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Library Administrative Manual

6.4.2 Guidelines for Use of Library Information Commons, Annex I: Software Request Policy

I. Purpose

To address the occasional need when academic departments/programs require their students to use specialized software for course-related purposes. If adequate capacity is not available in their College / Department computer labs, instructors can request that the Library install software required for a course on a specific number of the Annex I Information Commons computers.

II. Facility and Use

Annex I is one large multi-use Library space located just north-west of the main parking structure. Activities in Annex I include research assistance, a small collections area, Library instruction, study and computer access. There are 70 Information Commons PC’s, 50 research computers, and 32 iMACs available to SFSU students, faculty and staff for general use. During the semester, Annex I is usually open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with reduced hours other times of the year.

III. Request Proceedures

In order for SF State instructors to request that course-related software be installed in Annex I, they must:

  • A. Confirm that the following requirements can be met:
    • Request is made early enough to allow the Library to include the software in the disk image for the computers it will be running on. Typically, this is the end of the semester prior to the one in which the software will be used.
    • The software is for course-related use.
    • The requestor has a legal license for the software which allows for installation on the desired number of computers.
    • The requestor can provide the physical media or online access to download the software,
    • When necessary, the requestor can provide an account for Library staff to test and verify software is functioning properly.
    • The software is compatible with the computers in Annex I, in terms of processor speed, memory installed, available hard disk space, display capability, etc.
    • The software doesn’t conflict with other software or security settings already on Annex I computers.
    • Once the software is installed, the instructor’s students can use the software without special assistance from Library staff or student employees.
  • B. Contact Chris Novak, Information Commons Coordinator, ( x86770).

Date Approved by LMT: 1/11/2010

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