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Library courses, classes, and tours may be taught by any interested member of the Library faculty, with the approval of that faculty member's immediate supervisor and division head. While primary responsibility of the faculty member is to ongoing operations in his/her home department, supervisors are encouraged to make the opportunity to teach available to interested faculty members.

I. Courses

Selection of Library faculty who are to teach credit courses is made by the Assistant University Librarian for Reader and Technical Services, in consultation with the Library Education Coordinator and the Library Education Committee. Selection of teachers is based on individual interest and competence, and on staff development considerations. Library faculty wishing to teach in library courses should make their interests known to the Library Education Coordinator.

Library faculty members may request split appointments in order to teach a library related course within an academic teaching department according to guidelines issued by the University Librarian on 11/24/81. (see Library Policy: 5.9)

II. Specialized Classes

Requests from SFSU instructional faculty for individual specialized library classes are recorded by the Reference Desk staff and Reader Services librarians according to the system established by the Library Education Coordinator. Formal acceptance and arrangements for classes are made by those library faculty who elect to teach the classes. The Library Education Coordinator, or designee, shall actively encourage librarians participating in the program to accept class requests.

Classes are normally offered first to those who have taught them before or who have subject expertise in the area of the class to be taught. However, the need of library faculty members to develop new skills and new areas of competence must be recognized. In particular, librarians from areas other than Reader Services are encouraged to prepare and teach any class that has been requested in which they have an interest.

Since logistics make it difficult to publicize each individual request for a class or tour, library faculty members should make their interests known to the Library Education Coordinator.

Requests for classes from non-campus institutions and groups are accepted on a second priority basis. The Library Education Coordinator shall review non-campus requests on an individual basis. Library faculty may elect to teach these classes only if the activity will not affect other responsibilities such as Reference Desk staffing, office hours, or campus instructional needs.

III. General Tours

General library tours may be given by any library staff member who is eligible under the Patron Orientation Program policy (Policy 8.1) as well as by any Library faculty member.


Additional specifications and procedures regarding Library classes and tours are available in the Library Education procedures manuals.

Approved by: Library Cabinet Date: 3/22/83

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