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New Books November 2013


Here is the list of titles added to the Main Collection in November 2013. This list is sorted by the Library of Congress Call Number (LCCN); each entry includes LC call number, author, if pertinent, and title. If you want to see the full entry for any item, click on the title to go to InvestiGator, the Library's online catalog. To return to the New Books List, click the browser's back arrow.

If you are interested in a particular subject, but you do not know its LC call number, click on one of the entries in the menu to the left to move directly to the position in the New Book list where new titles relating to that subject begin.

A: General Works

The art of freedom: teaching the humanities to the poor
Shorris, Earl,
AZ183.U5 S56 2013

B: Philosophy, Psychology, & Religion

A user's guide to thought and meaning
Jackendoff, Ray,
B105.M4 J33 2012

Wm & H'ry: literature, love, and the letters between William and Henry James
Hallman, J. C.
B945.J24 H22 2013

Beyond nature and culture
Descola, Philippe,
BD581 .D3813 2013

Successful research projects: a step-by-step guide
Beins, Bernard.
BF76.5 .B4395 2014

Pieces of light: how the new science of memory illuminates the stories we tell about our pasts
Fernyhough, Charles,
BF378.A87 F47 2013

The origin of concepts
Carey, Susan.
BF443 .C37 2009

What do women want?: adventures in the science of female desire
Bergner, Daniel.
BF575.D4 B47 2013

Sticks and stones: defeating the culture of bullying and rediscovering the power of character and empathy
Bazelon, Emily.
BF637.B85 B39 2013

The pathos of the real: on the aesthetics of violence in the twentieth century
Buch, Robert.
BH301.C88 B83 2010

Celebrity society
Van Krieken, Robert.
BJ1470.5 .V36 2012

Handbook of religion and health
Koenig, Harold G.
BL65.M4 K597 2012

Rethinking Greek religion
Kindt, Julia,
BL783 .K565 2012

Hindu theology and biology: the Bhāgavata Purānạ and contemporary theory
Edelmann, Jonathan B.,
BL1140.4.B436 E44 2012

The great agnostic: Robert Ingersoll and American freethought
Jacoby, Susan,
BL2790.I6 J33 2013

From enemy to brother: the revolution in Catholic teaching on the Jews, 1933-1965
Connelly, John.
BM535 .C627 2012

Christian origins and Greco-Roman culture: social and literary contexts for the New Testament
BR129 .C425 2013

Christian fundamentalism and the culture of disenchantment
Maltby, Paul.
BR515 .M27 2013

C: Auxiliary Sciences of History

Mumbai New York Scranton
Shopsin, Tamara.
CT275.S4896 A3 2013

H: Social Sciences

Drucker: a life in pictures
Wartzman, Rick.
H59.D75 W37 2013

Beggar thy neighbor: a history of usury and debt
Geisst, Charles R.
HB551 .G45 2013

Demand and supply integration: the key to world-class demand forecasting
Moon, Mark A.,
HB801 .M6923 2013

What to expect when no one's expecting: America's coming demographic disaster
Last, Jonathan V.,
HB3505 .L37 2013

Economic crisis in Europe: causes, consequences and responses / edited by Paul van den Noord and István P. Székely.
HB3717 2008 .E365 2011

From aid to development: the global fight against poverty
HC60 .F743 2012

Crisis of global sustainability
Kanninen, Tapio.
HC79.E5 K355 2013

Detroit: an American autopsy
LeDuff, Charlie.
HC108.D6 L44 2013

American poverty: presidential failures and a call to action
Klein, Woody,
HC110.P6 K547 2013

Poverty and development in Latin America: public policies and development pathways
HC130.P6 P677 2013

Lean in: women, work, and the will to lead
Sandberg, Sheryl.
HD6054.3 .S265 2013

Lost in transition: youth, work, and instability in postindustrial Japan
Brinton, Mary C.
HD6276.J3 B75 2011

Dispossession: discrimination against African American farmers in the age of civil rights
Daniel, Pete.
HD8039.F32 U626 2013

Picking up: on the streets and behind the trucks with the sanitation workers of New York City
Nagle, Robin.
HD8039.S2572 U66 2013

Just business: multinational corporations and human rights
Ruggie, John Gerard,
HF5387 .R835 2013

The alchemists: three central bankers and a world on fire
Irwin, Neil.
HG1811 .I79 2013

Foreign direct investment (FDI) and global financial crisis
HG5732 .F67 2013

The AIG story
Greenberg, Maurice R.
HG8540.A43 G74 2013

Guns, germs, and steel: the fates of human societies
Diamond, Jared M.
HM206 .D48 2005

Cultural production in virtual and imagined worlds
HM500 .C85 2010

Rewire: digital cosmopolitans in the age of connection
Zuckerman, Ethan,
HM742 .Z83 2013New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2013.

