Photo ID’s Required For Most Annex 1 Services!

September 27, 2011

Yesterday, a student user insisted she could check-out headphones in Annex 1 without a photo ID.  She ‘claimed’ student workers regularly check-out headphones for her without a photo ID.  She knew her student ID number.

We need a valid SFSU ID (OneCard) to check out materials.   If a student has forgotten their OneCard, we can check them out ONLY with a valid photo ID.  Knowing a student number doesn’t  verify eligibility to check out materials.

As everyone knows, the Student number is printed on all OneCard’s.   We have a history of Guest Users accessing Extended Workstations, using other student’s ID numbers.   In order to protect student accounts from unnecessary fines and inappropriate use,  we need to match a photo ID with the person you’re assisting.

Thanks for your attention on this matter.


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