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New Books March 2014


Here is the list of titles added to the Main Collection in March 2014. This list is sorted by the Library of Congress Call Number (LCCN); each entry includes LC call number, author, if pertinent, and title. If you want to see the full entry for any item, click on the title to go to InvestiGator, the Library's online catalog. To return to the New Books List, click the browser's back arrow.

If you are interested in a particular subject, but you do not know its LC call number, click on one of the entries in the menu to the left to move directly to the position in the New Book list where new titles relating to that subject begin.

B: Philosophy, Psychology, & Religion

Animals and the limits of postmodernism
Steiner, Gary,
B105.A55 S74 2013

A companion to Foucault
B2430.F724 C6545 2013

Heidegger's eschatology: theological horizons in Martin Heidegger's early work
Wolfe, J. E.
B3279.H49 H45 2013

Spinoza's metaphysics: substance and thought
Melamed, Yitzhak Y.,
B3999.M45 M45 2013

Philosophy in an African place
Janz, Bruce B.,
B5305 .J36 2012

Cosmic apprentice: dispatches from the edges of science
Sagan, Dorion,
B67 .S25 2013

The dark side of the Enlightenment: wizards, alchemists, and spiritual seekers in the Age of Reason
Fleming, John V.
B802 .F55 2013

The Enlightenment vision: science, reason, and the promise of a better future
Jordan, Stuart D.
B802 .J67 2012

Enlightenment shadows
Lloyd, Genevieve,
B802 .L56 2013

Critical madness theory: a way of interpreting irrational behavior as political action
Kaye, Bradley.
B824.2 .K39 2013

Methods of argumentation
Walton, Douglas N.
BC177 .W3247 2013

God and the atom
Stenger, Victor J.,
BD646 .S74 2013

Lincoln dreamt he died: the midnight visions of remarkable Americans from Colonial times to Freud
Burstein, Andrew.
BF1091 .B98 2013

Shrink: a cultural history of psychoanalysis in America
Samuel, Lawrence R.
BF173 .S2793 2013

LSD, my problem child;and, Insights/outlooks
Hofmann, Albert,
BF209.L9 H6313 2013

A calculus of ideas: a mathematical study of human thought
Grenander, Ulf.
BF311 .G74 2012

Geographical psychology: exploring the interaction of environment and behavior
BF353 .G47 2014

Probably approximately correct: nature's algorithms for learning and prospering in a complex world
Valiant, Leslie.
BF39.3 .V35 2013

Imagination from fantasy to delusion
Oppenheim, Lois.
BF408 .O67 2013

Madness and creativity
Ulanov, Ann Belford.
BF408 .U436 2013

Genius unmasked
Ness, Roberta B.
BF412 .N46 2013

Future bright: a transforming vision of human intelligence
Martinez, Michael E.
BF431 .M38367 2013

The science delusion: asking the big questions in a culture of easy answers
White, Curtis,
BF441 .W478 2013

The rational animal: how evolution made us smarter than we think
Kenrick, Douglas T.
BF442 .K46 2013

Sidetracked: why our decisions get derailed, and how we can stick to the plan
Gino, Francesca.
BF448 .G49 2013

The mind within the brain: how we make decisions and how those decisions go wrong
Redish, A. David.
BF448 .R43 2013

The slow fix: solve problems, work smarter, and live better in a world addicted to speed
Honoré, Carl.
BF449 .H65 2013

Blind spot: why we fail to see the solution right in front of us: how finding a solution to one of the world's greatest mysteries with the verifier method changes the way we approach success
Rugg, Gordon.
BF449 .R84 2013

Time warped: unlocking the mysteries of time perception
Hammond, Claudia.
BF468 .H35 2012

Working with the bereaved: multiple lenses on loss and mourning
Rubin, Simon Shimshon.
BF575.G7 R83 2012

Happiness: a very short introduction
Haybron, Daniel M.
BF575.H27 H39 2013

Impulse: why we do what we do without knowing why we do it
Lewis, David,
BF575.I46 L49 2013

The age of stress: science and the search for stability
Jackson, Mark,
BF575.S75 J266 2013

Search inside yourself: The unexpected path to achieving success, happiness (and world peace)
Tan, Chade-Meng.
BF576 .T36 2012

Drunk tank pink: and other unexpected forces that shape how we think, feel, and behave
Alter, Adam L.,
BF636 .A48 2013

Mobbing: causes, consequences, and solutions
Duffy, Maureen P.
BF637.B85 D85 2012

Bullying: a guide to research, intervention, and prevention
Mishna, Faye.
BF637.B85 M57 2012

What makes a hero?: the surprising science of selflessness
Svoboda, Elizabeth.
BF637.H4 S86 2013

Our political nature: the evolutionary origins of what divides us
Tuschman, Avi,
BF698.9.P6 T87 2013

The human spark: the science of human development
Kagan, Jerome.
BF721 .K155 2013

The nature and nurture of love: from imprinting to attachment in Cold War America
Vicedo, Marga.
BF723.A75 V53 2013

Playing to win: raising children in a competitive culture
Friedman, Hilary Levey,
BF723.C6 F75 2013

Your undergraduate degree in psychology: from college to career
Hettich, Paul I.
BF76 .H488 2014

An easyguide to APA style
Schwartz, Beth M.
BF76.7 .S39 2014

Reporting research in psychology: how to meet journal article reporting standards
Cooper, Harris M.
BF76.8 .C66 2011

Between mind and nature: a history of psychology
Smith, Roger,
BF81 .S65 2013

The sublime in modern philosophy: aesthetics, ethics, and nature
Brady, Emily.
BH301.S7 B73 2013

Understanding ethics
Tännsjö, Torbjörn,
BJ1012 .T28 2013

The ethics of risk: ethical analysis in an uncertain world
Hansson, Sven Ove,
BJ1031 .H345 2013

Ancient Egyptian temple ritual: performance, pattern, and practice
Eaton, Katherine.
BL2441.2 .E28 2013

Gods in America: religious pluralism in the United States
BL2525 .G627 2013

There is no God: atheists in America
Williamson, David,
BL2747.3 .W55 2013

The God confusion: why nobody knows the answer to the ultimate question
Cox, Gary,
BL473 .C69 2013

