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Library Administrative Manual

5.7 Appointment And Evaluation Of Temporary Faculty (Librarians)

I. Policy

The Library will follow University Policy in appointing and evaluating temporary faculty. Articles 12 and 15 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement address appointment and evaluation.

II. Procedure

  1. Determination of Need

    The appropriate Assistant University Librarians determine their professional staffing needs for the coming year and make recommendations to the University Librarian for the number of temporary librarians to be hired and the time base for each individual. Generally these recommendations are for a ten month period, i.e. late August through late June of the following year. However, recommendations for hiring temporary librarians may be made at any time in the course of the academic year should the need arise. Once the University Librarian approves the AUL's plan, the AUL works closely with the AUL for Administrative Services to implement the plan.

  2. Establishment of Pool

    The pool of candidates for temporary positions is established annually by means of appropriate announcements during the Spring. Although additions to the pool will be accepted to the pool at any time during the course of the year only those candidates who have submitted their applications by the spring deadline will be considered for the ten month appointment by submitting a completed and signed 'Application for Subsequent Temporary Faculty Appointment' form to the AUL for Administrative Services.

  3. Selection Process The appropriate AUL working with the AUL for Administrative Services reviews the pool of candidates and selects applicants for interviews. Interviews are conducted by the appropriate AUL and the AUL for Administrative Services. The appropriate AUL will consult with staff regarding the qualifications of candidates but the AUL is solely responsible for making hiring recommendations to the University Librarian.
  4. Conditions of Employment
    1. Salary: Temporary librarians are hired at Assistant Librarian Rank, Step 4 unless a special exemption is requested by the appropriate AUL and approved by the University Librarian.
    2. Vacation: Temporary librarians accrue vacation in accordance with established procedures. However, temporaries are required to use accrued vacation balances during semester and spring breaks. The only vacation balances left to them should be the hours earned during their final two months of employment. Temporaries may be paid for these balances upon completion of their assignments if library funds permit, otherwise they may have to use all vacation time except that accrued during their final month of employment. The appropriate AUL will indicate to the temporary librarians what their options are in this matter by May 1.
    3. Sick Leave and Other Benefits: These benefits are earned in accordance with University policy.
  5. Evaluation

    Temporary librarians will be evaluated according to University policy. Full-time temporary faculty will be evaluated by the Library Hiring, Retention and Tenure Committee. Evaluations of part-time faculty will be conducted by the immediate supervisor.

    Approved: 4/7/88

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