry
Joswig, Michael,
QA564 .J6713 2013

Virtual knots: the state of the art
Manturov, V. O.
QA612.2 .M36413 2012

Advanced mechanics: from Euler's determinism to Arnold's chaos
Rajeev, S. G.
QA805 .R18 2013

Introduction to compressible fluid flow
Oosthuizen, P. H.
QA911 .O57 2014

Five billion years of solitude: the search for life among the stars
Billings, Lee,
QB54 .B54 2013

Life beyond Earth: the search for habitable worlds in the Universe
Coustenis, Athena.
QB54 .C686 2013

From dust to life: the origin and evolution of our solar system
Chambers, John.
QB791 .C43 2014

Time, space, stars & man: the story of the big bang
Woolfson, M. M.
QB991.B54 W66 2013

Knots and physics
Kauffman, Louis H.,
QC20.7.K56 K38 2013

Quantum physics: the bottom-up approach: from the simple two-level system to irreducible representations
Dubbers, Dirk,
QC174.12 .D813 2013

The wave function: essays on the metaphysics of quantum mechanics
QC174.125 .W38 2013

Quantum computing since Democritus
Aaronson, Scott.
QC174.17.M35 A27 2013

Electricity and magnetism
Purcell, Edward M.
QC522 .P85 2013

Principles of electromagnetic waves and materials
Kalluri, Dikshitulu K.
QC760 .K363 2013

A piece of the sun: the quest for fusion energy
Clery, Daniel.
QC791.735 .C25 2013

100 years of subatomic physics
QC793.16 A13 2013

Modern particle physics
Thomson, Mark,
QC793.2 .T46 2013

Andrei Sakharov: quarks and the structure of matter
Lipkin, Harry J.
QC793.5.Q252 L57 2013

Fast ion-atom and ion-molecule collisions
QC794.6.C6 F368 2013

Exploring climate change through science and in society: an anthology of Mike Hulme's essays, interviews and speeches
Hulme, Mike,
QC903 .H85 2013

Successful adaptation to climate change: linking science and policy in a rapidly changing world
QC903 .S88 2013

The West without water: what past floods, droughts, and other climatic clues tell us about tomorrow
Ingram, B. Lynn,
QC903.2.U6 I54 2013

Applications of Microsoft Excel in analytical chemistry
Crouch, Stanley R.,
QD75.4.E4 C76 2014

Problems in structural inorganic chemistry
Li, Wai-Kee,
QD257 .L5 2013

The organic chem lab survival manual: a student's guide to techniques
Zubrick, James W.
QD261 .Z83 2014

Carbohydrate chemistry and biochemistry: structure and mechanism
Sinnott, Michael.
QD321 .S56 2013

Electronic and optical properties of conjugated polymers
Barford, W.
QD382.C66 B37 2013

Diffusion and mass transfer
Vrentas, James S.
QD543 .V735 2013

Isotope dilution mass spectrometry
Garcia Alonso, J. Ignacio.
QD608 .A46 2013

Epitaxy of semiconductors: introduction to physical principles
Pohl, Udo W.,
QD921 .P564 2013

Geologic history of Florida: major events that formed the Sunshine State
Hine, Albert C.
QE99 .H56 2013

Mid-ocean ridges
Searle, Roger,
QE511.7 .S45 2013

History of life
Cowen, Richard,
QE711.2 .C68 2013

The Lost World of Fossil Lake: snapshots from deep time
Grande, Lance,
QE747.G74 G73 2013

Darwin and his children: his other legacy
Berra, Tim M.,
QH31.D2 B474 2013

Dispelling the darkness: voyage in the Malay Archipelago and the discovery of evolution by Wallace and Darwin
Van Wyhe, John,
QH31.W2 V36 2013

Seeking the greatest good: the conservation legacy of Gifford Pinchot
Miller, Char,
QH76 .M535 2013

