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New Books December 2013


Here is the list of titles added to the Main Collection in December 2013. This list is sorted by the Library of Congress Call Number (LCCN); each entry includes LC call number, author, if pertinent, and title. If you want to see the full entry for any item, click on the title to go to InvestiGator, the Library's online catalog. To return to the New Books List, click the browser's back arrow.

If you are interested in a particular subject, but you do not know its LC call number, click on one of the entries in the menu to the left to move directly to the position in the New Book list where new titles relating to that subject begin.

A: General Works

Hyperart: Thomasson
Akasegawa, Genpei.
AG243 .A4213 2009

B: Philosophy, Psychology, & Religion

The philosophy of death
Luper, Steven.
BD444 .L87 2009

Running behavioral studies with human participants: a practical guide
BF181 .R86 2013

Neuropsychedelia: the revival of hallucinogen research since the decade of the brain
Langlitz, Nicolas,
BF209.H34 L36 2013

The science of consequences: how they affect genes, change the brain, and impact our world
Schneider, Susan M.,
BF319.5.R4 S358 2012

Psychoanalytic listening: methods, limits, and innovations
Akhtar, Salman,
BF323.L5 A39 2013

Bullspotting: finding facts in the age of misinformation
Collins, Loren,
BF441 .C565 2012

The art of thinking clearly
Dobelli, Rolf,
BF442 .D63 2013

Radical distortion: how emotions warp what we hear
Reich, John W.,
BF511 .R45 2012

Empathy: what it is and why it matters
Howe, David,
BF575.E55 H69 2013

The world book of happiness: the knowledge and wisdom of one hundred happiness professors from all around the world
BF575.H27 W67 2011

Nostalgia: origins and ends of an unenlightened disease
Illbruck, Helmut.
BF575.N6 I55 2012

The Oxford handbook of social class in counseling
BF636.7.C76 O944 2013

Practicing positive psychology coaching: assessment, activities, and strategies for success
Biswas-Diener, Robert.
BF637.P36 B563 2010

Evolution and human sexual behavior
Gray, Peter B.,
BF692 .G687 2013

Reparenting the child who hurts: a guide to healing developmental trauma and attachments
Archer, Caroline,
BF721 .A6943 2013

What children need to be happy, confident and successful: step by step positive psychology to help children flourish
Hooper, Jeni
BF721 .H62 2012

The art and science of motivation: a therapist's guide to working with children
BF723 .M56 A78 2013

The thought reader craze: Victorian science at the enchanted boundary
Wiley, Barry H.,
BF1171 .W485 2012

Cave and cosmos: shamanic encounters with another reality
Harner, Michael J.
BF1999 .H37517 2013

Blind to betrayal: why we fool ourselves, we aren't being fooled
Freyd, Jennifer J.
BJ1500.B47 F384 2013

Against fairness
Asma, Stephen T.
BJ1533.F2 A86 2013

The good life: the moral individual in an antimoral world
Mendelson, Cheryl,
BJ1589 .M463 2012

The power of ecstatic trance: practices for healing, spiritual growth, and accessing the universal mind
Brink, Nicholas E.,
BL626 .B75 2013

Emperors and bishops in late Roman invective
Flower, Richard,
BR205 .F56 2013

Mortal sins: sex, crime, and the era of catholic scandal
D'Antonio, Michael.
BX1912.9 .D365 2013

Astonished: a story of evil, blessings, grace, and solace
Donofrio, Beverly.
BX4705.D6146 A3 2013

Calvinism: a history
Hart, D. G.
BX9422.5 .H37 2013

C: Auxiliary Sciences of History

Deraniyagala, Sonali.
CT1528.D47 A3 2013

F: United States Local History

California: a history
Starr, Kevin.
F861 .S83 2007

Bolívar: American liberator
Arana, Marie.
F2235.3 .A876 2013

Comandante: myth and reality in Hugo Ch√°vez's Venezuela
Carroll, Rory.
F2329.22.C54 C27 2013