Community without community in digital culture
Gere, Charlie.
HM756 .G47 2012

The mobile media reader
HM851 .M628 2012

The Oxford handbook of Internet psychology
HM1017 .O85 2009

DIY style: fashion, music and global digital cultures
Luvaas, Brent Adam,
HN710.Z9 I5358 2012

Sex and the Citadel: intimate life in a changing Arab world
El-Feki, Shereen.
HQ18.E3 E42 2013

Trans forming families: real stories about transgendered loved ones
HQ77.7 .T73 2008

Teenage citizens: the political theories of the young
Flanagan, Constance A.
HQ799.2.P6 F65 2013

The overflowing of friendship: love between men and the creation of the American republic
Godbeer, Richard.
HQ1090.3 .G63 2009

On the causes of the greatness and magnificence of cities, 1588
Botero, Giovanni,
HT111 .B6713 2012

A history of future cities
Brook, Daniel.
HT111 .B76 2013

A rua: Rio de Janeiro & the spirit of the street
HT129.B7 R93 2011

Handbook of urban inequalities
Mahadevia, Darshini.
HT321 .M225 2012

China's new urbanization strategy
HT384.C6 C537 2013

Locating right to the city in the Global South
HT384.D44 L63 2013

Women on ice: methamphetamine use among suburban women
Boeri, Miriam.
HV5824.W6 W64 2013

Midnight in Mexico: a reporter's journey through a country's descent into the darkness
Corchado, Alfredo.
HV5840.M4 C67 2013

West of sex: making Mexican America, 1900-1930
Mitchell, Pablo.
HV6592 .M58 2012

Give me everything you have: on being stalked
Lasdun, James.
HV6594.2 .L37 2013

The scientific Sherlock Holmes: cracking the case with science and forensics
O'Brien, James F.,
HV8073 .O36 2013

Where justice and mercy meet: Catholic opposition to the death penalty
HV8698 .W474 2013

M: Music & Books on Music

J.S. Bach at his royal instrument: essays on his organ works
Stinson, Russell.
ML410.B1 S855 2012

I dreamed I was a very clean tramp: an autobiography
Hell, Richard.
ML420.H359 A3 2013

The soundtrack of my life
Davis, Clive.
ML429.D36 A3 2013

N: Fine Arts

Collecting China: the world, China, and a history of collecting
N72.G55 C66 2011

The utopian globalists: artists of worldwide revolution, 1919-2009
Harris, Jonathan
N72.G55 H37 2013

Cultural hijack: rethinking intervention
N72.S6 C855 2011

Modernism and the museum: Asian, African, and Pacific art and the London avant-garde
Arrowsmith, Rupert Richard,
N6490 .A715 2011

New Games: Postmodernism After Contemporary Art
Lee, Pamela M.
N6494.P66 L44 2013

Innovative approaches to the complex care of contemporary art
N6497 .I566 2012

Pasadena to Santa Barbara: a selected history of art in Southern California, 1951-1969
Joyce, Julie,
N6530.C22 J69 2012

Rafael Ferrer
Cullen, Deborah.
N6614.F47 C85 2012

Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian art and design
Barringer, T. J.
N6767.5.P7 B37 2012

Pliny and the Artistic Culture of the Italian Renaissance: the Legacy of the Natural History
McHam, Sarah Blake.
N6915 .M44 2013

Art in Oceania: a new history
N7410 .A735 2012

Monumentality in Etruscan and early Roman architecture: ideology and innovation
NA300 .M66 2012

The story of post-modernism: five decades of the ironic, iconic and critical in architecture
Jencks, Charles.
NA682.P67 J46 2011

Building Brazil!: the proactive urban renewal of informal settlements
NA850 B85 2011

James Stirling: revisionary modernist
Lawrence, Amanda Reeser.
NA997.S78 L39 2012

Where are the utopian visionaries?: Architecture of social exchange
NA2540 .W44 2012

