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New Books October 2013


Here is the list of titles added to the Main Collection in October 2013. This list is sorted by the Library of Congress Call Number (LCCN); each entry includes LC call number, author, if pertinent, and title. If you want to see the full entry for any item, click on the title to go to InvestiGator, the Library's online catalog. To return to the New Books List, click the browser's back arrow.

If you are interested in a particular subject, but you do not know its LC call number, click on one of the entries in the menu to the left to move directly to the position in the New Book list where new titles relating to that subject begin.

A: General Works

Thinking contemporary curating
Smith, Terry
AM151 .S64 2012

B: Philosophy, Psychology, & Religion

Philosophos: Plato's missing dialogue
Gill, Mary Louise,
B395 .G44 2012

The epistemology of perception
B828.45 .E65 2011

Leibniz, God and necessity
Griffin, Michael V.
B2598 .G75 2013

The Heidegger dictionary
Dahlstrom, Daniel O.
B3279.H49 D23 2013

Knowledge, language and mind: Wittgenstein's thought in progress
B3376.W563 P532545 2012

Living thought: the origins and actuality of Italian philosophy
Esposito, Roberto,
B3551 .E8713 2012

Information: a very short introduction
Floridi, Luciano,
BD175 .F56 2010

Changes of mind: an essay on rational belief revision
Tennant, Neil,
BD215 .T46 2012

LoveKnowledge: the life of philosophy from Socrates to Derrida
Brand, Roy.
BD431 .B7455 2013

Life as art: aesthetics and the creation of self
Simpson, Zachary,
BD435 .S567 2012

Twelve theories of human nature.
Stevenson, Leslie Forster.
BD450 .S766 2013

Why does the world exist?: an existential detective story
Holt, Jim,
BD511 .H65 2012

The demanded self: Levinasian ethics and identity in psychology
Goodman, David M.
BF76.4 .G65 2012

The process of research in psychology
McBride, Dawn M.
BF76.5 .M376 2013

What is psychoanalysis?: 100 years after Freud's 'secret committee'
Barratt, Barnaby B.,
BF173 .B206 2013

Studying human behavior: how scientists investigate aggression and sexuality
Longino, Helen E.
BF199 .L58 2013

Green psychology: transforming our relationship to the earth
Metzner, Ralph.
BF353.5.N37 M47 1999

The imagination
Sartre, Jean-Paul,
BF408 .S263 2012

Genius: a very short introduction
Robinson, Andrew,
BF412 .R53 2011

Anxiety: a very short introduction
Freeman, Daniel,
BF575.A6 F73 2012

Why humans like to cry: tragedy, evolution and the brain
Trimble, Michael R.
BF575.C88 T75 2012

Greve, Bent.
BF575.H27 G74 2012

Trust: a very short introduction
Hawley, Katherine
BF575.T7 H39 2012

What we know about emotional intelligence: how it affects learning, work, relationships, and our mental health
Zeidner, Moshe.
BF576 .Z45 2009

Affirmative psychotherapy and counseling for lesbians and gay men
Chernin, Jeffrey N.
BF637.C6 C395 2003

Strategic conflict
Canary, Daniel J.
BF637.I48 C36 2013

The psychology of meaning
BF778 .P757 2013

Sensibility and the sublime
Weissman, David,
BH301.S7 W447 2012

Free will
Harris, Sam,
BJ1461 .H2785 2012

The sacred is the profane: the political nature of "religion"
Arnal, William E.
BL51 .A67 2013

Fighting words: religion, violence, and the interpretation of sacred texts
BL65.V55 F64 2012

Introducing African American religion
Pinn, Anthony B.
BL625.2 .P57 2013

Martyrdom: a very short introduction
Mitchell, Jolyon P.
BL626.5 .M58 2012

The guru in South Asia: new interdisciplinary perspectives,
BL1055 .G87 2012

Tranquil sitting: a Taoist journal on the theory, practice, and benefits of meditation
Tzu, Yin Shih.
BL1942.8 .T9813 2013

Islamic history: a very short introduction
Silverstein, Adam J.
BP50 .S55 2010

Encounters with Islam: on religion, politics and modernity
Ruthven, Malise.
BP161.3 .R88 2012

Shiism and politics in the Middle East
Louër, Laurence.
BP194.185 .L65513 2012

Going clear: scientology, Hollywood, and the prison of belief
Wright, Lawrence,
BP605.S2 W75 2013

Perceiving reality: consciousness, intentionality, and cognition in Buddhist philosophy
Coseru, Christian.
BQ4440 .C68 2012

Meditations of a Buddhist skeptic: a manifesto for the mind sciences and contemplative practice
Wallace, B. Alan.
BQ4570.N48 W36 2012

Luminous bliss: a religious history of Pure Land literature in Tibet: with an annotated English translation and critical analysis of the Orgyan-gling gold manuscript of the short Sukhāvatīvyūha-sūtra
Halkias, Georgios,
BQ8514.4.C62 H35 2013

The one taste of truth: Zen and the art of drinking tea
Wilson, William Scott,
BQ9289.5 .W55 2012

Seeking the face of God: the reception of Augustine in the mystical thought of Bernard of Clairvaux and William of St Thierry
Cvetković, Carmen Angela.
BR65.A9 C84 2012

Christianity and Hellenism in the fifth-century Greek east: Theodoret's apologetics against the Greeks in context
Papadogiannakis, Yannis.
BR65.T756 P37 2012

The baptism of early Virginia: how Christianity created race
Goetz, Rebecca Anne.
BT734.2 .G64 2012

Clothed in the body: asceticism, the body, and the spiritual in the late antique era
Hunt, Hannah.
BT741.3 .H86 2012

The Devil: a very short introduction
Oldridge, Darren,
BT982 .O43 2012

By the vision of another world: worship in American history
BV8 .B9 2012

The New Orleans Sisters of the Holy Family: African American missionaries to the Garifuna of Belize
Brett, Edward Tracy,
BV2843.B8 B74 2012

Trent: what happened at the council
O'Malley, John W.
BX830 1545 .O43 2013

Why priests?: a failed tradition
Wills, Garry,
BX2220 .W57 2013

Militant Protestantism and British identity, 1603-1642
White, Jason,
BX4838 .W54 2012

C: Auxiliary Sciences of History

Hitchens, Christopher.
CT275.H62575 A3 2012

D: History: General and Old World

Empire: a very short introduction
Howe, Stephen,
D217 .H68 2002

The Second World War
Beevor, Antony,
D743 .B385 2012

Nisei soldiers break their silence: coming home to Hood River
Tamura, Linda,
D753.8 .T36 2012

Nagasaki: the massacre of the innocent and unknowing
Collie, Craig.
D767.25.N3 C66 2011

Silver like dust: one family's story of America's Japanese internment
Grant, Kimi Cunningham.
D769.8.A6 R46 1998

Red phoenix rising: the Soviet Air Force in World War II
Hardesty, Von,
D792.S65 H36 2012

The memory of pain: women's testimonies of the Holocaust
Loew, Camila.
D804.195 .L64 2011

Shooting Victoria: madness, mayhem, and the rebirth of the British monarchy
Murphy, Paul Thomas,
DA550 .M87 2012

London calling: a countercultural history of London since 1945
Miles, Barry,
DA688 .M43 2010

Alix and Nicky: the passion of the last tsar and tsarina
Rounding, Virginia.
DK258 .R68 2012

Travels in Siberia
Frazier, Ian.
DK756.2 .F73 2010

The Spanish Second Republic revisited: from democratic hopes to Civil War (1931-1936)
DP254 .S73 2012

When victory is not an option: Islamist movements in Arab politics
Brown, Nathan J.
DS39 .B76 2012

New Babylonians: a history of Jews in modern Iraq
Bashkin, Orit,
DS135.I7 B3745 2012

