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Library Administrative Manual

4.2 Gifts and Exchanges of Library Materials

I. Policy Statement

  1. Gifts of materials to the J. Paul Leonard Library which support the university curriculum and research needs of the university and enhance the library collection are encouraged and welcomed. Focused collections which support new or existing university programs are of particular interest.

    Inquiries from potential donors are directed to the selector for gifts and donations who, in consultation with the appropriate subject selectors, will determine whether the material should be added to the collection. Decisions will be made in accordance with collection development policy.

    The Library reserves the right to refuse any potential gift or donation and is not obliged to return unsolicited materials.

    Potential donations that have been determined to be inappropriate to the Library's collections will be referred to the Friends of the J. Paul Leonard Library for the FOL Booksale Room.
  2. Gifts of cash, securities and property, etc., in excess of $250 must be reported to the University Development Office. Cash and securities in excess of this amount must be deposited in a library account at the San Francisco State University Foundation.

    It is contrary to University and Library policy to provide an evaluation or appraisal of gifts. However, the Library can provide verification for the quantity of materials donated and will acknowledge gifts in writing upon request.

  3. Gifts will be accepted in conformity with current Internal Revenue Service and University regulations.
  4. Exchange of Library Materials - Although it is desirable and beneficial to the institution to participate in an exchange of materials program with other libraries, constraints of time and personnel make it impractical to implement such a program on an ongoing basis. Requests for participation in any exchange program will be referred to the Head of Acquisitions/Collection Development for review and appropriate action.

II. Implementation

Responsibility for overseeing this policy lies with the Head of Acquisitions/Collection Development and his/her designee. Operating procedures for the acceptance of gifts and donations are maintained in the Collection Development Office.

Approved by Library Cabinet: 6/9/83
Revised: 7/16/90

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