Arte Publico Hispanic Historical Collection: Series 1

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The Arte Publico Hispanic Historical Collection: Series 1 presents digital collection of historical content pertaining to U.S. Hispanic history, literature and culture published and digitized by Arte Publico Press, the oldest and largest publisher of U.S. Hispanic literature in the U.S., covering geographically the fifty states of the Union. The premier collection documents intellectual vigor and traditional values that have characterized Hispanics from the earliest moments of this country's history through contemporary times. The Arte Publico Hispanic Historical Collection: Series 1 represents the artistic, philosophical, spiritual and political perspectives of a significant national minority that at every period of the development of the American Republic participated in public discussion and helped to assimilate and disseminate the ideas of freedom and democracy through such Philadelphia-published texts as F?lix Meg?a?s drama ?Lafayette en Monte Vernon? (published in English and Spanish, 1825), Manuel Vidaurre?s ?Cartas Americanas? (American Letters, 1823) or Juan Roscio?s ?El triunfo de la libertad sobre el despotismo? (The Triumph of Freedom over Despotism, 1821]). Through such novels of immigration as Alirio D?az Guerra?s ?Lucas Guevara? (New York, 1914), students and teachers will better understand how Hispanic immigrants accommodated to a new country and its culture, and that Hispanic immigration must be considered in the making of the American Republic, at least from the nineteenth century on. The published speeches of Pablo de la Guerra, member of the California constitutional convention and later the state legislature, and of Jos? Mart?, the Cuban philosopher and poet, both of whom spoke on and wrote extensively in the United States on such cultural concerns as racism, Native Americans, democracy, and civil rights, must be considered in classroom and public discussions of these topics in historical as well as contemporary frameworks. The Arte Publico Hispanic Historical Collection: Series 1comprises approximately 60,000 historical articles, hundreds of political and religious pamphlets and broadsides, and complete texts of over 1,100 historical books of Hispanic literature, political commentary and culture. The content is 80% Spanish and 20% English. Importantly, the collection is indexed and searchable in both Spanish and English. The collection also includes the Revista Chicano Rique?a, the most successful Latino journal launched with the primary motive to promote dialogue among Latinos in the United States. While focusing on contemporary creative expression, it also considers more traditional cultural expressions. The text of Revista Chicano Rique?a is 70% English and 30% Spanish, and consists of scholarly articles and creative literature. Like the materials of other minorities, there is no central collection or repository that represents the diversity of voices, subjects, perspectives, ethnic backgrounds of Hispanic materials. The Arte P?blico Hispanic Historical Collection: Series 1 comprises the written work of the diversity of national backgrounds, such as Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Spanish, etc.; diverse Hispanic ethnic or ?racial? identities, such as mestizo, mulatto, creole, Afro-Hispanic, Indo-Hispanic, etc.; linguistic diversity, such as national and regional dialects, bilingual English-Spanish, French-Spanish, Native American-Spanish usage; diverse positionalities, such as native identity, immigrant or exile.