From the enemy's point of view: humanity and divinity in an Amazonian society
Castro, Eduardo Batalha Viveiros de.
F2520.1.A77 C3713 1992

H: Social Sciences

Ethics in qualitative research: controversies and contexts
Hammersley, Martyn.
H62 .H2336 2012

Balance: the economics of great powers from ancient Rome to modern America
Hubbard, R. Glenn.
HB74.P65 H83 2013

Keynes and Friedman on laissez-faire and planning: where to draw the line?
Rivot, Sylvie.
HB95 .R58 2013

It didn't have to be this way: why boom and bust is unnecessary--and how the Austrian school of economics breaks the cycle
Veryser, Harry C.
HB98 .V47 2012

Commodity price volatility and inclusive growth in low-income countries
HB235.D44 C66 2012

The limits of regulation: a critical analysis of capitalist development
Mavroudeas, Stavros D.
HB501 .M38 2012

The longevity seekers: science, business, and the fountain of youth
Anton, Ted.
HB1322.3 .A58 2013

Bombay Islam: the religious economy of the West Indian Ocean, 1840-1915
Green, Nile.
HB2100.B66 G74 2011

The economics of killing: how the West fuels war and poverty in the developing world
Mehta, Vijay,
HC59.7 .M4273 2012

Vulnerability to poverty: theory, measurement and determinants, with case studies from Thailand and Vietnam
HC59.72.P6 V85 2013

Enough is enough: building a sustainable economy in a world of finite resources
Dietz, Rob.
HC79.E5 D547 2013

The approaching great transformation: toward a livable post carbon economy
Magnuson, Joel.
HC79.E5 M332 2013

Thiele, Leslie Paul.
HC79.E5 T4759 2013

Who owns the future?
Lanier, Jaron.
HC79.I55 L365 2013

Stockman, David Alan,
HC106.84 .S76 2013

Terra nova: the new world after oil, cars, and suburbs
Sanderson, Eric W.
HC110.E5 S363 2013

Why Has China Grown So Fast for So Long?
Malik, Khalid,
HC427.92 .M355 2012

Sustainable development in China
HC430.E5 S87 2013

Regional integration in East Asia: theoretical and historical perspectives
HC460.5 .R4365 2013

The org: the underlying logic of the office
Fisman, Raymond.
HD58.7 .F573 2013

Critical reflections on development
HD82 .C69 2013

Lettuce wars: ten years of work and struggle in the fields of California
Neuburger, Bruce.
HD1527.C2 N47 2013

Local protest, global movements: capital, community, and state in San Francisco
Beitel, Karl.
HD7304.S3 B45 2013

The last gun: how changes in the gun industry are killing Americans and what it will take to stop it
Diaz, Tom.
HD9744.F553 U628 2013

Contagious: why things catch on
Berger, Jonah.
HF5415.153 .B463 2013

Called to account: financial frauds that shaped the accounting profession
Clikeman, Paul M.,
HF5616.U5 C575 2013

Auditing and accounting cases: investigating issues of fraud and professional ethics
Thibodeau, Jay C.
HF5686.C7 T48 2014

Conservatives versus wildcats: a sociology of financial conflict
Polillo, Simone,
HG1601 .P65 2013

Tower of Basel: the shadowy history of the secret bank that runs the world
LeBor, Adam.
HG3881.5.B38 L33 2013

Smuggler nation: how illicit trade made America
Andreas, Peter,
HJ6690 .A74 2013

Interculturalism: the new era of cohesion and diversity
Cantle, Ted,
HM621 .C368 2012

The social media handbook: policies and best practices to effectively manage your organization's social media presence, posts, and potential risks
Flynn, Nancy,
HM742 .F58 2012

The new digital age: reshaping the future of people, nations and business
Schmidt, Eric,
HM851 .S263 2013

The social net: understanding our online behavior
HM1017 .S62 2013

Give peace a chance: preventing mass violence
Hamburg, David A.,
HM1116 .H35 2013

