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Open Computer Labs

The Information Commons area of new Library Annex I (with over 150 computers, near the main parking garage) will be open 24-hour access starting Monday, December 1st at 8AM.

Open access computer labs are available in a variety of locations around campus including the new lab on the Terrace Level (Room T-143) of the Cesar Chavez Student Center. The number of computers, available software, and hours for each lab varies. Find a complete listing of all campus computer labs here.

Classrooms around campus that are not in use have also been made available as student study spaces. See the complete schedule of these rooms here.

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New Study Spaces

With the closure of the library building for the construction and remodeling project, there are some new study space options for students. The new Library Annex I located northwest of the parking garage will have over 150 computers for student use and will also have study tables and other study areas but there are some new spaces elsewhere on campus.

The Humanities Building now has enclosed rooms called  “study pods” on the 2nd – 5th floor near the elevators with 20 seats per pod and wireless computer access. These are very nice spaces to study with a beautiful view of campus.
Rigoberta Menchú Hall on the Terrace Level of the Cesar Chavez Student Center is a living room-like space with sofas, comfortable chairs, work tables, and recently enhanced wireless computer access.
Cafe 101 in the Cesar Chavez Student Center is now open until 10pm Mon-Thurs and the wireless computer access has been upgraded.

Classrooms around campus that are not in use have also been made available as student study spaces. See the complete schedule of these rooms here.
Computer Labs around campus are also available and a complete listing can be found here.

Rigoberta Menchú Hall

Rigoberta Menchú Hall

The Humanities Building

The Humanities Building

Open Study Space Sign

Open Study Space Sign

Open Study Space

Open Study Space

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European Libraries Presentation

Librarian Ned Fielden will be giving a slide-show and talk on Wednesday the 19th of November as part of International Programs Week titled “European Libraries from Oxford to Munich.” Held in Rosa Parks Hall D in the Student Union from 3-4, he will show unusual photos of university and college libraries from Cambridge and Oxford, many with very handsome 16th-17th century interiors, as well as photos of libraries in Munich, Leipzig, Gottingen, and Zurich.

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Periodicals Temporally Closed

Periodicals is closed and unavailable until Library Annex I opens Monday, November 24 at 8AM. Microforms are currently still available until Sunday, November 23 6PM when the building closes. Microforms will then be available by request.

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Library Annex I is OPEN!

Map to Library Annex I

Map to Library Annex I

Students needing a place to study or a computer to use will find those and other library services available at the new Library Annex I. Library Annex I (also known as “The Big Bubble”) is open 24 hours and located northwest of the Parking Garage and near the intersection of North State Drive, Lake Merced Blvd., and Winston Drive. The airplane hangar-like, football field-sized building will serve as a temporary library during the library remodeling and renovation project.

Students will find 174 fully-equipped computers with printing at Annex I in the new Information Commons area which is replacing both the Library’s Media Access Center computer lab and the John F. True 24-hour computer lab. Study space for 350+ students, periodicals, and services such as research assistance, color printing, and video editing will also be available in Library Annex I.

Current OneCard Required
for Night Library Annex I Access
ID checks will begin at:
9PM Monday – Thursday
5PM Friday
6PM Saturday & Sunday

Annex I

Annex I

Annex I Computers

Annex I Computers

Annex I Study Space

Annex I Study Space

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Library Media Services Now Open in HSS 127

Most services from the Media Access Center are now available from Library Media Services in HSS 127. Services include laptop checkout, media checkout, media listening and viewing and media duplication.

Monday – Thursday: 8am – 8pm
Saturday – Sunday: 11am – 6pm

excluding holidays

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Media Access Center to Close

Media Access Center will CLOSE Thurs., Oct. 9 at 8PM.

Media Viewing and Listening will OPEN in HSS 127 Tues., Oct. 14. at 8AM Services will include laptop checkout, media checkout, media listening and viewing and media duplication.

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Quick Print Now Open

Quick Print in now open in the former Rapid Copy Center location until the Library relocates. Services available are self-service black & white printing, color printing, and large format printing. OneCard is the only payment accepted. Copiers, change or fax service are no longer provided.

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Rapid Copy Center to Close

The Library’s Rapid Copy Center will close Monday, September 29, 2008.

Self-service copiers are available on the first floor of the Library, and in HSS 101 and 107, the lower conference level of the Student Center and the One Stop Student Services Center.

A new Campus Copy Center operated by the Bookstore will open in M110
on the Mezzanine level of the Student Center on or about October 1, but will focus on large production jobs initially.  Please use the self-service copiers for smaller copying jobs.

The Library will continue to offer large format printing; this service will relocate to
the Information Commons space in Library Annex I when it opens later
this fall.

The only form of payment for the services supported by the Library
will be the OneCard.

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JPL Library People in Harvey Milk Film

Shawn Heiser & Thomas IwatsuboJPL Library’s own Shawn Heiser and Thomas Iwatsubo worked as film extras in the new Gus Van Sant film “Milk” starring Sean Penn as Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official. Milk was assassinated in 1978 by fellow San Francisco city supervisor Dan White, a former policeman. Dan White is played by Josh Brolin.

Heiser and Iwatsubo, who work in the Library, were surprised to run into each other on the film set. Dressed in period “hippie” fashion, Heiser was filmed as an audience member in the re-enactment of Milk’s speech following the 1978 Gay Freedom Day Parade. Heiser, in his first major feature film appearance, participated in eight days of shooting. “I jumped at the opportunity to be in the film and work with Gus Van Sant. When I first came to San Francisco I read The Mayor of Castro Street about Harvey Milk’s history. Being involved with the film was a very positive experience.”

Sean Penn as Harvey MilkIwatsubo, an experienced film actor, played a politician/ city hall employee who attends Milk’s memorial service. “The story has come full circle for me. I was a student at SFSU when Harvey Milk was assassinated, now I’m acting a politician of that time while working at SFSU.” Iwatsubo’s character shows up in several scenes; he describes the production as a very collaborative environment, “I found myself in a room discussing the next shot with Gus Van Sant, Sean Penn, Josh Brolin and the cinematographer Harris Savides. I’m not used to the lead players and directors mixing so freely.”

The film is scheduled for national release in Fall, 2008.

The Library has resources to research Harvey Milk and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) studies:

“Harvey Milk” InvestiGator Keyword Search
“Harvey Milk” Link+ Keyword Search
LBGT Life w/ Full Text database
Research Guide on Human Sexuality

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