Religion, material culture and archaeology
Droogan, Julian.
BL65.C8 D76 2013

Scylla: myth, metaphor, paradox
Hopman, Marianne Govers,
BL820.S39 H67 2012

The Muslim Brotherhood: evolution of an Islamist movement
Wickham, Carrie Rosefsky,
BP10.I385 W53 2013

The story of the Qur'an: its history and place in Muslim life
Mattson, Ingrid.
BP132 .M39 2013

Christian identity amid Islam in medieval Spain
Tieszen, Charles Lowell,
BP172 .T53 2013

Sons of Abraham: a candid conversation about the issues that divide and unite Jews and Muslims
Schneier, Marc,
BP173.J8 S344 2013

Striving in the path of God: Jihād and Martyrdom in Islamic thought
Afsaruddin, Asma,
BP182 .A34 2013

Crisis of empire: doctrine and dissent at the end of late antiquity
Booth, Phil,
BR162.3 .B66 2014

Saint Augustine of Hippo: an intellectual biography
Hollingworth, Miles.
BR1720.A9 H65 2013

The Ashgate research companion to the Counter-Reformation
BR430 .A84 2013

Sacred scripture, sacred war: the Bible and the American Revolution
Byrd, James P.,
BS680.W2 B97 2013

Methodists and their missionary societies 1760-1900
Pritchard, John,
BV2550 .P75 2013

Between court and confessional: the politics of Spanish Inquisitors
Lynn, Kimberly.
BX1735 .L96 2013

The invention of Peter: apostolic discourse and papal authority in late antiquity
Demacopoulos, George E.
BX1805 .D377 2013

To overcome oneself: the Jesuit ethic and spirit of global expansion, 1520-1767
Molina, J. Michelle.
BX2179.L8 M59 2013

Icons in time, persons in eternity: Orthodox theology and the aesthetics of the Christian image
Tsakiridou, Cornelia A.
BX378.5 .T73 2013

C: Auxiliary Sciences of History

No books under this heading this month.

D: History: General and Old World

Crusade and Christendom: annotated documents in translation from Innocent III to the fall of Acre, 1187-1291
D151 .C765 2013

Armies of heaven: the first crusade and the quest for apocalypse
Rubenstein, Jay,
D161.2 .R73 2011

Crusading and the Ottoman threat, 1453-1505
Housley, Norman.
D214 .H68 2012

Visualizing the Holocaust: documents, aesthetics, memory
D804.3 V57 2012

Hitler's furies: German women in the Nazi killing fields
Lower, Wendy,
D810.W7 L69 2013

Edward I and the governance of England, 1272-1307
Burt, Caroline,
DA 229 .B87 2013

William Cecil, Ireland, and the Tudor state
Maginn, Christopher.
DA358.B9 M34 2012

A confusion of tongues: Britain's wars of reformation, 1625-1642
Prior, Charles W. A.
DA395 .P75 2012

A great and monstrous thing: London in the eighteenth century
White, Jerry,
DA682 .W48 2013

Wales and the Britons, 350-1064
Charles-Edwards, T. M.
DA715 .C48 2013

Prisoners of war in the Hundred Years War: ransom culture in the late Middle Ages
Ambühl, Rémy.
DC96.5 .A43 2013

Individuality and modernity in Berlin: self and society from Weimar to the Wall
Föllmer, Moritz.
DD866 .F59 2013

Negotiating identity in the ancient Mediterranean: the archaic and classical Greek multiethnic emporia
Demetriou, Denise,
DE86 .D46 2012

Lorenzo de' Medici at home: the inventory of the Palazzo Medici in 1492
DG737.9 .L5313 2013

Myth, memory, trauma: rethinking the Stalinist past in the Soviet Union, 1953-70
Jones, Polly,
DK274 .J565 2013

Hunt for the Jews: betrayal and murder in German-occupied Poland
Grabowski, Jan,
DS134.66.D338 G7313 2013

Understanding the contemporary Middle East
DS44 .U473 2013

Partitioned lives: migrants, refugees, citizens in India and Pakistan, 1947-65
Roy, Haimanti.
DS480.842 .R69 2012

Gandhi: a spiritual biography
Sharma, Arvind.
DS481.G3 S53 2013

The call of Everest: the history, science, and future of the world's tallest peak
Anker, Conrad.
DS495.8.E9 A64 2012

Cauldron of resistance: Ngo Dinh Diem, the United States, and 1950s southern Vietnam
Chapman, Jessica M.
DS556.9 .C454 2013

Vietnam War: the essential reference guide
DS557.7 .V5668 2013

The new Middle East: the world after the Arab Spring
Danaher, Paul.
DS63.1 .D35 2013

Smyrna's ashes: humanitarianism, genocide, and the birth of the Middle East
Tusan, Michelle Elizabeth,
DS63.2.G7 T87 2012

A continuous revolution: making sense of Cultural Revolution culture
Mittler, Barbara,
DS778.7 .M59 2012

A Dark Page in History: the Nanjing Massacre and Post-Massacre Social Conditions Recorded in British Diplomatic Dispatches, Admiralty Documents, and U.S. Naval Intelligence Reports
DS797.56.N365 D37 2012

Ambiguities of domination: politics, rhetoric, and symbols in contemporary Syria
Wedeen, Lisa.
DS98.4 .W43 1999

Revolt in Syria: eye-witness to the uprising
Starr, Stephen.
DS98.6 .S73 2012b

Historical dictionary of Republic of the Congo
Clark, John Frank.
DT546.215 .D4 2012

Historical dictionary of Niger
Idrissa, Abdourahmane,
DT547.5 .D4 2012

G: Geography, Anthropology, & Recreation

Dark tourism
Lennon, J. John.
G155.A1 L46 2000

Global Arctic: sovereignty and the future of the North
Romaniuk, Scott Nicholas.
G615 .R66 2013

Practicing geography: [careers for enhancing society and the environment]
G65 .P73 2013

Romantic geography: in search of the sublime landscape
Tuan, Yi-fu,
G70 .T83 2013

Geography and the classical world: unearthing historical geography's forgotten past
Koelsch, William A.
G80 .K58 2013

Antarctica: global science from a frozen continent
G860 .A5575 2013

Lost Antarctica: adventures in a disappearing land
McClintock, James B.
G860 .M39133 2012

Antarctica: a biography
Day, David,
G870 .D296 2013

Sea monsters on medieval and Renaissance maps
Van Duzer, Chet A.,
GA781 .V36 2013

