New Announcements And Reminders!

March 17, 2011
  1. Special Borrowers Cards - Visiting faculty from other universities will often request a “Special Borrowers” card to check-out library books and use our Research/ Extended workstations.  Registration is handled in HSS 102, as the ‘Special Borrower’ is assigned a temporary bar code to their ID.  This is done in HSS 102 – not Annex 1.   We can sign them up as a “Guest User”, but their library privileges will not allow them to check-out materials.
  2. Workstations – ID numbers And Access To Workstations – If a currently enrolled student is blocked from a workstation in Annex 1, ask them if they have set the ‘caps lock’ feature on their keyboard.  (This happens quite often, including the Print Release Station.)   Also, be sure they’re seated on a Research or Extended workstation – not a Guest Workstation.  Also, for some unknown reason, we’ve noticed a few students are unable to access a Research Workstation with the ID number, but the Extended Workstations work fine.  (Its not a problem with their 2 hour allotment on a Research Workstation – its something else…)
  3. Overdue Fees and Access To Workstations – Students may be blocked from accessing workstations in Annex 1 due to overdue fees. You can verify a ‘block’ by looking for the “MBLOCK” field.  If it indicates, in red, “f Lib Fee Due”,  the student needs to pay their overdue fee at the Bursar’s Office.  No one in Annex 1 can override the “MBlock” field.


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  1. lmoody on March 18, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    Thanks for the updates Thomas. Just want to add that if fines are paid at the Bursar’s Office, it takes 48 hours for that payment to clear. I believe it is faster to pay in HSS 102 if they are still accepting payment for fines there. Or I think the fine payer can bring the receipt from the Bursar’s Office over to HSS 102 so that they can clear it manually.

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