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Video Camera Now Available for Check Out

HD Video Cameras with microphones, extra batteries and tripods now available for checkout from the Library.

1. HD Video Cameras Including Stereo-Microphone
*Panasonic HC-X920 HD Video Camera
*RODE Stereo Microphone

3. Battery Charger With Extra Battery
*Pearson Dual Battery Charger
*Panasonic Battery Pack VW-VBN260

2. Video Tripod
*Video Fluid Head Tripod
*Calumet CK9167 and CK9075

• SFSU Student ID Required To Checkout Video Camera/AV Equipment

• SD/SDHC Memory Card Required. Students will need to provide their own SD/SDHC Memory Card

• Allow 10-15 minutes for the check out/in process

• Pickup and return equipment in Digital Media Studio

• Reservations Available Up 2 Weeks in Advance

• Checkout Up To 3 days

• You are responsible for Camera/AV equipment

vid set

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Additional Computers Available

Room 280, on the second floor in the library, is open for walk-in computer use for SF State Students, Faculty and Staff.
Monday – Thursday, 5pm – 10pm

Not available when room is reserved for instruction.



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Library Now Offers “OneSearch”

The Library now offers a new search tool on the Library home page called OneSearch. By entering search terms in the OneSearch box, you can search almost all of the content available in over 200 databases as well as the Library Catalog simultaneously. Your search can include all fields, or only author, title or subject.  You can also focus your search by types of sources, for example, the Library Catalog for books and media, or Articles and Databases.  While this search tool does not replace searching specific individual databases appropriate to your topic or subject area, it facilitates discovery of sources and databases relevant to an area of research or interdisciplinary topic.  Try it out and click on the feedback link to let us know what you think.

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Archived Black Panthers Footage Available Online

Nearly seven hours of previously unseen news and documentary footage of the Black Panthers movement are now available online through the San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive at SF State.

The 120 clips come from Bay Area television stations as well as documentary films, and offer a glimpse at the social revolutions that took place during the 1960s and 70s and their connection to SF State.

“If you look at the Black Panthers collection, and then you look at our SF State (1968 student-led) strike collection, you’re going to see the same faces,” said Film Archivist Alex Cherian. The Black Panthers campaigned on the campus, he added, because they believed education was key to advancing the cause of civil rights.

New York University student Shira Peltzman, supervised by Cherian, processed the footage over the summer. A $50,000 grant from the California State Library, supported by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Sciences Technology Act, paid for the equipment needed to convert film footage to digital.

For Cherian, the Black Panthers collection offers viewers a deeper connection to events associated with the movement than do other media. A young person may have read about a riot or civil rights march, or has a family member who participated, but does not know what that looked like as it played out in real time, he said.

“If there was a social revolution going on in the 1960s and 1970s, it was happening in the Bay Area, and the TV stations were covering it,” Cherian said. “If you show someone the footage and they can actually hear the people, there’s a very emotional connection.”

Many SF State students are likely unaware of the Black Panthers connection to the University, he said, but will recognize campus landmarks when they watch the footage.

By making the raw footage available, the challenge becomes helping people use and interpret it in a meaningful way. Cherian said he and archive staff are available to help students and faculty utilize the footage in projects to “create an emotional connection to dry facts and history.” A Museum Studies class is already planning to take advantage of the Black Panthers collection for an upcoming exhibition.

The San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive Black Panthers Collection can be viewed here. Use of clips in the archive is free to SF State students, faculty and staff. The archive charges for access to and processing of the footage for commercial purposes, including for members of the media accessing material not owned by their organization. There is no charge for media to access their own footage that has been preserved by the archives.

For more information, contact Cherian at 415-405-5565 or

Jonathan Morales

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Leonard Library Mobile

Try the new Leonard Library mobile site from your iPhone,  Android or other mobile device by visiting From now on when you visit the regular Library website on your smart phone you will be redirected to the mobile site.

Leonard Library Mobile Home Page

Home Page

You can search for books and articles, get research assistance and find out other library information.

Search Library Catalog

Search Library Catalog

Search the Library catalog by keyword for books; select the item you want and click on “Request.” Enter the requested information to have the book delivered to HSS 102 for pick-up.

Find Articles

Find Articles

Choose “Find Articles” from the main screen and click on a database to search for articles in many different journals by keyword.  Hint: Academic Search Premier and JSTOR are good all-purpose databases. (Article searching works best with a wi-fi connection.)


Instant Messaging

For instant message assistance, choose the “IM” link on the main screen; enter your question and press the green arrow.