A story of six rivers: history, culture and ecology
Coates, Peter A.,
GB1205 .C63 2013

Arid and semi-arid geomorphology
Goudie, Andrew.
GB611 .G674 2013

Chemical oceanography
Millero, Frank J.
GC111.2 .M55 2013

An introduction to the chemistry of the sea
Pilson, Michael E. Q.,
GC111.2 .P55 2013

The sea: thalassography and historiography
GC29 .S43 2013

The attacking ocean: the past, present, and future of rising sea levels
Fagan, Brian M.
GC89 .F35 2013

Rising seas: past, present, future
Gornitz, Vivien.
GC89 .G67 2013

A dictionary of environment and conservation
Park, Chris C.
GE10 .P375 2013

Negotiating climate change: radical democracy and the illusion of consensus
Machin, Amanda,
GE170 .M33 2013

The city natural: Garden and forest magazine and the rise of American environmentalism
Hou, Shen.
GE197 .H68 2013

Second nature: rethinking the natural through politics
GF21 .S4 2013

On the edge: water, immigration, and politics in the Southwest
Miller, Char,
GF504.S685 M55 2013

The Neanderthals rediscovered: how modern science is rewriting their history
Papagianni, Dimitra.
GN285 .P37 2013

First migrants: ancient migration in global perspective
Bellwood, Peter S.
GN370 .B45 2013

Returns: becoming indigenous in the twenty-first century
Clifford, James,
GN380 .C59 2013

Cross-cultural psychology: why culture matters
Krumov, Krum.,
GN502 .K78 2013

The cave and the cathedral: how a real-life Indiana Jones and a renegade scholar decoded the ancient art of man
Aczel, Amir D.
GN771 .A28 2009

Chinese clothing
Hua, Mei,
GT1555 .H774 2011

Modest fashion: styling bodies, mediating faith
GT1720 .M634 2013

Revolution graffiti: street art of the new Egypt
Gröndahl, Mia.
GT3913.83.A2 G76 2012

Fashion in popular culture: literature, media and contemporary studies
GT525 .F375 2013

Clothing through American history: the British colonial era
Staples, Kathleen A.
GT607 .S735 2013

Dance on its own terms: histories and methodologies
GV1601 .D38 2013

La Sylphide: Paris 1832 and beyond
GV1790.S95 S957 2012

ACSM's health-related physical fitness assessment manual.
GV436 .A35 2014

The farmers' game: baseball in rural America
Vaught, David,
GV863.A1 V38 2013

H: Social Sciences

Forecast: what physics, meteorology, and the natural sciences can teach us about economics
Buchanan, Mark.
HB145 .B83 2013

Entrepreneurship and innovation during austerity: surviving beyond the Great Recession
Chaston, Ian.
HB615 .C534 2013

Ten billion
Emmott, Stephen.
HB849.415 .E47 2013

Fate of the states: the new geography of American prosperity
Whitney, Meredith.
HC106.84 .W48 2013

Nothin' but blue skies: the heyday, hard times, and hopes of America's industrial heartland
McClelland, Ted.
HC107.A14 M37 2013

The poverty line
Subramanian, S.,
HC440.P6 S83 2012

Goodall, Chris,
HC79.E5 G663 2012

The bet: Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon, and our gamble over Earth's future
Sabin, Paul,
HC79.E5 S213 2013

Nature for sale: the commons versus commodities
Ricoveri, Giovanna,
HD1286 .R5313 2013

Business technology organization: managing DIGITAL information technology for value creation - the SIGMA approach
Morabito, Vincenzo.
HD30.2 .M67 2013

Free time: the forgotten American Dream
Hunnicutt, Benjamin Kline.
HD5124 .H858 2013

Evolution of innovation management: trends in an international context
HD58.8 .E964 2013

Creating good work: the world's leading social entrepreneurs show how to build a healthy economy
HD60 .C74 2013

The startup playbook: secrets of the fastest-growing startups from their founding entrepreneurs
Kidder, David S.
HD62.5 .K522 2012

Climbing Mount Laurel: the struggle for affordable housing and social mobility in an American suburb
Massey, Douglas S.,
HD7287.96.U62 N552X 2013

Purging the poorest: public housing and the design politics of twice-cleared communities
Vale, Lawrence J.,
HD7288.78.U5 V35 2013

The Coke machine: the dirty truth behind the world's favorite soft drink
Blanding, Michael.
HD9349.S634 C5333 2011

Cotton: the fabric that made the modern world
Riello, Giorgio.
HD9870.5 .R54 2013

Junkyard planet: travels in the billion-dollar trash trade
Minter, Adam,
HD9975.A2 M495 2013

Ninety percent of everything: inside shipping, the invisible industry that puts clothes on your back, gas in your car, and food on your plate
George, Rose,
HE571 .G465 2013

The ringtone dialectic: economy and cultural form
Gopinath, Sumanth S.
HE9713 .G67 2013

Your ad here: the cool sell of guerrilla marketing
Serazio, Michael.
HF5415 .S373 2013

Opting in: lessons in social business from a Fortune 500 product manager
Brill, Ed.
HF5415.15 .B689 2013

Globalization and money: a global South perspective
Singh, Supriya,
HG1496 .S56 2013

A giant cow-tipping by savages: the boom, bust, and boom culture of M&A
Close, John Weir.
HG4028.M4 C56 2013

What happened to Goldman Sachs?: an insider's story of organizational drift and its unintended consequences
Mandis, Steven G.
HG4930.5 .M36 2013

Social /why our brains are wired to connect
Lieberman, Matthew D.
HM1033 .L54 2013

The handbook of rational choice social research
HM495 .H36 2013

Vintage tomorrows: [a historian and a futurist journey through steampunk into the future of technology]
Carrott, James H.
HM646 .C37 2013

Mixed communities: gentrification by stealth?
HM683 .M59 2012

Tiny publics: a theory of group action and culture
Fine, Gary Alan.
HM716 .F56 2012

Social machines: how to develop connected products that change customers' lives
Semmelhack, Peter,
HM741 .S46 2013

Tweets and the streets: social media and contemporary activism
Gerbaudo, Paolo.
HM742 .G473 2012

Off the network: disrupting the digital world
Mejias, Ulises Ali.
HM742 .M455 2013

