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Library Administrative Manual

5.14 Policy and Procedures for Educational Leave and Administrative Funding

I. Introduction

The Library supports professional development and training for all members of the library faculty and staff as it relates to knowledge, skills and abilities related to their job responsibilities in the following ways:

  1. Educational leave for attendance at approved meetings, institutes, conferences, workshops.
  2. Administrative funding, as budget allows.

II. Guidelines & Procedures

  1. Types of requests for administratively supported professional development.
    1. Requests by the University Librarian or a Division Head that a library faculty or staff member attend a professional meeting, institute, workshop or other professional activity
    2. Training or professional development requests initiated by individual library faculty and staff that are primarily programmatically based, directly related to the individual's organizational responsibilities, or are related to the Library's Strategic Plan.
  2. Educational Leave

    Approval of educational leave for library faculty and staff to attend meetings, institutes, workshops or other professional development activities is granted by Division Heads or the University Librarian, and is contingent upon a variety of conditions including the following:

    1. The time off to attend a meeting does not interfere with the functioning of the department and/or division or the accomplishment of its work objectives.
    2. The relationship or importance of the function to the person's job assignment and the benefits derived by the individual and the Library.
    3. The number of individuals requesting to attend a single meeting
    4. The demonstrated record of achievement or professional development resulting from an individual's prior participation in professionally-related extracurricular activities.
    5. The number of educational leave requests previously approved for an individual.
    6. Advance submission of request (normally 30 days in advance). Educational leave is normally not approved retroactively.
  3. Expense Funding

    All expenses not specifically authorized in advance are the responsibility of the library faculty or staff member.

    1. Budget Allocations

      Approved administrative attendance at professional functions will be charged against the library-wide administrative travel budget. The amount available in this budget is determined annually.

    2. Criteria for Funding
      1. When the Library Administration requests that an individual attend a meeting, training, or other event due to its direct applicability to the individual's role/responsibility in the Library, the leave will be funded with administrative funds.
      2. Attendance at CSU meetings not funded by the Chancellor's Office will be funded with administrative funds.
      3. Individuals who request to attend a meeting may be funded from administrative funds depending upon the perceived benefit to the Library and the individual, the amount of allocations already received by the individual during the current fiscal year, etc.
      4. If the Library Faculty Affairs Committee or Library Staff Training and Development Committee elect to support partial funding for a self-initiated activity, the Library may provide additional or matching funding in support of that activity.
    3. Guidelines for Expending Funds

      The amounts for administrative requests will be allocated on an individual basis.

    4. Procedures for Requesting Administrative Funding
      1. Requests for funds to participate in a professional development activity by the individual are submitted to the appropriate Division Head or University Librarian with information briefly describing the meeting/event, level/type of participation of the individual, dates, place, costs and justification as required.
      2. The Division Head or University Librarian responds to the applicant informing them of the decision to fund or not fund from the administrative account.
      3. If the request is approved, the Division Head or University Librarian forwards a copy of the estimated expenses to the Library Business Officer handling the library budget as notification to encumber the funds.
      4. The individual requester submits receipts to the Administrative Secretary for reimbursement, following University travel procedures.
  4. Reporting

    Library faculty and staff members who have had educational leave, with or without administrative funding, to attend professional development functions are expected to complete agreed upon reporting or other outcomes as determined in advance with the Division Head or University Librarian upon completion of or return from the activity.

Revised by LMT: 8/31/98

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