Sources of East Asian tradition
DS509.3 .S677 2008

China's Cultural Revolution, 1966-1969: not a dinner party
DS778.7 .C456 1996

Sources of Japanese tradition.
DS821 .S68 2006

The life of ancient Japan: selected contemporary texts illustrating social life and ideals before the era of seclusion
DS822.2 .L55 2002

Letters from Cairo
Kaldas, Pauline,
DT70 .K27 2007

Getting Somalia wrong?: faith and war in a shattered state
Harper, Mary,
DT407.4 .H37 2012

The Chinese face in Australia: multi-generational ethnicity among Australian-born Chinese
Ngan, Lucille Lok-sun.
DU122.C5 N43 2012

E: History: America in General

First Nations in the twenty-first century
Frideres, James.
E78 C2 F722 2011

The Indian great awakening: religion and the shaping of native cultures in early America
Fisher, Linford D.
E78.N5 F56 2012

Seekers and travellers: contemporary art of the Pacific Northwest Coast
Wyatt, Gary,
E78.N78 W897 2012

Red medicine: traditional indigenous rites of birthing and healing
Gonzales, Patrisia.
E98.R3 G66 2012

From the land of ever winter to the American Southwest: Athapaskan migrations, mobility, and ethnogenesis
E99.A86 F78 2012

Inuit and whalers on Baffin Island through German eyes: Wilhelm Weike's Arctic journal and letters (1883-1884)
Weike, Wilhelm,
E99.E7 W39413 2011

We will secure our future: empowering the Navajo nation
Zah, Peterson.
E99.N3 Z34 2012

The things they cannot say: stories soldiers won't tell you about what they've seen, done or failed to do in war
Sites, Kevin.
E181 .S537 2013

Arab America: gender, cultural politics, and activism
Naber, Nadine Christine.
E184.A65 N335 2012

Pacific citizens: Larry and Guyo Tajiri and Japanese American journalism in the World War II era
Tajiri, Larry,
E184.J3 T27 2012

Intimate migrations: gender, family, and illegality among transnational Mexicans
Boehm, Deborah A.
E184.M5 B59 2012

The Arab and the Brit: the last of the welcome immigrants
Rezak, Bill.
E184.P33 R38 2013

The modern African American political thought reader: from David Walker to Barack Obama
Jones, Angela,
E185 .J648 2013

The King years: historic moments in the civil rights movement
Branch, Taylor.
E185.61 .B7913 2013

The beast in Florida: a history of anti-black violence
Dunn, Marvin,
E185.61 .D895 2012

In search of power: African Americans in the era of decolonization, 1956-1974
Plummer, Brenda Gayle.
E185.615 .P5435 2013

I must resist: Bayard Rustin's life in letters
Rustin, Bayard,
E185.97.R93 A4 2012

Relieve us of this burthen: American prisoners of war in the revolutionary South, 1780-1782
Borick, Carl P.,
E281 .B74 2012

The founders on the founders: word portraits from the American revolutionary era
E302.5 .F676 2008

Those who labor for my happiness: slavery at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
Stanton, Lucia C.
E332.2 .S74 2012

Sex and manifest destiny: the urge that drove Americans westward
Naparsteck, M. J.
E338 .N37 2012

To free a family: the journey of Mary Walker
Nathans, Sydney.
E450.W322 N37 2012

Robert F. Kennedy and the shaping of civil rights, 1960-1964
Goduti, Philip A.,
E840.8.K4 G58 2013

Into the nightmare: my search for the killers of President John F. Kennedy and Officer J.D. Tippit
McBride, Joseph,
E842.9 .M382 2013

G: Geography, Anthropology, & Recreation

The Antarctic: a very short introduction
Dodds, Klaus.
G860 .D63 2012

Water drops: celebrating the wonder of water
Black, Peter E.
GB671 .B55 2012

Calculating catastrophe
Woo, Gordon.
GB5014 .W65 2011

Climate change ethics: navigating the perfect moral storm
Brown, Donald A.,
GE42 .B78 2013

Field sampling for environmental science and management
Webster, R.
GE45.S25 W43 2013

Global environmental governance reconsidered
GE170 .G5548 2012

The roads from Rio: lessons learned from twenty years of multilateral environmental negotiations
GE170 .R56 2012

Environmental security: approaches and issues
Floyd, Rita,
GE180 .F569 2013

Crabgrass crucible: suburban nature and the rise of environmentalism in twentieth-century America
Sellers, Christopher C.
GE197 .S4 2012

Navigating environmental attitudes
Heberlein, Thomas A.,
GE300 .H43 2012

Indigenous knowledge, ecology, and evolutionary biology
Pierotti, Raymond John.
GF50 .P54 2011

The rediscovery of the wild
GF51 .R44 2013

Understanding pottery function
Skibo, James M.
GN799.P6 S585 2013

Transgressive tales: queering the Grimms
GR166 .T67 2012

Beauty unlimited
GT499 .B43 2013

The beautiful and the good: reasons for sustainable fashion
GT521 .B38 2012

Wartime fashion: from haute couture to homemade, 1939-1945
Howell, Geraldine.
GT738 .H69 2012

Blue jeans: the art of the ordinary
Miller, Daniel,
GT2085 .M55 2012

It's a whole new ballgame: how social media is changing sports
Sanderson, Jimmy.
GV742 .S26 2011

Soccernomics: why England loses, why Spain, Germany and Brazil win, and why the US, Japan, Australia, Turkey--and even Iraq--are destined to become the kings of the world's most popular sport
Kuper, Simon.
GV943.9.S64 K88 2012

Reconsidering the bicycle: an anthropological perspective on a new (old) thing
Vivanco, Luis Antonio,
GV1041 .V58 2013

Chris Crawford on interactive storytelling
Crawford, Chris,
GV1469.17 .S86 C73 2013

Newman, James
GV1469.3 .N48 2013

Dance and somatics: mind-body principles of teaching and performance
Brodie, Julie A.
GV1589 .B76 2012

Looking at contemporary dance: a guide for the internet age
Strauss, Marc,
GV1619 .S77 2012

Screendance: inscribing the ephemeral image
Rosenberg, Douglas.
GV1779 .R665 2012

Hijikata Tatsumi and Butoh: dancing in a pool of gray grits
Baird, Bruce,
GV1785.T38 B35 2012

Dancing for young audiences: a practical guide to creating, managing and marketing a performance company
Magruder, Ella H.,
GV1785.8 .M34 2013

H: Social Sciences

Interviewing as qualitative research: a guide for researchers in education and the social sciences
Seidman, Irving,
H61.28 .S45 2013

Engaging in narrative inquiry
Clandinin, D. Jean.
H61.295 .C53 2013

Your statistical consultant: answers to your data analysis questions
Newton, Rae R.
HA29 .N458 2013

The accumulation of freedom: writings on anarchist economics
HB97.7 .A23 2012

Keynes: a very short introduction
Skidelsky, Robert Jacob Alexander,
HB103.K47 S5728 2010

Toxic economic theory, fraudulent accounting standards, and the bankruptcy of economic policy
Rayman, R. A.
HB171 .R374 2013

Small is beautiful in the 21st century: the legacy of E.F. Schumacher
Schumacher, Diana.
HB171 .S38 2011

Consumption and its consequences
Miller, Daniel,
HB801 .M4929 2012

Social choice and individual values
Arrow, Kenneth Joseph,
HB846.8 .A77 2012

A colossal failure of common sense: the inside story of the collapse of Lehman Brothers
McDonald, Lawrence G.
HB3722 .M34 2009

The poorer nations: a possible history of the Global South
Prashad, Vijay.
HC59.7 .P7145 2012

The poor and their money: microfinance from a twenty-first century consumer's perspective
Rutherford, Stuart.
HC59.72.P6 R88 2009

Networks, space and competitiveness: evolving challenges for sustainable growth
HC79.E5 N4468 2012

A river lost: the life and death of the Columbia
Harden, Blaine.
HC107.A195 H37 2012