Hatching Twitter: a true story of money, power, friendship, and betrayal
Bilton, Nick.
HM743.T95 B55 2013

The relativity of deviance
Curra, John.
HM811 .C87 2014

Conspicuous and inconspicuous discriminations in everyday life
Shaw, Victor N.
HM821 .S538 2013

The green boat: reviving ourselves in our capsized culture
Pipher, Mary Bray.
HM831 .P57 2013

The end of big: how the Internet makes David the new Goliath
Mele, Nicco.
HM851 .M455 2013

Breakpoint: why the web will implode, search will be obsolete, and everything else you need to know about technology is in your brain
Stibel, Jeff.
HM851 .S748 2013

Occupy: three inquiries in disobedience
Mitchell, W. J. T.
HM881 .M585 2013

The great degeneration: how institutions decay and economies die
Ferguson, Niall.
HN19 .F47 2013

New York and Los Angeles: the uncertain future
HN80.N5 N524 2013

Vagina: a new biography
Wolf, Naomi.
HQ1421 .W6512 2012

Why internet porn matters
Grebowicz, Margret,
HQ471 .G735 2013

Widening the family circle: new research on family communication
HQ519 .W53 2014

Homeward bound: why women are embracing the new domesticity
Matchar, Emily.
HQ536 .M346 2013

Household politics: conflict in early modern England
Herzog, Don,
HQ615 .H47 2013

Radical relations: lesbian mothers, gay fathers, and their children in the United States since World War II
Rivers, Daniel Winunwe.
HQ75.28.U6 R58 2013

You can tell just by looking: and 20 other myths about LGBT life and people
Bronski, Michael.
HQ75.5 .B7596 2013

Sterilized by the state: eugenics, race, and the population scare in twentieth-century North America
Hansen, Randall.
HQ755.5.U5 H36 2013

Superdads: how fathers balance work and family in the 21st century
Kaufman, Gayle.
HQ756 .K375 2013

Nothing natural is shameful: sodomy and science in late medieval Europe
Cadden, Joan,
HQ76.2.E9 .C33 2013

White girls
Als, Hilton,
HQ76.27.A37 A47 2013

Homophobias: lust and loathing across time and space
HQ76.4 .H66 2009

Shyness & love: causes, consequences, and treatment
Gilmartin, Brian G.
HQ800.3 .G55 2013

All men free and brethren: essays on the history of African American freemasonry
HS883 .A44 2013

Smart cities: big data, civic hackers, and the quest for a new utopia
Townsend, Anthony M.,
HT119 .T65 2013

Revitalizing American cities
HT175 .R475 2014

Urbanization beyond municipal boundaries: nurturing metropolitan economies and connecting peri-urban areas in India.
HT384.I4 U76 2013

A country of cities: a manifesto for an urban America
Chakrabarti, Vishaan.
HT384.U5 C42 2013

A middle class without democracy: economic growth and the prospects for democratization in China
Chen, Jie,
HT690.C55 C3954 2013

Language attitudes in the American deaf community
Hill, Joseph Christopher.
HV2395 .H56 2012

The sociology of American drug use
Faupel, Charles E.
HV4998 .F385 2014

Home grown: marijuana and the origins of Mexico's war on drugs
Campos, Isaac.
HV5840.M4 C363 2012

Real-life monsters: a psychological examination of the serial murderer
Giannangelo, Stephen J.
HV6515 .G53 2012

Stay: a history of suicide and the philosophies against it
Hecht, Jennifer Michael,
HV6545 .H372 2013

Doing the best I can: fatherhood in the inner city
Edin, Kathryn,
HV700.7 .E35 2013

Principles of forensic report writing
Karson, Michael.
HV8073 .K254 2013

Placing the suspect behind the keyboard: using digital forensics and investigative techniques to identify cybercrime suspects
Shavers, Brett.
HV8079.C65 S437 2013

Rise of the warrior cop: the militarization of America's police forces
Balko, Radley.
HV8080.S64 B354 2013

Invisible men: mass incarceration and the myth of black progress
Pettit, Becky,
HV9469 .P46 2012

The American prison: imagining a different future
HV9471 .A454 2014

Utopian movements and ideas of the Great Depression: dreamers, believers, and madmen
Whisenhunt, Donald W.
HX653 .W48 2013

N: Fine Arts

N6494.A2 A228 2013

Cy Twombly Gallery: The Menil Collection, Houston
Twombly, Cy,
N6537.T96 A4 2013

Stan VanDerBeek: the culture intercom
Vanderbeek, Stan.
N6537.V329 A4 2011

Traffic: conceptual art in Canada, 1965-1980
N6545.5.C66 T73 2012

Beuys Book
Staeck, Klaus.
N6888.B463 S743 2012

Smoke shadows
Kounellis, Jannis,
N6903.K68 K68 2012

Ai Weiwei: fairytale, a reader
Ai, Weiwei.
N7349.A5 A64 2012

Visual communication in digital design
Park, Ji Yong.
N7430.5 .P37 2007

Stocked: contemporary art from the grocery aisles
Stamey, Emily.
N8217.F64 S73 2013

Fresh widow: the window in art since Matisse and Duchamp
N8261.W56 F74 2012

Zaha Hadid: form in motion
Hiesinger, Kathryn B.,
NA1469.H33 A4 2011

Sustainable materials, processes and production
Thompson, Rob
NA2542.36 .T49 2013

Shingle style: living in San Francisco's brown shingles
Howard, Lucia,
NA7238.S35 H69 2013

Overdrive: L.A. constructs the future, 1940-1990
NA735.L55 O94 2013

Rethinking the American city: an international dialogue
NA9105 .R48 2014

Looking East: Rubens's encounter with Asia
NC266.R8 L66 2013

No more rules: graphic design and postmodernism
Poynor, Rick.
NC998.45.P67 P69 2003

Bad boy: my life on and off the canvas
Fischl, Eric,
ND237.F434 A2 2012

A concise history of Canadian painting
Reid, Dennis R.,
ND240 .R44 2012

Beyond Rosie the Riveter: Women of World War II in American popular graphic art
Knaff, Donna B.
NE962.W65 K55 2012

Idea+ology: the designer's journey: turning ideas into inspired designs
Hainsworth, Stanley.
NK1397 .H35 2010

Professional practice for interior designers
Piotrowski, Christine M.,
NK2116.2 .P57 2014

Eileen Gray
Gray, Eileen,
NK2542.G68 A4 2013

A handbook of California design, 1930-1965: craftspeople, designers, manufacturers
NK835.C3 C35 2011 Suppl.