Refract House
NA2542.3 .R44 2011

Ecological urban architecture: qualitative approaches to sustainability
Schröpfer, Thomas,
NA2542.36 .S37 2012

At home in sprawl: selected essays on architecture
Betsky, Aaron.
NA2560 .B48 2011

Mosaics of Thessaloniki: 4th to 14th century
NA3780 .M668 2012

When all of Rome was under construction: the building process in baroque Rome
Habel, Dorothy Metzger,
NA9070 .H33 2013

Ancient origins of the Mexican plaza: from primordial sea to public space
Wagner, Logan.
NA9070 .W34 2013

Bernini: art as theatre
Warwick, Genevieve.
NB623.B5 W37 2012

Nordic graphic designers
NC998.6.S34 N65 2011

The art of controversy: political cartoons and their enduring power
Navasky, Victor S.
NC1763.P66 N38 2013

Illusions in motion: media archaeology of the moving panorama and related spectacles
Huhtamo, Erkki.
ND2880 .H84 2013

Rewire: digital cosmopolitans in the age of connection
Zuckerman, Ethan,
HM742 .Z83 2013New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2013.

British design from 1948: innovation in the modern age
NK1443 .B75 2012

Color and design
NK1548 .C64 2012

We are Iraqis: aesthetics and politics in a time of war
NX180.P64 W4 2013

Seductive aesthetics of postcolonialism
Menon, Rekha.
NX180.P67 M46 2010

Performing contagious bodies: ritual participation in contemporary art
Braddock, Christopher.
NX456.5 .P38 B73 2013

Imaging disaster: Tokyo and the visual culture of Japan's Great Earthquake of 1923
Weisenfeld, Gennifer S.
NX584.A1 W45 2012

P: Language & Literature

The riddle of the labyrinth: the quest to crack an ancient code
Fox, Margalit.
P1038 .F69 2013

Spell it out: the curious, enthralling and extraordinary story of English spelling
Crystal, David,
PE1141 .C79 2013

Birth certificate: the story of Danilo Kiš
Thompson, Mark,
PG1419.21.I8 Z896 2013

The tragedy of Mr. Morn
Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich,
PG3476.N3 T8313 2013

The fall of the stone city
Kadare, Ismail.
PG9621.K3 D2913 2012

Wondrous brutal fictions: eight Buddhist tales from the early Japanese puppet theater
PL768.J6 W66 2013

Death by choice
Shimada, Masahiko,
PL861.H326 J5913 2013

The matchmaker, the apprentice, and the football fan: more stories of China
Zhu, Wen,
PL2852.W424 A2 2013

The vagina: a literary and cultural history
Rees, Emma L. E.
PN56.V26 R44 2013

Forty-one false starts: essays on artists and writers
Malcolm, Janet.
PN453 .M35 2013

The poetry of radio: the colour of sound
Street, Sean.
PN1991.8.P6 S75 2012

New queer cinema: the director's cut
Rich, B. Ruby.
PN1995.9.H55 R53 2013

Montreal Main
Waugh, Thomas,
PN1997.M6628 W38 2010

A comprehensive guide to readers theatre: enhancing fluency and comprehension in middle school and beyond
Black, Alison,
PN2081.R4 B58 2007

A curious man: the strange & brilliant life of Robert "Believe it or not" Ripley
Thompson, Neal.
PN4874.R53 T57 2013

La folie Baudelaire
Calasso, Roberto.
PQ2191.Z5 C23613 2012

Monsieur Proust's library
Muhlstein, Anka.
PQ2631.R63 Z78925 2012

The divine comedy
Dante Alighieri,
PQ4315 .J36 2013

The Cambridge companion to fantasy literature
PR149.F35 C36 2012

Monstrous motherhood: eighteenth-century culture and the ideology of domesticity
Francus, Marilyn.
PR448.M66 F73 2012

Novel histories: British women writing history, 1760-1830
Kasmer, Lisa,
PR448.W65 K37 2012

Masters of the marketplace: British women novelists of the 1750s
PR830.W62 M37 2011

The madwoman and the blindman: Jane Eyre, discourse, disability
PR4169 .M23 2012

The novels of Walter Scott and his literary relations: Mary Brunton, Susan Ferrier and Christian Johnstone
Monnickendam, Andrew.
PR5341 .M66 2013