Race, class, and gender: an anthology
HN59.2 .R32 2013

The new gilded age: the critical inequality debates of our time
HN90.S6 N447 2012

The joy of sexus: lust, love, & longing in the ancient world
León, Vicki.
HQ13 .L46 2013

Sex mudras: energy movement exercises for sexual vitality
Villecroix, Serge.
HQ21 .V543 2013

Anti-porn: the resurgence of anti-pornography feminism
Long, Julia.
HQ471 .L588 2012

Fast-forward family: home, work, and relationships in middle-class America
HQ536 .F388 2013

Stolen: escape from Syria
Monaghan, Louise.
HQ759 .M849 2013

'Til faith do us part: how interfaith marriage is transforming America
Riley, Naomi Schaefer.
HQ1031 .R55 2013

Sustaining activism: a Brazilian women's movement and a father-daughter collaboration
Rubin, Jeffrey W.
HQ1236.5.B6 R83 2013

Gulf women
HQ1729.5 .G85 2012

Capital spaces: the multiple complex public spaces of a global city
Carmona, Matthew.
HT169.E52 L63 2012

Paris reborn: Napoléon III, Baron Haussmann, and the quest to build a modern city
Kirkland, Stephane.
HT169.F72 P366155 2013

Doing bad by doing good: why humanitarian action fails
Coyne, Christopher J.,
HV553 .C698 2013

Injury prevention for children and adolescents: research, practice, and advocacy
HV675.72 .I554 2012

Blackness and disability: critical examinations and cultural interventions
HV1569.3.M55 B45 2012

End-of-life care and addiction: a family systems approach
Bushfield, Suzanne.
HV4998 .B87 2010

With or without you: a memoir
Ruta, Domenica.
HV5831.M4 R88 2013

Gang life in two cities: an insider's journey
Dur√°n, Robert J.
HV6439.U7 D463 2013

Gun guys: a road trip
Baum, Dan.
HV8059 .B38 2013

Devil in the grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the dawn of a new America
King, Gilbert.
HV9956.G76 K56 2012

M: Music & Books on Music

Le sacre du printemps
Stravinsky, Igor,
M1520.S932 S33 2013

Inside Pierrot lunaire: performing the Sprechstimme in Schoenberg's masterpiece
Bryn-Julson, Phyllis.
ML410.S283 B78 2009

Wagner's Parsifal
Kinderman, William.
ML410.W17 K56 2013

Keith Jarrett's the Köln concert
Elsdon, Peter.
ML417.J35 E47 2013

Vera Gran: the accused
Tuszyńska, Agata.
ML420.G81 T8713 2013

The death and life of the music industry in the digital age
Rogers, Jim,
ML3790 .R63 2013

Reflections on the musical mind: an evolutionary perspective
Schulkin, Jay.
ML3830 .S247 2013

Improvised chamber music: spontaneous chamber music games for four (or three or five) players
Agrell, Jeffrey,
MT68 .A47 2013

Art song: linking poetry and music
Kimball, Carol
MT120 .K55 2013

P: Language & Literature

Scandal and silence: media responses to presidential misconduct
Entman, Robert M.
P96.S29 E58 2012

Understanding pragmatic markers: a variational pragmatic approach
Aijmer, Karin,
P99.4.P72 A35 2013

Does spelling matter?
Horobin, Simon.
PE1141 .H67 2013

The enchanted wanderer: and other stories
Leskov, N. S.
PG3337.L5 A255 2013

Vladimir Mayakovsky: selected poems
Mayakovsky, Vladimir,
PG3476.M3 A2 2013

Suddenly, a knock on the door /stories
Keret, Etgar,
PJ5054.K375 P5813 2012

Classical Arabic literature: a library of Arabic literature anthology
PJ7694.E1 C53 2013

Kissing the sword: a prison memoir
Pārsīʹpūr, Shahrnūsh.
PK6561.P247 Z46 2013

Moon woke me up nine times
Matsuo, Bashō,
PL794.4 .M66 2013

The crab cannery ship and other novels of struggle
Kobayashi, Takiji,
PL832.O3 A2 2013