NX180.D63 D63 2013

The spectacle of disintegration
Wark, McKenzie,
NX456.5.I58 W38 2013

P: Language & Literature

English grammar pedagogy: a global perspective
Birch, Barbara M.
PE1065 .B43 2013

Researching discourse in business genres: cases and corpora
PE1479.B87 R43 2012

Seiobo there below
Krasznahorkai, László.
PH3281.K8866 S4513 2013

The Bunraku puppet theatre of Japan: honor, vengeance, and love in four plays of the 18th and 19th centuries
PL768.J6 B865 2013

Revenge: eleven dark tales
Ogawa, Yōko,
PL858.G37 K3613 2013

Jim Henson: the biography
Jones, Brian Jay.
PN1982.H46 J66 2013

Film after film: or, what became of 21st-century cinema?
Hoberman, J.
PN1993.5.A1 H58 2012

La Règle du jeu
Perkins, V. F.,
PN1997.R4225x P47 2012

Regarding Frank Capra: audience, celebrity, and American film studies, 1930-1960
Smoodin, Eric Loren.
PN1998.3.C36 S66 2005

The cinema of Lars von Trier: authenticity and artifice
Bainbridge, Caroline,
PN1998.3.T747 B35 2007

Acting in documentary theatre
Cantrell, Tom,
PN2058 .C36 2013

The antinomies of realism
Jameson, Fredric.
PN3340 .J36 2013

Astragal: a novel
Sarrazin, Albertine.
PQ2679.A7 A813 2013

My brilliant friend: book one: childhood, adolescence
Ferrante, Elena.
PQ4866.E6345 M93 2012

Los pasos perdidos
Carpentier, Alejo,
PQ7389.C263 P3 1998

Jonathan Swift: his life and his world
Damrosch, Leopold,
PR3726 .D27 2013

A companion to George Eliot
PR4688 .C57 2013

Under milk wood: a play for voices
Thomas, Dylan,
PR6039.H52 U6 2013

Now all roads lead to France: the last years of Edward Thomas
Hollis, Matthew.
PR6039.H55 Z736 2012

A room of one's own
Woolf, Virginia,
PR6045.O72 Z474 2005

Angela Carter: new critical readings
PR6053.A73 Z5285 2012

The Empress
Gupta, Tanika,
PR6057.U6 E67 2013

Great expectations
Gupta, Tanika.
PR6057.U6 G74 2011

Wah! wah! girls: the musical: Britain meets Bollywood
Gupta, Tanika.
PR6057.U6 W3 2012

Mo said she was quirky: [a novel]
Kelman, James,
PR6061.E518 M6 2013

Self, Will.
PR6069.E3654 U43 2013

Williams, Roy,
PR6073.I432935 A6 2013

Money: the game show
Duffy, Clare,
PR6104.U5282 M66 2013

This house
Graham, James,
PR6107.R3454 T48 2013

Glory dazed
Jones, Cat.
PR6110.O6234 G58 2013

Bitch Boxer
Josephine, Charlotte.
PR6110.O85 B58 2013

The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry: a novel
Joyce, Rachel.
PR6110.O98 U55 2012

A Government Inspector
McAndrew, Deborah.
PR6113.C315 G68 2012

See now then: [a novel]/
Kincaid, Jamaica.
PR9275.A583 K56384 2013

Gross indecency: the three trials of Oscar Wilde
Kaufman, Moises.
PR9333.9.K38 G76 1998

Literary expressions of African spirituality
PR9340.5 .L57 2013

The luminaries: a novel
Catton, Eleanor,
PR9639.4.C39 L86 2013

Pulp fiction of the ̕ 20s and ̕ 30s/
PS228.F35 P85 2013

Critical insights: William Faulkner
PS3511.A86 Z9856857 2013

Aimless love: new and selected poems
Collins, Billy.
PS3553.O47478 A73 2013

Claire of the sea light
Danticat, Edwidge,
PS3554.A5815 C57 2013

Dog songs: thirty-five dog songs and one essay
Oliver, Mary,
PS3565.L5 D64 2013

Black 'n blue boys/broken men
Orlandersmith, Dael.
PS3565.R5734 B57 2013

Mad girl's love song: Sylvia Plath and life before Ted
Wilson, Andrew,
PS3566.L27 Z966 2013

Roth unbound: a writer and his books
Pierpont, Claudia Roth.
PS3568.O855 Z838 2013

The goldfinch
Tartt, Donna.
PS3570.A657 G65 2013

At night we walk in circles: a novel
Alarcón, Daniel,
PS3601.L333 A93 2013

The snow child: a novel
Ivey, Eowyn.
PS3609.V54 S66 2012

Radio Iris
Kinney, Anne-Marie.
PS3611.I6344 R33 2012

Bobcat & other stories
Lee, Rebecca,
PS3612.E348525 B63 2013

The Good Lord Bird
McBride, James,
PS3613.C28 G66 2013

Dividing lines: class anxiety and postbellum Black fiction
Williams, Andreá N.
PS374.N4 W55 2013

Milk and honey: a celebration of Jewish lesbian poetry
PS591.J4 M55 2011

The Kraus project: essays: a bilingual edition
Kraus, Karl,
PT2621.R27 A2 2013

Sonnets to Orpheus
Rilke, Rainer Maria,
PT2635.I65 S66413 2012

The emperor's tomb
Roth, Joseph,
PT2635.O84 K313 2013

Q: Science

Chaos in nature
Letellier, Christophe.
Q172.5.C45 L478 2013

The universe in the rearview mirror: how hidden symmetries shape reality
Goldberg, Dave,
Q172.5.S95 G64 2013

This explains everything: deep, beautiful, and elegant theories of how the world works
Q173 .T53 2013

Metaphysics and science
Q175 .M54165 2013

The way of science: finding truth and meaning in a scientific worldview
Trumble, Dennis R.,
Q175 .T7578 2013

The why of things: causality in science, medicine, and life
Rabins, Peter V.
Q175.32.C38 R33 2013

Without hierarchy: the scale freedom of the universe
Thalos, Mariam,
Q175.32.C38 T43 2013