The new strategic landscape: innovative perspectives on strategy
Verity, Julie.
HD30.28 .V47 2012

Key concepts in leadership
Gosling, Jonathan.
HD57.7 .G6668 2012

Portfolio management: how to innovate and invest in successful projects
Rajagopal, Shan.
HD69.P75 R35 2013

Review of the agricultural situation in Europe at the end of ...
HD1917 .U5

The right corporate governance: effective top management for mastering complexity
Malik, Fredmund F.
HD2741 .M3513 2012

Transgender employment experiences: gendered perceptions and the law
Bender-Baird, Kyla.
HD6285.5.U6 B46 2011

Coding freedom: the ethics and aesthetics of hacking
Coleman, E. Gabriella,
HD8039.D37 C65 2013

Crucible of freedom: workers' democracy in the industrial heartland, 1914-1960
Davin, Eric Leif.
HD8072 .D277 2010

Urban transit systems and technology
Vuchic, Vukan R.
HE308 .V834 2007

Made for walking: density and neighborhood form
Campoli, Julie.
HE336.P43 C36 2012

Shopping in ancient Rome: the retail trade in the late Republic and the principate
Holleran, Claire,
HF377.R5 H65 2012

The pragmatic MBA for scientific and technical executives
Liang, Bertrand C.
HF1111 .L53 2013

Valuable content marketing: why quality content is key to business success
Jefferson, Sonja.
HF5415 .J42 2013

Marketing in the participation age: a guide to motivating people to join, share, take part, connect, and engage
Middleton, Daina.
HF5415 .M5322 2013

Marketing to the ageing consumer: the secrets to building an age-friendly business
Stroud, Dick.
HF5415 .S876 2013

Breakthrough branding: how smart entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs transform a small idea into a big brand
Kaputa, Catherine,
HF5415.1255 .K37 2012

The mobile marketing handbook: a step-by-step guide to creating dynamic mobile marketing campaigns
Dushinski, Kim,
HF5415.1265 .D87 2012

Managing and growing a cultural heritage web presence: a strategic guide
Ellis, Mike.
HF5415.1265 E45 2011

Pinterest power: market your business, sell your product, and build your brand on the world's hottest social network
Miles, Jason,
HF5415.1265 .M538 2013

Ultimate guide to Twitter for business: generate quality leads using 140 characters, instantly connect with 300 million customers in 10 minutes, discover 10 Twitter tools that can be applied now
Prodromou, Ted.
HF5415.1265 .P76 2013

Consumer behaviour: perspectives, findings and explanations
O'Shaughnessy, John,
HF5415.32 .O737 2013

Crafting the customer experience for people not like you: how to delight and engage the customers your competitors don't understand
McDonald, Kelly,
HF5415.527 .M33 2013

Marketing fashion
Posner, Harriet.
HF5439.C6 P68 2011

The art of successful information systems outsourcing
Gefen, David.
HF5548.2 .G442 2010

International accounting in the 21st century
HF5611 .I56 2010

Bids, tenders and proposals: winning business through best practice
Lewis, Harold,
HF5718.5 .L49 2012

Confronting microfinance: undermining sustainable development
HG178.33.D44 C66 2011

The culture of connectivity: a critical history of social media
Dijck, José van.
HM742 .D55 2013

Difference matters: communicating social identity
Allen, Brenda J.
HM753 .A44 2011

To save everything, click here: the folly of technological solutionism
Morozov, Evgeny.
HM851 .M6653 2013

Buy it now: lessons from eBay
White, Michele,
HM851 .W455 2012

From Cairo to Wall Street: voices from the global spring
HM881 .F76 2012

Managing interpersonal sensitivity: knowing when--and when not--to understand others
HM1106 .M35 2011

Opting out of war: strategies to prevent violent conflict
Anderson, Mary B.,
HM1116 .A53 2013

Handbook of unethical work behavior: implications for individual well-being
HM1116 .H36 2013

On the fault line: managing tensions and divisions within societies
HM1121 .O525 2012

Conflict and crisis communication: principles and practices
HM1126 .C616 2011

The social psychology of communication
HM1206 .S6542 2011

Telesthesia: communication, culture, and class
Wark, McKenzie,
HM1206 .W375 2012

New media and intercultural communication: identity, community, and politics
HM1211 .N49 2012

Civilizations in world politics: plural and pluralist perspectives
HM1271 .C577 2010

Connecting across cultures: the helper's toolkit
Hays, Pamela A.
HM1271 .H397 2013

Methods of family research
Greenstein, Theodore N.
HQ10 .G724 2013

Sex, gender, and social change in Britain since 1880
Hall, Lesley A.
HQ18.G7 H35 2013

Best sex writing 2012
HQ18.U5 B45 2012

Strange bedfellows: the surprising connection between sex, evolution and monogamy
Barash, David P.
HQ23 .B27 2009

Handbook of psychology and sexual orientation
HQ23 .H3296 2013

Peek: inside the private world of public sex
Couture, Joseph.
HQ28 .C68 2008

The sex education debates
Kendall, Nancy,
HQ57.5.A3 K465 2013

Word is out: stories of some of our lives
Youmans, Greg,
HQ75.2 .Y68 2011

Black bull, ancestors and me: my life as a lesbian sangoma
Nkabinde, Nkunzi Zandile.
HQ75.4.N53 A3 2008

Queer activism in India: a story in the anthropology of ethics
Dave, Naisargi N.
HQ75.6.I4 D38 2012

Men in Eden: William Drummond Stewart and same-sex desire in the Rocky Mountain fur trade
Benemann, William,
HQ75.8.S74 B46 2012

The velvet rage: overcoming the pain of growing up gay in a straight man's world
Downs, Alan.
HQ76 .D69 2012

Israel/Palestine and the queer international
Schulman, Sarah,
HQ76.2.I75 S38 2012

Casebook for counseling lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons and their families
HQ76.25 .C377 2012

In a queer voice: journeys of resilience from adolescence to adulthood
Sadowski, Michael.
HQ76.27.Y68 S23 2013

Out in Africa: LGBT organizing in Namibia and South Africa
Currier, Ashley.
HQ76.3.S5 C87 2012

Gay masculinities
HQ76.3.U5 G388 2000

Land of 10,000 loves: a history of queer Minnesota
Van Cleve, Stewart.
HQ76.3.U52 M683 2012

Steven Petrow's complete gay & lesbian manners: the definitive guide to LGBT life
Petrow, Steven.
HQ76.96 .P48 2011

Helping your transgender teen: a guide for parents
Krieger, Irwin.
HQ77.9 .K75 2011

Transgender migrations: the bodies, borders, and politics of transition
HQ77.9 .T71587 2012

The transgender studies reader 2
HQ77.9 .T72 2013

Sex in transition: remaking gender and race in South Africa
Swarr, Amanda Lock.
HQ77.95.S6 S93 2012

Touching encounters: sex, work, & male-for-male internet escorting
Walby, Kevin,
HQ119 .W35 2012

Texts on prostitution, 1635-1700
HQ186.A5 T49 2007

After pornified: how women are transforming pornography & why it really matters
Sabo, Anne G.
HQ471 .S236 2012

Routledge handbook of family communication
HQ519 .H36 2012

The family
Steel, Liz.
HQ728 .S8175 2012

Resilient grandparent caregivers: a strengths-based persepective
HQ759.9 .R475 2013

Youth in a suspect society: democracy or disposability?
Giroux, Henry A.
HQ796 .G527 2009

Love in the time of algorithms: what technology does to meeting and mating
Slater, Dan.
HQ801.82 .S58 2013

The art and etiquette of polyamory: a hands-on guide to open sexual relationships
Simpère, Françoise.
HQ980 .S56 2011

What is marriage?: man and woman: a defense
Girgis, Sherif,
HQ1001 .G57 2012

Black genders and sexualities
HQ1075 .B544 2012

Gender and sexuality in modern Chinese history
Mann, Susan,
HQ1075.5.C6 M36 2011

Triumphs of experience: the men of the Harvard Grant Study
Vaillant, George E.,
HQ1090.3 .V35 2012