A student handbook for writing in biology
Knisely, Karin.
QH304 .K59 2013

In search of mechanisms: discoveries across the life sciences
Craver, Carl F.,
QH331 .C898 2013

From groups to individuals: evolution and emerging individuality
QH331 .F885 2013

On Gaia: a critical investigation of the relationship between life and earth
Tyrrell, Toby,
QH331 .T97 2013

Better humans?: understanding the enhancement project
Hauskeller, Michael.
QH332 .H38 2013

Multiple stable states in natural ecosystems
Petraitis, Peter Steven.
QH541 .P445 2013

Developing ecological consciousness: the end of separation
Uhl, Christopher,
QH541 .U44 2013

Green equilibrium: the vital balance of humans & nature
Wills, Christopher.
QH541.15.B56 W384 2013

Ecological restoration: principles, values, and structure of an emerging profession
Clewell, Andre F.
QH541.15.R45 C54 2013

Cows save the planet and other improbable ways of restoring soil to heal the earth
Schwartz, Judith D.
QH541.5.S6 S425 2013

Bioethics and the future of stem cell research
Hyun, Insoo,
QH588.S83 H98 2013

Sex itself: the search for male and female in the human genome
Richardson, Sarah S.,
QH600.5 .R53 2013

Mabberley's plant-book: a portable dictionary of plants, their classification and uses
Mabberley, D. J.
QK11 .M29 2008

Plant and animal endemism in California
Harrison, Susan
QK149 .H444 2013

A manual of California vegetation / John O. Sawyer, Todd Keeler-Wolf, Julie M. Evens.
Sawyer, John O.,
QK149 .S39 2009

Conifers of the world: the complete reference
Eckenwalder, James E.,
QK494 .E34 2009

Aloes: the definitive guide
QK495.A835 A46 2011

Taxidermy: with 337 color illustrations
Turner, Alexis,
QL63 .T87 2013

Stung!: on jellyfish blooms and the future of the ocean
Gershwin, Lisa-Ann.
QL377.S4 G47 2013

Turtles, tortoises and terrapins: a natural history
Orenstein, Ronald I.
QL666.C5 O74 2012

The world's rarest birds
Hirschfeld, Erik.
QL676.7 .H57 2013

Their fate is our fate: how birds foretell threats to our health and our world
Doherty, P. C.
QL699 .D64 2013

The secret world of red wolves: the fight to save North America's other wolf
Beeland, T. DeLene.
QL737.C22 B43 2013

Wolves in the land of salmon
Moskowitz, David,
QL737.C22 M676 2013

Primate adaptation and evolution
Fleagle, John G.
QL737.P9 F57 2013

Primates of the world: an illustrated guide
Petter, Jean-Jacques.
QL737.P9 P4713 2013

Encountering gorillas: a chronicle of discovery, exploitation, understanding, and survival
Newman, James L.
QL737.P96 N49 2013

People, parasites, and plowshares: learning from our body's most terrifying invaders
Despommier, Dickson D.
QL757 .D47 2013

The story of the human body: evolution, health, and disease
Lieberman, Daniel,
QP38 .L74 2013

The long and the short of it: the science of life span and aging
Silvertown, Jonathan W.
QP85 .S495 2013

Chronic medical disease and cognitive aging: toward a healthy body and brain
QP86 .C53 2013

Biomechanics: a case-based approach
Flanagan, Sean P.,
QP301 .F593 2014

Hunger, thirst, sex, and sleep: how the brain controls our passions
Young, John K.
QP355.2 .Y68 2012

Touching a nerve: the self as brain
Churchland, Patricia Smith.
QP360 .C485 2013

Neuro: the new brain sciences and the management of the mind
Rose, Nikolas S.
QP360 .R655 2013

Controversies in cognitive neuroscience
Slotnick, Scott.
QP360.5 .S468 2013

Brain-computer interfacing: an introduction
Rao, Rajesh P. N.
QP360.7 .R36 2013

Diet, brain, behavior: practical implications
QP376 .D52 2012

Divided brains: the biology and behaviour of brain asymmetries
Rogers, Lesley J.
QP385.5 .R64 2013