Scientists as prophets: a rhetorical genealogy
Walsh, Lynda,
Q175.5 .W35 2013

Conducting research literature reviews: from the internet to paper
Fink, Arlene.
Q180.55.M4 F56 2014

Writing successful grant proposals from the top down and the bottom up
Q180.55.P7 B85 2014

Raw data is an oxymoron
Q355 .R385 2013

Imagine math: between culture and mathematics
QA10.7 .I43 2012

A guide to groups, rings, and fields
Gouvêa, Fernando Q.
QA155 .G68 2012

Introduction to combinatorics
Erickson, Martin J.,
QA164 .E74 2013

Difference sets: connecting algebra, combinatorics and geometry
Moore, Emily H.,
QA166.25 .M66 2013

Symmetry: a very short introduction
Stewart, Ian,
QA174.7.S96 S74 2013

The history of mathematics: a very short introduction
Stedall, Jacqueline A.
QA21 .S74 2012

Primes of the form x² + ny²: Fermat, class field theory, and complex multiplication
Cox, David A.
QA246 .C69 2013

Computability: Turing, Gödel, Church, and beyond
QA267.7 .C677 2013

The golden ticket: P, NP, and the search for the impossible
Fortnow, Lance,
QA267.7 .F67 2013

Game theory
Owen, Guillermo.
QA269 .O9 2013

Combinatorial game theory
Siegel, Aaron N.,
QA269 .S5735 2013

Exercises and solutions in statistical theory
Kupper, Lawrence L.
QA273.25 .K87 2013

Mathematics of probability
Stroock, Daniel W.
QA274 .S854 2013

Random walk in random and non-random environments
Révész, Pál.
QA274.73 .R48 2013

Undiluted hocus-pocus: the autobiography of Martin Gardner
Gardner, Martin,
QA29.G268 A3 2013

Foundations of abstract analysis
Dshalalow, Jewgeni H.
QA300 .D73 2013

Fundamentals of mathematical analysis
Sally, Paul J.,
QA300 .S23 2013

Measure, integral, derivative: a course on Lebesgue's theory
Ovchinnikov, Sergeĭ,
QA312 .O93 2013

Functional analysis, calculus of variations and optimal control
Clarke, Francis,
QA320 .C53 2013

A guide to functional analysis
Krantz, Steven G.
QA320 .K668 2013

Real analysis and foundations
Krantz, Steven G.
QA331.5 .K7134 2013

An introduction to partial differential equations with MATLAB
Coleman, Matthew P.
QA371.35 .C66 2013

Graphs, networks and algorithms
Jungnickel, D.
QA402.5 .J8913 2013

New horizons in geometry
Apostol, Tom M.,
QA445 .A66 2012

Algebraic geometry: a problem solving approach
Garrity, Thomas A.,
QA564 .G37 2013

Introduction to topology and geometry /Saul Stahl, Department of Mathematics, The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, Catherine Stenson, Department of Mathematics, Juniata College, Huntington, PA.
Stahl, Saul.
QA611 .S814 2013

Introduction to smooth ergodic theory
Barreira, Luis,
QA611.5 .B37 2013

A tale of two fractals
Kirillov, A. A.
QA614.86 .K57 2013

The New York times book of mathematics: more than 100 years of writing by the numbers
QA7 .N45 2013

Secret history: the story of cryptology
Bauer, Craig P.
QA76.9.A25 B384 2013

Brabham, Daren C.,
QA76.9.H84 B73 2013

A systemic perspective on cognition and mathematics
Lin, Yi,
QA8.4 .L485 2013

An introduction to continuum mechanics
Reddy, J. N.
QA808.2 .R43 2013

Oscillations and waves: an introduction
Fitzpatrick, Richard,
QA935 .F48 2013

Encyclopedia of the history of astronomy and astrophysics
Leverington, David,
QB15 .L388 2013

A journey with Fred Hoyle: the search for cosmic life
Wickramasinghe, Chandra,
QB36.W53 A3 2013

Your ticket to the universe: a guide to exploring the cosmos
Arcand, Kimberly K.
QB43.3 .A73 2013

Astrophysics through computation: with Mathematica support
Koberlein, Brian.
QB462.2 .K63 2013

Night vision: exploring the infrared universe
Rowan-Robinson, Michael.
QB470 .R69 2013

Dreams of other worlds: the amazing story of unmanned space exploration
Impey, Chris.
QB500.262 .I66 2013

Planetary science: the science of planets around stars
Cole, G. H. A.
QB501 .C65 2013

Solar astrophysics
Foukal, Peter.
QB521 .F68 2013

Alien universe: extraterrestrial life in our minds and in the cosmos
Lincoln, Don.
QB54 .L487 2013

Discovery and classification in astronomy: controversy and consensus
Dick, Steven J.
QB61 .D53 2013

Stars: a very short introduction
King, A. R.
QB801 K56 2012

The physics and evolution of active galactic nuclei
Netzer, Hagai.
QB858.3 .N48 2013

Physics of continuous media: problems and solutions in electromagnetism, fluid mechanics and MHD
Vekstein, G. E.
QC155.7 .V45 2013

Revolutions in twentieth-century physics
Griffiths, David J.
QC174.12 .G75154 2013

Quantum theory for mathematicians
Hall, Brian C.,
QC174.12 .H35 2013

A course in theoretical physics: central concepts, laws and results, with full mathematical derivations, in: quantum mechanics, thermal and statiscal physics, many-body theory, classical theory of fields, special and general relativity, relativistic quantum mechanics, gauge theories in particle physics
Shepherd, Peter J.
QC174.12 .S5217 2013

An introduction to quantum field theory
Peskin, Michael Edward,
QC174.45 .P465 1995

Statistical data analysis for the physical sciences
Bevan, Adrian.
QC174.8 .B478 2013

Introductory nanoscience
Kuno, Masaru.
QC176.8.N35 K86 2012

Equilibrium thermodynamics
Oliveira, Mário J. de,
QC318.T47 O45 2013

McGraw-Hill's 500 college physics questions: ace your college exams
Halpern, Alvin M.
QC32 .H326 2013

How the ray gun got its zap: odd excursions into optics
Wilk, Stephen R.
QC361 .W55 2013

A physicist's view of matter and mind
Dharma-wardana, Chandre.
QC6 .D474 2013

Probing the sky with radio waves: from wireless technology to the development of atmospheric science
Yeang, Chen-Pang.
QC676.4 .Y43 2013

