Look for the Union Label: A Celebration of Union Logos and Emblems

Recommended Links
Other sources of information about Union Labels

Sites with Information about Union Labels:

AFL-CIO Union Label & Service Trades Department: http://www.unionlabel.org/ and http://www.shopunionmade.org/.

New York State Archives: http://iarchives.nysed.gov/Gallery/gallery.jsp?id=73 Union Label picture gallery.

The famous song, Look for the Union Label: http://unionsong.com/u103.html

The George Meany Memorial Archives holds most of the AFL-CIO Union Label Department's archives. http://www.nlc.edu/archives/using.html

Lincoln Cushing has written several articles about labor culture. On this page you can find his articles Use the Union Label and a Proposal for the Inclusion of Union Labels: http://www.docspopuli.org/LaborCulture.html

The Holt Labor Library: http://www.holtlaborlibrary.org/

UC Berkeley Institute for Research on Labor and Employment Library Labor Research Portal: http://www.irle.berkeley.edu/library/index.php?page=4

Recommended Books and Articles:

American Labor: a Pictorial Social History. Morris Bartel Schnapper. Public Affairs Press: Washington DC, 1972.

And All Her Sons Join as One Social Band. Howard Rock. Labor's Heritage, Vol. 3, No. 3, July 1991. A look at New York union logos from the 1700's and how they evolved from the arms of British Guilds.

100 Years Hand-in-Hand: a Brief History of the AFL-CIO Emblem by art historian Kim Munson. Download pdf file.

Look for the Union Label: A Guide to Union Labels for Collectors. Dr. Tony Hyman .The Antique Trader Weekly. March 11, 1987. 68-71.

A Pictorial History of American Labor. William Cahn. Crown: New York, 1972.

Rebel Voices: An IWW Anthology. Joyce L. Kornbluh. University of Michigan: Ann Arbor, 1964.

Symbols of America. Hal Morgan. Viking/Steam Press. 1986. General reference for period logos, has section on union labels.

Symbols & Images of American Labor: Badges of Pride & Symbols & Images of American Labor: Dinner Pails and Hard Hats. Harry R. Rubenstein, Labor's Heritage, Vol. 1, No 2 & 3, April & July 1989. Consecutive articles featuring research & images amassed for an exhibition of the same name at the Smithsonian Museum of American History.

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