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Library Administrative Manual

5.23 Records Disposition Schedule

I. Policy

Within the framework of the Records Management Program, state agencies are required to establish and maintain a continuing program for the economical and efficient management of its records and forms including the establishment of a retention schedule for each type of record and their ultimate disposal. In determining retention periods, the following criteria are to be used:

Administrative uses: Value and necessity of the record as an administrative tool in carrying out the functions for which the agency was established.

Legal requirements: Total time a record shall be retained to comply with specific statutes or rules of government agencies, or to protect the legal rights and interests of the State.

Fiscal requirements: Total time required for performance of a variety of fiscal activities, including auditing, collection, and budgeting.

Historical and research values: Identification of records which reflect significant historical events and document the administrative history and development of an agency.

Essential record requirements: Identification and protection of records critically needed in the event of disaster and for reconstruction of agency programs.

The disposition schedule for library records is found in Part II of this policy. Records should be appraised on an ongoing basis and, as decisions are made to dispose of them, the schedule should be revised.

II. Records Disposition Schedule

RecordsRetention Period
Annual Reports:
  • University Librarian
  • Divisions
  • Units

Correspondence & Memoranda
(including Log Books 3 years)
  • Letters acknowledging substantive gifts

  • Library Purchasing Records
    including purchase requisitions & purchase orders
  • Budget Materials
  • Travel Authorizations
Learning Services Development-Memoranda

5 years
5 years
5 years

8 years
  • Cabinet
  • COLD and COLD Steering Committeeminutes
    minutes and correspondence
  • Committee Meeting (Library)
  • Coordinating Council
  • Council of Academic Deans-Minutes
  • Division Meetings (in Division Offices)
  • Faculty Meetings (Library)

5 fiscal years

8 years
3 fiscal years
3 fiscal years
At discretion of division
5 fiscal years

  • Applications for Applicant Pool
  • Applications for Employment
  • Attendance Records
  • Job Descriptions
  • Pre-employment Files of Librarians

3 years
2 years
5 years after separation
As duties change
On receipt of tenure
Policies and Procedures Statements

Reports of Committees


5 fiscal years

Approved: Library Cabinet
Date: 7/7/83

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