Nonami, Asa,
PL857.O494 K3713 2012

Literary remains: death, trauma, and Lu Xun's refusal to mourn
Cheng, Eileen,
PL2754.S5 Z591427 2013

Lenin's kisses
Yan, Lianke,
PL2925.L54 S4813 2012

The dark road: [a novel]
Ma, Jian,
PL2948.3.J53 D37 2013

Contemporary literary and cultural theory: the Johns Hopkins guide
PN81 .C744 2012

Smith, Ali,
PN441 .S585 2013

Black power TV
Heitner, Devorah,
PN1992.8.A34 H45 2013

My lunches with Orson: conversations between Henry Jaglom and Orson Welles
Jaglom, Henry,
PN1998.3.J276 A5 2013

Performing site-specific theatre: politics, place, practice
PN2081.S58 P47 2012

Performing queer latinidad: dance, sexuality, politics
Rivera-Servera, Ramón H.,
PN2270.G39 R58 2012

The Redgraves: a family epic
Spoto, Donald,
PN2598.R42 S68 2012

Reinventing professionalism: journalism and news in global perspective
Waisbord, Silvio R.
PN4731 .W35 2013

Deadline artists: America's greatest newspaper columns
PN4855 .D43 2011

The myth of the superhero
Arnaudo, Marco.
PN6710 .A85 2013

Critical survey of graphic novels: history, theme, and technique
PN6725 .C7536 2013

Like a misunderstood salvation and other poems
Césaire, Aimé.
PQ3949.C44 A2 2013

Italo Calvino: letters, 1941-1985
Calvino, Italo.
PQ4809.A45 Z48 2013

Dreams of waking: an anthology of Iberian lyric poetry, 1400-1700
PQ6181 .D74 2013

Poet in New York
García Lorca, Federico,
PQ6613.A763 P6313 2013

The ingenious gentleman and poet Federico García Lorca ascends to hell
Rojas, Carlos,
PQ6633.O594 I513 2013

Hypothermia: stories
Enrigue, Alvaro,
PQ6705.N63 H4713 2013

The house of impossible loves: a novel
López Barrio, Cristina,
PQ6712.O6458 C3713 2013

Adam in Eden
Fuentes, Carlos.
PQ7297.F793 A2 2012

The secret book of Frida Kahlo: a novel
Haghenbeck, F. G.
PQ7298.418.A34 L5313 2012

Ostrich legs
Kozameh, Alicia,
PQ7798.21.O9 P3813 2013

No one said a word
Varsavsky, Paula,
PQ7798.32.A76 N313 2012

For a savage love: three books = Por un amor salvaje: tres libros
Zeller, Ludwig,
PQ8098.36.E4 F67 2012

The sound of things falling
V√°squez, Juan Gabriel,
PQ8180.32.A797 R8513 2013

The child in British literature: literary constructions of childhood, medieval to contemporary
PR151.C5 C55 2012

The ocean at the end of the lanea novel
Gaiman, Neil.
PR6057.A319 O24 2013

Unmastered: a book on desire, most difficult to tell
Angel, Katherine.
PR6101.N474 Z46 2013

American literature and culture in an age of cold war: a critical reassessment
PS228.C58 A44 2012

The Cambridge companion to the literature of New York
PS255.N5 C35 2010

The poet resigns: poetry in a difficult world
Archambeau, Robert Thomas,
PS326 A73 2013

Dramatic revisions of myths, fairy tales and legends: essays on recent plays
PS352 .D72 2012

Slavery in American children's literature, 1790-2010
Connolly, Paula T.
PS371.S58 C65 2013

Abandoning the Black hero: sympathy and privacy in the postwar African American White-life novel
Charles, John C.,
PS374.N4 C47 2013

Angles of ascent: a Norton anthology of contemporary African American poetry
PS508.N3 A86 2013

