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Library Administrative Manual

5.9 Split Appointments: Library Faculty

I. Introduction

Having members of the Library faculty active participants in the teaching activities of academic departments is good for both the University and for the Library. Not only does it strengthen the Library's ties with the rest of the faculty, but it allows the departments to take advantage of in-depth expertise which only librarians have. Furthermore, such interchange cannot fail to result in professional growth and development, as well as less formal self-renewal on the part of the librarians. While there are certain disadvantages accruing to the loss of continuity provided by the full-time permanent librarians, this loss is balanced by the ability to hire temporary replacement librarians, who bring to the Library fresh outlooks, energies, and knowledge which (with our heavily tenured staff) we are not able to acquire through new tenure-track appointment. These replacement appointments also provide an added flexibility in scheduling which can be used to advantage.

II. Guidelines

There are some limitations which must apply, in order to ensure continued smooth functioning of the Library. The following guidelines will suffice to cover those instances:

  1. Such appointments will be approved only if the teaching department in question agrees (and the mechanics are available) to reimburse the Library for the full cost of the librarian's time at the individual's rank and step at that time.
  2. Appropriate mechanisms must be arranged to ensure that the individual receives full salary, benefits, and appropriate leave time. In addition, the compensated time must be for a proportional teaching load, so that the individual has adequate planning and preparation time in addition to classroom time.
  3. While there is value to the Library and to the University in this arrangement, there is also the danger that the Library will experience some break in continuity and in librarian time for committee and other professional activity. Therefore, shared appointment teaching commitments should be limited to 2 two-credit sections or 1 three-credit section and 1 semester per year for any one individual. In addition, the number of individuals approved in any one department for shared appointments may be limited, based upon the judgment of the unit head and appropriate Assistant University Librarian. Similarly, if the unit head and AUL are of the opinion that a greater commitment is justified, such a commitment may be approved.
  4. While it is not the nature of University, Library and departmental service that it is possible to precisely account for any individual's time, the librarian seeking a shared appointment outside of the Library should be careful to ascertain whether or not that fraction of an appointment includes University service as well as teaching time. If Library time base devoted to University service would be proportionally reduced; where University service is not included in the departmental appointment, 100% of University service will continue to be included in the Library time base.
  5. Shared appointments should be approved by the Unit Head and the appropriate Assistant University Librarian. In order that negotiations with host departments may be conducted in good faith, the librarian requesting such an appointment should consult with the department head and Assistant University Librarian before entering into substantive negotiations with the academic department. Such consultation should take place no later than April 1 for the following academic year.
  6. To ensure adequate planning time for the Library, final commitments between the individual, the Library and the department or school involved, should be agreed to and arrangements made no later than April 30 of each year for the following academic year.

Prepared and issued by the Library Director: 11/24/81

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