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New Find Articles and DBs Coming Soon

Compare the new Articles & Databases and the old Find Articles & Databases.

The Library is about to roll-out a new version of the popular Find Articles and Database pages that students and faculty use to access over 200 databases subscribed to by the Library.

The new version has a simpler look and feel, while providing enhanced services. For instance, the new SimpleSearch feature will allow you to search up to 10 databases at one time. The default is to search the Most Useful databases for a given subject, but you can check and un-check databases to include a mix of Most and Also Useful DBs. To see how this works, try the link below and select a subject, Anthropology or Business are good choices, then click the Search Multiple Databases link under the SimpleSearch heading. Note that there is a reason these are called Simple Searches. To get the most out of a database, it’s always best to search that database directly.

We’re shooting to make the new version of Find Articles and Databases live on Monday September 28th. In the meantime, take a look and let us know what you think.

Compare the new Articles & Databases and the old Find Articles & Databases.

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New Library Catalog Server is Up

The upgrade of the Library Catalog Server is complete. All services should now be functional.

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We're Sorry that the Website was Down

We’re sorry that the Library website was down for much of the day last Sunday, the day before Spring classes began, and acknowledge the inconvenience this may have caused, especially for our faculty users. At this point, we are confident that the problem has been resolved.

We also want to point out, that if for some reason the website is unavailable in the future, you can access some of the Library’s electronic resources directly by clicking on the links below, or by entering the URL in your web browser. Of course, if there is a campus wide network or power failure these links won’t work either.

The Library Catalog:
In addition finding and requesting books, you can also use the catalog to find databases. Search for some or all of the database name, then look for [electronic resource] or (online) in the titles. Once you find the database you’re looking for, click Link to: Connect to this title (SFSU users only) to start using the database.

Electronic Reserves:

Electronic Journal List:

Oasis Tutorial:

The Library Spotlight Blog can also be accessed when the website is down:

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