The secret world of sleep: the surprising science of the mind at rest
Lewis, Penelope A.,
QP425 .L492 2013

Why you hear what you hear: an experiential approach to sound, music, and psychoacoustics
Heller, Eric Johnson.
QP461 .H395 2013

Plenty of room for biology at the bottom: an introduction to bionanotechnology
Gazit, Ehud.
QP514.2 .G39 2013

Bioinorganic chemistry: inorganic elements in the chemistry of life: an introduction and guide
Kaim, Wolfgang,
QP531 .K3513 2013

Introduction to enzyme and coenzyme chemistry
Bugg, Tim.
QP601 .B955 2012

Vitamin D: oxidative stress, immunity, and aging
QP772.V53 V596 2013

Schaechter's mechanisms of microbial disease
QR46 .M463 2013

Medical microbiology
Murray, Patrick R.
QR46 .M4683 2013

Janeway's immunobiology
Murphy, Kenneth
QR181 .J37 2012

Roitt's essential immunology
QR181 .R57 2011

To catch a virus
Booss, John.
QR360 .B66 2013

R: Medicine

Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary.
R121 .T33 2013

Stedman's medical abbreviations, acronyms & symbols.
R123 .S69 2013

Bioethics, law, and human life issues: a Catholic perspective on marriage, family, contraception, abortion, reproductive technology, and death and dying
Scarnecchia, D. Brian,
R725.56 .S26 2010

From X-rays to DNA: how engineering drives biology
Lee, David W.,
R856 .L383 2014

Catastrophic care: how American health care killed my father--and how we can fix it
Goldhill, David.
RA410.53 .G655 2013

Social determinants, health disparities and linkages to health and health care
RA418 .S62 2013

Pesticides and global health: understanding agrochemical dependence and investing in sustainable solutions
Dowdall, Courtney.
RA441 .D69 2014

In the kingdom of the sick: a social history of chronic illness in America
Edwards, Laurie
RA644.6 .E38 2013

Therapeutic landscapes: an evidence-based approach to designing healing gardens and restorative outdoor spaces
Marcus, Clare Cooper.
RA792 .M335 2014

Healthcare analytics for quality and performance improvement
Strome, Trevor L.,
RA971.6 .S77 2013

Clinical laboratory mathematics
Ball, Mark D.
RB38.3 .B35 2014

Clinical care conundrums: challenging diagnoses in hospital medicine
Pile, James C.
RC71 .C55 2013

Diagnosis for classroom success: making anatomy and physiology come alive
Maller, Nicole H.
RC71.3 .M273 2013

A skeptic's guide to the mind: what neuroscience can and cannot tell us about ourselves
Burton, Robert Alan,
RC343 .B87 2013

Health and healing after traumatic brain injury: understanding the power of family, friends, community, and other support systems
RC387.5 .H43 2013

Rehabilitation interventions
RC451.4.H35 R44 2013

Transcending trauma: survival, resilience and clinical implications in survivor families
Hollander-Goldfein, Bea,
RC451.4.H62 H64 2012

Mad science: psychiatric coercion, diagnosis, and drugs
Kirk, Stuart A.,
RC469 .K525 2013

Art as therapy
De Botton, Alain.
RC489.A7 D43 2013

Biofeedback mastery: an experiential teaching and self-training manual
RC489.B53 P464 2008

On depression: drugs, diagnosis, and despair in the modern world
Ghaemi, S. Nassir.
RC537 .G43 2013

Bad boys, bad men: confronting antisocial personality disorder (sociopathy)
Black, Donald W.,
RC555 .B556 2013

A cannabis reader: global issues and local experiences: perspectives on cannabis controversies, treatment and regulation in Europe
RC568.C2 C364 2008

A guide to obesity and the metabolic syndrome: origins and treatment
Bray, George A.
RC628 .B6529 2011

