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Alphabetical List - All

Name (Last, First)DepartmentPhoneEmail
Adkins, JosephInterlibrary
Allensworth, NicoleInformation, Research & Instruction
Almaguer, IrmaGovernment
Asbury, Aleta (Coordinator)Distribution
Baer, CarlShelving Facilities
Bannister, DominicLibrary Information Technology/
Bannister, DominicResearch
Blevin, Matt (Library Building Coordinator)Library
Boelter, StephenLibrary Information Technology/
Boelter, StephenResearch
Bowles-Adarkwa, LindaCataloging
Bowles-Adarkwa, LindaInformation, Research & Instruction
Castro, GinaInformation, Research & Instruction
Castro-Calderon, EricCollection Acquisition
Cheng, ChristinaCollection Acquisition
Cherian, Alex (Film Archivist)Special Collections &
Daniels, JosephInformation, Research & Instruction
Daniels, JosephReserve
Davis, KaliInformation, Research & Instruction
Detrich, Elizabeth (Personnel Coordinator)Library
Duddy, Steve (Administrative Assistant to the University Librarian)Library
Eliassen, Meredith (Reference, Special Collections)The de Bellis Collection405-4073 /
Eliassen, Meredith (Reference, Special Collections)Special Collections & Archives405-4073 /
Facchin, LucaThe de Bellis
Fielden, NedInformation, Research & Instruction
Flynn, HenryCollection Acquisition
Fong, GinnieDistribution
Foster, MiraInformation, Research & Instruction
Guidara, AndreaCataloging
Hagiwara, Nina (Federal Depository Librarian)Government
Harnly, CarolineInformation, Research & Instruction
Harper, TobiLibrary Information Technology/
Hartdegen, DonnaCataloging
Heiser, ShawnInterlibrary
Hellman, David (Collection Development Coordinator)Collection Access and Management
Hernandez, Rita (Storekeeper)Library
Hinojosa, MariaCataloging
Hollis, TanyaLabor Archives and Research
Howard, PamInformation, Research & Instruction
Humphrey, BernadetteCollection Acquisition
Iwatsubo, Thomas (Coordinator)Information, Research & Instruction
Jackson, PaulLibrary Information Technology/
Jacobsen, LaVonne (Head and Faculty Co-Chair)The de Bellis
Jacobsen, LaVonne (Head and Faculty Co-Chair)Collection Access and Management
Keller, TonyDistribution
Keys, Harley (Coordinator)Shelving Facilities
Kubo, MaryCollection Acquisition
Leung, HoldenLibrary Information Technology/
Leung, HoldenResearch
Liles, MichaelCataloging
Lovell, Thoreau (Head)Library Information Technology/
Martin, Matthew (Library Service Specialist I)Reserve
Masters, Deborah (University Librarian)Library
Mays, ChrisInformation, Research & Instruction
McCourt, MichaelDistribution
Mostoufi, Yasaman (Coordinator)Reserve
Nazario, AthenaInformation, Research & Instruction
Novak, ChrisLibrary Information Technology/
Novak, ChrisResearch
Ortiz-Hopkins, MartinCataloging
Panlilio, Toni RoseInterlibrary
Powell, Catherine (Director)Labor Archives and Research
Rosen, JeffInformation, Research & Instruction
Salcedo, ChristopherCataloging
Ta, TeresaCataloging
Tang, EstherDistribution
Tong, Darlene (Head and Faculty Co-Chair)Information, Research & Instruction
Tran, LoanInformation, Research & Instruction Services338-6046 /
Turitz, Mitch (Serials Cataloger)Cataloging
Van Cleave, KendraInformation, Research & Instruction
Vasche, JasonCataloging
Vasche, JasonInformation, Research & Instruction
Wang, Ya (Electronic Collections Coordinator)Collection Access and Management
Wei, CaroleDistribution
Williams, Manon (Web Programmer)Library Information Technology/
Wilson, Hesper (Assistant Librarian)Information, Research & Instruction
Win, MaungLibrary Information Technology/
Wong, KimLibrary Information Technology/
Wong, Georgianna (Library Business Officer)Library
Wong, JeanieCataloging
Yared, HenokLibrary Information Technology/
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