Standing in the intersection: feminist voices, feminist practices in communication studies
HQ1155 .S86 2012

Transfeminist perspectives in and beyond transgender and gender studies
HQ1180 .T72 2012

Learning to stand & speak: women, education, and public life in America's republic
Kelley, Mary,
HQ1418 .K46 2006

A history of women in Russia: from earliest times to the present
Clements, Barbara Evans,
HQ1662 .C575 2012

If cars could talk: essays on urbanism
Fain, William H.,
HT165.5 .F35 2012

Green urbanism in Asia: the emerging green tigers
Newman, Peter,
HT243.A77 N49 2013

Joaquim Nabuco, British abolitionists, and the end of slavery in Brazil: correspondence, 1880-1905
Nabuco, Joaquim,
HT1128 .N33 2009

W.E.B Du Bois on Africa
Du Bois, W. E. B.
HT1581 .D85 2012

For love and money: care provision in the United States
HV40.8.U6 F67 2012

Inside the welfare state: foundations of policy and practice in post-war Britain
Noble, Virginia A.,
HV245 .N67 2009

Another language: portraits of assistance dogs and their people
Braham, Jeanne,
HV1569.6 .B73 2012

Marijuana legalization: what everyone needs to know
Caulkins, Jonathan P.
HV5822.M3 M32 2012

Drug war Mexico: politics, neoliberalism and violence in the new narcoeconomy
Watt, Peter.
HV5840.M4 W37 2012

Violence against women and ethnicity: commonalities and differences across Europe
HV6250.4.W65 V52165 2011

Worse than war: genocide, eliminationism, and the ongoing assault on humanity
Goldhagen, Daniel Jonah.
HV6322.7 .G65 2009

The myth of martyrdom: what really drives suicide bombers, rampage shooters, and other self-destructive killers
Lankford, Adam,
HV6431 .L34626 2013

How difficult it is to be God: Shining Path's politics of war in Peru, 1980-1999
Degregori, Carlos Iván.
HV6433.P4 D4513 2012

Midnight in Peking: how the murder of a young Englishwoman haunted the last days of old China
French, Paul,
HV6535.C43 F74 2012

Understanding parricide: when sons and daughters kill parents
Heide, Kathleen M.
HV6542 .H449 2013

Torture: a sociology of violence and human rights
Hajjar, Lisa,
HV8593 .H313 2013

Capital punishment in America: race and the death penalty over time
Urbina, Martin G.
HV8699.U5 U734 2012

Disrupted childhoods: children of women in prison
Siegel, Jane A.,
HV8886.U5 S54 2011

J: Political Science

Governance: a very short introduction
Bevir, Mark.
JA66 .B48 2012

Classics of political and moral philosophy
JA71 .C27 2012

Cambridge Handbook of Experimental Political Science
JA71 .C325 2011

Comparative political thought: theorizing practices
JA71 .C566 2013

Against autonomy: justifying coercive paternalism
Conly, Sarah,
JA71 .C575 2013

Political philosophy in the twenty-first century: essential essays
JA83 .P5629 2013

Connecting democracy: online consultation and the flow of political communication
JA85 .C68 2012

Persuasion and power: the art of strategic communication
Farwell, James P.
JA85 .F37 2012

Hyperlink analysis of political blogs communication patterns
Zafiropoulos, Kostas.
JA85 .Z34 2011

New directions in media and politics
JA85.2.U6 N48 2013

Nationalism: a very short introduction
Grosby, Steven Elliott,
JC311 .G75 2005

Approaching deliberative democracy: theory and practice
JC423 .A667 2011

Justice as fairness: a restatement
Rawls, John,
JC578 .R3693 2001

Showdown at the 1964 Democratic Convention: Lyndon Johnson, Mississippi and civil rights
Skipper, John C.,
JK2313 1964 .S55 2012

Remaking California: reclaiming the public good
JK8716 .R46 2010

Corruption and democracy in Brazil: the struggle for accountability
JL2429.C6 C69 2011

Fractured politics: peruvian democracy past and present
JL3431 .F73 2011

Speaking Soviet with an accent: culture and power in Kyrgyzstan
Igmen, Ali F.
JN6520.M5 I45 2012

Leadership and authority in China, 1895-1976
Sullivan, Lawrence R.
JQ1510 .S796 2012

Migration: changing the world
Arnold, Guy.
JV6225 .A76 2012

The anarchical society: a study of order in world politics
Bull, Hedley.
JZ1308 .B85 2012

Global political philosophy
Risse, Mathias.
JZ1308 .R567 2012

Cosmopolitanism and the Arab Spring: foundations for the decline of terrorism
Underwood, Lori J.,
JZ1308 .U535 2013

Globalization: a very short introduction
Steger, Manfred B.,
JZ1318 .S74 2009

Crossroads: the future of the U.S.-Israel strategic partnership
Malka, Haim.
JZ1480.A57 I75 2011

America's foreign policy toolkit: key institutions and processes
Stevenson, Charles A.
JZ1480 .S79 2013

Causes of war: the struggle for recognition
Lindemann, Thomas,
JZ6385 .L56 2010

L: Education

Peterson's graduate programs in biological/biomedical sciences & health-related medical professions.
L901 .P46 Bk.3

Learning with mobile technologies, handheld devices, and smart phones: innovative methods
LB1028.3 .L379 2012

Connected minds: technology and today's learners
Pedró, Francesc.
LB1028.3 .P43 2012

Successful approaches to RTI: collaborative practices for improving K-12 literacy
LB1029.R4 S84 2010

Classroom discourse and democracy: making meanings together
Mayer, Susan Jean.
LB1034 .M39 2012

What research has to say about fluency instruction
LB1050 .W4347 2006

Essential readings on struggling learners
LB1050.5 .E85 2010

RTI in literacy: responsive and comprehensive
LB1050.5 .R75 2010

The Routledge international handbook of learning
LB1060 .R68 2012

Creative problem solving
Xanthakou, Giōta.
LB1062 .X36 2011

Early childhood care and education in the Asia Pacific region: moving towards Goal 1
Rao, Nirmala.
LB1139.3.A78 R36 2010

Preventing misguided reading: new strategies for guided reading teachers
Burkins, Jan Miller,
LB1139.5.L35 B87 2010

Essential readings on motivation
LB1573 .E83 2010

Creating lifelong readers through independent reading
Moss, Barbara,
LB1573.45 .M67 2010

Dynamic read-aloud strategies for English learners: building language and literacy in the primary grades
Hickman, Peggy,
LB1573.5 .H53 2009

Fun-tastic activities for differentiating comprehension instruction, grades 2-6
Athans, Sandra K.,
LB1573.7 .A83 2010

Literacy + math = creative connections in the elementary classroom
Altieri, Jennifer L.
LB1576 .A61575 2010

Adolescent literacy, field tested: effective solutions for every classroom
LB1632 .A36 2009

Charter schools and the corporate makeover of public education: what's at stake?
Fabricant, Michael.
LB2806.36 .F34 2012

Institutional racism in the academy: a case study / c Andrew Pilkington.
Pilkington, Andrew,
LC212.43.G7 P55 2011

Creating socially responsible citizens: cases from the Asia-Pacific region
LC315.E37 C74 2012

Confronting challenges to the liberal arts curriculum: perspectives of developing and transitional countries
LC1011 .C672 2012

Unlikely allies in the academy: women of color and white women in conversation
LC1568 .U55 2012

Stonewall's legacy: bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender students in higher education
Marine, Susan B.
LC2574.6 .M37 2011

LGBT youth in America's schools
Cianciotto, Jason.
LC2575 .C54 2012

Regarding educación: Mexican-American schooling, immigration, and bi-national improvement
LC2683 .R45 2013

