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Library Administrative Manual

3.19 Borrowing Library Staff/Faculty Laptops

I. Equipment

The Library has assigned some older laptops, originally purchased for use by patrons, into a pool of equipment that can be borrowed only by current Library faculty and staff.

II. Borrowing Rules & Procedures

These laptops can be checked out from HSS 127. The borrowing period is 90 days with the option to renew online. To check if a laptop is available, go to the Catalog, click on the Other Searches tab, click the Local Call Number radio button, then enter "laptop mc" in the search box. For more information on the laptop configuration, select a laptop, then click on More Information.

III. Finacial Responsibility

At checkout, you’ll be required to sign a form stating that "financial responsibility for repair or replacement costs rests with the borrower."

IV. Use

The laptops are setup with the most current version of the Windows or Macintosh operating system that they are capable of running, as well as with a basic set of software applications. They have both wireless and wired network connectivity. The laptops may be used at home and at other off-campus locations. The borrower may install additional software and add other personal files to the laptop. But given the age of the laptops, software that requires a lot of computing resources, such as Photoshop and Millennium, will not work properly. Note that when the laptop is returned to the Library all files will be deleted and the unit will be restored to the original software configuration.

V. Support

These laptops are not under warranty and do not have service contracts. Library IT staff will try to troubleshoot routine problems if the laptop is brought into the Library. There is no phone or email support. If a problem cannot be quickly resolved, a replacement laptop will be provided, if one is available. Under no circumstances will the Library be responsible for recovering lost data or for installing or troubleshooting software that was not on the laptop at the time of the initial borrowing.

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