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Library Administrative Manual

3.17 Submission Procedures For Library Web Site

I. Procedures for Web Revision/Correction/Update Submission

  1. Members of the community can submit proposals for revisions, corrections and updates of Library Web pages to the Web Submissions box, or by e-mail to Printouts detailing proposed changes are helpful. The Web Submissions box is located in the Reference workroom.
  2. Web Submissions intended for the Library Intranet should be made in accordance with Library Administrative Manual Policy: 3.16: Library Intranet Procedures.
  3. Any member of the Web Group can call for revision or review of Web pages.
  4. Any member can call for discussion of proposed changes at the next Web Group meeting by informing the Chair and asking for an agenda item. This call halts the implementation of proposed changes until the full group decides, or the proposing Member rescinds his or her call for review by informing the Chair.
  5. When the Web Group approves changes to Web pages at its meeting, such changes can be implemented without further review.
  6. Changes to Web pages generally must be approved by the full Web Group, with exceptions noted below.

II. Procedures for Revision/Correction/Update That Do Not Require Full Group Approval

  1. The Chair can implement or direct others to change or create Web pages.
  2. Corrections and updates that do not alter the function or intent of the Web page can be implemented by any member, or a designated assistant with server access. Examples include typographical errors, changed or incorrect phone numbers, job titles, links, personal names, e-mail addresses, etc.
  3. Minor editorial changes, beyond corrections and updates noted above, in the content of Web pages created on behalf of other Committees or Library Departments that are requested by those Committees or Departments, can be implemented by any member or a designated assistant, with the understanding that the Web Group will be informed of the changes.
  4. Global changes that have been approved by the group do not require that each changed page be approved.
  5. Updates to the What's New pages, concerning new pages or new services on existing pages that have been approved, do not themselves require approval.

III. Procedures for Web Group Approval

  1. Pages can be approved by consensus during the Web Group meeting.
  2. Pages with changes that require approval will be placed in the server's test/, temp/, intranet/ or other unlinked directories for review.
  3. The Web Group will be notified of pages for review. Members proposing changes can call for comment within a specified time.

Approved by LMT: 3/8/99

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