The dreamkeepers: successful teachers of African American children
Ladson-Billings, Gloria,
LC2717 .L33 2009

We don't need another hero: struggle, hope, and possibility in the age of high-stakes schooling
Michie, Gregory,
LC4091 .M46 2012

Researching the recognition of prior learning: international perspectives
LC5225.R47 R47 2011

N: Fine Arts

Images of the Pacific Rim: Australia and California, 1850-1935
Esau, Erika.
N61 .E82 2010

Bioart: transformations du vivant
N72.B56 B56 2012

Global studies: mapping contemporary art and culture
N72.G55 G55 2011

Sacred exchanges: images in global context
Ferrell, Robyn,
N72.P6 F47 2012

Update!: 90 Jahre Bauhaus - und nun? = 90 years of Bauhaus - what now?
N332.G3 U6 2010

Virtuality and the art of exhibition: curatorial design for the multimedial museum
Dziekan, Vince.
N410 .D95 2012

100 ideas that changed art
Bird, Michael,
N5300 .B645 2012

Art of the twentieth century and beyond: movements, theories, schools, and tendencies
Parmesani, Loredana,
N6490 .P2413 2012

N6494.E6 T73 2011

Klang und Stille: synasthetische Askpekte von Film und Video: Sammlung Goetz im Haus der Kunst = Resonance and silence: synesthetic aspects of film and video
N6494.M78 K53 2012

Power up: female pop art
N6494.P6 S75 2010

Raw + material = art: found, scavenged and upcycled
Manco, Tristan.
N6498.E26 M36 2012

State of mind: new California art circa 1970
N6512.5.C64 S73 2011

L.A. raw: abject expressionism in Los Angeles, 1945-1980, from Rico Lebrun to Paul McCarthy
Duncan, Michael,
N6535.L6 D86 2012

Looking for Bruce Conner
Hatch, Kevin,
N6537.C65 H38 2012

Maciunas' learning machines: from art history to a chronology of Fluxus
Schmidt-Burkhardt, Astrit,
N6537.M313 S36 2011

Barry McGee
N6537.M39652 A4 2012

Europunk: the visual culture of punk in Europe (1976-1980)
N6758 .E9558 2011

54°4 min
Goldberg, Thorsten.
N6888.G62658 A4 2012

Kurt Schwitters
Cardinal, Roger.
N6888.S42 C37 2011

Raphael's poetics: art and poetry in High Renaissance Rome
Rijser, David.
N6923.R3 R55 2012

Jordaens and the antique
N6973.J67 A4 2012

Under deconstruction: Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson
Pérez de Siles de Castro, Libia.
N7053.P474 A4 2011

The future will be... China edition: thoughts about what's to come
N7345.6 F78 2012

Spatialities: the geographies of art and architecture
N7430.7 .S67 2012

Gods in print: masterpieces of India's mythological art: a century of sacred art (1870-1970)
Davis, Richard H.
N8195.A4 D36 2012

Move: choreographing you: art and dance since the 1960s
N8217.D3 M68 2011

The new earthwork: art, action, agency
N8217.E28 N49 2011

Fear and art in the contemporary world
Albano, Caterina.
N8217.F35 A53 2012

Revealing the African presence in Renaissance Europe
N8232 .R48 2012

Living as form: socially engaged art from 1991-2011
N8243.S65 L58 2012x

The story of Romanesque architecture
Prina, Francesca.
NA390 .P7513 2011

Filippo Brunelleschi
Battisti, Eugenio.
NA1123.B8 B3613 2012

Voluntary architects' network: making architecture, nurturing people, from Rwanda to Haiti
Ban, Shigeru,
NA1559.B26 A4 2010

The eyes of the skin: architecture and the senses
Pallasmaa, Juhani.
NA2500 .P35 2012

The SAGE handbook of architectural theory
NA2500 .S126 2012

Veiling architecturedecoration of domestic buildings in Upper Egypt 1672-1950
Abdel-Gawad, Ahmed.
NA3588.A1 A23 2012

El Anatsui: art and life
Vogel, Susan Mullin.
NB1099.G53 A538 2012

Geometrix: new trends in graphic design = les nouvelles tendances en design graphique = nuevas tendencias de diseño gráfico = nuove tendenze nel graphic design.
NC997 .G34 2012

Graphic design process: from problem to solution: 20 case studies
Skolos, Nancy.
NC998.4 .S55 2012

Vitamin PÃÅ—î—î: new perspectives in painting
ND195 .V55 2011

Memoir: the tattooed portraits series
Barber, Shawn,
ND237.B26145 A4 2012

Thomas Hart Benton and the American sound
Mazow, Leo G.
ND237.B47 M39 2012

Thomas Hart Benton: a life
Wolff, Justin P.
ND237.B47 W65 2012

Julian Schnabel: permanently becoming and the architecture of seeing
Schnabel, Julian,
ND237.S43298 A4 2011

Saint Anne: Leonardo da Vinci's ultimate masterpiece
ND623.L5 S24 2012

Titian: his life
Hale, Sheila.
ND623.T7 H34 2012

Burhan Dogançay: fifty years of urban walls
Dogançay, Burhan,
ND873.D64 A4 2012

The last harvest: paintings of Rabindranath Tagore
ND1010.T3 L37 2011

Print/out: 20 years in print
Cherix, Christophe.
NE495 .C44 2012

On craftsmanship: towards a new Bauhaus
Frayling, Christopher.
NK792 .F73 2011

50 designers you should know
NK1166 .A13 2012

Becoming human by design
Fry, Tony.
NK1175 .F79 2012

Industrial chic: 50 icons of furniture and lighting design
Durieux, Brigitte,
NK2395 .D87 2012

Numbers in graphic design
Fawcett-Tang, Roger.
NK3630.4.N85 F39 2012

Media parasites in the early avant-garde: on the abuse of technology and communication
Niebisch, Arndt.
NX180.C65 N54 2012

Filling the hole in the nuclear future: art and popular culture respond to the bomb
NX180.S6 F55 2010

A history of visual culture: Western civilization from the 18th to the 21st century
NX180.S6 H57 2010

The politics of cultural programming in public spaces
NX180.S6 P65 2010

Arts integration: teaching subject matter through the arts in multicultural settings
Goldberg, Merryl Ruth.
NX280 .G65 2012

The Cambridge companion to the Pre-Raphaelites
NX454.5.P7 C36 2012

Volume: writings on graphic design, music, art, and culture
Fitzgerald, Kenneth,
NX456 .F59 2010

Perform, repeat, record: live art in history
NX456.5.P38 P47 2012

Creative Ireland: the visual arts, contemporary visual arts in Ireland 2000-2011
NX546.A1 C74 2011

Chroma: a book of color
Jarman, Derek,
NX650.C676 J37 2010

Intimacy across visceral and digital performance
NX650.I585 I57 2012

Ironic: die feinsinnige Ironie der Kunst = Ironic: the subtle irony of art
NX650.I74 I76 2011

NX650.M45 M47 2012

Imagining resistance: visual culture and activism in Canada
NX650.P6 I43 2011

P: Language & Literature

An overture to philosophy of communication: the carrier of meaning
Arnett, Ronald C.,
P90 .A8417 2012

The power of infographics: using pictures to communicate and connect with your audiences
Smiciklas, Mark.
P93.5 .S65 2012

Remodelling communication: from WWII to the WWW
Genosko, Gary.
P93.55 .G46 2012

Notes from the talking drum: exploring black communication and critical memory in intercultural communication contexts
Hopson, Mark C.,
P94.5.A372 U5558 2011

Fame attack: the inflation of celebrity and its consequences
Rojek, Chris.
P94.5.C45 R65 2012

Teaching and researching speaking
Hughes, Rebecca,
P95.3 .H84 2011

Developing independent media as an institution of accountable governance: a how-to guide
Kalathil, Shanthi.
P95.8 .K35 2011