Library Hours

Library Hours & Info

For hours, locations, and other information about library computers and study space click on links under “Info” on the main screen.

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We're Going Mobile


At the beginning of the Spring semester, you’ll be able to use any web-enabled phone to view Library hours; get instant message research assistance; find info on study space, computers and printing; and locate Library phone numbers and email addresses.

By the end of the semester, you should be able to find and request books, search for articles, and, perhaps, read eBooks on your phone.


Let us know what you think.

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New Find Articles and DBs Coming Soon

Compare the new Articles & Databases and the old Find Articles & Databases.

The Library is about to roll-out a new version of the popular Find Articles and Database pages that students and faculty use to access over 200 databases subscribed to by the Library.

The new version has a simpler look and feel, while providing enhanced services. For instance, the new SimpleSearch feature will allow you to search up to 10 databases at one time. The default is to search the Most Useful databases for a given subject, but you can check and un-check databases to include a mix of Most and Also Useful DBs. To see how this works, try the link below and select a subject, Anthropology or Business are good choices, then click the Search Multiple Databases link under the SimpleSearch heading. Note that there is a reason these are called Simple Searches. To get the most out of a database, it’s always best to search that database directly.

We’re shooting to make the new version of Find Articles and Databases live on Monday September 28th. In the meantime, take a look and let us know what you think.

Compare the new Articles & Databases and the old Find Articles & Databases.

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New Book Scanner Technology in Annex I

Book Copier

Book Copier

The Library is testing a new method of document scanning/ copying, the Zeutschel OS 12000 BookCopy. The scanner is designed especially for scanning books and large format documents like music scores and art books. It scans from above which allows a better work flow for multiple page scans.  The machine is being tested in the Library Annex I till June 30. Bring a usb drive to store your scans. Please help evaluate this machine by trying it out and using the evaluation form at the machine.

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View James Baldwin Documentary, Take This Hammer, online

The Bay Area Television Archive recently digitized the 1964 KQED documentary, Take This Hammer, which features novelist, essayist and playwright James Baldwin interviewing community leaders in San Francisco’s predominantly African-American neighborhoods. View Take This Hammer in DIVA (45 minutes).

In response to the interest and positive feedback generated by users for Take this hammer, the TV Archive and DIVA will be making a related KQED documentary Losing just the same (1966) available to view online soon. This film examines the lives of an African-American family from West Oakland and: “Moves within the two overlapping worlds of the ghetto. The day to day physical reality and the world of dreams and fantasies of escape.”

Take this Hammer will also be screened at SF MOMA as part of the Richard Avedon Film Series on Thursday, August 27, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday, August 29, 2009 at 3:00 p.m. Screening information.

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Bay Area TV Archive Clips Online

Willie Brown Documentary, 3/19/93

Willie Brown Documentary, 3/19/93

American Indians on Alcatraz, 11/24/69

American Indians on Alcatraz, 11/24/69

Woody Allen Film Shoot, 7/4/68

Woody Allen Film Shoot, 7/4/68

Big Brother & the Holding Company, c1968

Big Brother & the Holding Company, c1968

Huerta & Chavez in Sacramento, 4/10/66

Huerta & Chavez in Sacramento, 4/10/66

Dirty Harry Movie Premiere, 5/7/71

Dirty Harry Movie Premiere, 5/7/71

Film archivist Alex Cherian is overseeing a project to digitize and make available to campus users hundreds of hours of archival film and video from the SF Bay Area TV Archive. Established in 1982 by curator Helene Whitson, the SF Bay Area TV archive is a unique moving image collection that chronicles sixty landmark years of social history and cultural revolution in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Footage currently available online includes a 30 minute documentary on the life of Willie Brown, former mayor of San Francisco and Speaker of the House in California; clips of the American Indian occupation of Alcatraz; Woody Allen shooting Take the Money and Run on location in San Francisco; an interview with Janis Joplin and Big Brother, which includes a short live performance; and coverage of Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta in Sacramento just after the Delano strike and more.

SF State users can view these clips in DIVA, the Digital Information Virtual Archive, by clicking on the thumbnails above. A project of Academic Computing at SF State, DIVA is a web-based tool for storing, sharing, collaborating over, and contextualizing files and other content.

In addition to viewing clips from the Archive online, students and faculty can also use footage from the Bay Area TV Archive in their non-commercial video projects, usually free of charge. For more information, see the the SF Bay Area TV Archive web pages.

Golden Gate [X]press story about the SF Bay Area TV Archive.

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