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Library Administrative Manual

5.21 Interns

I. Purpose

An internship program usually revolves around the needs of a formal library education program of a neighboring university or library and the needs of the J. Paul Leonard Library.

Interns will be placed in library units willing to assume the responsibility of preparing, supervising and evaluating an appropriate training program. This takes into account the interests, needs, talents and experiences of the intern and the furthering of her/his professional knowledge and skills. In addition the intern should fulfill, in a satisfactory manner, his/her obligations to the Library.

An internship program is not a probationary employment period but rather a part of the intern's educational program. Employment in a different environment will normally follow the internship period.

An intern is not a volunteer (see Library Administrative Manual Policy: 6.13) and not eligible for worker's compensation.

II. Procedure

  1. Inquiries regarding internships at the J. Paul Leonard Library should be referred to the office of the Assistant University Librarian for Administrative Services. When an established internship program is already in place in a unit (i.e. Labor Archives, Reference, Special Collections, de Bellis), applicants may go directly to that unit.
  2. Inquiries which come to the Administrative Office will be forwarded to appropriate unit head(s) for consideration.
  3. If a unit feels that an internship would be mutually beneficial to the applicant and to the unit, and a librarian is willing to accept the responsibility of training the intern, a memo outlining the internship plan should be sent to the Division Head for approval.
  4. An internship program and job description should be prepared and agreed upon by the Library, the intern and the intern's institution. Some interns may come to the Library with an agenda established by their library schools or home institutions. Librarians assuming responsibility for the intern(s) should review preset agendas carefully to make sure they are appropriate to this library.
  5. Upon approval, the unit will proceed to make the internship arrangements: schedules, activity plans, evaluations, etc.
  6. At the conclusion of the internship, the librarian in charge of training is to prepare an evaluation of the intern's performance.

    The evaluation may either be on a form provided by the intern's home institution or in a narrative created by the supervising librarian at SFSU.

  7. This intern policy also applies to Field Study arrangements.

Approved by the LMT: 6/10/91

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