Mediawriting: print, broadcast, and public relations
Whitaker, Wayne R.,
P96.A86 W48 2012

Media, masculinities and the machine: F1, Transformers and fantasizing technology at its limits
Fleming, Dan.
P96.T42 F57 2011

Semiotics of religion: signs of the sacred in history
Yelle, Robert A.
P99 .Y45 2013

Selected fragmentary plays
PA4413 .Y9 2006

Teaching vocabulary to English language learners
Graves, Michael F.
PE1128.A2 G682 2013

Style: the basics of clarity and grace
Williams, Joseph M.
PE1421 .W5455 2012

Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich,
PG3456.C5 P95 2011

The retrospective
Yehoshua, Abraham B.
PJ5054.Y42 H4713 2013

Silencing the sea: secular rhythms in Palestinian poetry
Furani, Khaled,
PJ8190.2 .F87 2012

Japanese grammar
Akiyama, Nobuo.
PL533 .A35 2012

Hiyaku: an intermediate Japanese course
Eguchi, Shigeru.
PL539.5.E5 E38 2011

Intermediate Japanese: a grammar and workbook
Tsujioka, Takae,
PL539.5.E5 T78 2012

Traditional Japanese literature: an anthology, beginnings to 1600
PL782.E1 T733 2012

Like underground water: poetry of mid-twentieth century Japan
PL782.E3 L45 1995

Brewer's dictionary of phrase & fable
Brewer, Ebenezer Cobham,
PN43 .B65 2012

Opacity and the closet: queer tactics in Foucault, Barthes, and Warhol
De Villiers, Nicholas.
PN56.H57 D43 2012

Madness at the theatre
Oyebode, Femi.
PN56.M45 O943 2012

Writing the self: diaries, memoirs, and the history of the self
Heehs, Peter.
PN56.S46 H44 2013

Enlightenment Orientalism: resisting the rise of the novel
Aravamudan, Srinivas.
PN56.3.O74 A73 2012

Stella Adler on America's master playwrights: Eugene O'Neill, Thornton Wilder, Clifford Odets, William Saroyan, Tennessee Williams, William Inge, Arthur Miller, Edward Albee
Adler, Stella.
PN1707 .A335 2012

Tragically speaking: on the use and abuse of theory for life
Nikolopoulou, Kalliopi.
PN1892 .N54 2012

Interviewing for radio
Beaman, Jim,
PN1991.8.I57 B43 2011

Television's top 100: the most-watched American broadcasts, 1960-2010
Hyatt, Wesley.
PN1992.3.U5 H96 2012

Power and control in the television worlds of Joss Whedon
Ginn, Sherry.
PN1992.4.W49 G57 2012

The Beiderbecke affair
Gallagher, William,
PN1992.77.B433 G35 2012

Hark, Ina Rae.
PN1992.77.D39 H38 2012

Jacobs, Jason,
PN1992.77.D39 J33 2012

The Donna Reed show
Morreale, Joanne,
PN1992.77.D725 M67 2012

Gilligan's Island
Metz, Walter,
PN1992.77.G53 M47 2012

Investigating Heroes: essays on truth, justice, and quality TV
PN1992.77.H47 I58 2012

The television world of Pushing daisies: critical essays on the Bryan Fuller series
PN1992.77.P8754 T45 2011

True blood: investigating vampires and Southern Gothic
PN1992.77.T78 T78 2012

The walking dead chronicles: the official companion book
Ruditis, Paul.
PN1992.77.W25 R74 2011

Television criticism
O'Donnell, Victoria.
PN1992.8.C7 O33 2013

Juan in a hundred: the representation of Latinos on Network News
Santa Ana, Otto,
PN1992.8.H54 S36 2013

Time on TV: temporal displacement and mashup television
Booth, Paul,
PN1992.8.T56 B66 2012

Death in Venice: a queer film classic
Aitken, Will.
PN1997.M683 A58 2011

The searchers: the making of an American legend
Frankel, Glenn.
PN1997.S3197 F83 2013

Singin' in the rain
Wollen, Peter.
PN1997.S5133 W67 2012

Zero patience
Knabe, Susan Margaret,
PN1997.Z47 G74 2011

Applied theatre in action: a journey
Hartley, J. S.
PN2049 .H28 2012

Yevgeny Vakhtangov: a critical portrait
Malaev-Babel, Andrei.
PN2053 .M35 2013

Shakespeare's London theatreland: archaeology, history and drama
Bowsher, Julian.
PN2589 .B68 2012

I never had a proper job: a life in the theatre
Cassin, Barry.
PN2601.C37 A3 2012

Jet Li: Chinese masculinity and transnational film stardom
Yu, Sabrina Qiong.
PN2878.L34 Y8 2012

Speaking with skill: an introduction to Knight-Thompson speechwork
Knight, Dudley.
PN4162 .K55 2012

Wikileaks: news in the networked era
Beckett, Charlie.
PN4729.3 .B43 2012

The sociology of news
Schudson, Michael.
PN4749 .S38 2011

News online: transformations and continuities
PN4784.O62 N49 2011

Video journalism: beyond the one-man band
Bock, Mary Angela.
PN4784.V54 B63 2012

Journalism studies
Conboy, Martin.
PN4785 .C63 2013

Details at ten: behind the headlines of Texas television history
Shipp, Bert.
PN4874.S4765 A3 2011

Undercover reporting: the truth about deception
Kroeger, Brooke,
PN4888.I56 K76 2012

Watergate's legacy and the press: the investigative impulse
Marshall, Jon,
PN4888.I56 M37 2011

Left turn: how liberal media bias distorts the American mind
Groseclose, Timothy.
PN4888.O25 G76 2011

On media: making sense of politics
Graber, Doris A.
PN4888.P6 G63 2012

Into the fray: how NBC's Washington Documentary Unit reinvented the news
Mascaro, Tom,
PN4888.T4 M3655 2012

On the ground: an illustrated anecdotal history of the sixties underground press in the U.S.
PN4888.U5 O5 2011

Citizens' media against armed conflict: disrupting violence in Colombia
Rodríguez, Clemencia.
PN5052 .R53 2011

Reporting conflict
Rodgers, James,
PN5123.R645 A3 2012

Arab journalists in transnational media
Mellor, Noha,
PN5359 .M43 2011

Best food writing 2012
PN6071.F6 B47 2012

Plays and performance texts by women 1880-1930: an anthology of plays by British and American women from the modernist period
PN6119.8 .P53 2012

Dante Alighieri,
PQ4315.2 .B36 2012

Dante and the sense of transgression: 'the trespass of the sign'
Franke, William.
PQ4412 .F73 2013

Stones of the sky
Neruda, Pablo,
PQ8097.N4 P5213 2002

Ways of going home
Zambra, Alejandro,
PQ8098.36.A43 F6713 2013

The Cambridge introduction to eighteenth-century poetry
Sitter, John E.
PR553 .S58 2011

Ballads and broadsides in Britain, 1500-1800
PR976 .B34 2010

Three poets of the First World War: Ivor Gurney, Isaac Rosenberg and Wilfred Owen
PR1195.W65 T47 2011

Chaucer's language
Horobin, Simon.
PR1940 .H67 2013

Aphra Behn studies
PR3317.Z5 A64 1996

Reforming Trollope: race, gender, and Englishness in the novels of Anthony Trollope
Morse, Deborah Denenholz,
PR5687 .M67 2013

The Knot of the heart
Eldridge, David.
PR6055.L287 K58 2011

Scenes from early life
Hensher, Philip.
PR6058.E554 S34 2012

Ball & other funny stories about cancer
Lobel, Brian.
PR6062.O24 B35 2012

Why be happy when you could be normal?
Winterson, Jeanette,
PR6073.I558 Z46 2011

Sixty-six books: 21st-century writers speak to the King James Bible
Kwei-Armah, Kwame.
PR6111.W45 S59 2011