Therapeutic taping for musculoskeletal conditions
Constantinou, Maria,
RC925 .C65 2010

Tropical diseases: a practical guide for medical practitioners and students
Meunier, Yann A.,
RC961 .M48 2014

General medical conditions in the athlete
Cuppett, Micki.
RC1210 .C865 2012

League of denial: the NFL, concussions, and the battle for truth
Fainaru-Wada, Mark.
RC1220.F6 F35 2013

Run, swim, throw, cheat: the science behind drugs in sport
Cooper, Chris E.
RC1230 .C59 2012

Recovery for performance in sport
RC1235 .R43 2013

Foundations of athletic training: prevention, assessment, and management
Anderson, Marcia K.
RD97 .A53 2013

Sports medicine conditions: return to play: recognition, treatment, planning
RD97 .S66 2014

Biomechanics of the upper limbs: mechanics, modeling, and musculoskeletal injuries
Freivalds, Andris.
RD557 .F746 2011

Clinical management of binocular vision: heterophoric, accommodative, and eye movement disorders
Scheiman, Mitchell.
RE735 .S35 2014

Welfare of children in foster carehealth care needs and social security benefits
RJ201 .W454 2012

Raising Henry: a memoir of motherhood, disability, and discovery
Adams, Rachel,
RJ506.D68 A33 2013

Dermatological disorders sourcebook: basic consumer health information about conditions and disorders affecting the skin, hair, and nails ...
RL85 .D47 2006

The comprehensive guide to skin care: from acne to wrinkles, what to do (and not do) to stay healthy and look your best
Campen, Rebecca B.
RL87 .C365 2009

Procedures in phlebotomy
RM182 .P76 2012

Acupuncture for new practitioners
Hamwee, John.
RM184 .H36 2012

Pharmacotherapy principles & practice study guide: a case-based care plan approach
RM262 .P4754 2014

Essential oils: a handbook for aromatherapy practice
Rhind, Jennifer.
RM666.A68 R45 2012

Herbal supplements and the brain: understanding their health benefits and hazards
Enna, S. J.
RM666.H33 E55 2012

Trease and Evans pharmacognosy
Evans, William Charles.
RS160 .T75 2009

Innovative teaching strategies in nursing and related health professions
RT71 .F84 2014

The American nurse: photographs and interviews
Jones, Carolyn
RT82 .J66 2012

Caring science, mindful practice: implementing Watson's human caring theory
Sitzman, Kathleen,
RT84.5 .S528 2014

Transcultural nursing: assessment & intervention
RT86.54 .T73 2013

Understanding the essentials of critical care nursing
Perrin, Kathleen Ouimet.
RT120.I5 P47 2013

T: Technology

Negotiating cultural encounters: narrating intercultural engineering and technical communication
T10.5 .N44 2013

Writing scientific research articles: strategy and steps
Cargill, Margaret.
T11 .C327 2013

The Chicago guide to writing about multivariate analysis
Miller, Jane E.
T11 .M484 2013

Making sense: a student's guide to research and writing: engineering and the technical sciences
Northey, Margot,
T11 .N67 2012

Humanesis: sound and technological posthumanism
Cecchetto, David.
T14 .C43 2013

The shark's paintbrush: biomimicry and how nature is inspiring innovation
Harman, Jay.
T173.8 .H373 2013

Radical abundance: how a revolution in nanotechnology will change civilization
Drexler, K. Eric.
T174.7 .D745 2013

The theory of materials failure
Christensen, R. M.
TA409 .C49 2013

Handbook of nondestructive evaluation
Hellier, Charles.
TA417.2 .H45 2013

Handbook of corrosion engineering
Roberge, Pierre R.
TA418.74 .R63 2012

Geotechnical earthquake engineering handbook: with the 2012 International building code
Day, Robert W.
TA654.6 .D39 2012

The hydropolitics of dams: engineering or ecosystems?
Everard, Mark,
TC540 .E94 2013

