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Library Administrative Manual

3.18 Information Competence Policy

  1. Fulfiling the Requirement
  2. Student Eligibility
  3. Proof of Completion

The Basic Information Competence Requirement is a graduation requirement for all SFSU undergraduates. The Academic Senate policy governing the Basic Information Competence Requirement (#S99-207) replaces the Library Requirement for all undergraduate students entering Fall 2000 or later. The intent of this Requirement is to ensure that SFSU students will have a solid foundation of information competence skills early in their academic careers as preparation for future course work required for the baccalaureate degree. After fulfilling the Requirement, students should be able to locate, retrieve, organize and evaluate information effectively and to understand some of the ethical, legal and socio-political issues associated with using various kinds of information.

I. Fulfiling the Requirement

  • At San Francisco State University, the Requirement can be met by one of the following options:
    1. Completing the OASIS: Online Advancement of Student Information Skills program, with tutorial and quizzes. Students must successfully complete all 8 OASIS quizzes within one year of the date they initially login to take the first chapter quiz.
    2. A college-level library course taken at SFSU or another college or university, with a "passing" grade (C- or better), within the past five years that has been reviewed and approved by the J. Paul Leonard Library for equivalency, such as LIB100 (SFSU), LIB 302 (SFSU), Bibliography 1 (UC Berkeley), LIBR 10 or LIBR 51 or LIBR 57 (CCSF).
    3. A library technician or library science degree from a community college or university within the past five years.
  • Earlier SFSU Workbooks: All editions (1996-2000) of the Library Research Guide are valid until December 1, 2000, after which only the three options outlined above are acceptable for meeting the Information Competence Requirement. Earlier workbooks entitled Library Resources: a Self-paced Workbook are no longer accepted.
  • Questions or evidence of completion (transcript, certificate, etc.) should be brought to the Information Competence Requirement Office on the first floor of the Library. Any issues unresolved there will be referred to the Library Education Coordinator.
  • ADA compliant workstations are available on the first and third floors of the library for taking OASIS. Students registered with the campus Disability Resource Center can arrange for other accommodations for completing OASIS.

II. Student Eligibility

  • First-Time Freshman Students: Beginning Fall 2000, first-time freshmen are expected to complete the Basic Information Competence Requirement by the end of the second semester. Most freshmen will complete the requirement in a first year experience course in the first semester.
  • Incoming Transfer Students: Beginning Fall 2000, incoming transfer students are expected to complete the Basic Information Competence Requirement by the end of their first semester at SFSU.
  • Continuing Undergraduates: Continuing SFSU undergraduates (who began working towards the baccalaureate degree at SFSU prior to Fall 2000) are expected to fulfill the Library Requirement before graduation. If the printed workbook entitled Library Research Guide has already been purchased, it may be completed and turned in by December 1, 2000.

III. Proof of Completion

  • Once the Basic Information Competence Requirement has been fulfilled, student records will be updated within approximately three business work days. Students can then obtain a copy of their SFSU Test Transcript from an SFSU View kiosk located in the 1st floor Library lobby and several places throughout campus or from the SFSU Student Information web page.
  • Instructors can verify their students' Requirement status by requesting a class roster from the web (off the SFSU home page) and specifying under "Optional Roster Features" to include the "Library/Information Competence Requirement." The class roster will indicate those students who have fulfilled the Requirement.

Approved by LMT: 11/9/00

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