Prebble, Lucy.
PR6116.R42 E57 2011

The kitchen sink
Wells, Tom,
PR6123.E46 K58 2011

Scottish literature and postcolonial literature: comparative texts and critical perspectives
PR8519 .S36 2011

Lazy bastardism
Starnino, Carmine.
PR9190.52 .S73 2012

Out on a limb: short plays by new playwrights
PR9196.62 .O88 2011

Relative good
Gow, David,
PR9199.3.G6576 R44 2012

Habibi (my beloved): the diwan of Alim Maghrebi
Solway, David.
PR9199.3.S569 H33 2012

Gas girls
St. Bernard, Donna-Michelle.
PR9199.4.S7245 G37 2011

Exploring African life and literature: novel guides to promote socially responsive learning
PR9340.A53 E97 2007

Hands washing water
Abani, Christopher.
PR9387.9.A23 H36 2006

Inside, outside
Turner, Brian,
PR9639.3.T73 I67 2011

The queening of America: gay culture in straight society
Van Leer, David,
PS153.G38 V36 1995

Time commences in Xibalbá
Lión, Luis de,
PS501 .S85 vol.74

The bully plays: 24 short plays
PS627.B85 B85 2011

New playwrights: the best plays of 2010
PS634.2 .N416 2010

Leaves of grass: the complete 1855 and 1891-92 editions
Whitman, Walt,
PS3201 2011

The last romance / by Joe DiPietro.
DiPietro, Joe.
PS3554.I659 L37 2011

Why torture Is wrong, and the people who love them and other political plays
Durang, Christopher,
PS3554.U666 W49 2012

Title and deed: monologue for a slightly foreign man
Eno, Will,
PS3555.N652 T58 2012

The new belly dancer of the galaxy: a novel
Noble, Frances Khirallah.
PS3564.O236 N49 2007

Jacob and Jack
Sherman, James.
PS3569.H426 J33 2011

Weitz, Paul,
PS3573.E4314 T78 2011

Voices in a mask: stories
Green, Geoffrey,
PS3607.R4328 V65 2008

American copia: an immigrant epic
Huerta, Javier O.
PS3608.U34964 A8 2012

Mr. Penumbra's 24-hour bookstore
Sloan, Robin,
PS3619.L6278 M77 2012

A sorrow beyond dreams: a life story
Handke, Peter
PT2668.A5 W813 2012

Fire doesn't burn
Rothmann, Ralf.
PT2678.O84 F4813 2012

We're flying: stories
Stamm, Peter,
PT2681.T3234 W5713 2013

Q: Science

The best American science and nature writing 2006
Q1 .B47 2006

Artisan/practitioners and the rise of the new sciences, 1400-1600
Long, Pamela O.
Q124.97 .L66 2011

The best science writing online 2012
Q162 .B575 2012

Why cats land on their feet: and 76 other physical paradoxes and puzzles
Levi, Mark,
Q173 .L545 2012

Why science?: to know, to understand, and to rely on results
Newton, Roger G.
Q175.3 .N49 2012

Planning ethically responsible research
Sieber, Joan E.
Q180.55.M67 S54 2013

The A-Z of error-free research
Good, Phillip I.,
Q180.55.S7 G66 2013

Project origami: activities for exploring mathematics
Hull, Thomas,
QA19.P34 H85 2013

The tangled origins of the Leibnizian calculus: a case study of a mathematical revolution
Brown, Richard C.
QA24 .B76 2012

The king of infinite space: Euclid and his Elements
Berlinski, David,
QA31 .B47 2013

Grace Hopper and the invention of the information age
Beyer, Kurt.
QA76.2.H67 B49 2009

Applied parallel computing
Deng, Yuefan.
QA76.58 .D46 2013

Public cloud computing: security and privacy guidelines
QA76.585 .P935 2012

Beginning object-oriented programming with C#
Purdum, Jack J.
QA76.64 .P885 2013

Knowledge service engineering handbook
QA76.76.E95 K5794 2012

A creator's guide to transmedia storytelling: how to captivate and engage audiences across multiple platforms
Phillips, Andrea,
QA76.76.I59 P496 2012

iOS SDK development
Adamson, Chris,
QA76.8.I64 A33 2012

From quantum computing to intelligence
Zak, Michail,
QA76.889 .Z35 2011

Microsoft Access 2010 programming by example with VBA, XML and ASP
Korol, Julitta.
QA76.9.D3 K67 2012

Topics in structural graph theory
QA166 .T645 2013

Circuit double cover of graphs
Zhang, Cun-Quan,
QA166 .Z528 2012

Linear algebra
Petersen, Peter,
QA184.2 .P48 2012

A comprehensive course in number theory
Baker, Alan,
QA241 .B237 2012

Arithmetic tales
Bordellès, Olivier.
QA241 .B67 2012

Stochastics: introduction to probability and statistics
Georgii, Hans-Otto.
QA273 .G45613 2012

Probability: a very short introduction
Haigh, John,
QA273 .H35 2012

Probability and stochastic modeling
Rotar π, V. I.
QA273 .R8528 2013

Intermediate statistics: a conceptual course
Pelham, Brett W.,
QA276 .P38 2013

Beyond the numbers: making sense of statistics
Christmann, Edwin P.,
QA276.12 .C468 2012

Time series analysis by state space methods
Durbin, J.
QA280 .D87 2012

Pseudodifferential and singular integral operators: an introduction with applications
Abels, H.
QA329.7 .A24 2012

Ordinary differential equations: qualitative theory
Barreira, Luis,
QA372 .B31513 2012

Hyperbolic dynamics and Brownian motion: an introduction
Franchi, Jacques.
QA685 .F73 2012

The star atlas companion: what you need to know about the constellations
Bagnall, Philip M.
QB63 .B34 2012

Hubble: the mirror on the universe
Kerrod, Robin.
QB500.268 .K47 2011

Stellar structure and evolution.
Kippenhahn, Rudolf,
QB808 .K57 2012

Feynman's tips on physics: reflections, advice, insights, practice: a problem-solving supplement to the Feynman lectures on physics
Feynman, Richard P.
QC23 .F49 2013

Lectures on gravitation
Das, Ashok,
QC173.6 .D37 2011

General relativity
Straumann, Norbert,
QC173.6 .S77 2013

Quantum physics in the nanoworld: Schrödinger's cat and the dwarfs
Lüth, H.
QC174.12 .L8813 2013

Near-equilibrium transport: fundamentals and applications
Lundstrom, Mark.
QC176.8.E4 L86 2013

Non-equilibrium thermodynamics and statistical mechanics: foundations and applications
Attard, Phil.
QC318.I7 A88 2012

BCS: 50 years
QC611.92 .B37 2011

The classical theory of fields: electromagnetism
Helrich, Carl S.
QC665.E4 H45 2012

Understanding the universe: from quarks to the cosmos
Lincoln, Don.
QC793.26 .L56 2012

Radioactivity: a very short introduction
Tuniz, C.
QC795 .T86 2012

Maths for chemists
Cockett, Martin.
QD39.3.M3 C63 2012

Advanced practical organic chemistry
Leonard, J.
QD251.3 .L46 2013

Introduction to polymer science and chemistry: a problem-solving approach
Chanda, Manas,
QD381 .C473 2013

Earth: portrait of a planet
Marshak, Stephen,
QE26.3 .M36 2012

Roadside geology along Sunrise Highway, San Diego County, California
Walawender, Michael J.
QE90.S116 W36 2012

Visions of a vanished world: the extraordinary fossils of the Hunsrück Slate
QE728 .F6713 2012

Warriors of the rainbow: a chronicle of the Greenpeace movement from 1971 to 1979
Hunter, Robert,
QH75 .H86 2011

100 under 100: the race to save the world's rarest living things
Leslie, Scott,
QH75 .L386 2012

The biology of freshwater wetlands
Valk, Arnoud van der.
QH87.3 .V35 2012

Writing in the biological sciences: a comprehensive resource for scientific communication
Hofmann, Angelika H.,
QH304 .H64 2013