Fundamentals of environmental and toxicological chemistry: sustainable science
Manahan, Stanley E.
TD193 .M36 2013

Hetch Hetchy: undoing a great American mistake
Brower, Kenneth,
TD225.S25 B76 2013

The chlorine revolution: water disinfection and the fight to save lives
McGuire, Michael J.,
TD462 .M35 2013

Air pollution and global warming: history, science, and solutions
Jacobson, Mark Z.
TD883 .J37 2012

Hot spotter's report: military fables of toxic waste
Krupar, Shiloh R.
TD1050.P64 K78 2013

The world's greenest buildings: promise versus performance in sustainable design
Yudelson, Jerry.
TH880 .Y64 2013

Innovative houses: concepts for sustainable living
Friedman, Avi,
TH4860 .F6795 2013

The solar house: pioneering sustainable design
Denzer, Anthony.
TH7414 .D48 2013

Programmable logic controllers: industrial control
Kamel, Khaled.
TJ223.P76 K36 2014

The path to more sustainable energy systems: how do we get there from here?
Ebenhack, Ben W.
TJ808 .E236 2013

Powering the future: how we will (eventually) solve the energy crisis and fuel the civilization of tomorrow
Laughlin, Robert B.
TJ808 .L365 2011

Distributed power in the United States: prospects and policies
TK1006 .D57 2013

Nuclear energy in the 21st century
Hore-Lacy, Ian.
TK1078 .H67 2012

Flickering light: a history of neon
Ribbat, Christoph.
TK4383 .R5313 2013

Digital signal processing: fundamentals and applications
Tan, Li,
TK5102.9 .T36 2013

Terrestrial wireless optical communication
Chadha, Devi,
TK5103.592.F73 C43 2013

Digital cities: the internet and the geography of opportunity
Mossberger, Karen.
TK5105.875.I57 M677 2013

Designing for user engagement on the Web: 10 basic principles
Geisler, Cheryl.
TK5105.888 .G445 2014

An astronaut's guide to life on earth: [what going to space taught me about ingenuity, determination, and being prepared for anything]
Hadfield, Chris,
TL789.85.H33 A3 2013

The art of fermentation: an in-depth exploration of essential concepts and processes from around the world
Katz, Sandor Ellix,
TP371.44 .K369 2012

Slurp!: a social and culinary history of ramen - Japan's favorite noodle soup
Kushner, Barak,
TP435.M3 K87 2012

Mathew Brady: portraits of a nation
Wilson, Robert,
TR140.B7 W55 2013

Why art photography?
Soutter, Lucy.
TR187 .S68 2013

Earth: Bernhard Edmaire: colours of the Earth
Edmaier, Bernhard.
TR660.5 .E36 2013

Digital imaging in popular cinema
Purse, Lisa.
TR860 .P87 2013

Synesthetic design: handbook for a multisensory approach
Haverkamp, Michael.
TS171 .H38 2013

Sonic interaction design
TS171 .S624 2013

The invention of craft
Adamson, Glenn,
TT15 .A33 2013

Guide to basic garment assembly for the fashion industry
Smith, Jayne,
TT497 .S57 2013

The mechanical smile: modernism and the first fashion shows in France and America, 1900-1929
Evans, Caroline,
TT502 .E824 2013

CAD for fashion design and merchandising
Smith, Stacy Stewart.
TT507 .S65 2013

New icons of fashion illustration
Glenville, Tony.
TT509 .G58 2013

In fashion
Stone, Elaine.
TT518 .S76 2012

In meat we trust: an unexpected history of carnivore America
Ogle, Maureen.
TX371 .O39 2013

L.A. son: my life, my city, my food
Choi, Roy,
TX649.C48 A3 2013

America eats!: on the road with the WPA: the fish fries, box supper socials, and chitlin feasts that define real American food
Willard, Pat.
TX715 .W71125 2009

V: Naval Science

No books under this heading this month.

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