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Library Administrative Manual

5.10 Recruitment of Staff Personnel (Draft)
(Supplement to Human Resources Practice Directive P105)

I. Permanent Staff Positions

  1. Head, Access & Personnel Services or his/her designee: Reviews vacant position to determine need to fill the vacant position, to restructure position, to re-allocate or suspend position.
  2. Unit (Supervisor):
    1. Prepares the following forms for posting and forwards to the office of the Personnel Coordinator (deadline noon Thursday):
      • Position Description Form (HR320A)
      • Position Requisition Form (PF105A)
      • Work Schedule Form (HR101)
      • Newspaper Advertisement, if required.
    2. Develops list of job related interview questions.
    3. Reviews applications forwarded from Personnel Coordinator.
    4. Selects and forwards list of names to be interviewed to Personnel Coordinator.
    5. Interviews applicants. Recommends for appointment of first and second choices on Personnel Form 171 and forwards to Personnel Coordinator with interview questions and all applications received for the position.
    6. Announces appointment in the Library Newsletter.
  3. Personnel Coordinator/Human Resources Office:
    1. Reviews documents and forwards forms to Human Resources Office to initiate recruitment (deadline noon Monday).
    2. Announces vacancy in Library Newsletter.
    3. Serves as the liaison with the Human Resources Office throughout the recruitment process, including making appointments for interviews.
    4. Upon receipt of Recommendation to Fill (Personnel Form 171), informs Personnel Office of recommendation. Personnel Coordinator prepares and forwards appointment document (Personnel Form 107) to the Human Resources Office along with Form 171, interview questions and all applications received for the position.
    5. Only Human Resources has authority to make job offers.

II. Temporary Staff Positions

  1. Establishment of a Temporary Staff Position
    1. The Division Head or his/her designee with final approval by the Head of Access and Personnel Services:
      1. Initiates request for a temporary position of any duration. Request will include a justification and need for the position, proposed length of appointment and time base need, level of position needed and estimated cost of appointment.
      2. Forwards to University Librarian for approval. If approved, the procedure in either B or C (below) is followed.
  2. Temporary Positions of More Than 30 Calendar Days (posting required)
    1. The Unit Head /Supervisor has the following personnel forms prepared and forwards to Personnel Coordinator:
      • Position Description form (HR320A)
      • Position Requisition form (PF105A)
      • Work Schedule form (HR101)
    2. Recruitment procedures as outlined in Section I (B through C) will then be followed.
  3. Temporary Positions of 30 Calendar Days or Less (posting is waived)
    1. The following personnel froms and memorandum are prepared and forwarded to the Personnel Coordinator:
      • Memorandum listing inclusive appointment dates and with request to waive posting.
      • Position Description form (HR320A)
      • Work Schedule form (HR101)
      • Position Requisition form (PF105A)
      • Employment Application form (PF112)
    2. Personnel Coordinator
      1. Prepares and attaches the following Personnel Forms:
        • Appointment Document (Personnel Form 107)
        • End of Appointment Document (Personnel Form 107)
      2. Provides hire documents "Start Package" to selected candidate for completion.
      3. Submits request to Human Resources along with all forms.
      4. 30 day appointments may be extended for up to 60 days.
    3. Appointments of less than one month must be paid at an hourly rate.

Approved: 6/9/83
Revised: 7/15/93

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