Weird life: the search for life that is very, very different from our own
Toomey, David M.
QH313 .T66 2013

The genome generation
Finkel, Elizabeth.
QH445.2 .F56 2012

Developmental biology: a very short introduction
Wolpert, L.
QH491 .W655 2011

Intelligent tinkering: bridging the gap between science and practice
Cabin, Robert J.
QH541.15.R45 C33 2011

Maximum entropy and ecology: a theory of abundance, distribution, and energetics
Harte, John,
QH541.28 .H37 2011

Plant-animal communication
Schaefer, H. Martin
QH549.5 .S33 2011

Species on the edge of survival.
QL82 .S643 2011

Reef fish spawning aggregations: biology, research and management
QL620.45 .R44 2012

Ecological and environmental physiology of fishes
Eddy, B.
QL639.1 .E33 2012

The evolution of primate societies
QL737.P9 E965 2012

Of moose and men: a wildlife vet's pursuit of the world's largest deer
Haigh, J. C.
QL737.U55 H35 2012

Functional anatomy: musculoskeletal anatomy, kinesiology, and palpation for manual therapists
Cael, Christy.
QM100 .C34 2010

The functional nutrition cookbook: addressing biochemical imbalances through diet
Nicolle, Lorraine.
QP141 .N497 2012

Health-promoting properties of fruits and vegetables
QP144.F78 H43 2011

The 7 sexes: biology of sex determination
Carlson, Elof Axel.
QP278.5 .C37 2013

The brain supremacy: notes from the frontiers of neuroscience
Taylor, Kathleen E.
QP360.5 .T39 2012

Brain architecture: understanding the basic plan
Swanson, Larry W.
QP376 .S86 2012

Descartes' error: emotion, reason, and the human brain
Damasio, Antonio R.
QP401 .D2 2005

R: Medicine

Chinese medicine: acupuncture, herbal medicine, and therapies
R601 .C48272 2012

Bridging two peoples: Chief Peter E. Jones, 1843-1909
Sherwin, Allan L.
R696.J65 S54 2012

Researching health: qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods
R850 .R47 2013

Health care reform and American politics: what everyone needs to know
Jacobs, Lawrence R.
RA395.A3 J327 2012

Understanding health
RA418.3.A8 U53 2011

Diversity and cultural competence in health care: a systems approach
Dreachslin, Janice L.
RA418.5.T73 D74 2013

mHealth in practice: mobile technology for health promotion in the developing world
RA427.8 .M43 2013

Social determinants of health among African-American men
RA448.5.N4 S63 2013

Animal waste, water quality and human health
RA639 .A54 2012

Broken promises: how the AIDS establishment has betrayed the developing world
Green, Edward C.
RA643.86.A35 G74 2011

The origins of AIDS
Pepin, Jacques,
RA643.86.A35 P465 2011

The end of the obesity epidemic
Gard, Michael,
RA645.O23 G366 2011

Culture, brain, and analgesia: understanding and managing pain in diverse populations
RB127 .C85 2013

Algorithmic diagnosis of symptoms and signs: a cost-effective approach
Collins, R. Douglas.
RC71.3 .C645 2013

A world without cancer: the making of a new cure and the real promise of prevention
Cuomo, Margaret I.
RC268 .C86 2012

The art and science of dance/movement therapy: life is dance
RC489.D3 V5313 2009

Bodies: big ideas, small books
Orbach, Susie,
RC569.5.B64 O73 2009

Back pain
RD771.B217 B315 2012

Improving emotional and behavioral outcomes for LGBT youth: a guide for professionals
RJ506.A33 I48 2012

Asperkids: an insider's guide to loving, understanding and teaching children with Asperger syndrome
O'Toole, Jennifer Cook.
RJ506.A9 O884 2012

Herbal medicines.
RM666.H33 N49 2013

Evidence based physical therapy
Fetters, Linda,
RM701 .F48 2012

Becoming a nurse: making the transition to practice
Fedoruk, Maria.
RT82 .F398 2012

Quality and safety for transformational nursing: core competencies
Amer, Kim Siarkowski.
RT90.7 .T46 2013

T: Technology

Patent fundamentals for scientists and engineers
T339 .G67 2013

Engineering: a very short introduction
Blockley, D. I.
TA145 .B66 2012

Civil engineering: a very short introduction
Muir Wood, David,
TA145 .M85 2012

Programming in C++ for engineering and science
Nyhoff, Larry R.
TA345 .N94 2013

Composite materials: science and engineering
Chawla, Krishan Kumar,
TA418.9.C6 C49 2012

Urban mass transit: the life story of a technology
Post, Robert C.
TA1205 .P67 2007

Using marginal damages in environmental policy: a study of air pollution in the United States
Muller, Nicholas Z.
TD883.2 .M85 2012

How to read bridges: a crash course in engineering and architecture
Denison, Edward.
TG153 .H68 2012

Robot mechanisms
Lenarčič, J.
TJ211 .L454 2013

Robotics: a very short introduction
Winfield, A. F. T.
TJ211 .W56 2012

How to boil an egg: a fresh look at sustainable energy for everyone
Wijk, Ad van.
TJ808 .W55513 2012

Wind power generation and distribution
Rivkin, David A.
TJ820 .R595 2014

Wind turbine technology and design
Rivkin, David A.
TJ828 .R564 2013

Solar photovoltaic projects in the mainstream power market
Wolfe, Philip,
TK1087 .W65 2013

Green communications and networking
TK5102.5 .G733 2013

Wireless mobility: the why of wireless
Reid, Neil P.
TK5103.2 .R45 2010

How information technology is conquering the world: workplace, private life, and society
Olsen, Kai A.
TK5105.875.I57 O484 2013

Technical blogging: turn your expertise into a remarkable online presence
Cangiano, Antonio,
TK5105.8884 .C36 2012

Fabrication engineering at the micro and nanoscale
Campbell, Stephen A.,
TK7871.85 .C25 2013

Intelligent sensor networks: the integration of sensor networks, signal processing and machine learning
TK7872.D48 I4685 2013

The fundamentals of imaging: from particles to galaxies
Woolfson, M. M.
TK8315 .W66 2012

Fukushima: the end of nuclear energy?
McDonagh, Sean,
TK9152 .M39 2012

Chemical sensors and biosensors: fundamentals and applications
Banica, Florinel-Gabriel.
TP159.C46 B36 2012

100 ideas that changed photography
Marien, Mary Warner.
TR15 .M27 2012

Lewis Hine: from the collections of George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film: Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson, Paris, September 7-December 18, 2011: Fundación MAPFRE, Madrid, February 6-April 24, 2012: Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, September 15, 2012-January 6, 2013
Hine, Lewis Wickes,
TR140.H52 A4 2012

The Steerage and Alfred Stieglitz
Francisco, Jason.
TR140.S7 F73 2012

Seduced by art: photography past and present
Kingsley, Hope.
TR646.G72 L6653 2012

Left behind: life and death along the U.S. border
Hollingsworth, Jonathan.
TR655 .H655 2012

Visions & fashion: capturing style = Bilder der Mode: 1980/2010
TR679 .V57 2011

Trauma and documentary photography of the FSA
Blair, Sara.
TR820.5 .B58 2012

Color moves: art & fashion by Sonia Delaunay
Delaunay, Sonia.
TT504.6.F7 L44 2011

Identities through fashion: a multidisciplinary approach
González, Ana Marta,
TT507 .G587 2012

Fashion design: the complete guide
Hopkins, John.
TT508 .H66 2012

A theory of grocery shopping: food, choice and conflict
Koch, Shelley L.
TX356 .K634 2012

The soul of a new cuisine: a discovery of the foods and flavors of Africa
Samuelsson, Marcus.
TX725.A4 S26 2006

V: Naval Science

No books under this heading this month.

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