Constance: the tragic and scandalous life of Mrs. Oscar Wilde
Moyle, Franny.
PR5823 .M69 2012

Joyce's love stories
DeVault, Christopher.
PR6019.O9 Z52965 2013

C. P. Snow: the dynamics of hope
Tredell, Nicolas.
PR6037.N58 Z896 2012

Americanah: a novel
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi,
PR9387.9.A34354 A44 2013

Irish Catholic writers and the invention of the American South
Giemza, Bryan Albin.
PS261 .G54 2013

The selected letters of Willa Cather
Cather, Willa,
PS3505.A87 Z48 2013

Amy Lowell, diva poet
Bradshaw, Melissa,
PS3523.O88 Z59 2011

The radical fiction of Ann Petry
Clark, Keith,
PS3531.E933 Z63 2013

Selected letters of Katherine Anne Porter: chronicles of a modern woman
Porter, Katherine Anne,
PS3531.O752 Z48 2012

Too good to be true: a memoir
Anastas, Benjamin.
PS3551.N257 Z46 2012

True believers: a novel
Andersen, Kurt,
PS3551.N34554 T78 2012

Mom & me & mom
Angelou, Maya.
PS3551.N464 Z46 2013

Metaphysical dog
Bidart, Frank,
PS3552.I33 M48 2013

The collected writings of Joe Brainard
Brainard, Joe,
PS3552 .R275 2012

More notes of a dirty old man: the uncollected columns
Bukowski, Charles.
PS3552.U4 M65 2011

Hayati, my life: a novel
Cooke, Miriam.
PS3553.O5569 H39 2000

The complete poems of James Dickey
Dickey, James.
PS3554 .I32 2013

Through and through: Toledo stories
Geha, Joseph.
PS3557.E3544 T48 2009

The Situe stories
Noble, Frances Khirallah.
PS3564.O236 S58 2000

Jewelweed: a novel
Rhodes, David,
PS3568.H55 J49 2013

It calls you back: an odyssey through love, addiction, revolutions, and healing
Rodriguez, Luis J.,
PS3568.O34879 Z46 2011

The news from Spain: seven variations on a love story
Wickersham, Joan.
PS3573.I252 N49 2012

Fairyland: a memoir of my father
Abbott, Alysia.
PS3601.B3596 Z46 2013

The book of my lives
Hemon, Aleksandar,
PS3608.E48 B66 2013

Swimming toward the light: a novel
Leone, Angela Tehaan.
PS3612.E577 S85 2007

Remember me to Lebanon: stories of Lebanese women in America
Shakir, Evelyn,
PS3619.H3532 R46 2007

The abolition of species
Dath, Dietmar,
PT2664.A816 A7413 2013

What darkness was
Parei, Inka,
PT2676.A665 W3713 2013

Q: Science

Brilliant blunders: from Darwin to Einstein - colossal mistakes by great scientists that changed our understanding of life and the universe
Livio, Mario,
Q172.5.E77 L58 2013

Moving data: the iPhone and the future of media
QA76.8.I64 M68 2012

Problems in probability
Shiri︠a︡ev, Alʹbert Nikolaevich.
QA273.25 .S55 2012

Differential equations, dynamical systems, and an introduction to chaos
Hirsch, Morris W.,
QA372 .H67 2013

How to observe the sun safely
MacDonald, Lee,
QB521 .M23 2012

Cosmic paradoxes
Gonzalo, Julio A.
QB981 .G66 2012

Electromagnetism: nature's force that shapes our lives
Fagg, Lawrence W.,
QC760 .F36 2011

The Cambrian explosion: the construction of animal biodiversity
Douglas, Erwin.
QE721.2.E85 D68 2013

The California naturalist handbook
De Nevers, Greg.
QH105.C2 D43 2013

Epigenetics in the age of Twitter: pop culture and modern science
Weissmann, Gerald.
QH450 .W45 2012

Biophysics: searching for principles
Bialek, William S.
QH505 .B455 2012

Guide to the marine fishes of the Gulf of California
Buckhorn, Michele L.
QL623 .B83 2012

Exercise physiology as a healthcare profession: tomorrow and beyond
Boone, Tommy.
QP301 .B5785 2013

S: Agriculture

No books under this heading this month.

U: Military Science

Napalm: an American biography
Neer, Robert M.,
UG447.65 .N44 2013

V: Naval Science

No books under this heading this month.

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