Before the Summer of Love: From Alchemy to Astrology

Before the Summer of Love img

Open till September 23, 2017

Sutro Library 5th Floor Reading Room

The summer of 1967 saw youth from around the world converging on San Francisco, heady with progressive ideas of peace, community, love, and freedom - notions that fueled the thought, music, and literature of the time. To honor and mark this momentous occasion, the Sutro Library will look back through the ages exploring the many cultural antecedents to the iconic Summer of Love.  By examining the literature of the past, it is clear that for centuries humanity has engaged with ideas that are the elements of the Age of Aquarius. To this end, Sutro’s exhibit will include an array of items, early Astronomy books, books on Alchemy, Palmistry, Phrenology, Spiritualism, magic, Utopian Communities, and Mesmerism, showing that what is old is new again. The exhibit will run through September 23rd, 2017.

Spotlight Event Tuesday, June 13, 2017