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Library Administrative Manual


I. Eating and Drinking

Consumption of food and beverages in the public areas of the Library is prohibited. Eating and drinking in designated non-public staff areas may be allowed in conformity with University policy. No other public eating and drinking will be allowed in the building without prior approval of the University Librarian or his/her designee.

II. Smoking

For reasons of fire safety, health and to adhere to University Policy (Executive Order #5 ) smoking within the Library is strictly prohibited or within 15 feet of entrances.

III. Guidelines for Acceptable and Unacceptable Behavior

To assist those involved in monitoring the policy, the following guidelines have been established:

  1. Prohibited Behavior by the Public
    1. Carrying in open or unwrapped food or beverages, food or beverages intended for immediate consumption, or consuming food and beverages in the Library.
    2. Smoking in the building.
    3. (Water bottle?)
  2. Prohibited Behavior by the Library Staff/Faculty
    1. Carrying into the building uncovered food and drink.
    2. Eating/Drinking in designated non-public areas of building without consideration for others.
    3. Smoking the building.

IV. Monitoring

If a Library employee observes an abuse of eating, drinking or smoking as outlined in the above guidelines, s/he will intervene tactfully to see that the abuse is stopped. If any difficulty arises, the patron will be asked to leave the building. If assistance is needed, Public Safety will be called.

Revised and Approved by LMT: 8/12/96

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