Magnetism: a very short introduction
Blundell, Stephen,
QC753.2 .B58 2012

Handbook of accelerator physics and engineering
QC787.P3 H36 2013

A course in field theory
Baal, P. van
QC793.2 .B33 2014

Massive: the missing particle that sparked the greatest hunt in science
Sample, Ian.
QC793.5.B62 S26 2012

Climate dynamics
Cook, Kerry Harrison,
QC861.3 .C66 2013

Climate: a very short introduction
Maslin, Mark.
QC863.4 .M324 2013

Bender, Michael L.
QC884 .B39 2013

Earthmasters: the dawn of the age of climate engineering
Hamilton, Clive.
QC928 .H36 2013

Operational weather forecasting
Inness, Peter
QC995 .I44 2013

The theory of intermolecular forces
Stone, A. J.
QD461 .S874 2013

Physics and chemistry of interfaces
Butt, Hans-Jürgen,
QD506 .B88 2013

Practical Raman spectroscopy: an introduction
Vandenabeele, Peter.
QD96.R34 V36 2013

Roadside geology of Georgia
Gore, Pamela J. W.
QE101 .G67 2013

Oregon geology
Orr, Elizabeth L.
QE155 .O775 2012

The earth as a cradle for life
Stacey, F. D.
QE26.3 .S73 2013

A dictionary of geology and earth sciences
QE5 .D555 2013

Landslide ecology
Walker, Lawrence R.
QE599.A2 W35 2013

Colliding continents: a geological exploration of the Himalaya, Karakoram, & Tibet
Searle, M. P.
QE634.H5 S43 2013

Pterosaurs: natural history, evolution, anatomy
Witton, Mark P.,
QE862.P7 W58 2013

My beloved Brontosaurus: on the road with old bones, new science, and our favorite dinosaurs
Switek, Brian.
QE862.S3 S94 2013

In pursuit of early mammals
Kielan-Jaworowska, Zofia.
QE881 .K527 2013

The forest unseen: a year's watch in nature
Haskell, David George.
QH105.T2 H37 2012

Deep things out of darkness: a history of natural history
Anderson, John G. T.,
QH15 .A72 2013

Writing papers in the biological sciences
McMillan, Vicky,
QH304 .M36 2012

Erasmus Darwin: sex, science, and serendipity
Fara, Patricia.
QH31.D3 F37 2012

The Gaia hypothesis: science on a pagan planet
Ruse, Michael.
QH331 .R8785 2013

After the genome: a language for our biotechnological future
QH332 .A38 2013

Technologies of life and death: from cloning to capital punishment
Oliver, Kelly,
QH332 .O45 2013

Land use and the carbon cycle: advances in integrated science, management, and policy
QH344 .L36 2013

The balance of nature and human impact
QH352 .B34 2013

Trash animals: how we live with nature's filthy, feral, invasive, and unwanted species
QH353 .T73 2013

Evolution, games, and God: the principle of cooperation
QH360.5 .E965 2013

Relentless evolution
Thompson, John N.
QH366.2 .T54 2013

Randomness in evolution
Bonner, John Tyler.
QH401 .B66 2013

The material gene: gender, race, and heredity after the human genome project
Happe, Kelly E.
QH438.7 .H37 2013

Brutes or angels : human possibility in the age of biotechnology
Bradley, James T.,
QH442 .B72 2013

Frankenstein's cat: cuddling up to biotech's brave new beasts
Anthes, Emily.
QH442.6 .A58 2013

Comparative biomechanics: life's physical world
Vogel, Steven,
QH513 .V643 2013

Our once and future planet: restoring the world in the climate change century
Woodworth, Paddy,
QH541.15.R45 W664 2013

My backyard jungle: the adventures of an urban wildlife lover who turned his yard into habitat and learned to live with it
Barilla, James,
QH541.5.C6 B37 2013

The urban bestiary: encountering the everyday wild
Haupt, Lyanda Lynn.
QH541.5.C6 H38 2013

Nuclear war and environmental catastrophe
Chomsky, Noam.
QH545.N83 C56 2013

Bioluminescence: living lights, lights for living
Wilson, Therese,
QH641 .W55 2013

Hambler, Clive,
QH75 .H3626 2013

The great extinctions: what causes them and how they shape life
MacLeod, Norman,
QH78 .M23 2013

Forest ecosystems
Perry, David A.,
QK938.F6 P46 2008

The drunken botanist: the plants that create the world's great drinks
Stewart, Amy,
QK98.5.A1 S74 2013

Aquatic entomology
Lancaster, Jill.
QL472 .L36 2013

Bug music: how insects gave us rhythm and noise
Rothenberg, David,
QL496.5 .R68 2013

Field guide to the common bees of California: including bees of the Western United States
LeBuhn, Gretchen,
QL567.1.U6 L43 2013

The spirit of the hive: the mechanisms of social evolution
Page, Robert E.
QL568.A6 P24 2013

Birds and people
Cocker, Mark,
QL673 .C63 2013

California condors in the Pacific Northwest
D'Elia, Jesse.
QL696.C53 D45 2013

The avian migrant: the biology of bird migration
Rappole, John H.
QL698.9 .R37 2013

Concealing coloration in animals
Diamond, Judy.
QL767 .D53 2013

Animal body size: linking pattern and process across space, time, and taxonomic group
QL799 .A55 2013

Animals as neighbors: the past and present of commensal species
O'Connor, T. P.
QL85 .O29 2013

Evolutionary perspectives on pregnancy
Avise, John C.
QP251 .A95 2013

Life's vital link: the astonishing role of the placenta
Loke, Y. W.
QP281 .L65 2013

Kinesiology of the musculoskeletal system: foundations for rehabilitation
Neumann, Donald A.
QP303 .N465 2010

The making of the mind: the neuroscience of human nature
Kellogg, Ronald Thomas.
QP360.5 .K45 2013

Getting your head around the brain
Ellison, Amanda.
QP376 .E553 2012

Brainwashed: the seductive appeal of mindless neuroscience
Satel, Sally L.
QP376 .S28 2013

Chemistry of love and sex
Pinto, Madalena M. M.
QP572.S4 P5613 2012

Introduction to protein-DNA interactions: structure, thermodynamics, and bioinformatics
Stormo, Gary.
QP624.75.P74 S76 2013