Turning a train of thought upside down: an anthology of women's poetry
PS589 .T87 2012

Margaret Fuller: a new American life
Marshall, Megan.
PS2506 .M37 2013

A political companion to John Steinbeck
PS3537.T3234 Z787 2013

Red doc>
Carson, Anne,
PS3553.A7667 R43 2013

Fire in the garden: poems
Day, Lucille.
PS3554.A965 F57 1997

Married at fourteen: a true story
Day, Lucille.
PS3554.A965 M37 2012

Self-portrait with hand microscope: poems
Day, Lucille.
PS3554.A965 S4 1982

Wild one: poems
Day, Lucille.
PS3554.A965 W55 2000

Hurricane dancers: the first Caribbean pirate shipwreck
Engle, Margarita.
PS3555.N4254 H87 2011

Head off & split: poems
Finney, Nikky.
PS3556.I53 H43 2011

Collected poems
Gilbert, Jack,
PS3557.I34217 A6 2012

The Cambridge companion to Cormac McCarthy
PS3563.C337 Z624 2013

The woman upstairs: a novel
Messud, Claire,
PS3563.E8134 W66 2013

Stag's leap
Olds, Sharon.
PS3565.L34 S73 2012

Bleeding edge
Pynchon, Thomas.
PS3566.Y55 B54 2013

Meme: poems
Wheeler, Susan,
PS3573.H43465 M46 2012

Bogot√°: a novel
Grostephan, Alan.
PS3607.R6744 B64 2013

Autogeography: poems
Harris, Reginald,
PS3608.A78327 A94 2013

And the mountains echoed
Hosseini, Khaled.
PS3608.O832 A53 2013b

Hold it till it hurts: a novel
Johnson, T. Geronimo
PS3610.O38339 H65 2012

The cineaste: [poems]
Jordan, A. Van.
PS3610.O654 C56 2013

A map of Tulsa: a novel
Lytal, Benjamin.
PS3612.Y78 M37 2013

WTC view
Sloan, Brian.
PS3619.L615 W83 2012

Mortal diamond: poems
Grünbein, Durs.
PT2667.R842 A2 2013

R: Medicine

Nobel prizes that changed medicine
R699 .N63 2012

Family communication, connections, and health transitions
R726.5 .F347 2011

Structural intimacies: sexual stories in the Black AIDS epidemic
Mackenzie, Sonja,
RA643.83 .M33 2013

The malaria genome projects: promise, progress, and prospects
Sherman, Irwin W.
RC156 .S54 2012

Brief interventions for radical change: principles & practice of focused acceptance & commitment therapy
Strosahl, Kirk,
RC 489 A32 S77 2012

Mandala symbolism and techniques: innovative approaches for professionals
Buchalter, Susan I.
RC489.A7 B825 2013

Practicing positive CBT: from reducing distress to building success
Bannink, Fredrike.
RC489.C63 B36 2012

Gestalt counselling in a nutshell
Houston, Gaie,
RC489.G4 H68 2013

Acceptance and mindfulness in cognitive behavior therapy: understanding and applying the new therapies
RC489.M55 A33 2011

Psychology moment by moment: a guide to enhancing your clinical practice with mindfulness and meditation
Labbé, Elise E.
RC489.M55 L33 2011

Mindfulness for the next generation: helping emerging adults manage stress and lead healthier lives
Rogers, Holly.
RC489.M55 R64 2012

How everyone on the autism spectrum, young and old can-- become resilient, be more optimistic, enjoy humor, be kind, and increase self-efficacy: a positive psychology approach
RC553.A88 H69 2011

Preventing childhood obesity in early care and education programs
RJ399.C6 P743 2012

Psychopathology of childhood and adolescence: a neuropsychological approach
RJ499 .P79 2013

The psychedelic renaissance: reassessing the role of psychedelic drugs in 21st century psychiatry and society
Sessa, Ben.
RM324.8 .S47 2012

V: Naval Science

No books under this heading this month.

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