An evidence-based approach to vitamins and minerals : health benefits and intake recommendations
Higdon, Jane.
QP771 .H54 2012

Inflammation, advancing age and nutrition
QP86 .I54 2014

Cases in medical microbiology and infectious diseases
Gilligan, Peter H.,
QR46 .G493 2003

Bailey & Scott's diagnostic microbiology
QR67 .B37 2014

R: Medicine

What patients teach: the everyday ethics of health care
Churchill, Larry R.,
R724 .C48 2013

Mayo Clinic book of alternative medicine.
Bacuer, Brent. M.D.
R733 .M386 2010

King of poisons: a history of arsenic
Parascandola, John,
RA1231.A7 P37 2012

APhA's immunization handbook
Angelo, Lauren B.
RA638 .A54 2012

AIDS at 30: nations at the crossroads
RA643.8 .A43 2011

Plague: a very short introduction
Slack, Paul.
RA644.P7 S653 2012

Five days at Memorial: life and death in a storm-ravaged hospital
Fink, Sheri,.
RA975.D57 F56 2013

Diagnostic samples: from the patient to the laboratory: the impact of preanalytical variables on the quality of laboratory results
RB37 .D492 2009

The end of plagues: the global battle against infectious disease
Rhodes, John,
RC114.5 .R463 2013

The sports gene: inside the science of extraordinary athletic performance
Epstein, David J.,
RC1235 .E58 2013

The book of woe: the DSM and the unmaking of psychiatry
Greenberg, Gary.
RC455.2.C4 G74 2013

The infested mind: why humans fear, loathe, and love insects
Lockwood, Jeffrey Alan,
RC552.A48 L63 2013

Clean: overcoming addiction and ending America's greatest tragedy
Sheff, David.
RC564 .S497 2013

The Dostoevsky effect: problem gambling and the origins of addiction
RC569.5.G35 D67 2013

The anatomy of violence: the biological roots of crime
Raine, Adrian.
RC569.5.V55 R35 2013

Erasing death: the science that is rewriting the boundaries between life and death
Parnia, Sam.
RC685.C173 P37 2013

Only one chance: how environmental pollution impairs brain development--and how to protect the brains of the next generation
Grandjean, Philippe,
RG627.5 .G73 2013

Fitzpatrick's color atlas and synopsis of clinical dermatology /Klaus Wolff, Richard Allen Johnson, Arturo P. Saavedra.
Wolff, Klaus,
RL81 .W65 2013

Color atlas of acupuncture: body points, ear points, trigger points
RM184.5 .T3713 2008

T: Technology

Scientific writing in a second language
Hanauer, David Ian.
T11 .H254 2013

The science writers' handbook: everything you need to know to pitch, publish, and prosper in the digital age
T11 .S35 2013

Engineered biomimicry
T173.8 .E53 2013

Empire on display: San Francisco's Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915
Moore, Sarah J.,
TC781.B1 M66 2013

The end of night: searching for natural darkness in an age of artificial light
Bogard, Paul,
TD195.L52 B64 2013

City water, city life: water and the infrastructure of ideas in urbanizing Philadelphia, Boston, and Chicago
Smith, Carl S.,
TD223 .S64 2013

Empire of water: an environmental and political history of the New York City water supply
Soll, David,
TD225.N5 S65 2013

Alternative water sources and wastewater management
Boulware, E. W. Bob.
TD390 .B68 2013

Grand Central: how a train station transformed America
Roberts, Sam,
TF302.N7 R63 2013

Ecohouse: a design guide
Roaf, Susan.
TH4860 .R62 2013

Traveling the power line: from the Mojave Desert to the Bay of Fundy
Couch, Julianne.
TJ163.25.U6 C68 2013

Androids in the Enlightenment: mechanics, artisans, and cultures of the self
Voskuhl, Adelheid.
TJ211 .V675 2013

Principles of sustainable energy systems
Kreith, Frank.
TJ808 .K74 2014

The great Texas wind rush: how George Bush, Ann Richards, and a bunch of tinkerers helped the oil and gas state win the race to wind power
Galbraith, Kate
TJ820 .G35 2013

Distributed renewable energies for off-grid communities: strategies and technologies toward achieving sustainability in energy generation and supply
El Bassam, Nasir.
TK1006 .E43 2013

Inside Bluetooth Low Energy
Gupta, Naresh.
TK5103.3 .G87 2013

Network security: a beginner's guide
Maiwald, Eric.
TK5105.59 .M363 2013

Flight dynamics principles: a linear systems approach to aircraft stability and control
Cook, M. V.
TL570 .C617 2013

Falling upwards: how we took to the air
Holmes, Richard,
TL616 .H65 2013

The pipeline and the paradigm: Keystone XL, tar sands, and the battle to defuse the carbon bomb
Avery, Samuel.
TN879.5.A94 P57 2013

Alternative fuels: the future of hydrogen
Hordeski, Michael F.
TP359.H8 H67 2013

Color rush: American color photography from Stieglitz to Sherman
Bussard, Katherine A.
TR645.M52 M523 2013

Ed Ruscha and some Los Angeles apartments
Heckert, Virginia.
TR647 .H43 2013

Fashion: the whole story
TT504 .F36 2013

A cultural history of fashion in the 20th and 21st centuries: from catwalk to sidewalk
English, Bonnie.
TT507 .E64 2013

Fashion design, referenced: a visual guide to the history, language & practice of fashion
Kennedy, Alicia,
TT515 .K45 2013

Children of hoarders: how to minimize conflict, reduce the clutter, and improve your relationship
Neziroglu, Fugen A.,
TX309 .N49 2013

The flavor thesaurus: pairings, recipes and ideas for the creative cook
Segnit, Niki.
TX546 .S44 2012

Taco USA: how Mexican food conquered America
Arellano, Gustavo,
TX716.M4 A74 2012

Evita's bossie sikelela
Bezuidenhout, Evita.
TX725.S6 B4813 2012

Chef's guide to charcuterie
Brevery, Jacques.
TX749 .B7285 2013

Paleo desserts: 125 delicious everyday favorites, gluten- and grain-free
Barthelemy, Jane.
TX773 .B3685 2012

U: Military Science

No books under this heading this month.

V: Naval Science

The lost art of finding our way
Huth, John Edward.
VK15 .H87 2013

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